Breaking: Katy Perry’s Marriage Comes To An End

Published: Friday 30th Dec 2011 by David

What a tangled web the world of entertainment weaves.

For, in what will sure to have many fans of Pop tart Katy Perry stunned, dazed and confused, it has emerged today that  her husband Russell Brand is divorcing her, after just 14 months of marriage.

Full story below…

In an official statement by Brand, who met Perry at the 2009  MTV Video Music Awards:

Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.

The unfortunate announcement arrives after months of speculation surrounding the couple which saw many sources report that the pair were struggling to to keep their relationship afloat.

However, after Russell took to ‘The Ellen Show‘ to dispel these claim, many were certain that the rumors were nothing more than tabloid spun fiction, until TMZ got hold of the official court papers confirming the separation.

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Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.


Side Note:

Who else finds it interesting that there was no prenuptial agreement?

Your thoughts?

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  1. #1QueenGaga December 30, 2011

    A good Christian wouldn[‘t get a divorce. Shame on her!!! God will not approve.

  2. @VuyoZucch December 30, 2011

    Get off your high horse b****, you don’t know the full details

  3. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 30, 2011

    Boo f****** hoo!

    Everybody cites irreconciliable differences as the reason for divorce. Y’all don’t realize how different you are before you get married? GOT DAMN!

    I thought gay people were destroying the institution and sanctity of marriage.

    If anybody shouldn’t be alllowed to get married, it’s straight people.

  4. MISHKA December 30, 2011

    Can we be sorry for her in, like, three weeks?

    I really don’t want this to turn into a pity party that will help “The One That Got Away” (how convenient) to hit #1 and to break MJ’s record.

  5. kessa December 30, 2011

    yes katy is back on the market. i dont know what she saw in this fool.

  6. Bey’knight December 30, 2011

    Aww i feel for her i know she really wanted a family. Damn, can women ever have it all?

  7. mobwife December 30, 2011

    Oooo, I saw this one on twitter. Poor things. I never did think they made a cute couple. He looks extra strange and skinny almost like an unattractive girl. I thought they had been married for more than a year though? Oh well, at least she out lasted Kim Kardashian’s 72 day fiasco.

    @Sam/TGJ rumor has it that Beyonce just had a baby girl, Tina-May Carter. She must be named after her grandmothers? I pray she looks like Bey cause…..ewwww!

  8. Perry Power December 30, 2011

    Can you read, honey? Russell is divorcing her.

    And I highly doubt TMZ has their hands on any official divorce pappers. TBQH, Katy was out of his league. They made a cute couple, but I could tell it wasnt going to last

  9. ISTANN4GAGA December 30, 2011

    That’s bad…

    I wish y’all both the best of luck in y’all search for y’all’s true love…

    but really though,ChristinasCOMING has a point.When will GAYS/BIS/etc. get married?

    I’m tired of “religious” people trying to SHOVE their religion (disguised as “morals” and “values”) DOWN OUR THROATS! Stop forcefeeding your lifestyles onto someone who doesn’t want to live YOUR way!!!

  10. MISHKA December 30, 2011

    Sorry my first comment was a litte bit harsh.

    But I don’t really feel sorry for her. She deserves better.

    Her husband is a drug addict and he used her as his Hollywood VIP pass. Plus he always looks like a wet dog. And he posted THAT picture of her! She should have been the one divorcing his a$$ just for that.

    Welp, the Teenage Dream is over, Katy. I bet she will release something like “Rated R” as her next album.

  11. Perry Power December 30, 2011

    That is the most ignorant and rude thing anyone has ever said. Im sure Xtina would disapprove of that hateful comment

  12. Romeo December 30, 2011

    Damn she really wants that #1 record…what a b****!

  13. number1k9 December 30, 2011

    Sad. Especially since she wrote “E.T.” (and another song on her album) about him. If you seriously think she is divorcing him, simply in order to get “TOTGA” to hit number 1…. All I can say to you is: WOW, really!

    It is interesting that she dated Travie McCoy, and married Russle and both were “ex-” drug addicts. Doesn’t she know she can do better than that?

  14. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 30, 2011


    “The most rude and ignorant thing?”

    B**** sit yo ass down. I’m gay and it was sarcasm.

    @ MISHKA-

    You are so right honey. Watch this boost The One That Got Away on itunes. Isn’t in convenient that the remix has completely fallen down itunes, the song itself has hit #3 and the original version has stalled at #6 on itunes and now the divorce.

