Nicki Minaj And Prince To Share Stage For Versace

Published: Friday 4th Nov 2011 by David

Is there any stopping Nicki Minaj?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask.

For, while her naysayers would have you believe she is currently on her fourteenth minute of fame, her fans have a never ending stream of reasons to defend their belief that that notion is anything but true. And today saw another reason added to that list.

She is to share the stage with Pop icon Prince at the launch event for Versace for H&M.

Full story below…

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the one time waitress is to deliver a fantastical performance  at the high profile event which takes place  on November 8th in New York City.

Expected to perform cuts from her debut album ‘Pink Friday‘, she will enjoy the company of ‘Darling Nikki‘ maestro Prince who will treat attendees to a post show rendition of some of his greatest hits.

On the event, Donatella Versace explained:

To have my friend, the great, the amazing, the one and only Prince and the extraordinary Nicki Minaj both perform at the event, will create exactly the feeling of joy and glamour I want this partnership to express’

Well done Nicki.

For, as if watching her debut album outsell Rihanna‘s ‘Loud‘ wasn’t enough, this will be sure to cement her status as the breakthrough act of the last year.

Let’s just hope Lil Kim doesn’t feel too bad about not being invited to perform, seeing as she has spent the last decade pretending  that she and Donatella are the closest of friends.

Again, well done.


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  1. RHOyalty22 November 4, 2011

    The world has officially gone to hell. I don’t believe it! This is proof that if you have a big, fake ass, some half decent rhymes, and a gimmick you can make it. #fail

  2. aROB November 4, 2011

    wow that is big.

  3. My b**** November 4, 2011

    Minute 14 1/2 to be exact.

    LOL jk, I love this b****. I actually KNEW she was going to RISE to the TOP. Nicki Minaj has made her MARK, and will have a LONNGGG legacy.

  4. monica green November 4, 2011

    News is slow today Sam no one coming to your website so you need rihanna name thrown in with nickiii trust me c*** f** who cares what u say about rihanna anymore its old and don’t warrant a response anymore

  5. Happy November 4, 2011

    What does Lil Kim have to do with this news? That’s why Nicki will remain Kim’s shadow, because you all can’t keep her name out your filthy as mouth. Like Nicki copy and pasting her entire style wasn’t enough.

  6. Nahjee November 4, 2011

    Yea Nicki minaj will be remember cus she is doing big things. Jus like lil Kim was remeber in tha 90, Nicki will be remember in 2000’s now kreayshawn can be remember to if she gets her white ass up and make another hit single… But it’s a little to late for dat cus her career has already died R.I.P. Kreayshawn FLOP! Career!!! Nicki lives on and on and on

  7. HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging November 4, 2011

    Nice Shade ! LoL

    She Ain’t a Nicki Fan? Den a B**** Def Dumb !

  8. Onyx November 4, 2011

    Prince love of my life

  9. hammertime November 4, 2011

    nicki this is big for you madonna now being in the same room and being on the same stage that prince gone perform on…. thats big….but really keep the kim shade out of this im tired of hearing about this beef shyt …theres not a beef anymore that grapejuice move on about it………..

  10. tyra November 4, 2011

    Damme if nicki can perform with legends y can’t riri lol

  11. PYTFROMAL November 4, 2011

    Her album has not outsold Rihannas. Maybe you’re talking about in the US but that’s irrelevant as Rihanna has sold 6 million worldwide and Nicki barely 2 million.

    And as for Prince…no words since I respect the mans artistry I’ll keep my comment to myself about this performance.

  12. Malibu Barbie November 4, 2011

    The fact you have to mention Lil’ Kim in every nicki minaj post speaks VOLUMES.
    Lil’ Kim has already played her part in this game so stop comparing her to her new generation’s CLONE and you dont know who kim is friends with so f*** you talking about ??
    Kim is close friends with alot of designers such as : Alexander McQueen , Marc Jacobs + Donatella Versace .. just because nicki the lil kim clone has been asked to perform dont mean s***.. if they asked kreayshawn to perform would kreayshawn be crowned queen of rap????
    Nicki basically patterned herself after KIM to get to where she is and y’all still dont wanna show the originator any respect.. This music game especially hip hop is dead. totally.. Copycats,Liars,Clowns and people with ZERO talent and weird fashion sense MAKE IT. while the talented and naturally beautiful sit on the sidelines.. Nicki Minaj will be an afterthought in 2-3 years mark my words. Vanilla Ice was HOT he had a multi plat 1st album. Milli VANILI was hot.. sold millions WHERE ARE THEY NOW ????? exactly.. gimmicks NEVER last.. Rihanna has a good promotional team behind her thats y shes still visible in this game.. same with Minaj .. atleast kim kept it real and hip hop with no internet or itunes and STILL SLAYED. an ORIGINAL B****. never a disrespectful and shameless COPYCAT !

  13. Malibu Barbie November 4, 2011

    THIS copycat h** who stole gwen stefani + lil kims entire style with GARBAGE rhymes on ONE ALBUM has made her mark ??? child please.. she will be an AFTERTHOUGHT in 2-3 years.. unless she continues secretly stealing other peoples ideas to stay fresh

  14. SHESDUMB November 4, 2011




  15. mobwife November 4, 2011

    Not a big fan (I perfer Lil Kim) but this beech is moving up in the world —-> PRINCE ROGERS NELSON, damn that huge! I love the outfit too…LOL 🙂

  16. SunshineHaze November 4, 2011

    So many bitter ass souls on this site, pathetic.

