Amazon Slash Price Of Lady GaGa’s ‘Marry The Night’ In Bid To Boost Ailing Sales

Published: Thursday 22nd Dec 2011 by David

To say the very least, the latest era of Lady GaGa‘s career has seen her singles struggle to match the successes that were   ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Just Dance‘ and ‘Poker Face‘.

So, in an attempt to force her latest single ‘Marry The Night‘ into higher chart ground, Amazon have slashed its sale price, days after her fans attempted to carry out a mass download of the cut in time for this chart week.

Full story below…

Now available for $0.49, the reduction of the single’s price comes eight months after the same  company sold her album ‘Born This Way’ for $0.99,forcing Billboard to alter their policy on strategically ‘under priced’ releases.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Judas‘ and ‘You & I‘ to miss out on reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the release is the fifth single to be spawned from the LP which has now sold 8 million copies worldwide.

It should be noted that part of the reason GaGa’s singles have struggled on the charts is because the majority of her fans already own its supporting album, therefore have no real incentive to purchase its individual releases.

However, as much it hurts us to admit it – Team GaGa are starting to look pretty desperate.

Yes, while we can be sure Germanotta will tell anyone who asks that she has nothing to do with Amazon’s latest attempt to boost her sales figures, it is becoming quite apparent that her ‘I Just Wanna Make Great Music‘persona is just as false as the claim that she does not care about the money she makes.

There is little doubt that Interscope had a part to play in this latest attempt to present the starlet as the ‘mega seller’ of this generation,and will ultimately force her to go ‘back to basics’ on the fourth album she had already started work on.

Here’s to hoping the next era of the Lady’s career sees her achieve chart success without having to ‘cheat’ her way to the top.

For, with an album as enjoyable as ‘Born’, this habit of slashing the prices to keep up with appearances is  beginning to cast a dark shadow on what many would agree is her best piece of work to date.


Your thoughts?

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  1. haus December 22, 2011

    If you haven’t been informed, Amazon discounted everyone’s singles. So it’s not only Gaga’s. Which again she nor the other acts whose singles have been discounted had anything to do with it.

  2. BOOGIE BEEESH December 22, 2011

    I think she is conflicting her MUSIC && her ART FORM!! Make great songs and find a vision, constant pushing the envelope or doing things that make no sense isn’t the reason we LOVE GAGA, it’s the music!

    I’m a FAN, but the You & I video made no sense so the song lagged off to me, same as Marry the night and the second single as to which I don’t even say, I can’t deal with. She’s trying to stand for everything without letting the music stand alone! The songs and videos don’t have to be the platform for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll messages, do commercials and psa’s!

  3. rihanna December 22, 2011

    Flop b****.
    Rihanna doesnt have to cut prices, she’ll release a single- go to bed- wake up and itll be #1.

    • 327 June 17, 2012

      You do realise Talk That Talk sold 200,000 in its first week.Born This Way 1,100,000……………

  4. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 22, 2011

    Flop T*****!!!!

    WFL= 8 WKS AT #1!! 😀

  5. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 22, 2011

    And born to FLOP has not sold 8 million ww 😕 Only 5 million for T***** Caca !

  6. number1k9 December 22, 2011

    “Marry The Night” isn’t a good single. It’s rather annoying, especially that “Niiii-iiii-iiight” part which she repeats over and over!

    Not sure how lame the video was, I have been slowly giving up watching her videos since “Alejandro.” Pointless in length and stupid concepts.

    And there really is NO excuse to say her fans have already bought the album, yes they have, but still if that was the case they bought all her other singles released post album release like “You & I” and sent it to the Top 10 of iTunes Top 200 tracks…. People just are not feeling the song.

    I think she would have had better success releasing “Heavy Metal Lover” as the 5th single. But she DOES need to go back to the basics, and create simple dance music with RedOne… ‘The Fame’ era trumps anything which followed. BTW if you wanna respond to me I’m on Twitter.

  7. Cockiness December 22, 2011

    8 million my black ass!!!!!!!!

    • 327 June 17, 2012

      Pissed of that Talk That Talk (TERRIBLE) only sold 2.5 in 9 months??

  8. JJFAN1814 December 22, 2011

    Sam you always trying to make an artist look like they’er flopping. This era has been GREAT! An artist can some times never match their previous eras success and with that being said, this ERA has been EXTREMELY successful…

    And why haven’t you posted that Rihanna has sold 1 million WW with Talk That Talk? Oh I forgot, cause she’s not Beyonce.


  9. JJFAN1814 December 22, 2011




  10. Onyx December 22, 2011

    Here we go again, Gaga does not need another #1 single from this era, an artist doesn’t has to have 4 or 5 number 1 song from an album, not all Michael Jackson album have 5 #1 singles, not all Madonna’s album has more than 2 #1 singles, “Born This Way” has sold 8 millions copies with 1 smash hits, this is a successful album all around the world, Gaga does not need to prove nothing, i think some of her fans are desperate to make her the biggest musician ever without realize that she is today the biggest force in Music with or without more than 1 smash hit.

