That Grape Juice A&R: Kelly Rowland’s New Album

Published: Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011 by Sam

Kelly Rowland may still be in the midst of promoting her current album, ‘Here I Am’, but that hasn’t stopped the Destiny’s Child alum from commencing work on its follow-up.

We spoke to the ‘Motivation’ singer earlier this month, a chat which saw her exclusively reveal details of the project to That Grape Juice; the most notable being that the LP will be out much sooner than expected.

Whatever the exact release date, it’s clear preparations are clearly underway to capitalise on Rowland’s 2011 success moving into 2012. And with many feeling that the ball was somewhat dropped with this project, there are calls for album #4 to right the wrongs of its predecessor. Such calls largely centre around promotion, however continued relevance in the industry often boils down to innovating and serving up something “new” with each release.

As such, we want to know what YOU think Kelly’s next album “should” sound like.


More information below…

Listing 12 songs from any genre or period of music from any artist out there, we want you to create the ultimate Kelly Rowland album made up of cuts you feel would serve to win over the buying public and critics alike.

Maybe you feel Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love is just the song she needs to force her into higher chart ground or is Sade’s ‘Taboo’ just the kind of sound she should be going for if it’s critical acclaim she desires.

It’s completely up to you.

If you’re feeling extra bossy why not tell us how you would promote the album and how you’d ensure it generates sales figures worthy of competing with the likes of the Katy Perry’s, Lady GaGa’s, Rihanna’s and other industry heavy-hitters.

Who knows? Maybe someone from Team Rowland may see your ideas and take them on board…

Get listing below!

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  1. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) November 22, 2011

    I’m glad she working on new stuff , can;t wait …


    But it doesn’t matter what they say she gonna give us another hot record with hot songs … LOVE MS KELLY I’ll BUY IT !!!

  2. skintightjeans November 22, 2011

    All that weave and that skinny face is just not working for me. Sorry.

  3. MissImpartial November 22, 2011

    What is the point. She is not going to promote that one either and if she does it is going to 3 months later then it should be. I had hope in her but I am giving up on her more and more. I mean why is she not releasing Down for Whatever in the US where dance is currently big. She could have promoted and released Commander in the US as it was Number one on the Dance Charts. Motivation could have been a top ten hit if it would have been promoted more.

  4. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) November 22, 2011

    PROMOTION was the major prob for HERE I AM .. They need to have 2 videos out by the time the next album is gonna drop, they can’t have this months apart videos. We need creative story line kinda videos, not just in a studio with the background & wardrobe changes .. And she just need to be on all the popular morning shows and stuff …

    People thought she couldn’t do it but she did with Motivation … & now they mad ..

  5. Mika November 22, 2011

    Good luck Kelly but I’m sorry to say no matter what you do you’ll never be able to compete with Gaga, Katy or Rihanna.

  6. fearlless November 22, 2011

    I can’t really think of what she NEEDS. I can definitely say more promotion and hot singles. I’ve been pleased with this era more than any of her previous ones just because I feel like we’ve seen her more.

    Honestly, with the right promotion she could pretty much force anything down our throats. I mean hell, GaGa does and we all expect Tori to serve technopop. I just don’t think Kelly HAS to take that route. but then again, i could be wrong

  7. Dope or nope November 22, 2011

    I never really saw Kelly as a threat when it came to music like beyonce, Rihanna, gaga, even Keri helson stand over top of her. But I do love her proformaces tho they are s*** so this girl is half and half she gets a DOPE & NOPE

  8. Dale_23 November 22, 2011


  9. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 22, 2011

    We could choose any songs, but no promo or bad promo can sink anyone’s album. Also folks need to cool it with magazine promo’s and focus on performances. You posing for a spread doesn’t make a potential fan hear your muslic. It just let’s you play model for a minute. I had high hopes for Kelly but I think she just wants to silo fast-food music.

  10. Girrrl November 22, 2011

    Rowland’s 2011 success??? Hahaha Kelly should have quit while she was ahead circa 2001 Survivor era. Here I Flop hasn’t sold 200k in her home country.

