Watch: JoJo Performs Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’

Published: Tuesday 25th Oct 2011 by Sam

When you lack any discernible talent, it’s almost a given that others will slay you on your own song. Case, point, example Rihanna, who was taken to task on one of by JoJo.

The ‘Diaster’ singer roused the audience at an intimate gig this week with an acoustic version of ‘What’s My Name’ – which the Ms. Fenty topped charts with last year.

How did she fare? Much better than the Bajan model. Then again, that much was always a given. Judge for yourself after the jump…

The best version we’ve heard of the track yet. Great performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. beyonce steals 2 much!!! October 25, 2011


  2. GI October 25, 2011

    waaaaaaaaaaay! better than Rihanna she has this Boston swag,

  3. ******* October 25, 2011

    compare this to Rihannas version and you will hear the different.

  4. Kimberly October 25, 2011

    go jojo, she put her own twist on it.. better than the original. different vocal arrangement what the original artist cannot do, she sings the same on all her tours and worst than the recording. slay jojo i love her

  5. Kimberly October 25, 2011

    i had to listen twice. any and everybody can cover rihanna’s song but she cannot cover nobody’s song. such shame


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second person (Willow w/Only Girl interlude) to put RIHSUS *smiles* to shame w/her OWN (Pre-pinned, produced, written & arranged) song. Is the navy able to offer up ANY WORTHY excuse?

  7. TruthTeller October 25, 2011

    She is out breath.
    Her range is limited and she messed up the bridge.
    And her Oh Na Na sux. She doesn’t have that Rihanna quality

    U also need to post how michelle Williams chocked tryna sing PleaseDontStopTheMusic.

    I guess she should stick to those cheesy Destiny’s Child songs about hating men and blah blah blah…

  8. _ October 25, 2011

    Waaaaaaaay better than the original. JoJo always kills her Remixes and Covers. Go girl

  9. October 25, 2011

    @Truthteller She has more range then Rihanna. You mad lol? JoJo can sing Circles around Rihanna .

  10. Nahjee October 25, 2011

    Ya need to shut up always trying to start wars between artist… We got white girls name kreayshawn & v nasty calling us n***** and all we can worry about is who sings better ya really need to get a life really

  11. Will October 25, 2011

    Different from the original, but I wouldn’t say better. JoJo has always been a great singer, but her style is WAY different from Rihanna’s. How does this prove that Rihanna can’t sing? This track isn’t even about the “vocal flairs” or anything, which Rihanna competently shows on other tracks (LOUD didn’t have very strong vocals, IMO). Even though JoJo pretty much kills every cover that she does, she just put her own spin on it; I think it’s just that this site hates Rihanna TOO MUCH.

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 25, 2011

    YAASSS JoJo.Her vocals are getting much better.She’s had a rather bad time period vocal wise, but she seems to be on top of her game again.She killed it!Some runs were a bit weak and could have been executed differently (the last run of the bridge that she could have SLAYYYED, but I THINK she held back a bit)

    The true irony is that with some pop songs, it’s the covers that really showcase the song in a way that the original hasn’t.JoJo’s version gives me some magic that the original didn’t even come close to evoking.That’s not Rihanna shade, because she sings WMN in her own special way and in this PARTICULAR song, her tone is a bonus, but I loved JoJo’s version so much!!

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 25, 2011

    *vocals wise

  14. owen October 25, 2011

    Sam im gonna slice your throat stop talking s*** you bitter c***

  15. Kimberly October 25, 2011

    @ owen Your idol try to cover up for a dirty nasty word (c***) used by disrespectful whores in barbados when caught on the spot by her interviewer. It is now used by he fans. what a great positive influence she has. Instead of better it is becoming worst.

    you cannot stand the truth, Sam is saying what a lot of people are shaking their heads to. He seem to be the bold one. who gives a s***. no one you shouldn’t cause you guys retaliate cause it is the plan truth and it hurts to read it rihgt? my grandmother will agree. Get over it!

  16. beyonce steals 2 much!!! October 25, 2011

    wow jojo can slay rihannas voice!!!!!! rihanna is overrated she is a copycat like beyonce and cannor sing 4 s***!

  17. Tangie October 25, 2011


  18. monica green October 25, 2011

    No one cares Sam you post rihanna news on this site because without rihanna you have no one coming to this bammer site get a life without her you don’t exist because every other artist are so boring like your big p**** bitchonce !!! Fat and sound country

  19. monica green October 25, 2011

    Kimberly go to school or get a job u posting
    stuff about rihanna everyday you sound repetetive about she can’t sing beyonce fat ass can’t sing either she and her ugly husband camel toe lookin freak the ugliest people in entertainment

  20. Truth October 25, 2011

    Good Cover but when is JoJo gonna get her own hit song and Slay that….. um yeah now that would be amazing

  21. blaze October 25, 2011

    Not a Rihanna fan but whether she can sing or not she is the hottest chick on the planet right now!! So we have to give her credit for managing to pull off being the biggest entertaner, act singer whatever u want to call her…

  22. Kimberly October 25, 2011

    @ monica green … pressed your comment is void. the devil is a liar

  23. gold October 25, 2011

    jojo is a great vocalist, i dont think this proves Rihanna can’t sing. I actually prefer Rihanna’s version. I mean seriosly, the song’s lyrics is “oh na na, what’s my name?” Lyrically this song doesn’t need to be song with too much effort which is why i prefer Rihanna’s version. Its a playful song.