  11. Kim career DEAD ghostbuster December 22, 2011

    In reality Lil Wayne had the highest sell’s of 2011 cus GaGa cheated to get a million and Wayne sold his at regular price. wow I guess Wayne would have sold like 4 million if his went for .99cent I mean who would’nt buy a newly released album for .99cent? she’s sinking and trying to stay afloat. I think maybe Nicki has alot to do with that.

  12. Kfir December 22, 2011

    even though her sales not going well, she not going to stop now. her latest album sold 8m which is a lot, she the most earning female of 2011, and theres many more to say. she is far from beeing unsuccessful so she going to keep doing what she do the best..

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 22, 2011

    0.49$ ?? Most singles are sold for 1.29$…talk about price slashing right there 😮 This must be the most embarassing price for a single released by a high profile act ever!First that campaign, now this…Why can’t they just let it rise and slowly and become a top 15 moderate hit?Does it HAVE to enter the top 10? 😕

    The song has been promoted excessively around the globe, she’s already shoved it to everyone’s throats, so if it hasn’t blown up by now, it simpy never will.Is it that hard to deal with?After heavy promotion, a 6-hour video, a fan campaign the song still isn’t a hit.What else will they do?Just let it go!

  14. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 22, 2011

    And for the last time, the album hasn’t sold 8 million ww.It hasn’t even sold 5,5 million, let alone 8!Stop reading Wikipedia articles and think rationally.How can an album that hasn’t even sold more than 2 million in the US (the biggest market in music) have sold 8 million ww?It doesn’t make sense, does it? 😉

    ‘Born This Way’ has shipped 7+ million copies and it’s sold 5+ million copies worldwide.

  15. MISHKA December 22, 2011

    December 22, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Flop b****.
    Rihanna doesnt have to cut prices, she’ll release a single- go to bed- wake up and itll be #1.


    Guurl…You better quote ME when you copy&paste my comments.

    Back to the subject now. “Marry the Night” is NOT worth it, even if the song was sold $ 0.01.

  16. Those That Cannot Do, Stan December 22, 2011

    It makes you wonder how much money Amazon is losing on Gaga. First they sell the whole album for under a dollar, now the single is going for less than 50 cents.

    If they still have too many in stock what will they do slash it to 25cents?

  17. nothing December 22, 2011

    no problem with price. this’ what it’s actually worth as a fast food single.

  18. MissImpartial December 22, 2011

    When did the album sell 8Mil I could swear it was around 5Mil. Even on wiki it says 8Mil I think Gaga and her team are playing with the numbers to make her less of a flop. Britney, Beyonce, Christina and Rihanna never needed to resort to sell singles and albums with discount prices. I guess Gaga’s so called super stardom is questionable.

  19. KAT DELUNA FAN December 22, 2011

    where is the problem TGJ,the other h*** do it all the time 😯 except one or two

  20. WHUT December 22, 2011

    The Queen Rihanna sold 270k WW this week bringing the total to 1.3 mil WW in 4 weeks.

    Where is my thread on that Samantha.

  21. Honestly Speaking December 22, 2011

    The price slashing is a bit…much. The song is obviously dead and they just don’t want to admit it and move on to another single or better yet another album altogether. Hopefully her next era will see her just making fun music instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

  22. ChristinasCOMING December 22, 2011

    Katy Perry Jr.

    I don’t think it’s because a majority of her fanbase have already bought the album. I just think people are over her and she’s slowly losing relevancy.

  23. Royalkev December 22, 2011

    This woman is always conjuring something up. If this is the album of the decade and your the best singer in pop music, then just let your work speak for itself. I’m losing the ounce of respect that I did have for her. I was observing her and looking to find a trace of that something extraordinary in her that has mesmerized her following that seems to be pleased with so little. She’s always using gimmicks, her image goes from one extreme to the next – one minute she’s kooky Gaga the next trying to give off forced sexual energy. It’s actually amusing. Her videos (which were suppose to find her in her element) always appear to be too overwhelming in every way. She’s making efforts to live up to so many different expectations that it makes her over emphasize on what her message is and it becomes puzzling. She seems lost. I respect her for being ambitious, but Gaga’s her own worse enemy. Aside from that , I hate liars and I want her to be exposed. If BTW really sold 8 million, there’s no need to slash prices for #1 singles. Those sales can stand on its own. I guess Gaga is learning a lesson in this and that’s not to count her chickens before they hatch. I bet she’s putting her foot in her mouth and eating some humble pie now. She wants to own this decade, but she can’t do that if she continues to sell this false image of herself. It becoming quite taxing for those that dislike having their intelligence insulted.


  24. Tony Anderson December 22, 2011

    Actually… BTW is well on it’s way to 9 million sold. It past 8 million back in October per Billboard.

  25. WHUT December 22, 2011

    Am not here for this thread btw. Gaga will be Gaga nothing surprises me with her.

    Samantha once again The Queen Rihanna sold just under 300k this week WW once more. Impressive is it not? Her total is now 1.3mil WW in 4 weeks with no promo.

    If this were a certain flop R&B lounge singer you would be having a seizure. The navy will wait to see if you have any balls to post a thread.

    Yours truly WHUT

  26. number1k9 December 22, 2011


    Exactly, just let the single be. The grand video premier didn’t help, and it has been performed live A LOT, like just let the single be. A new more simple fun, pop Dance album would be her best move. ANNND to drop all the super crazy character s***. I also agree with….


    too! Like every single of hers does NOT need to enter the Top 10. And in all serious, “Judas” would not have either if it was released post album. Fans were just quick to purchase it as a digital DL.