  11. Edward Ponton November 22, 2011

    Bump a Hit. Kelly needs another album like “Ms.Kelly” She has a beautiful voice on Ballads. I think we need a strictly R&B album.

    Better Without You
    Love Again
    This is Love
    My Every Thought Is you
    Make Believe
    Still In Love With My Ex
    Bad Habit
    Keep It Between Us
    End Of Time (Beyonce)
    Lose My Breathe (DC)

    I would love to hear something like this from her. But then again I love Ballads on her voice lol. Yall might argue that it would be too slow but she only needs like 2 up tempo and 2 mid tempo songs and the rest needs to be Ballads. PROMO is the Key to Rowland here in the states.

  12. TruthTeller November 22, 2011

    Kelly i tryna be the new Rihanna.
    She keep tryin to alternate between Urban singles & Euro Dance singles.
    She s tryna get those Euros by spending more times over there than here.
    She even took a gig as a judge in the UK X Factor which i basically the House Of Rihanna cu they luv her so much and keep inviting her.

  13. In My Honest Opinion November 22, 2011

    Kelly has all the components it takes to make a successful act. Beauty, talent, training, discipline… She has it all. What she lacks is a a team with the skills to promote her effectively.

  14. TruthTeller November 22, 2011

    She has everything except the X FACTOR.
    How ironic!

  15. College girl November 22, 2011

    She has the entire package but she has to have the right promotion behind her. She has to really improve live performances with her breathing control. That’s the only problem. She really has to make time for Extensive vocal training! I personally feel like she should do a straight r&b album exactly like Ms. Kelly and maybe 3 or 4 dance songs on the Deluxe edition. That album was the perfect album but nobody knew about it that’s why she didn’t have much success from it. Her label purposely released the WRONG single choices after Like This. I also feel like she needs to find a producer who can produce songs that are fit for her voice like Rhianna. That is a must for you Kelly! Do another album like Ms. Kelly and make classic r&b songs like Motivation and I’m In Love with My Ex make sure when you go in the studio you know you want have trouble performing the songs u record. But, being able to perform is the KEY to success and longevity. Just ask Beyonce. U can do it Kelly!!! I will always stan 4 u, however it’s up to you to come hard with your vocals and performances! Next year, I wanna see her in movies, another album, magazine spreads, endorsement deals and building her brand like doing a perfume fragrance, fitness DVD’s, etc.

  16. Alex Thomas November 22, 2011

    ‘Here I Am’ was incredible. To boost her sales though, she should:

    Promote her next LP more
    Don’t keep the public waiting forever
    Do a performance on a big show like ‘Good Morning America’
    More tracks on the album (instead of 10)
    Do an online poll and ask the public what her next single should be
    A nicer album cover

    ‘Here I Am’ has so far sold 200,000 copies in the US. In all respect, that’s not a flop. It’s actually a very respectful number.

    As long as she releases:

    Feelin’ Me Right Now
    All Of The Night

    as her next US singles, her album sales will continue to increase. Love Kelly!!

  17. cocodior3069 November 22, 2011

    I think the second album should have a slightly more dance sound. Like 5 really Hot dance cuts and the rest can be R&B . I love the work Rico Love did on Mary’s new album so gotta keep him. I would have loved to have heard Kelly’s voice on Mary’s ‘Next Level” track on her new album. i think that song is an interesting fusion of r&b and dance. I also think for the second album she needs to tour as a headliner. She could play Venues btwn 2500 to 4000 capacity if she has good opening acts. My suggestions are Miguel And Big Sean. But this should all be timed with the release of the new album. I am talking hitting the road 3 weeks after the lp drops to keep momentum .But prior to that working every talk show here and abroad. I would also say fire Frank Gatson as creative director. he uses and steals the same ideas over and over and over again. Get back with Fatima Robinson or hell Laurie Ann Gibson. I think it is extremely important next round to show what the Kelly brand serves. This era made Kelly stand apart in her own right the next one needs to capitalize on it and show the world why she is a star in her own right. Also ease up on all the Janet biting see another reason to fire Frank he always tries to rip off others and give them that person swag. If any career Kelly should mold hers into is Kylie Mingoue with a twist of American Black girl Flava!!! Once they(record company) use this formula for success the sky’s the limit Because lets face it Kelly’s voice is divine for Dance music and that great but it is also great for r&b which plays to her artistic versatility. I hope someone from the label reads this. But first thing first fire Frank. All he will do is make her a cheap clone of Janet meets Beyonce .

