Mc Lyte : “Nicki Minaj Is An Intelligent Business Woman”

Published: Sunday 13th Nov 2011 by David


Since rising to fame back in 2007,  Pop Princess Nicki Minaj has been on the receiving end on many a heated opinion.

From Britney Spears to Missy Elliott, it seems that everyone and their publicist has a little something to say about the woman whose debut album ‘Pink Friday‘ has outsold Rihanna‘s ‘Loud’ in the US.

Now , the rapper MC Lyte has  told fans what she thinks of her.


Find out what she said below…



Lyte makes many valid points.

However, there is little doubt that her opinion will be met with fierce opposition from Minaj’s naysayers who refuse to accept that she is anything more than a ‘cheap gimmick’ ,  somehow ‘inauthentic’ because of her shameless love for glamour and Pop music.

It is this very mindset that has held many a Femcee back from broadening their creative horizons for fear of losing the respect of  self proclaimed musical connoisseurs, who class anything upbeat and lighthearted  as ‘fake’ and ‘unreal’.

Like Lauryn Hill,  Salt ‘n’ Pepper and  Missy Elliott before her, Minaj continues to redefine what it means to be a Female Rapper.

 Only time will tell if her success will influence the next generation of Rap belles for better- or for worse.



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  1. jamir21: The SLAYER of PRESSED B****** November 13, 2011

    YES MC PREACH !!!!

    Everything that MC Lyte said about Nicki was so TRUE !

    She is a smart BUSINESS WOMAN ! 🙂

  2. tyra November 13, 2011

    nicki just like rihanna are smart enough to know u gatta get real cross over appeal cause black people dnt buy music and surprising enough nicki is becoming the new it girl who would have thought

  3. OnikaCarter November 13, 2011

    Did she lie? no……..

  4. MaZ November 13, 2011

    Stop kissing Nicki’s ass Thatgrapejuice!

    Nicki like Rihanna are just muppets… sorry products used by their record labels.

    I don’t see them as powerful women or business women. Mary J Blige, Beyoncé or Tyra are business women. Correct me If I’m wrong.

  5. TruthTeller November 13, 2011

    TGJ stays obsessed with Rihanna. Pink Friday sold 100k more than Loudin the USA and u make it seems like it was a rout.
    Rihanna ain t even a US citizen. The least Nikki can do is outsell her in her own damn country.
    Now how about the rest of the world?
    Loud 5.9 Million sold.
    Pink Friday 1.8 Million sold.

    GO SUCK A D*** Sam and worry about ur fading fav

  6. LTM November 13, 2011

    call me when Pink Flopday reaches over 5million worldwide like LOUD has

  7. LTM November 13, 2011

    Nicki is local, Rihanna is a world wide b****

  8. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Tyra


    Black people only listen to R&B and Hip Hop !

    If you want to be a MAINSTREAM SUCCESS you have to add a pop sound to your music

  9. Gucci Gucci November 13, 2011

    Alot of stans were coming for MC’s head yesterday on Twitter and she actually responded to them. But she is right. Nicki is a smart buisness woman

  10. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Maz

    B**** Rihanna is a VERY POWERFUL business WOMAN !

    She has already build a brand of herself !

    She has Vita Coco, Armani Jeans, Reb`l Fleur, Covergirl (if think she is still with them) etc.,

  11. Miss Thang November 13, 2011


    That comment was ignorant. I’m black, and my musical taste goes further than Hip-Hop and R&B. Please don’t put black people in a box like that.

    As far as Nicki goes, she’s successful. No doubt about that. But she had to change who she was in order to get to that point. I listen to a old track of hers, then I listen to a “Pink Friday” track it sounds like 2 different people. You need to cross over to your own people before crossing over to others. You profit more from the mainstream audience, but they are very fickle.

  12. Commander of the RihannaNavy November 13, 2011

    I was going to say something but LTM said it all for me.
    November 13, 2011 at 10:12 am
    call me when Pink Flopday reaches over 5million worldwide like LOUD has
    November 13, 2011 at 10:13 am
    Nicki is local, Rihanna is a world wide b****

  13. Commander of the RihannaNavy November 13, 2011

    @Miss Thang
    co-sign. Im black and I listen to every genre except country.

  14. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Miss Thang

    No I mean SOME black people only listen to R&B and Hip-Hop !

    I`m black and I listen to Pop, R&B, Hip Hop (sometimes), Rock, !

    I try to listen to Country but I cant its just too..ughh !

  15. SelenaGomezFan November 13, 2011

    How is Nicki a business woman? What else is she involved with besides her music? And I cant believe she lip syncs her performances. I mean, what rapper does that?

  16. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    I really wanted Rihanna to continue doing the “Loud Era” but its too LATE now !

  17. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Selenagomezfan

    How is Selena Gomez a BUSINESS woman ???