    JoJo should stick to songs by Celine, Whitney, Mariah (which is a compliment). Those would be better comparisons.

  24. LAX October 25, 2011

    @KIMBERLY,,,,You and the Haters can Fall on your
    own Swords,,,,,,Because you Give RIH so much Credit
    Without all of the Love You & the other haters put out
    Counting your time & hard work All of you do a super
    job of helping the navy to keep that Spotlight Shinnning down
    very brightly on Rihanna,,,,,,Thanks so much for all of the love to
    “OUR PRINCESS RIHANNA” Keep that love a coming her way, Loves

    It seems to me and many others that many of you haters keep cutiing the
    legs off your “FAVE’S” to break your necks, legs and arms to show Mad Passion
    Love to and for Rihanna,,,,,,,Thanks Kimberly, Tangie, and that other clown up there thanks so much for the love that you show “OUR FAVE” keep running Red lights,
    amber lights to get to a Rihanna post to show love ,,,Like the FIRST BLOGGER up there at the top or #1 did,,,,Pukkkkkkin Amazing all the love Plus its still one of Riuhanna biggest songs Let us see JOJO do as much with any one of her own songs as rihanna has done with this song. Win Lose or Draw RIH knocked this #1 out of the Park.
    FYI,,,Haters Think on these things The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. And you LIE the Loudest when you LIE to Yourself.

  25. LAX October 25, 2011

    @ that ciara clown??????

  26. LAX October 25, 2011

    @slay for ciara tell us, just what or you slayyyyyyin, hunty?

  27. Teacher October 25, 2011

    Go Rih!!! ppl coverin yo songs!!

    Good job JoJo…I like!!!

  28. MissImpartial October 25, 2011

    Well she might be singing it better but Rihanna is the one topping the charts. Nothing against Jojo but in the end of the day she is the one who made this song go number one world wide.

  29. Kimberly October 25, 2011

    I would never understand how speaking the truth is hating. This blog says at the bottom “your thoughts” right jackasses. whatever i type is not hating it is my thoughts, i read and comment. damn you insecure children. grow up!!!
    everyone can hear and or listen and think that this version is better than the original? damn you. it has better melody and better range. jo jo did it. you be upset.
    Rihanna fans grow up please and don’t return to this guys are childish as hell and you are the same ones commenting ridiculously false to the naked eye comments on other artist posts. you come for all artist especially ciara that is soon to come out. I don’t blame you guys cause if i was a fan of an artist who had limited ability i would be insecure too.

  30. MissImpartial October 25, 2011

    Beyonce fans call other people haters when they criticise Beyonce. It kinda works both ways.

  31. Kelly P October 25, 2011

    That did sound good but how come JoJo can cover everyone else’s songs but cant get her own s*** out?? She must not be that talented.

  32. An0thrNight272 October 25, 2011

    Loved it!!!!

  33. dia October 25, 2011

    luv Jojo nice version of What’s my name. I would like 2 see her perform this song with Drake I think she can pull it off and do amazing performance

  34. LOL October 25, 2011

    stay slayed rih-h** lmao!!!!!

  35. charllybabes October 25, 2011

    rihana cant sing at all.jojo rocks!

  36. truciebedford October 25, 2011

    Clearly JoJo is a better vocalist. but Rihanna made it hot. JoJo though I luv you, drop your album and sing your own hits please!

  37. October 25, 2011

    Lol Why are you people putting sells into this? JoJo will always have more talent then Rihanna whether she gets a number single or not.

  38. Pucci October 25, 2011

    Kelly P

    Um, did you read your comment before you hit the submit button. I don’t think you did because you kinda just contradicted yoruself “That sound good” “But Jojo must not be that talented”… What does her covering somebody else’s song have to do with her talent? If it sounded good, then that means she has talent, the reason her own material isn’t out/as RELEVANT as Rihanna’s is becasue of consumers like you who only pay attention to the artists who are broadcasted in our faces (Rihanna & co.)

    btw, Jojo has performed her own material LIVE. YOUTUBE it please!


    Please get a life, it’s not that serious.

  39. Charles October 25, 2011

    I really like Jojo as she is a great vocalist, but why is it that the only quality material she is able to produce are covers of everyone else’s songs? Why can’t she get with the writers of these songs and come out with an original hit? ((sigh) patiently waiting…..

  40. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    I don’t think it’s fair to say rihanna can’t sing. She is just not as strong as Jojo. Besides that, rihanna doesn’t do this song justice live. But other songs like CKB and russian roulette she sings fine live. I just think it’s certain songs rihanna sounds better in the studio singing. Anyway, I didn’t even hear the whole song but jojo did a good job covering it.