  18. Aloysius November 22, 2011

    Well I expected her current album to be more dance, in saying that I’m sure she is cooling up something as such for upcoming album as this was her angle as someone coming from America, so will I buy it possibly! But it has to be hit after hit like Britneys album is.. That’s all

  19. YeaBey November 22, 2011

    She was stupid not releasing Down For Whatever. Its reminiscent to J LO’s on the floor and could have easily given her the cross over success she needed.

  20. Sleazy November 22, 2011

    When are artist going to realize Promotion is the Key? And a great marketing plan!!! Promo is important Cus sometimes I only get into artist once I see a live performance etc

  21. Sleazy November 22, 2011

    @YeahBey “Down for whatever” is at #4 on UK itunes released yesterday

  22. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE November 22, 2011

    I think Kelly is slowly getting better but she never been bad anyone. She just have to come more out of her shell

  23. FEMME FATALE November 22, 2011




    1. BOSSY – KELIS












  24. Sammy November 22, 2011

    I think she should revamp something that kelis did (milkshake, bossy) or something of salt n pepa (push it, shoop)….she should even go back to her destiny’s child roots & do fast paced lyrics with high energy heavy drums types of beats…..even something slow like (cater 2 u or emotions)

  25. David November 22, 2011

    Promote moreee her next LP more.
    Don’t keep the public waiting forever
    Do a performance on a big show like ‘Good Morning America’ e more
    More tracks on the album (instead of 10)

  26. Ashley November 22, 2011

    I really think Kelly should do more Keep It Between Us/ All of the Night kind of tracks. I’d love to hear her take it back with her music a bit. Give us some s*** 90’s R&B. Tight harmonies and smooth vocals.

    1. Second Nature- Destiny’s Child
    2. Love Again- Kelly Rowland
    3. Yes – Beyonce
    4. The Show – Kelly Rowland ft. Tank
    5. Talking in His Sleep- Toni Braxton
    6. Brandy – I’m Yours
    7. Cater 2 U- Destiny’s Child
    8. Body’s Calling Remix- R. Kelly ft. Aaliyah

    Kelly does have a lovely and rich tone, I think these producers need to make her music feel more grown up. Not just the word, the vibe, the instrumental. I love this sexual direction though. It works very effortlessly with her.

  27. X,Y,”and Z” November 22, 2011


    What’s the use? You’re shoveling against the tides. The ‘icy-cold sea’ is now pouring-over the railing, and you’re STILL on-deck, conducting the band. It’ll ALL be in vain, and the ending of/for this movie is a tragic one! TRUST..!!

    ..If she couldn’t do it after ‘2002’s DC temporary breakup’, which then gave “Simply Deep” all the buzz, and “longing-for-DC” sentiment..
    ..If she couldn’t do it in 2007 with her THEN..unceremonious parting with Roy Williams, and her then discovery of, and calling for “dark-skin sista-girl” solidarity..
    ..If she could do it after..”bandwagoning” off 2011’s hottest tour, what makes you think there’s anything that can be done for her today, OR tomorrow..???

    Sam, with now OVER 20-years in the game, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland is as useless, faded and hapless, as where her lacking of any discernible talents, has ALREADY stranded her! Essentially, she is what and where she is because of her talents, or lack thereof. And, that is precisely why Matthew Knowles allowed HER, AND Michelle Williams to remain in DC: neither had the talent(s), drive, ambition of Beyonce.