  27. JohnVidal December 22, 2011

    I smell another stupid stan war!!!
    Regarding the post: I agree with TGJStaff that Born this way is her best work to date. But really this guy, (Patrick I think) has total respect only for one artist, Beyonce and it´s a little annoying. We all know who is talented and who is not, and regarding the sales, they were great with the Amazon deal or without it and also we all know it.
    Thank u for posting the video clip again though. I haven´t seen almost since its debut and it´s really impressive. We all also know that Gaga´s small acting scenes in the vid>>some singers entire filming careers

  28. dang December 22, 2011

    I love you GaGa, but be ready for their stones.

  29. Lurker December 22, 2011

    I love GaGa but I disagree that BTW is her best piece of work. I think it’s by far the most boring music she’s released. There are a few songs I like but considering it has 14? songs that is pretty weak. I liked EVERY song on her first two albums. BTW was just a mess.

    To each their own, I guess.

  30. dreamlover December 22, 2011

    Everything that @ROYALKEV wrote. Nuff said!

    She’s not sold 8 million worldwide.

  31. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others December 22, 2011

    I love Gaga’s music (instead of I know that she is just a copycat of Madonna), but she is very hard working and has good voice, and since Marry The Night video her personality is much closer to me than before.

    BUT “Born This Way” hasn’t sold 8 million copies… it is about 5 million copies!! Go to Globall Traffic chart and count the sales… 😉 it is far away from 8 million…

  32. TruthTeller December 22, 2011


    Sam stays lying forthe b****** he stans for.

    BTW sold 4.7 Million.
    There is so excuse for her flopping like that.

    Adele sold 14Million yet her singles are still #1
    Gaga’s Fame (Monster) sold 12 Million yet her singles were still smashing.


    It’s sad to see Gaga’s career sink so fast….

    • 327 June 17, 2012

      Hmmm…Adele’s Elle cover was the WORST SELLING IN HISTORY,Adele does concerts in halls and theaters whilst Gaga does Olympic Stadiums

  33. WHUT December 22, 2011

    @Truth teller have you taken a peep @ Mediatraffic? The Queen continues to slay WW and Samantha continues to be a p**** ass coward b****. LOLOL!!!

  34. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    Mediatraffic will announce its year end charts anytime minute now…
    Gaga fans & Beyonce fans are in for a rude awakening.

  35. TruthTeller December 22, 2011


    I saw that
    4 weeks in; TTT 1.3 Million sold >>>> 4closure 1.0Million sold

    And Riri barely did any promo while Beyawnce has pimped her album on close to 20 tv shows. lol

  36. dreamlover December 22, 2011

    My God, look at our little gurl!! 1.3 million sold! Fierce. Should be an interesting discussion(or some interesting dragging) when/if Sam publishes year-end chart..

  37. Onyx December 22, 2011

    “Born this Way” is the best female album of 2011, sorry Adele “21” is good but is so overrated, Britney’s “Femme Fatale” is good but not her best work, J.Lo’s “Love?” is so generic, Beyonce “4” is good but to repetitive, all her albums sounds the same, Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” is one of the best albums ever done by a female black singer.

  38. MissImpartial December 22, 2011

    “It’s sad to see Gaga’s career sink so fast….”

    If only we can only wish.

  39. WHUT December 22, 2011

    She wont post it @Dream and @Truth. She’s a coward. I’m sure she’s bed ridden all now upon seeing the numbers.

  40. Theman December 22, 2011

    Gaga has sold about 5mill ww, but she has shipped about 7 mill which is still great. Her single isn’t flopping radio is just spinning seasonal music for the season. Ain’t it funny how Sam tries to spin everything. Any little minor success Beyonce has he’s acts like it’s something major, yet you belittle all of the other artists that are doing great. By the way Gaga has now passed th 2mil mark in the US.

  41. Theman December 22, 2011

    Meanwhile if selling 2mil is a flop then how do you explain all of the other ladies album sales outside of Adele…

  42. DRB December 22, 2011

    Sales are at 5.2m. That is all.

  43. TruthTeller December 22, 2011


    U know she’s gonna post them on Xmas night. when everybody is celebrating with their family. And then she’ll bury iunder a gazillion irrelevant posts bashing Rihanna about her twitter page, her make up….

  44. voinko December 22, 2011

    GaGa is not what she was before

    same dance moves in every music video

    singles are not radio friendly

    copying other artist in hope to get attnetion like they

    sorry gaga…

  45. #1QueenGaga December 22, 2011


    STAY MAD!!!

  46. ONYXSHAME December 22, 2011

    We already see how dumb you are

    saying TTT is one of the best albums a Black female ever did WOW

    u PRESSED AS F***

  47. ONYXSHAME December 22, 2011

    and LOUD SOLD 5.437.000 WW

  48. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    I am not sure who u’re talking about because Taylor Swift, Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna have all sold over 2Million album…

  49. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    Loud sold 5.4Million on mediatraffic & 6.1Million on musiccharts
    On both charts it outsold BTW

  50. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    Actually We Found Love AND The One That Got Away are being sold for the same price.Not here for hypocritical Rih stans or Bloggers who refuse to include ALL the info.