  18. IWannaBeDownRemix November 13, 2011

    Nicki is a smart business woman but McLyte didn’t speak about her lyrical or rapping skills. But this is what McLyte followed-up with on her blog about Kim:

    Lil Kim single handedly said the things most of us wanted to say but didn’t have the balls to. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but definitely some. The quality I love most about Kim is she does it like She wants. She’s unashamed and unapologetic for her outspoken lyrics, images, and style. She’s hammering out hit after hit and whenever I drop a Kim track at a club, it gets the party ELEVATED. We all await new Kim music!!!!!

  19. Rondo November 13, 2011

    I hate to bring Lil Kim in this but nicki isn’t doing anything that Kim hasn’t done. If you listen to “notorious Kim” she had pop and auto tune in that album, it’s just she was ahead of her time. The world wasn’t ready for that “Kim” the time has changed drastically. these days music hAs no substance or sufficient meaning, you say what ever sounds good and do whatever you have to do to sell records and establish a fan base. And that’s exactly what nicki did, so if you want to say that makes her smart than so be it. But Rihanna and Nicki is no comparison what so ever, Rihanna is smart & extremely hardworking business woman who is known over the globe. Mc if your fan just say your a fan but don’t discredit other artist & female mc’s or put stars on nicki chest because you are one. Lauryn Hill and nicki should never be mention in the same sentence EVER

  20. IWannaBeDownRemix November 13, 2011

    Nicki has influenced a Rap Belle: Kreayshawn.

    Super Bass had everyone thinking they could rap. So, is Nicki rapping or talking over party beats.

  21. Miroboi November 13, 2011

    I agree.
    & I think “pop” fans don’t buy cds as much as “urban” fans. Such as rihanna and katy perry (175k-220k) vs mary j blige and well nicki (300K). Lady gaga the exception ofcourse. “Pop” fans are more into singles, buyingthe song thats “hot” instead of the cd, wich will give you your #1 at the hot 100, wich equal more succes, what nicki is doing.

    But wee see that having so many # ones dosent really help on selling a cd when its pop. (jason de rulo, katy perry, rihanna)
    While you have urban fans you’ll sell more ( drake, kanye, jay, bey, nicki, wayne) you ATLEAST see them with 300k

    But since she is going a bit.more pop, and kinda losing her urban side, I wonder how its gunna affect her sophmore album. I hope she’ll lighten up with the whole wacky costumes, cuz I REALLY like her *sigh*

  22. tyra November 13, 2011

    at jamir pay no mind to these idiots the fact is majority of black people will not support black artists if u look at riri alone a large part of her audience are white black women especially bash her left right and center and nicki knows that she aint goin to be up lil Wayne ass forever so for her to be more than a ghetto rapper like lil kim she did whatever she could to catch the mainstream audience but thats not to say black people dnt buy music and how much did riri first album sell around 1-2 million so dont bash nicki cause this is just her first album she will sell more on her second

  23. KimWonIn1:09 November 13, 2011

    Can Nicki kill an entire crew with a 1:09 verse?

    THEY ALL CAME AFTER KIM WHEN SHE DROPPED THAT WARNING VERSE: It took 3 people to trash Kim on Y.U.Mad. It only took 1 girl to kill their ass in 1:09 minutes. If Kim never sells another damn record, or Warning never receives airplay, SHE WON AND PROVED WHY SHE IS THE QUEEN.

    “Competition, O Yes, I would love some.” When you got it you ran behind your crew.

  24. SelenaGomezFan November 13, 2011

    Selena has her own fashion line and merchandise that include shirts, dolls, backpacks, etc

  25. Gucci Gucci November 13, 2011

    Honest question: How has Nicki influenced Kreayshawn?

  26. Gucci Gucci November 13, 2011

    Why does my name show up as Gucci Gucci?

  27. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Selena Gomez Fan

    Well thats great for Ms. Gomez !

    @ Tyra

    Actually 100 % AGREE WITH U

  28. Diane November 13, 2011

    You can talk negatively all you want about hip hop being confined to a neighborhood. I’m cool with that. I can’t get with the Pop s***, even from Snoop Dogg. In order for Pop music to work, it has to have a repetitive sound so it crosses mainstream. So, I don’t like when Nicki keep repeating her f****** lyrics: Z-Z-Z-Z-Z; Willy, Willy, Willy, Willy; Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly; Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad I Am. I just can’t get with that.

    This is hip hop IMO. You already SNOW. AVALANCHE FLOW!

  29. Miss Thang November 13, 2011


    Yes, I love all types of music 🙂 The “Ignorant” comment was a little strong, and I apologize if I made you feel a certain way. I just don’t like being labeled. The media labels the African-American community enough.

  30. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    Rihanna and Beyonce are the most two biggest African American MODERN artist(s) !

    They have to cater to a WORLDWIDE AUDIENCE !

    They cant have an album filled with all R&B songs or Urban songs because that will FLOP !

    They have some type of pop element in their songs..