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN December 30, 2011

    So sad,she was really busy this year with her career

    Hope they got back together or try to settle things up

    she is a sweet girl,no controversy and hardworking newcomer
    l am saddened byy this new,she deserves better but yeah the FAMOUS TITTIES ARE BACK ON THE MARKET GUYS 😀 😀 😀

  16. BAA December 30, 2011

    Sniff sniff….i smell a cheater. Russell said he isnt puttin up with that sh*t. Anyway i wish them the best. @Mobwife….I thought it was Tiana May Carter. See….we all know its a rumor. Nobody cant even get the name rite.

  17. Harvey December 30, 2011

    I wish she was still with Travie McCoy…They were actually better together!!!

  18. KWAME December 30, 2011


  19. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) December 30, 2011

    mmm …. good luck katy !!

    @#1QUEENGAGA :

    and a GOOD christian won’t necessarily support the nudity and satanism in your avatar !!

    leave the religious beliefs aside please …

  20. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) December 30, 2011

    and did someone just hinted that straight ppl should not get married ?!

    LMFAO ! 😆

    the hilarity …

    yeah right !!!!! , only gays and lesbians should get married … 😡 !

    i can’t with this culture which consider love=s** !!

    now i feel proud i am not american !! thank god !

  21. Saint December 30, 2011

    Seem like a publicity stunt to attain that 6th #1. The intent is to have the public feel sorry for Katy, therefore support her singles more – equals more hits, It’s the old Hollywood trick.

    The only divorce I’d seen in the past 10 years that seemed real and not for publicity, was Whitney and Bobby’s divorce

  22. Xadax December 30, 2011

    Maybe after 2 years of marriage Katy realized that she married an ugly man. Beyonce comes next.

  23. DRB December 30, 2011

    Do you not fact check anything? 14 months, not 2 years.

  24. NT December 30, 2011

    Poor Russel and Katy ; well this means that Will see Katy in 2012 afterwards doesn’t it ? No settling down and babies for her

  25. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 30, 2011

    Hope katy perry goes to number 1. The songs way better than lmfao- s*** and I know it anyways.

    Im so shocked at athis. The break up of a marriage is very tough and a hard thing for both people.. I just hope, they both have the support of their familys.

    Katy perry 4 number 1.
    The one that got away:)

  26. NT December 30, 2011

    Hopefully they got a Prenup , and luckly Katy didn’t get knocked up or this would be full out war.

  27. Diane December 30, 2011

    @Saint, You’re right. Whitney and Bobby was the last high-profile Hollywood relationship that was “real.”

  28. kimberly December 30, 2011

    Dear ignorance.
    Any person who associates physical appearance or in simple terms” looks” to love and marriage, or dating, are young, childish, still has years of experience in the world of real living. \they are immature and ugly with a nasty character. good luck on the life you live. I bet you will never find love and continue to drag your p**** to every so called good looking man around until you realize the true appreciation of personality and character.

  29. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 30, 2011

    Everyone support katy perry and buy her single and get it to number 1. Give her something to smile about.

    I hope all katy perry fans are buying the song.. Cause I am!!!

  30. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 30, 2011


    You know you dead a** wrong!

  31. jillian December 30, 2011

    Good for Russell! He married a shallow, rotten, useless person and soon he will be free from her. I sure as hell will not buy her latest garbage single out of pity. She cheats all over billboard, and she probably cheated on him too. That’s who she is.

  32. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 30, 2011

    Cant believe katy is getting hate. She stuck up for Taylor swift I remember on twitter… Have to stand by her for that.

  33. Katy Pery Part of Me December 30, 2011

    Im so happy for her, now maybe she can can make a video to her # 1 unreleased track Part of Me, which would have made her 6 number one hit… #katy Pery

  34. ChristinaWants2FUCKYourBody December 30, 2011

    Plus….that horrible ass song will not go to #1. Adele is about to set another fire to the charts once SFTTR goes to #1 on itunes and #1 on the Hot 100 in 2 weeks. Hopefully SFTTR will go straight to #1 on itunes this weekend and with the airplay increasing, maybe it’ll shoot straight to #1 on the Hot 100 chart next week, if not, the following week.

  35. TRUTHTELLER December 30, 2011

    Didn’t she announce just 2 months ago that she was gonna take a year off to start a family?
    It s sad.

    But what was she thinking marrying that guy? He s a drug addict & a bisexual man… just too much baggage to marry within a year… she should have dated him for a LONGER PERIOD TO REALLY TEST HIM OUT.

  36. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) December 30, 2011

    I hope shes ok…..

    she was talking about having a family and everything….damn my heart goes out to her right now….

    sometimes u think hes/shes the one..and it turns out thats not the case….

  37. NT December 30, 2011

    Her Husband Is Clearly ” The One That Got Away ” Now watch next week it chart at no.1 cause of this.

