Breaking News: Dr Conrad Murray Found Guilty Of Killing Michael Jackson

Published: Monday 7th Nov 2011 by Sam

The verdict in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray has been handed down.

A Californian jury of 12 found Murray guilty of causing the death of Michael Jackson by way of Involuntary Manslaughter.


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  1. TYLER November 7, 2011

    F****** B******!

  2. CK November 7, 2011


    Nothing is as black and white as it seems.

    Other than Michael Jackson, of course.

  3. Dev November 7, 2011

    LOL @ CK.

    Really, is anyone surprised by this?

  4. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce November 7, 2011

    he was just doing what the——> ILLUMINATI <——- asked him to do !!

    he is a cheap SACRIFICE !!

    MJ can rest now !

    R.I.P MJ ! i can not believe he was living with those greedy animals !

    i still do believe this guy was just a TOOL !! even MJ's sis " letoya " said it !

    THAT'S MY OPINION too !!

  5. MoniSOChill November 7, 2011

    It’s sad how everything has played out. However, Michael had a hand in his own death as well. I’m pretty sure Dr. Conrad Murray did what was asked of him, however as a professional he should have said no!!! Especially when he knew the effects and danger of the things he prescribed. Dr. Conrad Murray wasn’t the only one giving Michael drugs, he was just the one who was caught! Nonetheless I am praying for the Jackson family, as well as the Murray family. Rest in Peace Michael.

  6. EDUCATION STAN- I stan only for education November 7, 2011

    MJ was killed by the Illluminati,not this doctor

  7. RIHLUV November 7, 2011


  8. Shanell November 7, 2011

    Ya’ll Sound so ignorant. INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER… INVOLUNTARY – Adjective- Done without conscious control. … How can he be charged for manslaughter if it was done unconsciously … ????? What sense does that make.. No one deserves to die unless GOD chooses to take them off earth. Come on can we EDUCATE OURSELVES. The charge isnt even Valid and makes no sense of what they are charging him for. The without the intention to of consciousness of killing another human being.. WTH .. Only in America. I need to go to Heaven already cause America & the whole Judicial System is ludicrous!!!!

  9. Geronimo Deuces-Champion November 7, 2011

    RIP MJ

    we love you and miss you a lot

  10. MissImpartial November 7, 2011

    Poor guy. Not hating on MJ but he was a drug addict for many years and this doctor was unlucky that he died while he was working for him.

  11. W**** November 7, 2011

    Michael was the crack head. No one should be the blame to his death but HIMSELF!

  12. ChristinasCOMING November 7, 2011

    We can’t ignore the fact that Michael was addicted to drugs. I’m glad the Jacksons have some closure on this now but they need to eventually accept the fact that Michael had a serious drug problem and that led to his untimely demise.

  13. JER November 7, 2011

    Not feeling the CLASSIC American “blame one person and crucify them” mentality. Michael Jackson was OBVIOUSLY and admittedly dabbling in outrageous medical behaviour. If Michael Jackson comes to you and says I can’t sleep i want X Y Z and i always need X Y Z and i’ve been doing X Y Z for years please help me. What do you say? No?

  14. YOOSONDALOOSE November 7, 2011

    Good. Justice is served.

  15. JER November 7, 2011

    Oh and if ANYONE was to blame for Michael’s death it’s MOTHERFUCKING JOE JACKSON for f****** him up all those years ago. Because every great thing he’s done for the world and every horrible thing he’s done to himself is because of Joe Jackson’s abuse and negligence. That’s my peace

  16. W**** November 7, 2011


    BUT because of Joe he got famous. SIT!

  17. YOOSONDALOOSE November 7, 2011

    Many people played their part in his death, though Conrad did the deed that was fatal at the end of the day.

  18. jamir21 November 7, 2011

    Justice was served !!!!!!!

  19. Kerry Johnson November 7, 2011

    I wish rihanna was the hero of finding out his death 🙂

  20. Onyx November 7, 2011

    God make Justice.

    Long Live The King!

  21. PYTFROMAL November 7, 2011

    My mom just told me the news and I am near tears. For joy for MJ and his family.

