Jojo Delivers Stirring Rendition of U.S. National Anthem

Published: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011 by Rashad

This past Sunday saw 20-year-old pop belter Jojo lend her soaring vocals to the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at the MLS Cup Final in California.  While this wouldn’t mark the first time the diva-in-training put her soulful spin on the historic number, this most recent event saw a more subdued display of the her ever-maturing vocals.

How did she fare?  Be the judge after the jump:

A bit restrained in parts, Jojo’s voice definitely shone in the song’s more climactic areas. Unlike some *cough cough Keyshia Cole*, the young songstress managed to inject a bit of personality (runs, riffs, embellishments) without running out.  Kudos for exercising an ever-growing maturity on the singer’s part as some have argued some of her previous anthem arrangements were overdone.

Your thoughts?

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  1. November 23, 2011

    I think she did a Good Job without Over doing it with the Riffs and Runs. Her Voice sounds more mature now

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN November 23, 2011

    she did good

  3. Dane November 23, 2011

    love jojo

  4. JoJo November 23, 2011

    awesome i think she did better in her previous one though but still good .now she needs to start promoting her single

  5. ChristinasCOMING November 23, 2011

    I’m sorry Jojo but I’m slowly giving up on you.

    I understand you’ve been having a lot of label issues but enough is enough.

    If your album is not out by at least Spring 2012, I’m moving on from you and will just be satisfied with your heyday material.

  6. King November 24, 2011

    Kinda sounds like brandy

  7. Cuntina Piguilera November 24, 2011

    Actually, very good, restrained and IN TUNE which is the most important
    I dislike when singers try to shove all those hoolabaloola runs up and downs
    So, it’s a good thing Jojo didn’t.
    Still, changing the melodic line on the national anthem is a delicate issue, can be rather disrespectful. So though her performance was great, I think she should have been even more conservative with the melody.

  8. antertain November 24, 2011

    Cute and not overdone and did some sweet vocal riffs and tones in good areas of the anthem.
    Strong voice!
    Her vocals are hot

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 24, 2011

    AMAZING display of vocals, not very suitable approach to the National Anthem, though.I would say that more than 2 runs makes the National Anthem performance overdone, but her vocals are just insane!!She can SIIIING!I’m waiting for the album and I’m SOO glad ‘Disaster’ is rising on the airplay chart 🙂

  10. KNUCK November 24, 2011

    She killed it…

    And I do hear a bit of Brandy.. and a bit of Beyonce. I’ve heard Brandy sing the NA multiple times and she does her “o’er the land of the freeee” part in a similar way.

  11. B Lamont November 25, 2011


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