    Amazon lowered prices to compete with Google,NOT because Gaga’s single was flopping.

    Try again,Sam

  51. the ugly truth December 22, 2011

    the fame & TFM was awesome

    but BTW sucks

    sorry gaga it’s the truth

  52. dreamlover December 22, 2011

    But it does make Gaga look desperate for some single success… Especially given that all her recent singles have kinda flopped. Rihanna doesn’t rely on such sales tactics; she’s been at number one for eight weeks straight and that’s mostly due to airplay (in addition to strong iTunes sales). As for Perry; You know she’ll cheat anything for another number one.

  53. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    Just for anyone who said it was just Gaga doing this:

    We Found Love (M** Download)
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    Price: $0.49 Available for download now
    Sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
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  54. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    Except WFL has the longest running #1 of the year & #1 airplay fot the past 5 weeks.

    Nobody can even try to attack its hit status.

  55. justin bieber is the new king of pop December 22, 2011

    ewwww it FLOPGA

  56. justin bieber is the new king of pop December 22, 2011

    sam WE WANT KING OF POP POST!!!!.BTW floppy the night’s divorcing the charts.

  57. JohnVidal December 22, 2011

    Thank you for giving all the info and having common sense. With Sam never including all the info and basic people who don´t know what they are talking about or just stan for crap, it´s difficult to have a post with a little common sense on TGJ. Thank U

  58. Theman December 22, 2011

    “Loud” did not sell 2mill in the US…. It is at about 1.6 mil
    It took Kate Perry an eternity to get to 2mil, and she’s still not exactly there.
    I forgot about Taylor… But outside of she and Adele, no one else counts…

    Gaga’s singles have all done well, but they just aren’t as commercial as Rihanna’s or Katy’s singles. She’s doing good. If you call her a flop you’ll have to call mostly everyone else that. Rihanna’s singles does well but her albums……….. Ok then…

  59. JohnVidal December 22, 2011

    For people saying gaga is fading:
    – Only thing fading is the easy singles reaching #1 cos the b**** is now making better music, not light dance music
    – Vocals on Born this way and all the live performnces this era>>> her previous one´s
    – Production and quality of music, and also diversity, on BTW>>>> The Fame
    – Getting way more recognition than with the Fame (she could be the total winner at the grammys if it wasn´t for Adele)
    – Most of the people who prefer The Fame are Rihanna fans who like more basic music
    – To the person who said TTT is one of the best albums released by a Black woman… umm pick any Whitney album, listen to it, and then commite s******, like for real

  60. JohnVidal December 22, 2011

    Saying the truth! The usual from you 🙂

  61. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! December 22, 2011

    Amazon slashed the price on a bunch of songs!

  62. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    December 22, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Except WFL has the longest running #1 of the year & #1 airplay fot the
    past 5 weeks.
    Nobody can even try to attack its hit status.

    No one’s denying that WFL is a hit.I’m using Rihanna and Katy as prime examples of why this is NOT Gaga’s affair.

  63. ChristinasCOMING December 22, 2011


    Quit making excuses for why Gag-Me is flopping!

    She’s finally fading a little bit and people cannot accept that.

  64. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    According to mediatraffic:

    Year-end (with a week to go)

    21: 14.4 mil
    Born This Way: 5.3 mil
    Christmas: 4 mil
    Doo-Wops & Hooligans: 3.8 mil
    Loud: 3.3 mil

  65. TruthTeller December 22, 2011


    I here u.

  66. Cockiness December 22, 2011

    Gaga, rihanna, katy, britney and adele all did better that Beyonce so i can’t with the bey-stan that is calling anyone a flop

  67. Yellow Gorillah December 22, 2011


    Gaga + Her team need to stop Trying to make MTN Happen if it flopped it FLOPPED!

    + Can A Little Bug or Monster what ever yall call yourselves please give the the RECEIPTS for BTW Selling 8million because I smell S***!

    + TTT Has sold 1.3million WW in 4 weeks Hmmmm Interesting I see we will be at 2million by the Grammy’s 😀 B****** better be ready

    *Sips M***** Juice*

  68. arob December 22, 2011

    Who cares about the sales? I hate how she sold her album for cheap to get a million

  69. Lax December 22, 2011

    Hummmm i guess a girl have got to do what a girls gotta do
    Rihanna received award for her 10-date run at the 02 Arenas

  70. Onyx December 22, 2011

    Yes! it is one of the best albums make by a black female singer (WHY?) because the album has many different genres Dance-Pop, R&B, Dubstep, House, Electropop ect… Whitney Houston has make some Dance-Pop songs but the rest are just Ballads and yes! we all know Whitney is the best voice of a female singer, i just like diversity, its boring if you only listen to one kind of sound.

  71. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    Poor Smantha, she’sabout to have a nervous breakdown.
    HDD just reported that TTT will have a HUGE 100% boost to 100K next week and might be back in the top10.


  72. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    ecember 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    Quit making excuses for why Gag-Me is flopping!
    She’s finally fading a little bit and people cannot accept that.

