Hot Shots: Alicia Keys Schools Kids On Making ‘The World Betters’

R&B beauty Alicia Keys lent some of her time and talents to her alma mater (New York’s Professional Performing Arts High School) for the Western Union-sponsored ‘The World of Betters’.  Joining her already growing list of charitable efforts, the songstress used the platform to donate instruments to the school as well as announce an online contest where contestants submit stories on how they’d improve another person’s life with $1000.

See the ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again’ singer below:

The contest begins today and ends Dec. 15.  More info here.

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  1. Ewww November 1, 2011

    It’s good what she is doing but damn chick change up the outfit you look old as hell.

  2. Lisa November 1, 2011

    @ewww that is what you took from this article? her outfit? God you people are unbelievable. Just miserable as hell, who gives a sh*t about her outfit? she is not out there promoting a clothing line. SMDH!!

  3. Bey’knight November 1, 2011

    I was gonna say she looks like a real professor but it feels wrong now reading @Lisa comment

    I commend her effort tho. U can tell she does these things from the heart. I wonder when she’ll put her next album out. Oops am i doin it again? Im done

  4. Lovely November 1, 2011

    It would be nice to think of how to improve the lives of others and participate in the campaign.

    Alicia is just an intelligent and talented person who is always contributing in a positive matter.

  5. Anita November 1, 2011

    Alicia looks and sounded better than ever! I don’t know what is wrong with some people that they have to make up something negative about every good thing. Unbelievable! It’s a pity some purposely choose to read about something like this only so they can try to knock it or her down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Alicia or what she is doing. She is a beautiful human being who continues to inspire and help others. Anyone speaking negatively about this or her is just a very pathetic and sad person. BTW, I love her outfit and her style. Maybe some of you might feel better about yourself if you did try to help others and stop criticizing.

  6. nicegirl November 1, 2011

    She looks gorgeous no matter what outfit she wears. I love seeing her doing things for charities as well.

  7. YOOSONDALOOSE November 2, 2011

    Alicia looks really good with that hair, for a mother not a performer.

  8. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce November 2, 2011


    i love her , finally an artist with a kind heart !

    go ms. keys !

  9. Fly Red Bone November 2, 2011

    I love Alicia, always doing something positive.

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