Behind The Scenes: Justin Bieber & Usher Record ‘The Christmas Song’

Published: Saturday 22nd Oct 2011 by David

Excitement for Justin Bieber‘s upcoming ‘Under The Mistletoe‘ album heightened when Pop Queen Mariah Carey announced that she had contributed to the heavily anticipated  project.

Now, fans of the teen sensation will be sure to beam with joy now that his mentor Usher is also a confirmed feature on the record, lending his vocals to the album to the song ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)’.

Watch the behind the scenes clip of the creator and his most prized creation in the studio below

Sure to make for interesting listening, we remain curious to see just how Bieber fares vocally when put up against the likes of Raymond and Carey.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tyra October 22, 2011

    when will this girl justin bieber go away

  2. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, BRITNEY, RIHANNA, MARIAH, AND NICKI ! October 22, 2011


  3. THE LEGENDARY LACEFRONCE. October 22, 2011

    Justin BEAVER is a DISGRACE to music 😕

    Usher is alright

  4. Onyx October 22, 2011

    I never like that much Usher but since he meets this Kid, i barely put attention to him. Sorry fans i just don’t understand the whole (BieberMania)

  5. Vic October 22, 2011

    Chris Brown and Justin’s new duet for the Christmas album LEAKED!!

  6. mhud October 22, 2011

    they look so gay to me.i wonder which of them is the

  7. Army Of Queen A (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 22, 2011

    Why Did USHER Sign This FOOL !

  8. VA STAND UP!!! October 22, 2011

    Well, I am NOT a JB fan at all and I wasn’t impressed with his vocals from what I heard
    so far, but I probably will check out the songs with Usher & Mariah on them. We can already hear that Usher clearly outshines him. I’m sure MiMi will as well.

    That boy has a die hard fanbase so whatever he puts out it will more than likely be successful……even if it sucks. Pulling in two heavy weights like Usher and Mariah will definitely get it some attention.

    S/N: Justin Bieber is almost 18 years old and he still looks 12. When is this fool gonna grow?! Geez!

  9. ISTANN4GAGA October 22, 2011


    October 22, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Justin BEAVER is a DISGRACE to music

    Usher is alright

    This is the FIRST (and maybe only) time I agree with PEASANTfronce.


    PEASANTFRONCE = DISGRACE to TGJ’s comment box! 🙂

  10. HBF82 October 22, 2011

    “heightened when Pop Queen Mariah Carey announced that she had contributed to the heavily anticipated project.”
    There you said it.

  11. mobwife (takin’ heads) October 22, 2011

    Wait, what’s up with bra-bra’s wig @1:24?…. DAMN

    If I *YAWN* now do you think they will halt production of this hot mess?

    No? oh well let me grab my ear plugs and get prepared to cringe. I’m sure they will spin this more than the classic THIS CHRISTMAS by Donny Hathaway!

  12. Tru Voice October 22, 2011

    *HATED IT* lmao! Usher is good, Justin needs some auto tune.

  13. jill October 22, 2011

    This kid looks like ellen in this pic……..he doesn’t look 17, maybe 14.

  14. a mess October 22, 2011

    Usher looks like a m*******.

  15. JohnVidal October 22, 2011

    haha ok he can´t sing. Still we´ll pay attention to Mariah 🙂

  16. Fantasy Ride October 22, 2011

    gurl bye

  17. NYakz October 23, 2011

    Y’all are some hater just bieber can SING…NO HOMO

  18. fake October 23, 2011

    Its Lamar and wormser from revenge of the nerds!

    • sadie May 25, 2012

      I love Justin bieber and usher!!

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