    I’m not creating excuses for Gaga,This was totally Amazon’s idea.Before this Marry The Night was flopping harder than any other single Gaga has released ever.

    S*** and I know it
    We Found Love
    Good Feeling
    N***** in Paris
    and Without You

    were among all the other songs being sold for 49 cents.

    even Moves Like Jagger,which features your fave is being sold for .49 (I doubt you’ll care though)

    I’m just saying,I don’t think this is all Gaga’s responsibility.

  73. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    ecember 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    Quit making excuses for why Gag-Me is flopping!
    She’s finally fading a little bit and people cannot accept that.

    I’m not creating excuses for Gaga,This was totally Amazon’s idea.Before this Marry The Night was flopping harder than any other single Gaga has released ever.

    S*** and I know it
    We Found Love
    Good Feeling
    N***** in Paris
    and Without You

    were among all the other songs being sold for 49 cents.

    even Moves Like Jagger,which features your fave is being sold for .49 (I doubt you’ll care though)

    I’m just saying,I don’t think this is all Gaga’s responsibility.

  74. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    ecember 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    Quit making excuses for why Gag-Me is flopping!
    She’s finally fading a little bit and people cannot accept that.

    I’m not creating excuses for Gaga,This was totally Amazon’s idea.Before this Marry The Night was flopping harder than any other single Gaga has released ever.

    S*** and I know it
    We Found Love
    Good Feeling
    N***** in Paris
    and Without You

    were among all the other songs being sold for 49 cents.

    even Moves Like Jagger,which features your fave is being sold for .49 (I doubt you’ll care though)

    I’m just saying,I don’t think this is all Gaga’s responsibility.

  75. WHUT December 22, 2011

    Really @Truth? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  76. TruthTeller December 22, 2011

    Rihanna= smashing without promo.

  77. WHUT December 22, 2011

    Truth where did Hits say that?

  78. We don’t Stan for birds. December 22, 2011

    Oh,I didn’t mean to triple post,This stupor machine keeps sending me to

  79. TruthTeller December 22, 2011


    I just saw the picture.
    New record! 10 sold out O2 Shows = 170’000 people

    Only the Queen!

  80. NATALIE December 22, 2011


    B**** I need receipts. Give me a link where it is say Rihanna is going to get 100% boost in the US!

  81. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 22, 2011

    first of all, people need to learn how to comprehend things….

    Gaga didnt sell her album for 99c, amazon did…amazon purchased albums from her record company at full price,
    and they sold it for 99c..

    second, born this way is not her best album..

    the fame is her best album..hell even the fame monster is a better album than born this way..

  82. Imgunnacheckuboo December 22, 2011

    I keep telling y’all this b**** has lost it. Do you heed my word? No! You’ll all come to see in time, I only speak the truth……….that was hella dramatic but whatever. lol

  83. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 22, 2011

    and amazon is selling those singles for cheap..

    gaga aint got s*** to do with it……

    i swear some people needs to learn to do their research….

    that grape juice aint slick, posting that bulshit excuse of a post….

    trying to get some hits….

  84. Girrrl December 22, 2011

    I want fame monster gaga back.

  85. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 22, 2011

    let me break it down for the slow ass people…..

    let say Apple sells a bunch of phones to sprint for $450 each,

    sprint can turn around and sell the same phone for $99….

    apple aint got s*** to do with sprint selling the phone for $99..

    apple cant tell sprint u have to sell the phones at regular price…once apple sells the phone, sprint can do what they want

  86. Imgunnacheckuboo December 22, 2011

    @RATEDXXX, What the hell does that have to do with it? THE S*** AIN’T SELLING! Explain that away.

  87. SHESDUMB December 22, 2011


    HE HE HA HA H** H***

  88. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 22, 2011


    r u slow?..or u choose to comprehend what u want to?

    gaga has nothing to do with amazon slashing her album and singles,

    amazon bought the album from her record label for full price…so she has nothing to do with what amazon wants to do with the albums they bought from her..

    and her album has sold over 6 what ur crying and bitching about to me?

  89. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 22, 2011

    and that amazon slash only gaved her 300k in her sales….she still did 700k on her own…

    so i dont see why people talking s***…..

    i hate born this way with a passion..but

    people acting like that 99cents actually did something to her sales, is just retarted..

    hell def jam sold rated r for 99c, it didnt make any impact on the sales….

    and I think rated r is rihannas best album..

  90. Theman December 22, 2011

    It would be nice to see this site give credit when it is due instead of always knocking artists they don’t favor because of their own views on things. Sam why aren’t you talking about Kelly’s album looooool. You are a fraud and flop yourself. Also, mediatraffic doesn’t count 10% of album sales so those sales are actually a lttle higher…

  91. Gilberto December 22, 2011

    Lady Gaga isn’t the first one and she won’t be the last. Mariah Carey did it when she releaed “Loverboy” years ago. Katy Perry and Rihanna did the same thing many times. Katy Perry reduced the price of “The One That Got Away”, released a remix and reduced the price of the remix. LOL. Desperate. I know. Rihanna reduced the price of “Only Girl”, so it could hit the #1 spot.

  92. D.Strock December 22, 2011

    Yes, I’ve been saying since the beginning that the album sales are to blame for the lack of single success. However, note how TGJ never says anything about Katy Perry cutting the price of The One That Got Away. To say that cutting the prices for a single point towards an inner greed is a might bit oxymoronic.

