Cassie Promotes New Album On 106 & Park

Published: Friday 9th Dec 2011 by David


In case you didn’t know, Bad Boy beauty Cassie is gearing up to release her second studio album in 2012.

So, in a bid to promote the project and defend the talent many say she has always lacked, the performer took to BET’s 106 & Park to fill fans in with regards to what they can expect from the album.


Interview below…

While the sneak peek of her ‘King Of Hearts‘ video will be sure to generate some attention for her cause, it will take a lot more than a well produced video and a eye catching fashions to turn this new album into success.

For if Cassie thinks she can pull a Christina Aguilera– go on hiatus for a number years and expect to be just as hot as you were when you left- she most certainly has another thing coming.

Here’s to hoping this new project lives up to the hype we are sure it will inevitably receive.

Your thoughts?

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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN December 9, 2011

    l was just to say the same s*** about Xtina aguilera hiatus thing.she is nice and all but she is managed by worst ppl than Bey at the moment.Her label and manager is more focused on her ass than her career ie Diddy so unless she got a Young Money treatment a la Nicki/drake or Charty perry ‘s Interscope,she will flop again…………or just push the s*** to 2016


    Cassie actually has some good music I loved her first album I think it’s because Ryan Leslie was behind it but I agree I dont know why she think she can take so many years off and now come out with a “I’m back here I am I know y’all was waiting” when in the beginning we really didn’t know who she was as an artist and how we can relate to her & the music I’m a fan of music so if Cassie has/makes music that is going to get my head bobbing lol then I might burn a copy of her CD I have to relate to her as a person/artist to BUY her album…so Cassie you have a lot of work to do to make you’re mark in the music biz

  3. fsf December 9, 2011


  4. Nahjee December 9, 2011

    YO! I thought that was lil Kim for a minute she almost look like her.. I hope this album do good it’s fitst week tho but damn she look like Kim

  5. DOPE OR NOPE December 9, 2011

    Cassie will always have her sexyness until she has kids and get all fat like beyonce (shade) just kidding lol

    I will probley buy this album I don’t know I didn’t buy her first album so…. Yea

    I giving this a big NOPE but im giving tha pic a DOPE @nahjee yea I kinda do see lil Kim in her Lol

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE December 9, 2011

    About time, her new video does look good!

  7. Welp December 9, 2011

    I think it will FOA–if it ever arrives, that is. I could’ve sworn a while back that her 2nd album was *supposed* to have BEEN released in late 2008/early 2009.

    Diddy, just shelve this album already! You won’t make back the money you spent on all those years of studio time.

    Cassie, go back to modeling.

  8. DONT TRY IT B**** December 9, 2011

    I like her, I think she has so much potential, she just needs to get money making go getters behind her, do it girl!

  9. Alter-Mego December 9, 2011

    Cassie is obviously gorgeous but what I like most about her is how chill and humble she seems. She really seems like a cool ass chick. I dont think it’s so much that she lacks personality but more so that she’s just really chill and not all animated and boisterous like her “boo” diddy or some other aritists and celebs we’re all regularly subjected to. I think I’d rather that than her tryna be out here fronting and puting on a fake personality. She’s been at it for a while now and I really hope she finds her niche and that “success” she’s grinding for… whatever that maybe. At the end of the day she is definitely winning regardless so the fact that she’s sticking with her love/passion even through all the negativity spewed her way says allot about her drive and character….because frankly she can just say “FCUK IT I’m rich b****, plus diddy’s my man” throw the deuces up, keep looking and living pretty and keep it moving… She’s trying something new so… good luck to her.

  10. i2011 December 9, 2011

    I would never trust diddy with my career…do when all else fails..use what you got 😉

  11. ~STAR~ December 9, 2011

    i hope she comes back with some hits.she sure does need it

  12. Mr.Mr. December 9, 2011

    Um….Who is this?

  13. Ghassane December 9, 2011

    love Cassie ; cant wait for her new album , hope it will be some new music besides what was leaked this past 4 years from electro Love sessions ; and hope she release Electro Love as a EP ; then the ‘Suductress’ after …. love her videos still HOT as fire and her voice is making us mealting SEXYY

  14. Marvin December 10, 2011

    FLOP! Dead at her still trying to make music! BET gonna ban this new video anyway and if they DON’T… I will protest to the FULLEST b/c they banned Ciara’s Ride video when it wasn’t even nasty.

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