    Because people in the U.K., Brazil, Peru, Australia, Japan dont wanna listen to no song like

    “Rather Die Young” they want to listen to a song like “Only Girl” or “Countdown”.

  31. MaZ November 13, 2011

    @ JAMIR21



    @ TYRA


  32. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Miss Thang

    I`m sorry if i offended you…my bad

    I had let my IGNORANCE go before my KINDNESS !

    @ Agree on the last comment

  33. Music November 13, 2011

    Cheap shot at rihanna
    U could have said she outsold so many other people like britney, beyonce, kanye but no, u had to say rihanna.
    Jealousy is the worst thing….

  34. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Maz

    How about this one H** !

    Forbes’ Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30:

    1. Lady Gaga ($90 million)

    2. Justin Bieber ($53 million)

    3. LeBron James ($48 million)

    4. Roger Federer ($47 million)

    5. Taylor Swift ($45 million)

    6. Katy Perry ($44 million)

    7. Cristiano Ronaldo ($38 million)

    8. Beyonce ($35 million)

    9. Lionel Messi ($32 million)

    10. Rafael Nadal ($31 million)

    11. Rihanna ($29 million)

    12. Dwight Howard ($28 million)

    13. Dwayne Wade ($26 million)

    14. Carmelo Anthony ($25 million)

    15. Maria Sharapova ($24 million)

    16. Kristen Stewart ($20 million)

    17. Robert Pattinson ($20 million)

    18. Miley Cyrus ($15 million)

    19. Carrie Underwood ($15 million)

    20. Lil Wayne ($15 million)

  35. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter November 13, 2011

    Kreayshawn has named the people who have influenced her in interviews before. Nicki Minaj is not one of them.

  36. RDK November 13, 2011

    Mc Lyte as spoken one of the realest MC in the game,i see the Naysayers in a fenzy over here,so as far as i see anyone have anything nise to say about nicki is a a-ss kisser i see in these haters eyes F you all,people knows talent when they see it,nicki is one of the best in my sight and she is da-mn good at doing her….KimWonIn1:09 who did Kim kill you are du-mn as fu-ck Wayne are Baby didn’t dis kim…she have nothing to loose so the bi-tch is trying to go ofter anyone to get a response,Eminem was on a dis record too with nicki but Kim didn’t say anything about that,but she feel she can jump on wayne Baby,that bird have lost her fu cking mind,and when is Nicki running from Kim man some of you kims stans are delusional and du mn as fu ck yall make up thinks in your minds and actually belives it,s reality,you all need some serious medical help you fu cking notejobs.

  37. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    Rihanna is No. 11 !!!!!!!!

    She is a very POWERFUL woman

    Her legs cost more than your LIFE INSURANCE

  38. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    She has sold over $ 25 million records worldwide and over $ 40 million singles worldwide

  39. Commander of the RihannaNavy November 13, 2011

    Rihanna has made the Forbes list before

  40. Diane November 13, 2011

    Just because Nicki is bringing in the most money doesn’t mean she’s the biggest influence. Do you think she will have a female rapper on her second album? Nope. So if you’re not helping the game, you’re hurting it. Who is Nicki putting on to the game. Because of her, we have Kreayshawn and Super Bass. Damn.

  41. Commander of the RihannaNavy November 13, 2011

    “Her legs cost more than your LIFE INSURANCE”

  42. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter November 13, 2011

    Nicki stans think too highly of their fave. She aint opening doors for anyone. Kreayshawn did not come from Nicki.

  43. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    Rihanna`s legs cost over $ 1 Million dollars…

  44. LTM November 13, 2011

    urban acts may have better 1st week sales, but in the long run mainstream acts come out on top. Lil Wayne, Jay Z & Kanye, Nicki, Drake, Beyonce, Chris Brown, all had better 1st week sales than Katy Perry. all of them are struggling to reach 2million while Katy Perry has pasted the 4million mark.

  45. Diane November 13, 2011

    In my city, DJs do not play Nicki in urban clubs. They play Wayne, Drake and the rest of the YM team, but they don’t play Nicki. Nicki has not even inspired DJs to CLUB REMIX her songs to give it a more urban sound. I was just waiting for a CLUB REMIX of Super Bass since it gained popularity on the urban radio, but nothing. DJs do that when they are inspired by the song. Nicki also is not played in beauty/barber shops. They even play a$$ without Nicki’s verse.

    However, when I visit the clubs that are located centrally throughout the city, they play Nicki, but only the songs with Guetta and Britney. They spin a little Pink Friday. People know Nicki from her television appearances, award shows, wacky outfits, youtube and Lil Wayne. So in retrospect, she’s confined to a neighborhood too, even if it is a bigger neighborhood.

  46. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ LTM

    B**** how dare you call Beyonce a URBAN ACT ????

    Beyonce is a MAINSTREAM ACT !

  47. LTM November 13, 2011

    calm your tits child. Beyonce crosses the line as both, but shes more urban than mainstream.