  93. Small_Angel December 23, 2011

    December 22, 2011 at 8:13 pm
    let me break it down for the slow ass people…..

    let say Apple sells a bunch of phones to sprint for $450 each,

    sprint can turn around and sell the same phone for $99….

    apple aint got s*** to do with sprint selling the phone for $99..

    apple cant tell sprint u have to sell the phones at regular price…once apple sells the phone, sprint can do what they want

    and you think Amazon or any business company would feel okay if they sell a product lesser than their capital.. come on.. Amazon sold it at 0.99 cents because Gaga’s team sold it to them at 0.49 cent. LOL

  94. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011


    can u use ur common sense….

    if u sell a product to a company for full price, and that company turns around and sells that product for a cheaper price, how the hell does that affects u?

    ur already paid from selling that product for full price..

    akon sold gagas album to amazon for full price…meaning gaga was already paid before amazon choose to sell that album for 99c…gaga didnt make any money from that 99c deal….

    akon did not sell that album for no damn .49..he sold it for the full price…

  95. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 23, 2011


    . . . yeah, what Rated XXX said.

    Plus Amazon knowingly took the loss to a) steal marketshare away from i-tunes on BTW digi album sales, b) drive webtraffic to amazon, and c) use the hype surrounding BTW to announce its cloud service

  96. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011

    ok lets take off that 400k world wide sales amazon give gaga

    she still sold 5 million and up world wide

    and thats a flop?

    wow i hate to see what 7,8 months and 2 million worldwide looks like

    people just wants to be bitter for no damn reason….

    u dont like gaga, fine, u think shes a gimmick fine..but y claimed she flopped when she didnt,

  97. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 23, 2011

    I’m not mad at this tactic. If there are any Katy-Cats in the house, I would like to know ho TOTGA is doing with the relase of the new remix. I would assume that the single has made digital gains, but is the remix getting airplay? Is the remix getting it closer to #1 or is it still stalling?

  98. Small_Angel December 23, 2011

    December 23, 2011 at 12:47 am

    can u use ur common sense….

    if u sell a product to a company for full price, and that company turns around and sells that product for a cheaper price, how the hell does that affects u?


    Obviously you have no brain to use in order to understand what im trying to point out.
    If you are into business obviously THAT IS NOT HOW A BUSINESS SHOULD BE RUN!
    Get it..
    All business wants to Generate Profit. It’s either Amazon is stupid to sell an album on a lesser price or you are stupid for an obvious reason…

  99. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 23, 2011

    @Rated XXX

    I think they’re calling it a flop based on the level of promo and the fact that it seems like Gaga has been on tv every week promoting BTW.

    That said, people need to let go of this idea that every album an artist releases is going to top the last in sales. Album sales within a career always ebb and flow.

  100. Small_Angel December 23, 2011

    I never said gaga is gimmick… I actually have respect for her.
    What i was just saying is that some of her stans can’t admit that she sold some of her album sold in less than a dollar. Were in fact she dis.. there was a deal that happen maybe between her record label and amazon. Its impossible for Amazon to sell a product AT START without a PROFIT.. Reality check, Business is Business. I’am actually thankful that we have such thing as PROMO/SALES cause we can enjoy Good things that will cost us CHEAP.

  101. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011


    thank u..u get my logic..

    amazon took a lost, because they paid akon full price for the cds..and they turn around and sell it for 99c…

    if anything its amazon that looks like an idiot, for buying a cd for retail price and than selling it for 99c

  102. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 23, 2011


    Please sit down. What part of Amazon slashed BTW album prices to a) drive webtraffic to Amazon, b) steal i-tunes marketshare, and c) announce it’s new cloud service, didn’t you understand?

    Gaga music is just one product among thousands being sold at Amazon. With the data they can mine from customers purchasing her music and the people who buy other things on their site in addition to Gaga music, they can take the loss on one product and generate profit a whole bunch of other ways. For all we know, Amazon wrote the loss off from the BTW album sales and MTN single sales as part of the promo budget for their Cloud service and Holliday sales campaigns.

  103. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011


    her record label had nothing to do with amazon selling the cd for 99c..

    .if u do ur research u will see it says amazon sold the cd for 99c..u dont see anything that says gaga and amazon sold it for 99c

    what sense does it makes for amazon to pay her record label full price for the album, than turn around pay them again from the profit of the 99c?

    thats where the logic from apple comes in..why would sprint pay full price for the iphone from apple and then turn around and pay them again from the profit they make selling the phone for a cheaper price?

  104. Small_Angel December 23, 2011


    Open your Mind.
    Gaga sold a million of album in a week because some of the album cost 0.99 cents.
    Open your mind.
    Amazon is a business firm where profit matters.
    I will only agree with you, if you are part of the Amazon or Gaga’s Record label company and could prove it.

    Not just about those stupid Press Release that only aims to build up a good image on both parties…


  105. Lurker December 23, 2011

    I have no problem with people liking Rihanna, but insinuating she has had anything to do with her success in the past two years is ludicrous. The woman is a puppet.
    Her creative direction of TTT? ZERO.