    Yes, Michael was addicted but that doesn’t mean that Conrad shouldn’t be punished for his actions. He was negligent….point blank period so everyone can take that excuse and shove it up their asses. Guilty guilty guilty!

    Long live the king. We love you. We miss you. 🙁

  22. Girrrl November 7, 2011

    Dr. Murray is guilty but I think MJs family should have stepped in way before this point. Mj needed inpatient drug treatment and a mental health evaluation. Rip Mj

  23. Kerry Johnson November 7, 2011

    Imma MJ king of pop
    ut atleast we still have rihanna GODDESS of Pop!!!! 🙂

  24. Kerry Johnson November 7, 2011


    *but* 🙂

  25. VA STAND UP!! November 7, 2011

    SMH! Some people clearly don’t know the difference between ‘manslaughter’ and ‘murder’. And I’m sick of you illiterate b****** always blaming the ‘illuminati’ for everything! GTFOH with that b*******!

    Anywho, I have mixed feelings. It’s bvisous MJ was a drug addict who had been abusing drugs for years and was in serious need of an intervention, his fans just need to accept that. All of those years of him abusing prescription drugs definitely did a toll on his body, but I also believe that Conrad Murray was careless and his carelessness was the direct cause of MJ’s death. In this case Justice was served! I’m just glad that its finally over and maybe now MJ’s familly can finally begin to move on and MJ can FINALLY RIP!

    RIP MJ! We miss you!

  26. IS†ANN4GAGA November 7, 2011

    Justice was served this time.

    It’s just upsetting to see another one of our brothas having to serve time although the courts rightfully punished him this time and didn’t let him off even though he did the crime (like they did with someone else,and yes,I’m still on that!)

    Anyways,Here’s wishing that the family (and pop culture as a whole) will receive closure for this.

  27. Straintina Offkeylera November 7, 2011

    Michael Jackson was a messed up person, I doubt his doctor forced him to take all those tranquilizers. He died because he was a damn addict, foul play or not.

  28. Kerry Johnson November 7, 2011

    Kiss me

  29. James Al November 7, 2011

    Doctors take a HIPPOCRATIC OATH to practice medicine ETHICALLY… #EndOfStory

  30. DTG November 7, 2011

    Once again TGJ is being sensation with the title to draw attention. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not of “killing” Michael Jackson.

  31. invisible_cunt November 7, 2011

    “A Californian jury…”

    check your AP style you flop excuse for a “journalist”…

  32. Royalkev November 7, 2011

    I am saddened to see Dr. Murray convicted of involuntary manslaughter, because this ultimately only hurts the African American community. Still Dr. Murray was negligent of his clients needs. MJ should have been monitored, in a hospital setting, surrounded by the proper staff. Those drugs should not have been administered under any circumstances without the adequate equipment needed. MJ was was simply done a big injustice and betrayed by a “friend”, who wasn’t looking out for his best interest, in “weaning MJ off drugs”, but instead, incresing his supply for MJ to be further abused. He failed his patient miserably. What gets under my skin is that this seems to be the end of this bizarre case, that needs further investigating. I can only feel sorry for Murray because he appears to be the fall guy, that’s apart of a huge conspiracy. I personally think this “small victory” is to appease everyone and it’s a mere distraction meant to stir them away from what is truly at the center of this all. This is far from over. #Where’s LaToya Jackson!


  33. SHESDUMB November 7, 2011

    I watched this on tv earlier and must say that I am very happy with the outcome. I’m glad he was sent straight to jail and not given any free time until november 29.I hope he does all four years and never be able to get a medical license ever again.
    R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson

  34. muni November 7, 2011

    Im sorry but MJ killed himself along the years!!

  35. nicegirl November 7, 2011

    I think a lot of things contributed to MJ’s death. Michael struggled with the media, being abused by his father etc. which led him to being addicted to drugs. He’d been taking drugs for years.

    Anways, RIP MJ.

  36. noodles November 7, 2011

    My take on it while some think the Jackson family just needed someone to blame, I disagree Dr Conrad got what he deserved.