  48. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ LTM

    Yeah Katy is more uglier than PRETTIER !

  49. Tami November 13, 2011

    Mc Lyte does not like Lil Kim so I can see why she would say someone like Nicki who stole someone else’s act is a smart business women. Hell McLyte even made a record dissing Kim. Kim talks about it at the 8:00 mark.

    But whatever that’s her opinion let her keep it.

  50. LTM November 13, 2011

    lmao!! you suck at insults. tell that to Maxim who ranked her the hottest woman on the planet in 2010

  51. LTM November 13, 2011

    if you think Katy Perry is ugly then you are gay. Ive let to hear any straight man say she is ugly

  52. tyra November 13, 2011


  53. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ LTM

    So rihanna is Esquire`s most sexiest woman alive

  54. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ tyra


  55. LTM November 13, 2011

    great for RiRi. I love Rihanna

  56. MaZ November 13, 2011

    @ TYRA


  57. ny-superstar November 13, 2011

    Is this the lady that does the voice over during the BET Awards? MC Lute can not validate anyone.

  58. MaZ November 13, 2011

    @ JAMIR21



    11. LA REID ($29 million)

  59. tyra November 13, 2011


  60. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ LTM

    Beyonce was the first non-athlete, non-model to cover SPORTS ILLUSTRATED back in `07 !

    Has Katy ever done that ?????

    NO !

  61. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ Maz

    That was bankruptcy thing was a LIE !

    She can afford a break like how Beyonce can afford a new LACEFRONT 🙂

  62. Bianca B**** November 13, 2011

    Could we please stop putting Lauryn Hill so high up !!!!! Ok lets see she has had 6 kids from 2 different men and yet nobody has put a ring on it….Come on what kind of message is that sending ? Ms. Hill is very sloppy in her personal life .. she is no legend 1 album does not make a legend … she is very loopy and has put on some awful lives shows the last few years…she shows up late and people end up walking out of her shows demanding a refund ……Why the Lauryn Hill worship? ….I’ll be the first person to say TMOLH was a great album but that was in 98 almost 13yrs ago..what has she done since? ….I’m sorry but Ms Hill is sloppy and needs to clean up her personal life ..what kind of advice could she give about men and relationships in her music? She has 6 kids from 2 different men and nobody wants to wife her…….Girl Bye Nicki shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Lauryn that’s very true….Nicki isn’t as scandalous and sloppy as her thats for sure.

  63. honeydip November 13, 2011


  64. LTM November 13, 2011

    i like Beyonce too. Try again sweetheart

  65. LTM November 13, 2011

    @BIANCA B****
    um what does her personal life have anything to do with her legendary status?

  66. jamir21 November 13, 2011

    @ LTM

    Katy Perry is s***

  67. QueenSize November 13, 2011

    Love you Lyte but I have to disagree…Salt n Pepa did Let’s Talk About S**, Do You Really Want Me, MC Lyte did Ice Cream Dream, Eve did Let Me Blow Your Mind & Who’s That Girl, etc. These songs were POP. Eve recieved a Grammy for her joint. No one can’t say Nicki isn’t successful. She is the only and newest female “rapper” at the moment with much publicity and signed to a major label. Nicki is the first femcees with such attention during this technology age. All the female rappers prior to her did not change who they were to be successful. Nicki is the first of her kind to sell out. Sorry to say but all the attention, publicity, awards, performances etc…s*** like that gets you 5 mill in record sales and all Nicki did was sell 1.5 to 1.8 mill for Pink Friday. Ooh somethings wrong. Rappers during the 90’s were paid, publicized, successful, outselling rock artist, getting crazy endorsements and still keeping it hood. By the by…Did you notice has no one clapped or agreed with Lyte. ROTFL.

  68. QueenSize November 13, 2011

    EDITED…..Love you Lyte but I have to disagree…Salt n Pepa did Let’s Talk About S**, Do You Really Want Me, MC Lyte did Ice Cream Dream, Eve did Let Me Blow Your Mind & Who’s That Girl, etc. These songs were POP. They had the guts and the balls. Eve recieved a Grammy for her joint. No one can’t say Nicki isn’t successful. She is the only female “rapper” and newest female “rapper” at the moment with much publicity and signed to a major label. Nicki is the first femcees with such attention during this technology age. All the female rappers prior to her did not change who they were to be successful. Nicki is the first of her kind to sell out. Sorry to say but all the attention, publicity, awards, performances etc…s*** like that gets you 5 mill in record sales and all Nicki did was sell 1.5 to 1.8 mill for Pink Friday. Ooh somethings wrong. Rappers during the 90’s were paid, publicized, successful, outselling rock artist, getting crazy endorsements and still keeping it real. Listen to some tracks off of Pink Friday. I didn’t buy it of course but I listen. I wouldn’t say all of this if I didn’t have the evidence on Youtube to back me up. The blindest person could see the changes in Niciki from her style to her voice. Intelligent business woman or someone caught in the hype? is a better title. By the by…Did you notice no one clapped or agreed with Lyte? All I head was Hmmmm… :\ ROTFL.

