Behind The Scenes: Cher Lloyd – ‘With Ur Love’

Published: Monday 24th Oct 2011 by David

The follow up to her widely debated hit ‘Swagger Jagger‘, Cher Lloyd has given her fans a glimpse into the video shoot for the single ‘With Ur Love‘ in a bid to boost the buzz for both the song and its supporting album.

Get into it below…

Received much easier than its predecessors’, ‘Love’s video does succeed in presenting Ms.Lloyd as a potentially ground breaking Pop tart, showcasing her oft overlooked beauty and presenting her as a down to earth  ‘girl’s girl’, a far cry from the seemingly lost and confused belter we were introduced to on X Factor 2010.

The question is though:

Will you buy her album?

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  1. Nahjee October 24, 2011

    Wow she is REALLY cute but i never heard of her before tho

  2. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 24, 2011

    Love this song. Hope it goes to number !

  3. LA October 24, 2011

    No wonder we in America can’t get into the UK music scene…like seriously who made thus b**** a star? #dead

  4. antonio aniello October 24, 2011

    Erm what? Since when is is this Cher Lloyd ever going to be erm GROUND BREAKING and what is so ground breaking about her? all I swa last season for 12 straight weeks was her getting way jumped up for bastardising hip hop on some karaokee show.

  5. antonio aniello October 24, 2011

    And there definately isnt anything uniquely refreshing or ground breaking in this new song either just more of the same that we saw from Swagger Jagger, more sweet little woman talking and mediocre singing to yet again crap lyrics doing bubblegum pop (yet again), studio layered, vocodered and autotuned beyong recognition that you cant hear Cher’s real voice. Yes people that’s right more manufactured pop from another Simon Cowell puppet looking to make fame by selling more ‘plastic’ music ready for the lowest common denominator of the wider listening community. No I wont be buying her album because I only buy hip hop music anyway and Cher’s ‘style’ is DEFINATELY not hip hop, street, urban, edgy, hip, cutting edge or unique nor even original as JEDWARD proved the season before. Chers styling is based on other current artists and she cant rap and people who know what raps are and are keen lovers of hip hop need to throw cauytion to the wind and staw well away from this album. Their is simply no urban influences being fed into the album, nothing new, nothing fresh and nothing ground breaking here just more x-factor production line rubbish lined up for Cowells back pocket!

  6. antonio aniello October 24, 2011

    No doubt it will hit UK no.1 with the school girls and SyCo bulk buying it in it’s thoudands! Bad year for hip hop I’d say.

  7. skintightjeans October 24, 2011

    She is about as urban and edgy as Barbara Streisand….

  8. DeV October 24, 2011

    Wow! Possibly the two most talentless artists in one place. Also, i’m sure this beat is snatched from elsewhere…. someone please refresh

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