Hot Shots: Cassie Goes Classic For Carol

In the spirit of the similarly billed, some ‘performers’ perform best when mute.  The posterchild of such notion is certainly no-time Grammy winning vocal less vocalist Cassie.  The ‘Long Way 2 Go’ singer, whose growing endorsement deals include Carol’s Daughter, saw her lend her look to a recent campaign for the beauty brand.

Needless to say, when in her native territory, the model-with-a-micserves of h-e-a-t on a platter!

Check out more of Cassie’s classic black-and-whites below (courtesy of Cassie-Ventura):

Word has it the songstress is not only putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming album, but she is readying a new music video for ‘King of Hearts’ (scheduled for release in the coming weeks).  The video features choreography from none other than famed Lady Gaga choreo-craftswoman Laurie Ann Gibson.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LAX November 1, 2011

    @ The Grape,,,,, U Have me ROTF
    You wrote the hell out of the Header
    Cassie is a cutie, bless her little sweet heart.

  2. LAX November 1, 2011

    Perform best when Mute,,,Epic writing
    and all in Fun,,,,,Crying real tears right now
    Maybe its time for some banana pudding, for real!

  3. skintightjeans November 1, 2011

    This b**** needs to just keep being Diddy’s concubine and not release ANY music. She sucks.

  4. tyra November 1, 2011

    she is pretty but so bland she needs some swag but hope her album does well

  5. nicegirl November 1, 2011

    WOW she’s really pretty but I have never heard any of her music…what songs has she done?

  6. TravChiz November 1, 2011

    Ha, TGJ is reaching once again. The fact that these pics have been out for weeks and you’re just now deciding to do a post on her is sad…smh, Must be a slow news day. Get up off Cassie and let her do her, the main ones hating are the main ones keeping her relevant, so either way she’s still winning.

  7. cocobewear November 2, 2011

    Word has it the SONGSTESS (she sure stresses songs thats 4sure, with those lacking vocals).

  8. I&I(yardie) November 2, 2011

    gorgeous. simply beautiful

  9. lola November 2, 2011

    The first pic is okay, but this chick isn’t as pretty as she was when she first came out. She has a big ass nose and she looks stupid with her lips pouting like that. She resembles a pelican. She can stay being Diddy’s stupid w****. What else is she good for. She can’t sing or dance, and she doesn’t have a college degree.

  10. ae November 2, 2011

    I love her and her music cant wait to listen to her new album

  11. lower back pain right side February 8, 2012

    Im at the point, that Im changing cig. brands marlboro can kiss my a

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