    Obviousy Michael Jackson abused drugs…imo. And I think it’s because the media and s*** pushed him to that point. Yeah he had a problem but what responsible doctor will give someone drugs knowing how it can effect them without the proper treatment…and Dr Conrad SHOULD have known it wasn’t going to end well. Yes Michael asked for the drugs but why are you ejecting medication into someone like he was doing. It’s irresponsible on HIS part…just because you are getting paid alot to give someone drugs you know they do not need doesn’t mean you do it. MJ knew what he was doing to himself and in the end it lead to his death but now imo Dr Conrad needs to get his because he knew what he was doing too! Anyone who can’t see that is dumb.

    I kinda look at it like this. If you have a friend addicted to crack and they are paying you to supply them with more…do you do it? Now remember this is a FRIEND(kinda like how Conrad is supposed to be a DOCTOR). Sure you’re getting payed but when you’re supplying that crack it’s slowly killing your friend and you know it. Why are you not having their best interest in mind(imo someone’s best interest is not what they WANT but what they NEED). Sure they’re wrong for asking for it but on YOUR part you should have enough sense to know how it can end and it’s not right.

    That’s why I think he should be in jail. I don’t care how much money Michael Jackson gave you to provide him with drugs…if you as a DOCTOR don’t have someone’s HEALTH in mind take that ass to jail and shred your f****** license, degree, EVERYTHING! He had Michael’s money in mind, getting paid, NOT HIS HEALTH, MJ was wrong too but Lord knows Dr Conrad did some dirt.

  37. lol November 7, 2011

    I am happy to see this man found gulty but i believe its much BIGGER than that. I believe that someone was trying to kill mj. mJ CAN BE HEARD ON audio tapes SAYING HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE. He needed money wired through a swiss bank account. He was in debt but he owned the rights to the BEATLES CATOLOGUE AKA ALL THEIR SONGS . Worth Billions of dollars Mj ‘s record company for years wanted him to relinquish the rights even Paul Mc Cartney got mad at Mj. Then after Mj died the record company got ahold of the catalogue. Mj’s music sales went up and the jackson estate got $ . Simply put he was WORTH MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE. Mj had a huge LIFE INSURANCE POLICY( that came with signing the THIS IS IT concert tour) . he was sceduled to meet the Lords of London on the day he died.To be inspected / approve his life insurance policy. That same day Mj died from a drug overdose , so convient for his record company who received the benefits of the life insurance policy

  38. Boopi November 7, 2011

    Justice was served. Many of you here sound so ignorant that I don’t even have the time or patience to inform each of you individually. But I will say this…As a true MJ fan I still must agree that yes he was partly responsible for his own death because he was the one who requested such a thing as anesthesia to go to sleep. But Dr. Murry was the one dumb enough to say yes despite the oath that he took to do no harm.

    As far as Michael Jackson’s drug addiction, it has nothing to do with Michael’s father so stop blaming Joe Jackson for every little thing. Michael forgave his father for his up bringing a long time ago. Michael’s addiction started shortly after he had scalp surgery in 1993. It was then MJ started taking meds again while he was on his Dangerous Tour, but then the false allegations came out and that is when MJ started to ABUSE his meds. (I say started taking meds “again” because MJ first started taking meds in the early 80’s after the burn to his scalp first occurred).

    MJ did get help and he stopped for a while (probably after the HIStory tour because he was getting Propofol during that time), but then the 2nd set of false allegations came forward in 2003, and he has been abusing drugs ever since. It’s such a sad situation for everyone involved because I don’t think that Dr. Murray intended to kill Michael, but when s*** hit the fan, Dr. Murray chose to protect himself rather than help Michael. My brain can not comprehend that.

  39. Truth November 8, 2011

    MJ would be upset with this verdict!!!!

    • michael May 17, 2018

      why those m************ say he was adicted to drugs who not in f****** hollywood they all die of drugs m jackson was abused ,used, confused that childabuse bla bla bla make him so f***** up that he used drugs to calm himself he was relaxed and good last time of his days he was not suicecidal he loved life and us i hope that conrad murray will die ride him to the dead or something what m j did for f****** america and the world no one can he is my angel and will stay my angel sometimes i think is it that his family killed him true his dead f****** doctor they never now but is he dead a closed golden coffin hhmmm but if he is dead r,i,p may god have his soul and let the devil come for hollywood .

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