    (Meh..) Sam, I have a question: Why do black gay men so easily project their..badly damaged psyches(by the bloody scrotum-slashing hands of emasculating black women) *cough*Oprah Winfrey*cough, upon these near-androgynous, hapless, untalented black female entertainers? What a bizarre duo you two make: Fools finding “common”, yet “cold” comfort? ..Bitter, broken souls finding warmth and habit in their likeness? Maybe, who knows! This seems to be a riddle, wrapped in a concentric circles wrapped in a conundrum, then well-hidden in a maze. We curious bystanders can’t help ourselves. You see, we’re NOT “rubberneckers”; NO SIR! You, of the..”Tragic Opera” force us to look, and then WE, take stock of ourselves.

    …Yes, this MUST be it..

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  28. Sleazy November 22, 2011

    @TruthTeller sit yo ass down you dumb delusional stan Kelly has been doing Euro Dance before Rihanna lol and she was urban way before rihanna Kelly saw That Dance was working for her so is Rnb Unlike rihanna she Saw her reggae rnb music flopped then jumped on the dance bandwagon (that’s why critics call her a Genre jumping artist) so bye We would never want kelly to be rihanna 1 goat sounding ho is enough Lawd no why don’t you go watch her Xfactor performances lmao

  29. T November 22, 2011

    Kelly is a big star her biggest problem is she keeps splitting her music between the U.S and the U.K. and from what i see that puts alot a stress on an artist when it comes to promo and video shoots. plus other work outside of the album. Kelly and Motown put alot of money into those 2010 singles. then in 2011 Motivation was leaked when she still had her focus on releasing in the U.K album first, so they made it a single. but instead of pushing it worldwide with a dance track single as well, there was a three month halt. now her focus is on the UK and Xfactor with lay it on me just out there. Same thing happened with Miss Kelly because work could have been her worldwide hit but it was remixed released over seas and she put out Ghetto in the U.S with Snoop dogg.her next project choose one single and go for it worldwide then back it up before the album drops.

  30. Sleazy November 22, 2011

    She took a job on Xfactor Cus she wants To Be Rigoat? Lmao who would refuse that offer? Its great expose and Rihanna could never judge talent cus she hasn’t got any! European Countries has always loved kelly since her debut Her albums always does good there So bye Tryna make everything bout rihanna acting like she did the Dance/urban single Before every1 lol she just ran with the trend like she always does

  31. imjust saying November 22, 2011

    i think we all aggreed that her team (present and past) have problem with PROMOTION… she needs to have more music video made (at least 2) before the release of the album, more promotional TV interviews and PERFORMANCES of the 1st single before the release of the album!!! (where is her jay leno, the view, GMA, ellen, jimmy kimmel, jimmy fallon,) i mean let her be noticed by people who wont necessarily look for her songs, videos aka thm die hard fans. did u realised she didnt work for the success of her previous hits (work in the europe or motivation in the us) the fan did it!

  32. dink November 22, 2011


  33. imjust saying November 22, 2011

    did i mention performances during awards shows ama, grammy, ema…

  34. ?why you mad November 22, 2011

    I think the next album should be more of a balance between R&B and Dance music. I needed just a couple of more songs that sounded like Down For Whatever on Here I Am. Something like her song called On and On. Does anybody remember that one?

  35. Cray November 22, 2011

    Kelly just needs promo, promo, promo..that is all. She is a star

  36. FEMME FATALE November 22, 2011



  37. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 22, 2011

    its not her team that’s the issue……

    ive seen kelly doing alot of interviews before and after her album dropped….she would say one thing about her album, and them start talking about other peoples albums…

    whats the point of her doing more interviews if all shes going to talk about is other peoples s***?

    she has no backbone..she rather be a cheerleader than actually playing in the game…

  38. A November 22, 2011

    I think she needs less generic sounding songs and something more unique and not at the same time.