  41. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @Charles she has lots of her own songs and two sophomore albums. Too little too late, leave get out? Those were hits. Not to mention, JoJo has been focusing on school and college the last few years which is why you haven’t heard from her.

  42. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @Monica green

    Beyonce can’t sing? B****, you deserve a hard slap to the face with that comment.

  43. Kelly P October 25, 2011

    Pucci, when I said “that sound good” I meant it as my personal opinion. Is that not what this is for? It must be that serious if you are on here telling people “it’s not that serious”. You get a life. Who’s fault is it that her material isnt as relevant? Since you feel so strongly about it how about you help her out?

  44. DestinyBoston October 25, 2011

    go jojo!

  45. Laos October 25, 2011

    I bet Loud sells more copies than 4 worldwide this week!! the beyonce stans will go into hiding or join the navy!!

  46. Really? October 25, 2011

    I love Jojo’s voice, but why did she feel the need to add profanity to the song? In her case it doesn’t make me take her seriously as an artist who has longevity, but instead someone who is trying VERY hard to prove that she is no longer a “t*** pop sensation”.

  47. MC&TB4LIFE October 25, 2011

    @WILL for real this site hates Rihanna without a cause, like it or not she’ll still be successful. Where dem bloggers at? Where dem bloggers at? Where they at, where they at where they at? TGJ ur sad. that Rihanna rein just won’t let up. TOO BAD 4 U

  48. Bey’knight October 25, 2011


    Lmao … Ch get a clue, stop embarassing yourself. We’ll join the navy when we are ready to turn to a life of drugs n destruction. U jus keep buyin Loud. Everybody knows wat they stan(d) for


    Haha at all the haters jojo can sing, so her vocal range is better that doesn’t make the song rihannas bajan accent and softer vocals made the song that is why it eent #1 trust that if jojo released it the song wouldn’t be #1 no shade but it is true.

    And sam where are these same post about ciara keri gaga and even bey. There are performances where some other artist sings their songs and kills it but your are obsessed with rihanna. And for the haters rihanna can sing 7 years 65 milliin singles and 23 million albums sold that doesn’t happen for someone with no talent.

    On a final note I feel sorry for the haters because you must have no life if your always on a riri post talking s***. It is one thing to give an opinion and another to hate and that was directed at KIMBERLY

  50. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE October 25, 2011

    Jojo most def sound better. sorry riri. thats the thing Rihanna cant sing even though I do like alot about her.

  51. REALTALK 101 October 25, 2011

    @Blaze: I totally agree!!! It’s not who just sings it better it’s who would you rather watch sing it and hands down it’s RiRi!!!!! JoJo can sing but how about getting her own hit song? I got mad love for JoJo but didnt she just say she didnt wanna do “Marvin’s Room” because of the profanity? Well I know I just heard her say “what’s my fvckin name” so somebody needs to figure out if they wanna be good or edgy.

  52. StTrendz October 25, 2011

    She did very well!! As a huge fan of Rihanna I can say that but if she was to release it as a single it would never get the recognition as Rihanna’s did. Also she sings a lot of people’s songs well but what about her own??? Where are her songs at????? #Exactly

  53. NICK October 25, 2011


  54. @EnvyAaronSteven October 26, 2011

    she def did her thing…go jojo…she just needs to get an image..some choreo too

    Follow me on Twitter @EnvyAaronSteven

  55. Gismaro October 26, 2011

    this song just fits rihanna’s voice.
    rihanna has more soul, this is awful. just sayen,

  56. Love on top October 26, 2011

    When is rihanna fans gona learn having 10 #1 doesn’t make you a singer any fool with autotune gets a hit these days sooooooooo?

  57. Love on top October 26, 2011

    Rihanna has more soul? Does this b**** know what she talking bout? Lmao

  58. verzatille October 28, 2011

    this should never be compared to a rihanna performance, rihanna danced her ass off for all the whats my name performances, while jojo simply sat and did it in a softer acoustic manner and has anyone hear rihanna doing an acoustic peformance is just simply natural and pure and way better than what jojo did.

  59. Train Jumper October 31, 2011

    This is JOJO’s time to shine. She has put blood,sweat, and tears into this album and it’s her life. So riri,bey,and other STANS don’t get mad for the grape juice making post about her. There just excited for #DisasterTuesday! IDK what ya’ll listen to but I’ve never heard RIRI have ANY soul in her music.

  60. Crazybutcalm March 4, 2012

    Well I think its funny how people like yall smash on artists names like that its wrong and just pathetic like really if jo jo wants to,sing a song by,some one else let her. Yall have no,right to be saying she sucks or she,did it,better really I doesn’t matter who dose it better they just want to sing the damn song cause they like it so I don’t know y y’all r so stupid and for the rhianna fans I love u I have met her 7 times and it’s amazing I’ve met. I’ve been to concerts. By jojo. When she was still so pop I met her before probably n e one else did so. But like formal stop slandering their name s they did nothing to y’all so like do they really deserve it come one.

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