Watch: Willow Smith Covers Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking Of You’

Published: Thursday 24th Nov 2011 by David


With her upcoming album making its way to stores in coming months,   Team Willow Smith is pulling out all the stops to ensure the project becomes the success so many are hoping it will be.

So, in a bid to flaunt her vocal chops, she has covered Frank Ocean‘s ‘Thinking Of You‘.


Watch below…


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  1. KAYBEE November 24, 2011


  2. DOPE OR NOPE November 24, 2011

    She kinda boring to me maybe it’s just me idk but this gets a big NOPE I like tha swim good song from him even Nicki minaj was singing it on twiiter lol

  3. DOPE OR NOPE November 24, 2011

    She kinda boring to me maybe it’s just me idk but this gets a big NOPE I like tha swim good song from him even Nicki minaj was singing it on twitter lol

  4. lol November 24, 2011

    i dont think shes a natural born talent or prodigy but her voice is “cute” maybe with some serious vocal training she could be great

  5. Tami November 24, 2011

    I see Willow being huge when she is older. Her voice is beautiful and she will only get better. She posted the cover because of Justin and Jaden ‘ cover . Sounds better than most people two times older than her . SMH

  6. lol November 24, 2011

    I noticed aLOT of people always covering his songs, His songs could be top 20(at least on urban radio) if on only he got the right exposure …def jam sucks

  7. john November 24, 2011

    THIS sucks ass to many flat notes..people just being nice cuz shes cute…

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN November 24, 2011


  9. The voice of reason… November 24, 2011

    Not bad but not Frank

  10. pookie November 24, 2011

    I’m sorry but the whole “she’s so cute” thing died 10 yrs back when whip my hair peaked. She’s growing and is a bit goofy looking.

    I don’t care if her parents are both stevie wonder….I can’t take her serious vocally. How is she doing a tribute to someone elses COVER???

    Does she even know who sings the original?

    She should not have sang accapella.

  11. kool kid November 24, 2011

    Her talent is having Will N Jada as parents. She didn’t even cover the entire song. This is an half a** performance. This is mediocre at best. Again famous parents.

  12. voneeluv November 24, 2011

    my my my sometimes one has to realize what ur talent is, musically ,these kids don’t have it. maybe they should stick to acting. they have parents with money to pursue a music career but lack the gift to achieve it.

  13. Pamb November 24, 2011

    She sounds terrible.

  14. iSimplyDGAF November 24, 2011

    REALLY? SHES A FREAKING CHILD for God’s sake. Stop being so critical. She hasnt hit puberty..she hasnt undergone extreme vocal training. They’re just kids doing what they love and are being recognized for it. Lighten up.

  15. Tr November 25, 2011

    @Isimply..miss us with ‘she’s only a kid bs..well if that was the case then why are her parents exploiting her like an adult.? Point, blank, you enter the relm of entertainment, expect to be judged, and from her showing hus far she flat out sucks!! Oh, and by age 11, it’s a pretty good indication on whether or not you can sing…she cannot, and WILL not no matter how old she is..stop making excuses!!

  16. musik_lover November 26, 2011

    You people need JESUS…too much time to on your hands to sit behind a keyboard and criticize a child for singing a song. The kid does have talent and the more experience and training she gains then her career could be huge. But for the moment she’s simply enjoying doing what she likes to do which is be a kid and sing. Hell nothing wrong with her parents supporting her dreams. I don’t think she’s being exploited because she’s been in movies too and so has Jaden. I believe her parents have her best interest in mind and understand she is still a child and needs to enjoy her childhood.

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