    Nicki Werk B****.

  17. Onyx November 4, 2011

    No i’m sorry honey but i’m gonna marry Prince and Janet, so he would be my husband.

  18. SHESDUMB November 4, 2011



  19. nicegirl November 4, 2011

    That’s good for Nicki but this performance is going to be a mess.

  20. Onyx November 4, 2011

    Hahahaha that was funny, i was joking, but you’ll have to settle.

  21. RDK November 4, 2011

    keep doing your thing nicki keep locking it down,naysayers will forever keep doing what they do say nay,and the yes sayers like me will always say yes,so its all good keep doing you..i hear nicki and prince have a collab i don’t know if that,s true if so my be they will perform it we will see.

  22. Layla November 4, 2011

    Lil kim and Donatella been best friends for 10 years.Nicki wants to follow in Kim’s footsteps so bad.

  23. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter November 4, 2011

    November 4, 2011 at 3:28 pm
    What does Lil Kim have to do with this news? That’s why Nicki will remain Kim’s shadow, because you all can’t keep her name out your filthy as mouth. Like Nicki copy and pasting her entire style wasn’t enough

  24. deontay November 4, 2011

    damn….so she says she wants to work with madonna on said she was goin outta her league…madonna enlist her for a new single,yall mad!
    now she is set to perform with the one and only prince on stage and yall trinna talk bout the girl…
    like for real tho,clearly she ain’t worried bout kim..she trinna do above and beyond things while she give the girl her props..u kim fanz is like gettin real ridiculous…when nicki does somethin that yall don’t wont or woodnt expect her to do yall throw a fuckkin war..but let kim do something new and boring,yall swear up and down that she still runnin s***…like come on…nicki is like the ultimate biotch rite now…ain’t no stoppin her so dnt try..ponit.blank.period!!!

  25. AmbeRussell November 4, 2011

    this story is ALL WRONG. yes prince and nicki are going to be performing, and yes on the same stage, but NOT AT THE SAME TIME.

  26. HaterzStayPressed November 4, 2011

    Go ahead on, Darling Nicki! She’s working with the legends…. I’m sure if Michael Jackson were still here she would have spit a few bars for his new album. Michael Jackson always reached out to the hip hop stars. I’m sure he would have reached out to her.

    Nicki is moving on up! Go girl!!

    @ TGJ – why even mention Rihanna (who is a major artist and force to be reckoned with AND Nicki’s friend) and Lil Kim?? *smh* at the attempt to throw shade. Always gotta grind salt into the wound.

  27. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 5, 2011

    O boohoo kim fans. Give it up. Kim has expired. Sorry, I don’t know what other way to tell you.

  28. Greg November 5, 2011

    @DEONTAY Shut your f***** @ss up.

  29. Tina November 5, 2011

    @HATERZSTAYPRESSED Bytch don’t put Micheal Jackson and Nicki Minaj in the same sentence again.Micheal Jackson would never lower himself by working with her.

  30. stbaby November 5, 2011

    They say that dreams come true and am now a believer of the saying cos Nicki is just like a dream come true.Who would have believed that a young woman from the ghetto will make it this far without compremise.Definitely God is God in your case cos he has rised you from the dunghill to the mountains.i remember those times when you are still trying to make it and when asked who you will like to work with , you mention these legends,now look is all reality.Iam so happy for you and beleive me you are just starting to ascend and the sky is your stepping stones.Do you and God will always rewatd all your efforts.those of are behind the stage reaching the Heavens on your behalf.Bless you ONIKA.

  31. YOOSONDALOOSE November 5, 2011

    Well done Nicki. She rocks!

  32. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce November 5, 2011

    why rihanna’s name is here @sam ?!




    about this post :

    go nicki , hustle baby , hustle !

    and this LIL KIM VS NICKI s*** is tired as hell ! it is worse than the rihanna vs beyonce one if u asked me !!!


  33. jill November 5, 2011

    Prince & Nicki are performing on the same stage but not at the same time!! Prince would never do that, I can’t believe you people thought that.

  34. stbaby November 5, 2011

    There are a thousand and one artists that could have been chosen to perform alongside Prince ,so for Versace and Price to chose Nicki is an accolade.Stay pressed.

  35. HaterzStayPressed November 5, 2011

    @ Tina awwww poor baby. Still hurt that Nicki is slaying and shitting on your fav, huh? You’ll be alright.

    Anyway, Go Nicki! Like I said she’s performing with members of the 58 club. Madonna (born in 1958) and now Prince (born in 1958). Sigh, if only Michael were here He would have been next. Nicki just won’t let up, will she?

  36. daniel November 15, 2011

    nicki i luv u..cuz u’ar like a goddess of rap game..i wish am rapin wit lil kim plz u ain’t wining,cuz nicki rocks the industry right nw more than you it’s better you calm dwn,and become friend with nicki..together both of you can become rap dons and unstopable..plz lil kim tink abt it..And nicki i luv u girl..jst do ur tinz ryt.

  37. daniel November 15, 2011

    nicki U’ar my angel i luv u girl..plz turn me on wit ur rap.

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