New Video: Jason Derulo – ‘Fight For You’

Published: Thursday 24th Nov 2011 by David


As Jason Derulo‘s ‘Breathing‘ failed to make much of  impact on the US soil  and  has now  been  billed as  a promotional single, he has released another cut he hopes will enjoy higher chart ground.

‘Fight for You’ is now the official third single from his ‘Future History’ album, which has also spawned the singles ‘It Girl‘ and ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home‘.

Get into it below…


To be honest, with the way things are going for this album now might be a good time for Derulo to cut his losses and begin working on its follow up.

For, judging by the astounding quality of both its music and supporting videos, it is clear that the LP’s shortcomings are down to a lack of strategic promotion and not creativity.


Your thoughts?

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  1. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 24, 2011

    my fav song in the album , but it sound JUST like karl wolf’s “AFRICA” !!

    anyway , the album is good and the singles-choice is amazing !!

    go JASON !

  2. TruthTeller November 24, 2011

    I want him to smash me all kind of dirty ways.
    Jason, what are u doing that that girl with that ugly noise?
    I am prettier and I have longer & darker hair.
    I got that pretty light skin that bring the boys to the yard.

  3. tyra November 24, 2011

    its better to cut his losses and start again he had the right formula with his first album full of hits but this right here nah

  4. mark ginnis November 24, 2011

    That’s some gay s***!!!

  5. Robier November 24, 2011


  6. MISHKA November 25, 2011

    I looooove the beard !!!

    Jason is slowly coming into his own. Keep it coming, young man. U winning!

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 25, 2011

    So, now you’re putting the blame on the promotion??LOL.What about the fact that he doesn’t stand out, that he has no lane and that he has no fanbase??It’s not about promotion, it’s about HIM.Even independent artists can sell more than 15k in a week with no promotion, so it’s not about his label’s decisions, it’s about HIM, only him and his music that is not special (hence he had no smash from this album).

    ‘Breathing’ was a great video, but this one not so much.It looked awkward, stiff and pointless.He just thinks that by showing his body he’s going to sell… 🙄 He seems desperate.

  8. osaz November 25, 2011

    Jason! Just feel like eating you right now! I LOVE U!

  9. JohnVidal November 25, 2011

    This is generic music I don´t care about but to be honest: he deserves more success knowing what is often on top of the charts right now. I can´t see how his music is worse than some other dudes he is usually compared with

  10. flop November 25, 2011

    flop, flop, flop and flop the song sucks, the video sucks, his beard sucks and the girl is uglu!! I’m not a hater or the biggest fan but Jason agers me sometimes!!

  11. imani132 November 26, 2011

    mane i commted on this vid on youtube and b****** wanna get buck. I love jason, i’m a HUGE fan but i gotta admit: the video sucks. i love the song and the album, but the video wasn’t what i expected.

  12. Joana November 27, 2011

    i think that jason is growing up, so it’s normal that he changed his way to see the different things! i mean, he’s 22, so let him be!! i love jason no matter what !

    the video is soo sexyyy *.*

  13. Derulo Fan November 30, 2011

    First of all, Jason Derulo’s song “Breathing” is STILL a single. His fans wanted him to make a video for that song. He wants to come out with 2 singles at the same time just in case one fails. That’s smart. “Fight For You” is everyones favorite song on the album and I promise you…IT WILL BE AN INSTANT HIT!

  14. Derulo Rocks February 26, 2012

    Jason has some bad videos but the songs are good

  15. mewaj April 25, 2012

    _!_ all yo0 haters out there.!! infact this song gave me the chills i loved it and guss what its my number one song ! eyah i said it and the vid is fantastic u couldint have made it better cuz its perfict and dammn the girl that u got shes hot dont lissten to0 all the girls that are jeliouse and eyah she dosent have a perfect nose so0 what ?! do u really think thier is a perfict persone out ther ?! come onn lets be in reality fo0 once and besides that girl looks like she was haveing funn and thats what us girls like the most haveing funn with our b.F its not wrong at all just follow what u think its wright and dont let any hater or anyboddy get inbetween !
    p.S i love uR work jason keep going dude ! ^_^ <3 (a)! 😀

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