    It would be great if she found a new producer who could give her something different from the rest of the females.

    someone who could be to her what Darkchild was for Brandy

  39. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 22, 2011

    kelly has all the promo she needs..she just doesnt care to use it for herself,,,,,

    i remember this interview she did a couple weeks before her album dropped….they kept asking her about her albums, about her single, about herself..

    do u know this girl turned every question about her album, about other artist with albums out there

  40. JER November 22, 2011

    Kelly could be as big as Rihanna right now but she’s a cop out. She won’t embrace her pop side because she’s terrified her urban audience will think she’s whack. WELL last i checked, nobody was buying her albums anyway. Kelly, honey. you can’t be on songs like “When Love Takes Over” and release “Rose Coloured Glasses” “Commander,” and “Forever and a Day” then turn around and put out “Motivation” cuz you got skurred. BALLS TO THE WALL. The reason Kelly has failed is because she’s timid and won’t promote herself as a POP artist. Yet half of HERE I AM is pop…. and she wonders why neither pop nor urban fans bought the album. “Each Other” is FIRE. She should have embraced her dance leanings. Here I Am just didn’t work. It sounds a mess and you can tell she was being pulled both ways “Do I make an urban album or do i make a dance album?” and the album falls flat. There are some GOOD songs but good songs don’t make for great singles. Kelly grrrl you let too many people talk at you about what this album was supposed to be and you got lost. Here I Am and 4 are THE biggest disappointments in diva releases in the pat 2 years. Kelly, you f***** it up.

  41. JER November 22, 2011

    Here is what HERE I AM should have been: (NO FEATURES)

    Rihanna- Where Have You Been?
    Kelly Clarkson- Dark Side
    Katy Perry- E.T.
    Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover
    Britney Spears – He About To Lose Me
    Robyn – Dancing on My Own

    i can hear Kelly’s beautiful voice on all these songs. Where’s the POP? Where’s the fresh? All the POP artists in the late 90’s/early 00’s leaned toward R&B and made it work. Some R&B singers need to do the same like they did in the late 80’s/early 90’s

  42. A November 22, 2011

    edited: more unique and “hot”


  43. ~BirthdayCake~ November 22, 2011

    she gnna have to come out with some real dope s*** forreal!

  44. Shaquannamensha Rolls Royce Benz In Association With BET. Com Type Of B*tch To Run Yo Sh*t H** Before I Smack Yo Ass Jones November 22, 2011

    1) Che’Nelle- I fell in love with the DJ
    2) Alicia Keys & Beyonce- Put it in a love song
    3) Serani- Skip to my lou
    4) Nas- Salute Me
    5) Mobb Deep ft/ Lil Kim- Quiet Storm
    6) LMFAO- Party Rockin
    7) Boyz- M.I.A.
    8)Rihanna- We Found Love
    9) Shontelle- Impossible
    10) Dangerously In Love- Beyonce
    11) Dirty Diana- Michael Jackson
    12)Heartbreaker- Pat Benatar

  45. Elvis Madore November 22, 2011


  46. King Carree November 22, 2011

    well her album should sound more like kelly……the kelly who sung on the christmas special of the eve show!!, the kelly who ripped that OMG performance on tha bet awards. that kelly who tore tha house down when she song for Neyo’s VeVO singing GROWN ASS WOMAN. (you can google all of these) kelly needs as album that will make her momentum speed up effortlessly. that will with every single jus be jaw dropping like kelly really doing it, its evident that kelly can indeed dominate just about every genre. throw some acoustic sets on tha album as well. songs like ghetto (ms. kelly) feeling me right now…ballads like love again…….keep it between us. plaing with her voice in the studio no auto tune im talking how she emphasized on the grown ass woman performance i felt what she was going thru feel me.kelly let me join your team…….cuz mm id do everything in my power to get tha beyonce promo – and also in sisterly guidance the best pre recorded tracks that will murder world tours

  47. NICK November 22, 2011


  48. NICK November 22, 2011


  49. VivaLaOnyx November 22, 2011

    All of what @ALEX THOMAS said!! Every bit of it!!

