Nicole Scherzinger Delivers Gloomy Performance On X Factor UK

Published: Sunday 30th Oct 2011 by David

In support of her latest single ‘Try With Me‘, one time Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger performed the number of tonight’s edition of the X Factor UK.

Watch her ‘riveting’ rendition of the song below…

Very fitting for her to be wearing black.

For, if the standard of this so called performance was anything to go by, what’s left of her musical career will continue to die a slow and painful death.

Though it kills us to admit it, showings like this will force many to appreciate the Rihanna‘s and Cheryl Cole‘s of the world. Because, while they do lack the talent that makes many of their contemporaries so appealing, they posses a life and pizzazz (or at least have it built around them) to make their performances -at the very least-watchable.

Your thoughts?

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  1. skintightjeans October 30, 2011

    stop throwing shade on Queen Nicole. I swear coons will always hate on the rich, fabulous and talented.

  2. DEV October 30, 2011

    She sounded horrid…. Real Talk

  3. Love on top October 30, 2011

    O pls Nicole has more talent in her left Nipple than cheryl and Rohanna although Cheryl performances are very enjoyable

  4. bey’knight October 30, 2011

    i wanna say something nice cus i really have nothing against Nicole bu yeah…. thats all i got, even bashing her is boring, where’s that lil miss 4head when u need her?


    i checked out your blog outta curiosity. some truth doses in your posts but i sense an outburst of repressed anger. all that profanity… lol

  5. Queentina>Your Fave October 30, 2011

    ….the f*** did I just watch? Get this b******* outta here!! How dare you post this!!

  6. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 30, 2011

    I thought she was very good… Guess I’m the only one.

  7. TruthTeller October 30, 2011

    Did TGJ just called Rihanna’s performance “enjoyable”?
    Did they just say she has ” life and pizzazz”
    There is indeed a god cus this ain t nuthin short of a miracle.

  8. MaZ October 30, 2011

    Good performance so much better than the nasal Cheryl Lloyd!

  9. Dino October 30, 2011

    WTF?????? she was amazingl you f***** did you watched the show….????? great performance and voice GO NICOLE!!! She is the best judge on the us x factor so sweet LOVE HER

  10. Commander of the RihannaNavy October 30, 2011

    TGJ said something nice about Rihanna?? What!!! I will remember this post!!

  11. laos October 30, 2011

    on the singles front Rihanna was number 1 worldwide for 29 straight weeks , her reign began in week 39 of 2010 and lasted until week 15 of 2011. this includes her combined totals for
    all tracks, in the beginning of 2011 she sold a million digital downloads each week for 2 weeks, at one point she had 5 songs on the worldwide charts,(only girl,whats my name, who’s that chick,s&m,&love the way you lie, she’s had 2 official worldwide #1’s this year and loud has sold 6 million worldwide. In an era where albums don’t sell, I’d say she’s doing pretty damn good, if this was 1998, loud would have easily sold 10 million worldwide already.

  12. YOOSONDALOOSE October 30, 2011

    Usually like Nicole but this was a horrid performance!

  13. gerl October 30, 2011


  14. JohnVidal October 30, 2011

    Man, this song is horrible! She is boring. Seriously British people must have been suffering tonight watching X Factor. Too many non-artists together. This chick and then that Cher Lloyd. Wow, so low

  15. Erick October 30, 2011

    Wow she’s amazing! Great performance! Nicole is an incredible singer, dancer & performer! She won Popstars and had #1 single & gold album with Eden’s Crush selling 500,000+, then lead singer of the multi-platinum selling PCD 15+million albums & 40+ million singles, won Dancing with the Stars, got rave review for RENT musical, been in movies & T.V. shows including judge for 2 seasons on The Sing Off, UK X FACTOR and now USA X FACTOR… this girl amazes me!

  16. Cory October 30, 2011

    She should do Broadway that would fit her best or acting

  17. hoytchampion October 30, 2011

    What was gloomy about Nicole’s performance? As for Rhianna – everyone knows she can’t sing! It’s frustrating, watching Rhianna mumble and groan. Makes me wanna say, spit it out already!!

  18. JENNY JONES!! October 30, 2011


  19. blah October 30, 2011

    WOW… her performance was GREAT. so STFU GRAPE GO BECOME A RAISIN.

  20. HALF AMAZIN October 31, 2011

    Does anyone remember Nicole from Popstars and the group Eden’s Crush??? PCD tremendously overshadowed that but these manufactured “groups” TKO’ed any chance of her ever being a solo star. She has no solid solo fanbase and is too old to really create one with the type of music she makes. She either needs a miracle single or should change genres.

  21. HALF AMAZIN October 31, 2011

    As long as Jennifer Lopez has been given another 11 minutes of relevance this girl has no chance

  22. Mich.K October 31, 2011

    Love Nicole Scherzinger she has a gorgeous voice not to mention she is soooo beautiful!!!

  23. mil jackson October 31, 2011

    she just needs a choreographer maybe… I think it was alright. She could have used more movements

  24. Stacey October 31, 2011

    Nicole’s performance wasn’t her best but she has an amazing voice as I have seen her in concert she didn’t perform well last night cuz of her split from Lewis she’s heartbroken so of course she is not in the f****** mood to perform I think some so called people here forget that she is only human for f*** sake!
    Team Scherzinger all the way! <3

  25. Jack October 31, 2011

    Stunning I wouldn’t say no she’s got a voice to die for

  26. TY October 31, 2011

    Wow!! And this broad has the nerve to criticize @Simone Battle. Pop starlet with limited vocal ability getting by(trying to) by looks, and s** appeal #check!
    Btw, this song sounds WAY too much like ‘Firework’!

  27. JV October 31, 2011

    Appreciate Cheryl Cole’s and Rihanna’s?? lol!! Is it a wonder then why the entertainment industry is the way it is now? So u’d rather have lip syncs and playbacks, rather than have someone who sings live at every live performance? I suppose this performance didn’t have the usual dance and stuff she has in her live performances, but then again I swear everytime Nicole does something, people will always want the opposite.

  28. JV October 31, 2011

    And it was kinda sad to watch her at the end of the performance, especially when the host was talking and she was just standing at the side. It was obvious she was trying to smile the whole way through :/

  29. sbrom October 31, 2011

    that’s just crazy…you know Beyonce would never go on a stage soundin like that. Her new music videos are killin it check out the one for “Countdown”

  30. Dane November 1, 2011

    P.S. I’m a very observant Person. @the photo ..y did they Photoshop her left hand (trying to make it appear thinner, but i find it strange as to y they did that, she isnt fat. does she have ‘jiggly’ arms? hmm)? they messed it up! #smh

  31. antertain November 1, 2011

    Her vocals were good but the head thing she kept doing nooo no, uh arhhh

  32. Aryo November 1, 2011

    haha, well said @love on top
    F*** you tgj

  33. Justin November 2, 2011

    I am a big fan of Nicole but I really wonder why she does extremely well on Broadway but is a little lackluster on her solo career.. I think she really needs a new management, an image overhaul and a great A&R. She shouldn’t have much creative control on her debut album as it shows her music is a little lackluster.

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