Mariah Carey and Dem Babies Dominate ABC Airwaves

In what comes as little surprise, ABC gave viewers two new reasons – cuties Monroe and Moroccan Cannon – to tune into 20/20 and tune in they did (in incredible numbers).  For proud mom and pop Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon‘s unveiling of ‘dem babies’ led the news program to receive some of its most impressive numbers this year.


This was the show’s best viewership in more than 18 months, since February 2010, and its highest A18-49 rating since January 2010. Going head-to-head, “20/20″ more than doubled “Dateline NBC” in the demo (2.1 vs. 1.0) and nearly doubled in Total Viewers (7.6M vs. 3.9M). “20/20″ helped make ABC #1 for the night in Adults 18-49.


The songbird is undoubtedly hoping fans turn out in similar groves for her 13th LP, the followup to 2009’s nearly forgotten ‘Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel’, as it is due next year.  As ever, we’re anxious to find out what Mimi is mixing up.

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  1. Courtney October 23, 2011

    this doesn’t surprise me at all that 20/20 got their highest ratings from the reveal of the cutest babies in hollywood and an honest interview with their doting parents. nor that some people still think Mariah & Nick are morons for the names they chose not realizing that both have great significance to them. though parts of the interview were heartbreaking like when Mariah revealed she had gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia which damn near killed her and the twins but thankfully god saw fit to save them

  2. THE GLOBAL ICON LACEFRONCE. October 23, 2011

    She’s ALRIGHT

    Janet is better 🙂

  3. TheDimplePuppet October 23, 2011

    Cute family.

  4. UrKidding October 23, 2011

    So happy for Mariah and Nick.

    And death @ janeat jackson being better than MC.

    Mariah has waaaay more success, #1s, money, respect, talent, and she never showed her n****** to kids in broad daylight. Keep it cute, jan aint had a hit in over a decade. Oop!

  5. King Z October 23, 2011

    @ urkidding

    are we talking about the same janet who is currently on a worldwide – sold out tour and the same mariah who (hits and all) could barely fill a burger king with her tickets sales?

    oh ok. and furthermore, jan’s “all for you” (2001) had multiple hits and ‘feedback’ was a top 20. mariah may have had more hits, but hell, britney spears has had more hits than jan too. and brit is mos def not more respected.

    rihanna has more hits than alot of the legends. so what? hits does not equal superiority

  6. Courtney October 23, 2011

    Roc & Roe are some of the cutest celeb babies I’ve ever seen so it doesn’t surprise me that theyy and their doting parents drove up 20/20’s ratings. thankfully them and Mariah are all healthy now after everything carrying them put her through nearly killing all three of them. so her and Nick being so protective was perfectly normal.

  7. TIMMI October 23, 2011

    @KING Z

    I respect both artists for what they are. They are not really comparable artists. Janet is more about the dance and the full “performance” side of things whereas Mariah is more about the music. If we talk about music only,

    Mariah’s songwriting, voice, artistry, music >> Janet

    Would Janet have ever made it without the success of her brothers?


  8. TIMMI October 23, 2011

    And you’ll find Britney is actually very highly respected…

  9. King Z October 23, 2011

    @ timmi

    i agree with most of what you said. and i never said britney was NOT respected, i said she was not MORE respected (even tho she’s had more hits than jan). i am actually a fan of both mimi and jan (even tho more so of jan), but as you said, comparing them is unfair. just like people compare xtina and brit which is very unfair due to the differences in their performing styles. but, like xtina and brit, jan and mimi are nearly same-aged women that appeal to the same audiences. so naturally, they’d be compared.

    i was overall just commenting on the person above me who tried to imply jan’s irrelevance due to her not having as many hits as mariah. and to answer your question, the jacksons were a launching pad for jan just like dc3 was for beyonce – but i have a hard time thinking either would NOT be famous without them. i just think maybe not AS famous

  10. LTM October 23, 2011

    Mariah Carey has a higher status than Janet IMO. but not by alot, their kinda equal. Mariah has influenced girls like Charice and Christina Aguilera while Janet has influenced girls like Beyonce and Ciara

  11. PYTFROMAL October 23, 2011

    @TIMMI- Mariah is obviously a better singer, however, her having better artistry is simply your opinion. Just as my opinion is Janets’ artistry/music is better than Mariah’s. They’re completely different artists IMHO and it’s kind of pointless to compare the two. Also, Janet has had a 30+year career including entertainment, movies, television, etc. Even if you believe the Jackson name helped boost her career, it would be silly to say that it helped her last this long. Her talent helped her last this long.

  12. Tucker October 23, 2011

    Wer hir for DemBabies

    (I don’t know why pipol bringin’ up irrelevant peeps in d haus)

  13. UrKidding October 24, 2011

    King z, I was simply giving my opinion based on the poster above me saying jan was better. And kudos to jan for having this nice tour run. That is the only area imo that she has MC beat.

    And by the way LTM, Beyonce stated that hearing Mariah Carey is the reason she wanted to sing.

  14. ahjaskent October 24, 2011

    What a lovely family. So cute!!!

  15. Ashantisback October 24, 2011

    DemBabies are a treat!!! Wishin’ ’em ‘ol d best!!!

  16. TetrisBattle October 24, 2011

    I’m sure these babies will be talented once they grow up.

    I’m hoping Roe will be a singer/composer/producer just like her mom.

    I’m hoping Rock will be an entrepreneur and a singer just like his mom & dad.

  17. Theman October 24, 2011

    Tis is about MARIAH’S SUCCESS. These haters can’t get enough of bringing up other artists because of Mariah’s success. Mariah’s been more successful in terms of album sales and single sales. Janet is awesome. Both are amazing and two of the best to ever do it. But this is about Mariah’s success not Janet’s. Sam didn’t Memoir’s sell ore than a certain someones whose album fell off after it’s firs wk out. Ohhhhhh……. No ones sprised by these great numbers. Mariah has a huge fanbase. She also had three trending topics on twitter to.

  18. Ben Schut October 24, 2011

    I honestly on’t know any Janet song besides “Feedback’ :/
    Neither do any of my friends….
    Congrats MC, LAMB4LIFE!!!

  19. Theman October 24, 2011

    Excuse the errors.

  20. YOOSONDALOOSE October 24, 2011

    Well done Mimi!
    Glad she did that, the interview cleared up so much!
    Hope the 13th LP will rock her out of this world!

  21. JohnVidal October 24, 2011

    I can´t understand the shade in every post about Mariah coming from Sam or that other boy who works for him. I mean, she slayed with the ratings and still you find something to say????????? LOL
    Don´t get me wrong cos there are so many great and awesome artists. But Mariah´s career slays almost all of them. Don´t start s*** cos Mariah is on that highest level only Whitney, Madonna and Celine are. So really don´t even try it

  22. NikkiIsChillin October 24, 2011

    Congrats to Nick and Mariah. Their twins are just so adorable. Blessings to their family.

  23. Godriah October 25, 2011

    of course this comes as no surprise, the queen demands your attention. and you will deal with it!

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