  69. QueenSize November 13, 2011

    I made a couple of mispellings cause I get amped over this s***. I know hip hop.

  70. RDK November 13, 2011

    Diane when Nicki was underground struggling didn’t anyone of these female rappers who was running the game at the time reach out to help her,no they did not,but as soon as nicki come in the game now they all are acting like they help her and nicki owns her something,yes female rapper was doing there thing and they [ave the way in a sense,and nicki did pay homage,and a certain person wanted more so nicki said fu ck it,and started to dis the sh it out of them,nicki don’t how anyone anything than Lil wayne who help her when everyone else passed her by,look what Diamon did the other day talking about the award shows are rig for nicki to win and you want nicki to have fu cking backstabbing jealous bi tchies like that on her album are to collab with,i swear i didn’t expect diamon of all person to be dissing nicki,nicki and trina is cool she even bring her out at the femme fatale tour trina even had nicki on her music back in the day and the perfom and keep up there birthday part the same time,Trina was the only one i see who felt i don’t know what you all are talking about,sto shading nicki stop lying to get a point across.

  71. Diane November 13, 2011

    Biggie died one year after Kim’s debut album. I wonder could Nicki stay relevant if the YMCMB crew became dismantled right now. The cards are aligned for her:

    Only female rapper out.
    Technology Age
    YMCMB Largest Crew Out Today

    While Queen Latifah and McLyte, and Salt n Pepper came up when female rappers didn’t need a crew, Kim came up during the Female Rapper/Crew era. Trust me, for Kim to stay relevant after her crew fell apart is TREMENDOUS! Quite frankly, I think Nicki would be lost without YMCMB now. Even with all of her fans, she would still fall off.

  72. LTM November 13, 2011

    your s*** and a flop fan

  73. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shitin In UR Litter November 13, 2011

    Co-sign with everything you said. They sold more without selling out

  74. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shitin In UR Litter November 13, 2011

    Not only did Biggie die, but Diddy showed Kim no love after and she burned ties with Junior M.A.F.I.A

  75. RDK November 13, 2011

    QueenSize nicki sell out you say,because she don’t want to be box in to a fu-cking box,you have written them long a-ss essays and you still haven’t listen to a sh-it MC Lyte just said,alot of female rappers mess with Pop but they didn’t implemented it more in there music because they were scared of people like you and people in the game,who would be running and be talking about how they sold out this and that,Listen to MC lyte she said females wanted to take rap to a level that nicki as with more pop in it but she was scared of what the people would say,and she applaud nick to have the balls to do it,no one is selling out nicki want to be bigger than the block of queens new york,so she is doing music that appeal to everyone,Nicki didn’t change she just get the chance now to do her,YMCMB give her the chance to be her to do music she wanted to do NOT TO BE IN A FU CKING BOX..that is what MC Lyte is saying you now how many hot a-ss rap-Pop songs them females before nicki could have drop if they wasn’t being box up by people like you,even Missy one of my Fav wasn’t the must rap-pop of them all at the time and she didn’t get the respect from a certain set of people like she should,just because she wanted to do rap-pop….stop boxing people in let the artist be an artist.

  76. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN November 13, 2011

    She missed something.. she also has a great pair of tits

  77. RDK November 13, 2011

    Diane Nicki was an underground rapper i wonder if you know what that is,anyways nicki was underground doing her thing she was a back up rapper for a crew at one time then she started to do her own thing she sign to dirty money an undergound independent Label she didn’t have any crew she didn’t have a mager Label they all turned her down didn’t believed in her,she did her thing and build up a fan base,there was no YMCMB back then to help her,Nicki had everything planed out all ready she just needed the money and the power to get things started the real way,then Wayne recognized her and decided to help her when no one else gave a sh it about her,gave her the bridge and she bin walking on it from every sense doing her own thing wayne an’t holding nickis hand…he only gives her encouragement from time to time….nicki wasn’t made up wayne got her pre made already unlike alot of them who wasn’t made up from scratch who is lost know without that hand to hold on to…so get what you are saying straight and don’t get sh it twisted.

  78. Bianca B**** November 13, 2011

    LTM you can’t be for real …her music was based on social issues and relationships …listen to her CD.. she should practice what she preaches is she a role model for young girls? ….oh so it’s ok to have 6 kids from 2 different men? Having un-protected s** how is this responsible? Lauryn Hill is not legendary ..when she has a 20+ year career in the business and many ablums to show for it such as ,Madonna, Janet, Mariah, Aretha, Patti,Kylie, Tina, Sade,Whitney etc.. please call us I love Beyonce to death but she is no lengend yet …she still has work to put in ..people throw the legend word around much to easily these days …1 ABLUM DOES NOT =LEGEND.

  79. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 13, 2011

    Nicki GARBAJ= Gimmick!!

