Exclusive: Introducing…Rebecca Ferguson

Published: Saturday 17th Dec 2011 by Sam

Enter Rebecca Ferguson.

Having made a name for herself on the British edition of the X Factor last year, the Liverpudlian is being tipped for global success after garnering critical and commercial praise with her debut album ‘Heaven’.

We caught up with the mother of two, who came second on the ITV show; chatting it up about everything from her life prior to the X Factor, juggling family life with her career, music, and much more. An exclusive acapella of her single ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ also features.

When you’ve checked out the clip above, peep Ms. Ferguson’s video for ‘Love’ below…

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  1. kgosweety December 16, 2011

    She’s f****** boring.
    Do something exciting with your site please. Introduce some new acts, or some Korean acts that are AT LEAST fun to watch. Hallyu wave > anything the west turned out this year.

  2. anon December 16, 2011

    thanx for doing this

  3. Dev December 16, 2011

    I like Rebecca but find her album a little to lo-fi for me. Anyway, they’re trying to hype her to be the next “Leona” big thing and they keep dissing my gurl Alex as if she cant sing. It’s like saying that Adele and Beyonce can’t be stars

  4. Dev December 16, 2011

    Oh, SWV’s new single co-sign is out. Please do a post. Thx

  5. TIMMI December 16, 2011


    Sweety, don’t nobody care about those irrelevant non-factor Korean acts you so highly speak of. In case you didn’t notice, this website is a self-recognised URBAN POP blog, so if you don’t like what you are seeing here I suggest you take your little East Asian ass somewhere else.

  6. TIMMI December 16, 2011

    Some of us are deep and look for more in an artist than how fun they are to watch. This is music. If I was seeking visual entertainment I’d throw on a Harry Potter DVD or stare at a piece of artwork.

  7. skintightjeans December 16, 2011

    F*** this boring h**. She went on record talking about Rihanna and how she’s a bad role model. Now before you try to flame me just know I’m a fan of just about everybody and I dont’ stan for rihanna but this boring sleepwalking zombie thinks she’s better. Can’t stand this trick.

  8. TIMMI December 16, 2011


    Sometimes the background music was a bit loud that I couldn’t hear you/Rebecca… And it was still playing when she sang her acapella – confusing. Nice interview questions though…

  9. Mely B December 16, 2011

    Thank you for this post! Last year you posted the results of the UK X-Factor & I searched Rebecca out on youtube & fell in love with her voice. I think she is unique & original and more than that, classy.

    As a hetero female, I’m beyond sick & tired of half-naked gyrating females who cannot sing ruling the airwaves and hope that Rebecca has great success organically – meaning that people jump on her bandwagon through word of mouth (a la Norah Jones, Adele, Amy Winehouse).

    I haven’t heard her pushed to the American market as the “next Leona” in fact she’s not being marketed here at all since the little I can find out about her has been on youtube or her “Bookface” page.

    To the youngsters who made such rude distasteful comments, how ’bout ya’ll leave grown folks music to the adults and continue on with your kpop & other nonsense.

  10. kgosweety December 16, 2011

    oh gurl, Koreans have more swag than any ‘Lil Wayne’ tag along or any b******* artist like that. They don’t need to drop any retarded rhyme or have autotune and being a drugfucked loser do the talking for them. So, sit down. Ya’ll don’t know anything.

    Having a songwriter write you something ‘deep’ with ‘strings’ isn’t meaningful. Kesha did a cover of a Bob Dylan song. Does that make her now ‘super dooper deep?’ Gurl has no clue.

    @Mely B
    Nice name gurl.
    First off, She is boring. Plain and simple. She won’t make it if she has no personality. See: Duffy. And yes, she’s okay looking, but again – she’s boring. See: Keri Hilson. She has a voice, no doubt – but she’s boring. ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE?

  11. TIMMI December 16, 2011


    “‘Lil Wayne’ tag along”???

    FAIL. In case you didn’t notice… We are in a post about Rebecca Ferguson. Clearly you have no knowledge of music whatsoever or you’re plain and simply dumb as f***, because Rebecca Ferguson and Lil Wayne couldn’t be more different.

    “They don’t need to drop any retarded rhyme or have autotune”???

    FAIL. There isn’t one use of autotune on Rebecca’s album.

    “Having a songwriter write you something ‘deep’ with ‘strings’ isn’t meaningful. Kesha did a cover of a Bob Dylan song.”

    FAIL. Rebecca Ferguson wrote all the songs on her album.

    Have several seats. Like I said, clearly nobody gives a flying f*** about your s***** Korean music, HENCE why there are no Korean WORLDWIDE stars and HENCE why you can’t find a blog to satisfy your s***** Korean music needs, so instead you come here and complain.

    Don’t like it? Leave.

  12. AYNON December 17, 2011


    LMAO…She’s Halfcast you Moron!

  13. Get Real December 17, 2011

    She’s so soft spoken, I don’t mean in the delicate womanly way, I mean in the speak up kind you seem timid of way. I watched her sing make you feel my love on x-factor, she needs more personality. She’ll gain fame when she learns to be personable and speak with…some base.

  14. TIMMI December 17, 2011



    Who are you referring to? If you’re talking about Rebecca Ferguson, I’m aware she’s mixed race you IMBECILE. When I was referring to Korean and Asian stars I was talking about those that KGOSWEETY was talking about.

    How embarassing for you. Learn to READ before you jump in on people’s conversations. Especially before you try and correct people. FAIL.

  15. chasing_history December 17, 2011

    Why was the background music louder than the interview?!

  16. PINEAPPLEKIn December 17, 2011

    I actually like that sam posted this interview…
    i am here to check for good urban music…
    and now i find it 🙂
    these posts are good~~ keep it~~

  17. MelyB December 17, 2011

    @kgo – GURL u have a seat…in your high chair. Like I said, leave the real music to adults who actually buy it and you continue to enjoy your kpop.

  18. kessa December 30, 2011

    dont knock her until youve heard her album. if you cant appreciate talent and fine music go comment elsewhere on CBBC or the Disney Channel. to the chick that said she and keri hilson are boring, errrrrm have you heard of someone called Adele? yeh now sit you ass down and SHUT UP. THANKS.

  19. mama June 12, 2012

    A lot of people don’t know good things/music… if she’s boring, then go watch someone you don’t find boring! I love her sooo much!! And she’s adorable!!

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