  50. Teyah November 22, 2011

    This is a stupid idea. To release a new album next year when ‘Here I Am’ is flopping in sales. It should be a re-release of ‘Here I Am’ to help it gain a Gold certification. Does she want to add more flop albums to her resume? LOL

  51. Darren November 22, 2011

    LMAO @ this b**** having a new album… no one bought or even listened to the terrible one she has out now. how long is this one gonna take to be re-recorded, re-edited, weakly promoted, and eventually shelved?

  52. mykeb757 November 22, 2011

    I am a big fan but her live performances need work her voice just sounds off live sometimes. She sounds great acoustic and when she’s acapella but when she gets on stage its like her voice drops low its very disappointing and she does TOO much crowd participation we wanna hear ur vocals! Her mistakesheart are unacceptable for someone who’s been in the game as long as she has and has her resume….she needs to bring it musically and live..I dnt know how she work wit Tricky and Jerkins and get those basic a** beats.

  53. mykeb757 November 22, 2011

    She needs songs like Turn It Up if she wanna be hype and record tracks like Flashback,Keep It b/w Us,Blaze,Motivation,Each Other,All Of The Night, Simply Deep, Train On A Track,Better W/O U, and have album closers like Beyond Imagination and Heaven and Earth.

  54. cameron November 23, 2011

    her album was GREAT, more r&b than i expected, but once again was widely underrated (see ms. kelly).

    PROMO, PROMO, PROMO, PROMO… that’s ALL that can be said.
    she should of had “lay it on me” MAYBE a month after motivation was released, not 4 of 5, and if she has to shoot three videos at the same time, so be it…. she did it in the ms. kelly era..

    you can’t just make an album and sleep on it yourself, because so is everyone else. if she’s going to make another album, i better see her performing, on the radio, on late night shows, commercials, online ads, everything, or I WILL NOT buy it…. i promise you that, and i’m a hardcore fan, even met her before.

    my thing is, you would think she would know how to promote from the way matthew pushed the f*** out of them when they were in DC.. beyonce is doing just great and learning even more, i don’t see why kelly can’t do the same… hell, even letoya put her own money into promo on her last album..

    we’ll see…

  55. Topher November 23, 2011

    Kelly should do what she said that she was doing some 2 and half years ago and amerce herself in dance music and produce a kick ass dance album. Her controbution to David Getta’s album One Love was when i first saw how great she was and became a fan. As i anticipatedly waited for her next album (here i am) it became apparent we would not get the dance album that we had been promised. and although there were moments of magic (Each Other, Down for Whatever and here in th UK with added bonus tracks When Love Takes Over, Forever and a Day, What a Feeling) I feel that she has really sold herself and us the buying public short. Maybe it was the pressure from the Record company or from her US fan base but trying to please all and produce both strictly urban tunes and throwing a bunch of dance tunes in makes for an uneasy listen. a true mash of both would and has worked well for others in the past but until she finds the perfect producer that can craft both skillfully she should lend her vocals back to the likes of Alex Gaudino even David Getta (on a good day) or give the likes of Kleerup a call and produce that amazing dance album promised nearly 3 years ago!

  56. Dex. E November 23, 2011

    It’s not even the songs on here album it’s the promotion which her team lacks that makes the album or songs unaware to the ppl

  57. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2011

    In order to make a “sound” with this “new” album we need to look at what went wrong with this one out now. I’m surprised there’s no product vs promotion piece on Kelly.

    I’m a big fan of Kelly and I love her voice, she is an inspiration. However, I think she’s forgotten the two things that made her stand out from the beginning, her beauty and her voice. Kelly is a supermodel who has an amazing voice. Her 1st album had ballads that preceded Adele and is an RnB classic. It went to No. 1 in the UK AND went Platinum, her only album to do so. The second was also good, although the music wasn’t as impressive but it was a SOLID urban effort and got messed up when she released the Diva Deluxe version which took out all the good songs.