    The H** isn’t even hip hop anymore…just POP

    Plus, her lyrics sound like they’re written by a 5th grader 😕

    Her music is pure SHITE

  80. Diane November 13, 2011

    @RDK, I saw Nicki’s THS, I don’t need to read it. I haven’t changed my mind about the post you are replying to. Kim’s crew went under one year after her debut. Biggie wasn’t just some rapper that put Kim on, but he was is still considered the Brooklyn Blueprint. After he was gone, Kim did well with Notorious K.I.M. More successful with LaBella Mafia. 5 Mikes with Naked Truth, which she should have re-released after her return. And now Warning…1.08 minute freaking MASTERPIECE. Until Nicki has walked in those Louboutins, Kim is the Queen.

    I don’t like bullies, and the entire YMCMB is bullying Kim. She’s standing as a lone ranger and popping it off. You already SNOW, AVALANCHE FLOW haters.

  81. Diane November 13, 2011

    Why do Nicki fans have selective memory and always asking why Kim is making diss songs? How about Y.U.Mad, A$$ Remix, Britney Remix.

    It’s okay for them to tweet about how Nicki is CONSTANTLY dissing Kim, but as soon as Kim comes back, then there is a problem with diss songs. ooooooooooooooooo something wrong.

  82. Layla November 13, 2011

    @Diane Thank You,but you can’t tell #RDK anything.She’s a Nicki stan.I agree with you on everything.Kim prove she doesn’t need anybody to help her career.Her best work was when she had nobody by her side.I wonder how long Nicki would last if Young Money dismantle.

  83. KAT DELUNA FAN November 13, 2011


  84. Lea November 13, 2011

    @Diane Nicki fans stay in denial.

  85. yasss November 13, 2011


  86. RDK November 13, 2011

    Diane so kim is playing the victim know,you have a right to not want to listen to my comment with your mind set,no body is bullying Kim she and nicki alone is in this beef,she draged wayne and bird man in to it to make it seems like they are ganging her,she is just doing anything to get something stick on that wall,i really hope wayne and baby don’t fall for her trap and reply to her,kim claim the song you mad is a dis from the crew to her,as she always clam certain people is seeing her,the track is a dis track but the only person who was dissing the haters is nicki,Roman revenge is straight dis to the haters and kim and Eminem was on it dissing the sh it out of god know who,and kim didn’t say anything about Eminem[she knows who to fu ck with Eminem would have cut her head clean of but she knows that ymcmb won’t mess with her like that thats why she jump on them],but she wants to jump on ymcmb now,because of some song so she,s deeper than this,i think it,s because the label chooses nicki over her and that song they drag from Itune because kim wanted nicki to sit at the back seat and the crew wasn’t playing that sh it,thats why she mad now and be trying to go ofter the crew who have nothing to do with her……no one is saying kim shouldn’t dis nicki they are in a beef ofter all what i am saying is wt f is she dissing people who didn’t say anything about her i don’t know who is pumping her over there.

  87. Diane November 13, 2011

    @RDK, #ICant. You sound like a teenager in love.

  88. RDK November 13, 2011

    Diane i have a voice just the same as you do,how you want to talk and tear down nicki ever chance you get,i am going to talk too i don’t have to tear anyone down to get my point across,the facts are there i now you don’t want to hear my opinion,so you revert to being disrespectful it,s so typical your type when you can’t get your bu/ll across,i seen it happens all the time it is what it is so whatever.

  89. Queen Onika November 13, 2011

    MC Lyte speaks the truth…them other girls need to stop hatin and start working. Nicki has made the transition into being an international star and is being demanded by many countries. Well done Nic

  90. Raven November 13, 2011

    @RDK Girl calm down Nicki doesn’t know you and stop trying to play like Nicki is some innocent victim.As for Eminem thing.Lil KIm aint scared of Eminem she went at dudes like Tupac and 50cent.Lil Kim knows Eminem wasn’t talking about her in Romans Revenge.Lil Wayne and Birdman always say how ganstar they are so don’t make it seem like Kim is bullying them when she mention there names.Get a life please.

  91. Malibu Barbie November 13, 2011

    This is straight up DICKRIDING. ive never seen a female rapper dickridden,overrated and overhyped in my LIFE. Lyte i love you, but u did NOT need to throw other artists under the bus to raise up nicki, that was f***** up… adress how he style was stolen from kim + gwen stefani + gaga.. adress how she calls legends like you OLD AND CRUSTY.
    NICKI was not the first female rapper to dabble with pop. or wear crazy colorful outfits. they are giving that CLOWN way too much credit its sickening. and she aint doing s*** for female rap. who is she bringing in. NOBODY. shes the only one out there.

  92. jennifer November 13, 2011

    MC Lyte is just trying to kiss Nicki @ss cause she don’t want nobody labeling her as a hater and jealous.

  93. EX NICKI FAN November 13, 2011

    @Malibu Barbie.