  38. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 30, 2011

    If only Katy had spent more time on her marriage instead of remixing singles to get #1s, she’d still married ! Shame on you Katy for neglecting this man!

  39. lola December 30, 2011

    I just hate it when people say that the famous female can do better! No….. Katy is too slutty and wild to be married. She, Rihanna, Kesha, Britney, and many more trashy celebrity females will never find true love or a REAL MAN because they are all skanks, shallow, and lame! Katy is so damn ugly herself, especially without makeup! I don’t understand why she would rush into marriage, especially when 100% of celebrity couples get a f****** divorce. Why is anyone even suprised?

  40. VA STAND UP! December 30, 2011

    Welp, totally saw this coming! I’m not gonna gloat at the failure of a marriage but I’m just not surprised AT ALL! As soon as they announced their engagement I never thought they would make it down the aisle. Then when they actually did I knew it was just a countdown till they filed for divorce. They always seemed like an odd pair. He just seems like such an annoying asswipe & she…..well I don’t know that much about her but I don’t see how anyone can marry, let alone be attracted to that fool. Can you imagine having s** with him? *gags*

    I’m *DEAD* at the fact that HE was the one who filed for divorce instead of her. I bet she let him file to save him some embarrassment. He was upgraded when he married her, he went from ‘that annoying British comedian’ to ‘that annoying British comedian who is married to Katy Perry’. Now he is going to go back to his first title. I hope he takes his annoying ass back to the UK & stay there!

    Now I bet Rihanna doesn’t feel guilty about skipping their wedding last year. She knew that s*** won’t gonna last!

    Good luck to both parties….. I guess *shrugs*

  41. VA STAND UP! December 30, 2011


  42. VA STAND UP!! December 30, 2011

    Um….I did NOT type that last comment from that IDIOT who is using my name and apparently my email as well! I am OBVIOUSLY a big Chris Brown supporter so I would NEVER call him that! EVER!

    Sam I don’t know what the f*** is going on but your trifliln ass better not be using my email to post comments under my name and you for damn sure better not have given my email out to anyone else! Maybe you are bitter because TB stay dragging your ass on twitter but don’t take that s*** out on me! This blog is sinking to new lows daily but at least try to uphold some professionalism & intergrity and not tamper with people’s email addresses! That s*** is not cute & is also ILLEGAL! Get your s*** together!!

  43. VA STAND UP!! December 30, 2011

    Sam, stop f****** with my user name! I see you took ‘The REAL One’ off my name! WTF is wrong with you today?

  44. Bella December 30, 2011

    Add “keep your husband” to the list of things five #1 singles can’t help you do.
    Lol. That was rude. I don’t applaud any divorce but I can’t be the only one that saw this coming…

    Let the gays marry. They aren’t hurting anybody. Ellen and Portia are still together, Elton is still with his man. Straights are really ruining the sanctity of marriage. They need to get their s*** together

  45. SHESDUMB December 30, 2011


  46. Girrrl December 30, 2011

    There’s some heartless mother tuckers in here.

    Ps no one cares about Beyonce’s lastest publicity stunt Makael the baby. Go buy her album and request her songs if you care about her.

  47. BOOGIE BEEESH December 30, 2011


  48. Katy Pery Part of Me December 30, 2011

    What ever

  49. Katy Pery Part of Me December 30, 2011

    Leve her alone

  50. Royalkev December 30, 2011

    I have to say that I saw this one coming. I think this match was far from heavenly. Katy seems like the type that needs a more relationship oriented guy that has traditional values, but perhaps a wild side she’ll find entertaining. I don’t think Russel was the man for the job, completely. I found him to be way too attention seeking, strange (in a pretentious sort of way) and I always questioned his sexuality. Still, I wish them the best and hope their seperation was amicable.

  51. Very Funny December 30, 2011

    I am a fan of Kate. But Russell Brand never seem the husband type to me.Just saying, he never appeared ready to settle down in his interviews. I only know him from interviews. I am not shocked by breakup.

  52. JER December 31, 2011

    Turn that disappointment into a new album, Katy. Russel, take your ugly fat troll ass back under a bridge

  53. Yellow Gorillah December 31, 2011

    Awwwww katy kmt…feel sorry for her but everyone kinda saw it coming russel is just not the marrying type. I hope she is ok and pulls through.

  54. josh December 31, 2011

    Katy can do WAY better then him anyways.
    Hes f****** ANNOYING and UGLY.
    Shes NOT annoying or Ugly

    Just sayin’

  55. arob December 31, 2011

    I’m shocked, she just said she wanted to take a break and start a family. I wonder what will be next.

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