X Factor Finale: Kelly Rowland Duets With Amelia Lily Live!

Published: Saturday 10th Dec 2011 by David

Moments ago, X Factor UK judge Kelly Rowland took to the stage with X Factor 2011 contestant Amelia to perform a rousing rendition of ‘River Deep,Mountain High‘ live.

Without further delay, get into the performance below…

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  1. Dev December 10, 2011

    Not really that impressed, but better than Tulisa who showed that she couldn’t sing

  2. oh baby(b****** WILL deal) December 10, 2011


  3. why you mad? December 10, 2011

    Yeah this was a solid performance

  4. osaz December 10, 2011

    My Kelly Oh Kelly!!! This year has brought everything good your way, I bless God!

    @XYZ Thanks for all your love and Support, Kelly is now a WW Brand.

    @Dev she didnt sing for u to be impressed!!!

  5. ashgino December 10, 2011

    to anybody who says or thinks Kelly cant sing and sounds out of breath, I couldn’t disagree w/ you more. That shakyness is just another tool and technique she uses and in it is what makes Kelly Rowland magical, her tone is very delicate and strong at the same time, and her confidence is making her stronger as a live performer!!!! Kelly can be as big as Beyonce w/ the right song choice, and even as a live performer!!

  6. @daRealrastaBwoi December 10, 2011

    OMG,,, Ms Kelly sounding great and happy she is finding a great audience in the UK , i still love her here in the US,,, go Kelly

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi n check out my comments on xfactor Usa this week on my youtube page thx http://www.youtube.com/user/DaChatBoutMr

  7. posh December 10, 2011

    omg kelly can be as big as whitney houston.. i think kelly is still finding her voice… the fact she did not sing in dc .. we didnt see how amazing she is… she needs more balads and her voice is incredible… she shud put this song out as a single… that was the best performance of the series…

  8. Toya December 10, 2011

    YAYEEYAAA I loved it!

  9. ChristinasCOMING December 10, 2011

    You can definitely tell that she is no longer managed by the Knowles’.

    Now Kelly, if you plan on releasing a new album either next year or in 2013, you better f****** promote the hell out of it in the US. I think you should trade places with Nicole so that you can grow more appeal in the US.

    Anyway, Kelly, you continue to rock my socks. I believe with the best team possible, you could gear up to have one hell of a more successful and relevant solo career.

  10. TB December 10, 2011

    Amelia out shouted her. & imo Tulisa’s voice > Kelly’s voice.

  11. lyric commander lee December 10, 2011

    ms kelly better work – great performance – i dont know the song but its good all the same – i can tell she was holding back of course lol it wasnt her performance so i can respect that – she is defienently doing it big and 2012 i know its going to be an even bigger year for her! work!

  12. posh December 10, 2011

    kelly was the star of the show and finished with an hounors … tulisa did a slow song and tried too hard and is the last on the list gary comes after kelly… tulisa no contender… tulisa who?

  13. posh December 10, 2011

    xyz where u at! kelly oooh kelly i feel like a proud mom… im happy to stan for kelly till death do us part

  14. Jamie December 10, 2011

    Kelly and Amelia shut that shyt down!!!! Nuff said!!!

    What was that mess Tulisa and Mix Trix did, a tribute to Alicia Keys? That was a major fail. Kelly got Mix Trix to where they are, and they should thank her daily.

  15. Stephanie December 10, 2011

    Great performance, best performance of the night infact, Amelia should of won

  16. posh December 10, 2011

    that was the performance of the entire xfactor history

  17. muni December 10, 2011

    OMG so proud of Kelly although her act didnt win but she left her stamp on the SHOW she will be missed!!!

    Her voice is getting stronger and stronger AMAZING!!!

    I love you Kelly as an artist and as a person

  18. Independent Thinker December 10, 2011

    WOW!!! Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Tonality. Control. POWER. That performance had it all. This is the Kelly I’ve been waiting to see. Actually it takes me back to her DC days. Kelly may not have been “1st lead” in the group, but when it came to the groups harmonies, Kelly’s was the most distinctive voice. She held it down as the groups resident soprano. Her chest voice is so clear and strong. I love the fact that she can belt without excessive bravado or growls. Although she has a beautiful bravado and can certainly growl, she doesn’t HAVE to hide behind those things because her voice can carry it’s own weight. It’s so pure. I hope these are the kind of vocals she’ll be serving on her next album (which is said to be inspired by that Motown sound). Kelly is taking us back to the days when sangas ruled the charts and I can’t wait.

  19. REAL December 10, 2011

    Yes Amelia and Kelly- Worked it

  20. AuntieJackie December 10, 2011

    Go Kelly!

  21. Seriously!! Why is she still on this album? December 10, 2011

    TB O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tulisa who, waaahhht and where? Tonight Gawd stepped in and hollered “Enough!!!! Y’all have persecuted my child enough”. This whole duet thing was drummed up by Simon to stick the knife in Kelly and have the public think Tulisa was not only a better judge with Little Mix but a better singer as well. Tulisa staged that performance like it was Tulisa and her back ground vocalists instead of showcasing her acts, still it was Jesys bb skills that impressed me more. I thought Gary & Marcus were gonna be a scene stealer but they bored me to tears and the came the milk and white chocolate Tinas…….they had chemistry, vocals and Kelly got the crowd involved like the seasoned performer she is.

    PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT and not a firework, airplane, denim trackie or pointed shoulder pad needed.

  22. Tr December 10, 2011

    *Sigh…just SOOO painfully avergae, from Kelly that is!! I like Amelia’s tone however. Went well with the song!! Save the last note, Kelly’s voice just always seems to fall flat!! (:

  23. Seren December 10, 2011

    That was Awesome!!!!

  24. Nai December 10, 2011

    @ INDEPENDENT THINKER Well said!! I totally agree. This is the absolute best that I have EVER heard Kelly (well this and Endless Love with Lionel Richie).

    Kels does some great “dance” tracks (i.e: David Guetta and Alex Gaudino), but THIS PERFORMANCE?! It was spot on from beginning to end. Also, I liked the fact that she did not dominate the song. Kelly and Amelia were equals. That was classy on Kelly’s part cause like someone else posted, Kelly could have used this moment to showcase more of her own vocals, but she didn’t. Great job ladies!

    P.S.: Kelly’s shoes: Werk

  25. ThankMeLater December 11, 2011


  26. Tc23 December 11, 2011

    Yaaaaaassss kelly!! She jus continues to grow as an artist and performer and is beginning to SAIL past her more succesfful peers yet severely less talented peers.. Its crazy how lil shine she gets when she shits on half the ppl getting hit after hit performance wise .. She and beyonce should be on top together in my opinion

  27. @antertain December 11, 2011

    Really like how they dueted. Complimented eachother.
    Ameila is pop rock so for her to carry this off this song just shows what a MAJOR talent she is.


  28. DOPE NESS December 11, 2011

    ONE OF KELLY’S BEST VOCAL PERFORMANCES EVER!!!… (as stated before). Her control, her range, her presence— everything was spot on. Amelia is a natural belter and I expected her to do the top notes, but Kelly hit those Soprano notes spot on. Their voices complimented each other well. 5 STARS!!!

  29. posh December 11, 2011

    kelly should do tracks like that next album… she has an incredible voice

  30. @GLYNNJE December 11, 2011


  31. Wud it feel the same? December 11, 2011

    Its so obvious that kelly was backing misha n wasnt as involvd with amelia. Such a shame

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