    Not only is she not bringing anyone in, she is the first female rapper in HISTORY who has stamped the idea that there can only be one female at a time….WHEN THE HELL ELSE HAS THAT HAPPENED. This bird things she’s naomi campbell.

  94. Guess What November 13, 2011

    @RDK, this beef started back in “03”. Kim was minding her own business. Ppl seem to forget that part. I love MC Lyte, but I don’t understand how she can praise a chick who disrespected the whole female hip hop foundation. Kim wanted to embrace Nicki but YMCMB are a bunch of undercover f*** that did Kim dirty. You are missing a lot of crucial points to this beef.

  95. Guess What November 13, 2011

    One more point: Nicki was NEVER about female unity in hip hop & she NEVER will be. When you disrespect the “foundation” that’s allowed you to come in & have a career, you’re not about unity.

  96. RDK November 13, 2011

    Raven b itch i have one do you,kim can’t even bully nicki minaj,how the he/ll is she going to bull a crew,she didn’t jump on eminem because she can’t simple as that,stop making excuses bird man and Wayne wasn’t talking about her in the song U Mad,but she feel the need to jump on the crew,and kim don’t know yall so it go,s both ways,and GUESS WHAT wt-f are you talking about,so Kim represent everyone in female hip-hop she talks for all of them.. you all know who nicki went ofter,wt-f so Nicki dissing kim=dissing everyone female in hip-hop holy sh-it you all real put kim up high on that alter…anyways i am done with yall because it,s plaint to see that you all want to see and hear what you all want to,nicki dis kim to get recognized back in the day when she was unsigned and kim didn’t pay her no mind when nicki was a nobody,but as soon as nicki is a some body now,kim is paying her mind and be making something out of nothing,no wonder minaj said fu ck it and went ofter her for the better…guess nicki didn’t came in this sh it to be anyones stepping stone.

  97. nicegirl November 13, 2011

    I agree with everything MC Lyte said. I don’t like Nicki, but at least hip-hop is getting some exposure to a wider audience via Nicki.

  98. Guess What November 13, 2011

    @RDK, if you’re constantly being disrespected for years, you will finally speak up the way Kim did. If it was you what would you do? What kills me is that everybody has their opinions on this beef, but they are not saying what they would do if they were in Kim’s shoes (the same “shoes” Nicki wants to fill).

  99. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 13, 2011

    Rihanna fans need to f*** off. Sam forgot to mention PF didn’t even sell worldwide like rihannas but at least nicki has a number 1 album. Rihanna has never had one in her 6 year career.

  100. Dezi November 13, 2011

    I get so tired of “blacks don’t buy records” where is the proof? BLAH BLAH BLAH! No most blacks are not going to buy no B*******. White artist are flopping just as bad as the black ones and that is because no one is hardly buying their s*** EXPLAIN THAT? You still have old school hard-core R&B artist touring – blacks are pulling money out of their pocket supporting them. Go somewhere with that stereo-typical crap – black women don’t support each other? … i ‘m black and i support plenty. I’m pretty sure non-black women have had their share of calling nicki, rihanna and beyonce plenty of black s**** … DON’T BE STUPID! Why does everything negative always have to be associated with blacks? I swear some people are in dire need of educating themselves. And just for the record all blacks do not limit themselves to black music … i don’t . Please keep your mouth shut! You are the very blacks that make whites shake their heads and chuckle …only because you sound stupid.

  101. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 13, 2011

    The fact that nicki is beating other female rappers and is at the level with mainstream pop acts like rihanna, katy perry, gaga, and britney is all that matters. Nostalgic female rappers like kim who only focus on what they did instead of future planning to bigger and better things these days are not hustling hard like nicki with a good team behind them. They would give anything to be in nicki’s shoes. MC lyte is a fan of lil kim and nicki. She has no bias. She is just telling it like it is. She got so much heat for just being real. @Selenagomezfan b**** plz. Selena is not a business woman. She is too early in her career and too young for wiser business ppl to let her handle everything herself. Nicki is a grown woman and a business woman. So many endorsements. MAC lipstick, OPI, has a 360 deal, she even fired her manager diddy cuz she knew that by having him manage her she would fail. She thinks ahead and has tunnel vision which is why she is successful.

  102. RDK November 13, 2011

    damn Dezi you are a firey one you are grabbing wigs from left to right i agree with some of the thing you say though i am one of the few that still support my black music,download off itunes are go to the store and buy the hard copy of my fav,things have change people only buy there faves music now,it,s a fan base thing now so if an artist don’t have fans they are going to be in a little trouble,because no show tiks selling,music are whatever else they doing,people don’t really randomly go to a show are buy an artist work that they are not a fan of anymore like back in the day,thats why some artist out there who are putting out good music too an’t selling because they don’t have a fan base,it,s not about black not buying music no more and whites alone buying that,s not true,they are just not supporting an artist they/I are not a fan of…that,s is how i see it don’t know if it,s different in other places,like i said i agree with you blacks are still buying music.

