Hot Shots: Luke James Parties With Destiny’s Child

Check out this snap of  rising star  Luke James partying it up Destiny’s Child alum, Kelly Rowland And Michelle Williams in London last night.

In town to generate a buzz for their own projects, Williams and Luke were also at hand to provide Kelly with moral support as she readied her  X Factor UK performance hours before this photo was taken.

More from the night below…


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  1. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 5, 2011


    where’s BEYONCE then ?!

  2. oh baby December 5, 2011

    is it just me but hmm,i love Kelly and all but WHEN did she become that light in complexion? Michelle was/is a shade or 2 darker than Beyonce,and in this picture they look the same complexion (Kelly and Michelle) idk,and then she was always crying about having dark skin and all…idk but Kelly miss girl,what happened? anyway,they look cute!

  3. williNalli December 5, 2011

    Calm ur pipe down. It’s just the camera flash…Anyone that has taken a picture in their lives knows that… 🙂

  4. skintightjeans December 5, 2011

    Is he a little person?

  5. Curtains December 5, 2011

    Michelle looks good!

  6. mhud December 5, 2011

    queen kelly rowland is simply beautiful

  7. YOOSONDALOOSE December 5, 2011

    Michelle and Kelly look so good and happy together, glad to see them together! WOW!
    Love the outfits!

  8. NT December 5, 2011

    Haha when you said Destiny’s Child i thought it was the THREE of them , because Kelly and Michelle are seen together like all the time

  9. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) December 5, 2011


    @OH BABY , the camera flash cld have made her look lighter, and one major factor is that she has been in the UK so much this year a different climate to the US .. So that cld cause her skin complexion to lighten up bcuz its cooler there in the UK ..

  10. V December 5, 2011


  11. oh baby December 5, 2011

    that guy is cute! kinda looks like a cute mix of Kanye,Lloyd and Ne-yo 😉 and @OH BABY,I feel u on that one girl! Kelly looks about the same complexion as Michelle and Michelle has always been light,but whatever,i still love me some Kelly,Bey and Michelle 😀

  12. oh baby December 5, 2011

    lol,meant @lebo LOL,not at myself 😛

  13. KNUCK December 5, 2011

    Who gave Michelle the squirrel tea around ha neck?! deaddd.. Love her and Kelly!

  14. KNUCK December 5, 2011
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