    GaGa’s on BTW probably in the 50-75% range. I don’t like the BTW album as I’ve already stated but at least GaGa worked hard on it.

    Rihanna didn’t do s***.

  106. Small_Angel December 23, 2011


    I like rihanna’s song.

  107. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011

    im not defending born this way for amazon selling it for 99c…hell they should give it away for free…cause i hate that album with a passion

    what im defending is, people blaming gaga for the 99c sales…when she had s*** to do with it

    hell amazon themselves said they paid full price for the album… why would they pay full price for the album, then pay again after the 99c deal?

    that doesnt make any sense

  108. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011

    its not about opening ur eyes..

    its about using common sense…

    so now amazon is lying about paying full price for the album to make gaga save face?

    what sense does that make?

    her album would have sold over 700k any how big of a difference does an extra 300k make?

    i could understand if the 99c deal gave gaga 700k in sales..and she sold 300k by herself…

    yea..i would understand people getting mad

    she still sold 2 million world wide that week

  109. I’ma have to send her to her maker December 23, 2011

    No worries. Her 1st two albums were masterpieces. I’m pretty sure she’s not worried about how much btw sells. Just as long as it sends a message to her little monsters. I agree with boogie beesh tho. And plz guys, stop bringing rihanna into everything. This is why bey stans go in.

  110. pop royalty ( BIRTHDAY CAKE ) December 23, 2011

    so WHAT ?!

    it is X-mas and ppl wanna enjoy music … and the song is actually good ! why the hate ?!

    i bought this EP and it is amazing #RECOMMENDED !

    but why the need to do all that for a #1 ?! they are losing money ::$$$ 🙄

    gaga has nothing to do with it !

    but this means that the monsters failed big time to make it go to #1 !! 😡 !! this makes me appreciate the navy’s stanship for rihanna !

    how many weeks WFL been #1 without promo/price-discounts/anything ?! 8 weeks ?!

    now that how you stan for a C*** ! even if the song itself is” not all that ” !! they made her lead single from TTT a hit which is enjoying the same success as her previous singles like ” umbrella” !! now that’s a STRONG FANBASE !!

    born this way is a PERFECT album , especially with songs like ” fashion of his love , scheisse , MTN , JUDAS , electric chapel , etc… ” ! if i was in her team , i would have made her stay in #1 the adele way !! but her team handled the project horribly , the same goes to beyonce’s “4” !!

    @ONYX :

    u can not say adele’s “21” is overrated and mention britney and her “FF” album in the same sentence !!
    “21” is the best album in 2011 “ppl’s opinion and i love it ” , but what will happen if adele herself stan for “4” ?!!

    “4” , “21”, “BTW” and “Doo – Wops & Holigans” ARE THE BEST ALBUMS IN 2011 !!

    i will consider “TTT” to join my list for ” BEST ALBUMS IN 2012″ !! but now , i won’t add it , at least till riri release her 4th single or something !!!! or to be specific , till she release “birthday cake” !

    #random : do u hear drake’s name in “birthday cake” ?! 😆

  111. Remey December 23, 2011

    This era for Gaga is over. Her sales are exactly like Britney. Britney’s first few singles skyrocket to the top, then lose hype and steam fast. While many people have Caca’s album, this has no excuse for such terrible charting of her singles. If that was the case, Adele wouldn’t be on the top of the charts (single and album).

    Right now Gaga is overhyping her music, putting too much gimmick into it. If she keeps this up, she faces overexposure….and the masses have shown that they don’t mind moving quickly to someone else. Same goes for Rihanna too.

    It’s funny that earlier this summer, the music industry was waiting on Brit, Gaga, and Bey to make a move. However, they all disappointed this go-round. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of all of them. So with them gone, it’s time to shift gears and see what Nicki, Xtina, Pink and even Ke$ha have up their sleeve. Because right now…the Trinity (Brit, Bey, & Gaga…sorry Rih, you haven’t made it to this level yet) has left the industry open to be taken over by one of their undermined talents.

  112. YOOSONDALOOSE December 23, 2011

    WOW. That is low low low! Damn, they are getting desperate, but then again it is a great song and it deserves a top 5 at least!

    The video didn’t work for me, but hey, lets get this single into the TOP 5! Come on!

  113. irene46 December 23, 2011

    @ missimpartial…

    i think you’re wrong about britney’s team not manipulating prices. wasn’t her ‘femme fatale’ cd reduced to $3.99? i do know it was certified platium before it had even sold 500k.

  114. lmao December 23, 2011

    jfc how many retarded n****** flock to this place to make themselves feel better?
    hundreds of songs were discounted BY amazon.

    i cannot at rihanna fans saying anything when rihanna can’t even get a #1 album.

  115. Eric December 23, 2011

    For f*ck’s sake, she wasn’t the only artist whose single prices were cut. Why is this such a big deal? Those prices should’ve been cut since the song became a single. What’s wrong with slashing prices so it’ll help sales? She’s not cheating, this is not a game. This is a single to promote the album.

    TGJ is doing this just because they don’t like the song.

    Saying that it’s not doing well on sales just because people have the album is a silly excuse. If that were the case, then Adele’s singles wouldn’t even be selling.

