Nicki Minaj To Open Up 2011 American Music Awards

Published: Thursday 10th Nov 2011 by David

Naysayers of Pop debutante Nicki Minaj may find this year’s 2011 American Music Awards a little difficult to watch.

For, after performing for Versace and rocking the stage at Victoria’s Secret, the animated Rapper has been confirmed as the opening act for the ceremony which airs November 20th on ABC.

All the details below…

Taking to the stage with DJ  David Guetta, the entertainer will perform the hits the pair worked on together, ‘Turn Me On‘ and ‘Where Dem Girls At‘.

Nominated for two awards, Minaj will join the likes of Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry who are also set to perform on the night.

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  1. truciebedford November 10, 2011

    Liddle Kim Who? Yeah all that hate only propels Ms. Minaj fwd, onward, and upward. Hate will stay just that. Hate! the only person who has to deal with is the person hating. So lighten up Kim and stop focusing on the negative. You worry more about Nicki then your own wavering “rap career” if you can even call it that after NOTORIOUS KIM!

  2. Twista November 10, 2011

    I think Nicki’s had an incredible year, so I’m not going to throw shade on her as an artist, but her performances have left me wanting more. She seems lacking in terms of consistency and presence when it comes to who she is as a live act.

    Her records are knockin’ though, so props to her. I hope she brings it…

  3. Imgunnacheckuboo November 10, 2011

    I’m not ecstatic seeing as how she’s not the best live performer but I’m certainly curious.

  4. olivia November 10, 2011

    Nicki can’t preform for sh*t.She is as stiff as a board.

  5. Cyrstal November 10, 2011

    If it’s going to be anything like her performance at the billboard awards,it will suck.

  6. therealest November 10, 2011

    @TWISTA i totally agree but leaving em wanting more cant be a bad thing can it?


  7. Bey’knight November 10, 2011

    Looks like the AMA havent learnt anything from havin riri open their show last year, ratings may even dip even lower this. When wil they stop havin these dolled up loud barrel non-performers open their show.

    This one is 1 of d worsts, always movin like a damn hopeless idiot. She has absolutely no idea wat to do with herself on stage. If ppl are already sayin they tired of Gaga, how much longer does nicki think she can keep up the gimmick

  8. Yea i said it November 10, 2011


    you just mad beyonce wasnt asked to perform blah

  9. Justathought November 10, 2011

    I’ll be watching…her performances make me laugh

  10. HaterzStayPressed November 10, 2011

    Haters will stay pressed! Nicki Minaj is Hawt and on a roll!

  11. SHESDUMB November 10, 2011



  12. Bey’knight November 10, 2011

    @yea i said it

    N u bringing up Beyonce cus u know i spoke truth n u cant defend nicki, jus STFU n get over your obsession with Beyonce, gimp!

  13. jamir21 November 10, 2011


    You better work your ASS off and show like how you mean IT !!!

    @ Shesdumb

    Didnt I ROASTED AND TOASTED your ass you still want MORE ?????

    @ BeyKnight


  14. ARE YOU SERIOUS? November 10, 2011

    iM BACK B******

    & please Nicki will do just fine!

    @Beyknight whatever yeah

    keep GODDESS Godga name out your mouth thanks

    sips moscato!

  15. Nicki STAN November 10, 2011

    From the amazing year that was 2010 to the ending 2011 on a great note has proved that her “15 minutes” are no where near done 😉 She’s here to STAY & SLAY so get over it.

  16. >am so am so proud of you November 10, 2011

    nice keep doing you nicki stay on that grind.

  17. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 10, 2011

    Welll ppl are tired of gaga cuz she’s far crazier than nicki minaj. And I am not tired of either of them. They are both entertaining and leave me wanting more and curious.

    And Bey Knight are you even american? Y r u worried about this award show? Run along. If you don’t like nicki there will be other performances you can watch on youtube.

  18. nicegirl November 10, 2011

    Nicki you better be practicing like crazy. She sucks at live performances.

  19. lady o November 11, 2011

    it will suck big time lol, bring on the clown lol. she’s such a puppet lol

  20. KD November 11, 2011


    Who ever made this decision should be fired with immediate effect.

  21. X,Y,”and Z” November 11, 2011

    As I’d predicted (as if it weren’t already all too obvious): Up comes Nicki Minaj, DOWN goes Rihanna! If THIS (her opening-up the AMAs) isn’t now enough PROOF POSITIVE that Nicki MInaj is T-H-E NEW IT-GIRL, then your word is flat and you shouldn’t ever look to befriend black cats.

    Nicki Minaj has now pushed through the crowds to make HER way to the head of the line. Who’s NOW getting the movie roles, endorsement deals, and now opening shows? In this short time, Nicki Minaj has branded herself. And how long did it take Rihanna? ..Exactly!!
    And, as she starts to tour, and makes herself available and seen in, the “world,” namely The U.K./Europe, she’ll surely (I guarantee it) make Rihanna irrelevant. What Nicki Minaj did to Rihanna, here in the U.S., she’ll THEN do to/with her in Europe/U.K.!

    But why? ..Well, it’s because Rihanna was NOT able to “capitalize” off the drama leading up to (and since) “Rated – R”, that’s why!! Hear me: they’ll NEVER again be an artist given that…”sized” platform again; NEVER! Rihanna was then given the WORLD’S STAGE, and what did she do with it? NOTHING! That’s what! She can’t sell CDs. She’s a ‘singles’ artist. Ergo: Rihanna-Def Jam’s 360 contract. But Nicki Minaj CAN sell CDs. She can sell CDs WITHOUT the strife, smoke and mirrors, and ‘PR-amperage’ Rihanna requires.

    Long-story short: We have ourselves a NEW ‘IT GIRL’.. Rihanna’s OUT; Nicki Minaj is IN!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  22. JohnVidal November 11, 2011

    Wack opening then!
    lol Dead at people who compare a Nicki Minaj performance to a Gaga´s one! Some people on here are deninitely deaf and blind. If not, there wouldn´t be Rihanna fans of course

  23. linker nippel November 11, 2011

    christina and maroon 5 will own the show ; trust me 😉

  24. YOOSONDALOOSE November 11, 2011

    Yes! Woooo glad she is, Turn Me On is going to be liveeee!

  25. daniel November 15, 2011


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