    For THIS album however it was SUCH a let down. Where WAS the album? 10 tracks? After being gone for nearly 3 years? Come on, we have to be serious here. 10 tracks is SO 4 decades ago. It’s good for an EP but for an album named “Here I Am”!?! Kelly has not told her story, about anything. There are no songs that speak about where she’s come from, her pain, her upbringing, her dismissmal of Mathew Knowles and everything else. All she’s selling is s**, “Oh, I’m a woman and I feel so comfortable being a woman!” etc. It’s SO disappointing that she’s on the covers of magazines showing her bra and underwear. I’m like “What!?! Did she forget she could sing!” She’s not in the category of SOME singers who build their careers on s** because they have very little talent.

    It’s important to add that Kelly has been a trend-setter in Black/Pop music twice. SHE was among the first to work with Rich Harrisson and David Guetta, we know how their careers SKYROCKETED after their work with Kelly (Crazy In Love, One Thing, etc). She needs to revisit what made her big in the beginning.

    For this reason I’ve added the 12 songs I think Kelly should include on her album and WHY.

    Heaven – From her own Simply Deep album, the harmonies, the music, the LYRICS, nearly everything, but her voice has never sounded so beautiful. That was Kelly singing about love and I was convinced. My view on real music has never been the same since.

    Beyond Imagination – Such a POWERFUL song. You can feel the loneliness as the strings play and the belt at the end is so real and integral to the song’s climax. Once again the lyrics are so deep and meaningful. Solange is an amazing songwriter and I couldn’t help but feel that the song was somewhat autobiographical.

    Get Me Bodied – The fun element of Kelly needs to be introduced into her uptempo RnB numbers which have tended to be a bit dull and serious. Can’t Nobody is the exception.

    Billie Jean – There’s a theme of pain and isolation in Billie Jean which Kelly is good at producing. The music, however, is so haunting that you can sense Michael’s torment about a woman claiming he fathered her son. We enjoy the song but actually the subject matter is disturbing. Kelly needs a song that marks who she is and it should be probably the best song on the album.

    I Have Nothing – As I’ve said, Kelly has an amazing voice, full of richness of tone, power and soul. She also does stunningly beautiful melismas (See Simply Deep song). This type of song would showcase the kind of voice she has, just like The Greatest Love of All did for Whitney over Saving All My Love For You.

    When Love Takes Over – Dance and Ballads are Kelly’s strongest avenues so she should “Donna Summer” it and return with another Italo-Dance sound with strong piano/strings which are amazing to listen to. After this What A Feeling is another amazing song she did.

    Single Ladies – Kelly’s attitude on her part of Bills, Bills, Bills was really good. She has that “Uh-uh/no way” voice that is so strong it gets your attention. Tell the man that you won’t have it anymore. See Gotsta Go.

    I Feel For You – Being an 80’s baby she has mentioned her influences being from that decade, (Michael and Janet Jackson, Whitney, Sade) an energetic retro sounding sound would be so eye and ear-catching it would make people think, “How did she think of that.”

    One Thing – Another Rich Harrisson track needs to be put on to see how they’d collaborate now, their maturity now and speaking about the fun, crazy side of love and relationships.

    Speed Demon – Sonic experimentation is needed for this new album and Speed Demon is a champion of innovation and production (listen to the 2001 Bad re-edition remaster) and she can sing about something other than relationships.

    Title Track – This was a mistake of “Here I Am”. With such a strong album name where was the Diane Warren, David Foster or even better, Babyface produced track which made that statement for her? Kelly needed that to centre the themes on the album but there was nothing. MJ and JJ had Bad, Dangerous, Control, Rhythm Nation, Whitney had I’m Your Baby Tonight, Marah had Emotions, Butterfly etc. Kelly NEEDED this.

    DOn’t Stop Til You Gtet Enough – Live instruments, energ different kind of singing.XxX

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