    It’s not doing well because she’s not promoting it well, is not getting overplayed on the radio and I bet she doesn’t even cares about it. She probably knows that this single isn’t going to be a smash because it was the fifth in a year.

    Of course she cares about the money she makes, this is her job. But I highly doubt she’s getting a lot of royalties from a song selling at $.49.

    I don’t get what’s the problem with people who complain when artists don’t sell their music super-expensive. Amazon should’ve sold her album at $30.00 to see if it was seen with more musical value just because of the price. Those $.99 albums were sold and you will have to accept that fact whether you like it or not. The album sold 1.1 million on its first week and that’s it.

    I don’t f*cking care if Katy Perry prices her singles at $.69. It’s a single and I suppose that you want people to buy it. So, that’s more than enough reason for her label to discount it. (The B.o.B. remix is another story)

    Or what do you want? You want everyone to sell singles at $5.00 so they will not seen as desperate people and they music will have more value in the eyes of stans who care more about their faves’ success than their artistic integrity.

    I love Gaga’s music and I’ve gotten better music than hers (within my tastes) for free and legal. If you think a price will undervalue the success of someone’s music, then you’re not a music fan, you’re just a tracker.

  116. nuhoh December 23, 2011

    The problem with Gaga right now is that she is a pop star doing pop music. Declining radio airplay and single sales is a sign of a fading place in pop music. Gaga will have to have an absolute Smasher that is not forced for the first single from the next album. Hype can only cover up so much. MTN’s performance is not comparable with her peers. Gaga is not able to compete with Rihanna, Adele, or Katy digitally any more when it comes to single sales. And Adele still sells massive album units. Gaga needs a fresher sound and songs that aren’t trying too hard and better videos. Everything in the BTW Era has felt forced, while the Fame/Fame Monster Era was organic…people really loved those albums/ep and singles.

  117. iku December 24, 2011

    To the s***** Rithards mentioning WFL being #1 for 8 weeks:

    Okay, and? What has that done for her TTT’s album sales? Absolutely NOTHING. It took her 3 weeks to match 4’s first week album sales and Gaga’s BTW is at 8 million worldwide. Must we forget Rihgret discounting Only Girl and featuring Britney Spears to get her number 1’s? Amazon is doing this for all singles so there’s nothing desperate about this.

  118. Lady Gaga The Supreme incarnate of Pop December 26, 2011

    Wait wait wait!!!1 So let me get this straight, Gaga’s the desperate one yet when Katy Perry slashes the price of her singles and remixes her songs, which are then also sold at a reduced price, all to get them to #1, she isn’t desperate?

    It’s only desperate when Gaga does it? Hmmm. I love how these things only apply to Gaga.

  119. D.Scott December 26, 2011

    Seems like Gaga is really trying to push her singles. And, all the videos were spectacular, especially Marry The Night

  120. mai December 28, 2011

    she should do what SHE wants to do not what marketing want
    born this way is 100x better than the fame its just that its not “mainstream” enough and people just dont get it.
    thats not her problem or the records.
    no one says that rock music isnt as good beucase it doesnt sell as much as po. by that law that makes the x factor winner’s cover songs better music than anything that someone whos written their own songs and plays an instrument can ever deliver!
    the charts today is ridiculous and dont really mean anything

    – i know this went a little of topic but its in reply to what alot of people have been saying recently

  121. B******* December 28, 2011

    WHY does Gaga look exactly like Christina aguilera in that picture? I swear Madonna, Christina and Kerli should be paid by Gaga for how much she steals from them. It’s unreal. Next thing you know, she’ll be going ‘Back to Basics’ just like Xtina did. Mark my words. In the words of M.I.A., ‘She’s just a really good mimic.’

  122. B******* December 28, 2011

    Also, DEAD at Gaga and her team inflating her sales to make it seem like she’s not as far behind Adele. She’s had 8 million shipments, but only 5 million sold (which is a good number, but still). Back when she had 3 million sold, she was saying she had sold 5 million. B**** is nothing but a overhyping machine.

  123. Hex December 28, 2011

    All these b****** are being Cursetina’d

  124. AliensAreOurMasters January 20, 2012

    I know I’m late as hell. But GagME sucks always has, but people are waking up now. She has never been hated before that is why she has an ego because everyone loved her. Now it’s different. Keep floppin’ flopass hooker.

  125. Arjun January 31, 2012

    PL GYZ EVRY ARTIST HAS HIS OWN ERA…NW ATLST SHE TRIED TO MAKE AN ELECTRO POP ALBUM…SUMTHIN DIFF THAN RIHANNA ND KP…ITS ONLY HER 2ND ALBUM…AS ‘TFM’ WAS AN EP….AND ALSO INSTEAD OF SEEING HER SALE RECORDS U CN EVN COMPARE ARTISTS’ SONGS …..HER MTN IS >>>>THAN YOU DA ONE OR LAST FRIDAY NIGHT…INSTEAD OF SEEING WAT A B**** SHE IS….SEE WAT SHES TRYIN TO TELL US FROM THE VIDEO…the way she starts all over agin…the way she picks up balle dancer to prevent her from the same fate she went thru in the video+ her dance is a worth watch+ video is directed by her unlike other uncreative artists….shes d best music celebrity HUMAN in the industry……………… 🙂

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