  103. RDK November 13, 2011

    I’ma have to send her to her maker you know how it is,anyone that give an honest positive unbias opinion about nicki,is either a band wagonist a boot licker/ass kisser/a kim hater,it,s like if you agree with nicki on doing something positive you are automatically an Enemy of Kim look what that fool up top there said MC Lyte don,t like kim can you believe that sh-it,the fu cking retards just disregarded everything else MC Lyte said just because she gave nicki an unbias Co-sign on her work ethics and the level she took rap-pop…..the fools talking about Nicki sold out,and MC Lyte she wanted to do the same thing that nicki did but she couldn’t[my translation of what she said in my own words] because of what people would think,they be running around talking about sell out like these retards on here,she couldn’t have bin an artist the way she wanted to because she was fu cking box in,isn’t that some sad sh it,you have to be a rapper only because the rap society back then said so some is still doing it now the proof is up top there,thats why other before nicki who tried that lane didn’t pursue it,Nicki wants to be bigger than the block of queens new your but it,s obvious thats fools still don’t understand.

  104. TREAL.! November 14, 2011

    if everyone has something good or nice to say about nicki & they show reasoning behind it constantly, & the only people that has negative opinions are kim fans, then maybe nicki its not nicki with the problem.! the people thats praising nicki has already made their mark in the game.! male & female because both genders praise her.! so they are gaining nothing for just speaking their honest opinion.! & the kim fans will continue to stay mad because everyone shows nicki nothing but love.! everyone cant be wrong about her especially the people that is around her daily.! & their pressed souls just cannot take that.! ol well., im just saying.

  105. jennifer November 14, 2011

    @RDK Girl please .Of course MC lyte is not going to same anything negative about Nicki.She knows she will be label as a hater, jealous,or bitter.Notice how she didn’t say Nicki was good lyrical.Her saying Nicki is good business-women was a way out of it.

  106. jasmine November 14, 2011

    Nicki is slowly unraveling. Cursing out maids. Cursing out facialists.Calling fans slaves. She is not a stable person and really it is a shame because the industry Don’t give a f*ck.

  107. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 14, 2011

    @Jennifer it’s tacky to shade someone and praise them at the same time. Obviously that wasn’t her purpose here. She has had a downside to what she has to say about nicki but not at this speech.

  108. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 14, 2011


  109. Get Real November 14, 2011

    Why is every popular artist a smart business person? Seriously, like foreal, cut the s***. She is told what moves to make. Quit ass kissing this heifer already.

  110. RDK November 14, 2011

    jasmine ofcourse you would see it that way when a female is doing her thing,she is going to come off as a bi tches in your eyes,but if it was a dude you would have mad respect for her because it would be a boss move right there,i guess when you are a female in the game when someone slaps you you should turn the other cheek,if you don’t you are a bi tch are mentality unstable,but if you are a man you are a boss…..and it go,s for you too GET REAL,because nicki is a female you failed to believe that she is doing her own thing without Wayne getting involve,when it come to certain business Endeavour to do with the label yes wayne is involved,and nicki hand pic her team to help her accomplish her ambitions and she fires them if she feals they are not helping her the ways she wants them to no matter who it is,but nicki have mad freedom over there but like is said you failed to believe that,and MC Lyte is a female artist too,what you all expected her to go up there a praise nicki that nicki is better than her lyrically and other sh-it down the line,man you people will try to fined anything to tray and knock anyone give nicki her props,other female will give other female hip-hop are there props yes,none of them would ever put there selves in second place you people need to understand that.

  111. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 14, 2011

    @DEZI, “I get so tired of “blacks don’t buy records” where is the proof?” Co-Sign!!!!

    If I see this non-sense spouted one more time–ugh!!!

    I know PLENTY of black people who purchase music on the regular. Now, I don’t buy GARBAGE. I have very discriminant taste. If your album is garbage, I’m not buying it. & that’s if I’m a die hard fan or not. I expect quality.

    In terms of Nicki, I agree with what MC Lyte is saying. Nicki is a very smart businesswoman. Nikci knew from the gate that she wanted to be in the realm of Ke$ha, Britney, Taylor, Rihanna, etc…. & she has made that happen for herself. Good for her. However, Nicki AS AN ARTIST, I can no longer take serious. I like Hip-Hop not Hip-Pop. For those who enjoy Hip-Pop- cool. But I will NEVER spend money on Nicki.

  112. RDK November 14, 2011

    BitchIcantevenspellwelfare will never you say,those are some strong words,and what gate are you talking about must be mainstream nicki,seems you only knows about mainstream nicki from you comment do you ever listen to any of nicki,s old mixtapes i guess not,anyways nicki don’t do rap-pop only she have alot of music especially some of her old stuff are straight rap,Nicki do,s everything so you can’t confined her to one type of music just saying.

  113. income February 21, 2014

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.

    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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