Kelly Rowland Teases “Motown” Inspired New Album

Published: Saturday 10th Dec 2011 by Sam

With the X Factor merely a day away from wrapping, judge Kelly Rowland is getting ready to return to the day job.

First on the agenda, it seems, is the follow-up to this year’s ‘Here I Am’, which Rowland revealed may boast a ‘Motown’ sound.

Details after the jump…

The 30 year old’s comments came during an interview at the unveiling of her partnership with TW Steel this week. Peep the clip below (skip to 1.26 mark):


While it was hoped ‘Here I Am’ would be the album to push Kelly into new commercial ground, it has instead served as the strongest of foundations for her to really “break out” next go round (very much on a ‘need to’ basis). And while a Motown-inspired record is a great look (especially if done right), we’ll wait until material from the actual LP manifests before casting judgement or wholly buying into the idea. For, as history has taught us -time in and time out-nothing’s final until it’s final.

That said, would you be open to a Kelly Rowland ‘Motown-esque’ LP?

Your thoughts? 


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  1. ThankMeLater December 10, 2011

    YESS! I think it would be hot!. i’m so over dance tracks. Can’t wait Kelly <3

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN December 10, 2011

    Lmao everybody is doing great now :kelly rih jcole kayne jay …….but Beyonce.They fooled her with the advices to fire her father 🙄

    Good job kelly,more power to you 🙂

  3. quanberg December 10, 2011

    Anything Kelly Rowland i’m down for

  4. WHUT December 10, 2011

    While it was hoped ‘Here I Am’ would be the album to push Kelly into new commercial ground, it has instead served as the strongest of foundations for her to really “break out” next go round



  5. Ade A December 10, 2011

    Why does Rihanna get slated for churning out albums yet you’re eagerly anticipating Kelly’s new album. I’m not a Rihanna stan but the double standards on this site is wack! KMT!!!

  6. LOL December 10, 2011


  7. AndroidGirl December 10, 2011

    YES go for it Kelly, i would buy anything she does and I think this would be brilliant! if its done right…she just needs to have a nice balance to make it current but still give that old school feel.

  8. Lola December 10, 2011

    Caint Wait!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lola December 10, 2011

    Cant***** lol

  10. cray December 10, 2011

    Kelly…i am here for you!…can’t wait for the new album

  11. SHESDUMB:4 DIDNT FLOP IT JUST…..UM…. December 10, 2011


  12. Y35 December 10, 2011

    Didnt solange flop from doing that back in 08

  13. Jamie December 10, 2011

    You mean to tell me y’all hate on ideas too? Now that’s just sad. Do you Kelly. I know I’m down for it. Roll on 2012!!!

  14. AuntieJackie December 10, 2011

    Go Kelly….Go!

  15. Girrrl December 11, 2011

    Kelly does not have the it factor.she can be.given.hit songs and still churn out a flop album.
    Here I am flopped
    Here deluxe. Flopped harder
    Here I am international didn’t even really take off. #56?! it. Up!!!

  16. lyric commander lee December 11, 2011

    my chick better bring it – i for one will support whatever ms kelly chooses to do – as long as she puts her heart into it then im game

  17. lol2 December 11, 2011

    You mean to tell me y’all hate on ideas too? Now that’s just sad. Do you Kelly. I know I’m down for it. Roll on 2012!!!

    Ok im done with these fagots on here hating it didnt even come out yet, let a lone recorded yet sad yall need help this is not yall career this is hers stupids!!!!!!lol go kelly!

  18. Jamie December 11, 2011


    And Kelly continues!!! That’s why I love the girl. No matter what people do or say, she remains humble. They should really take notes.

  19. VA STAND UP!! December 11, 2011

    Awww! She looks really cute in that pic. She has a really big smile, showing a lot gums too. *shrugs*

    Anywho, I respect any artist who just won’t give up and keeps pushing. It’s obvious she really wants this and I guess it is best that she just moves on to another project seeing as how ‘Here I Am’ has pretty much completely flopped.
    I hate to admit it but I just don’t think her career is ever really gonna take off. I mean she got a huge buzz off of ‘Motivation’ and she rode that wave for as long as she could but unfortunately for her it didn’t really generate any sales. Well, at least she got a Grammy nomination out of it. *shrugs*

    Good luck to her anyways.

  20. why you mad? December 11, 2011

    Like what about the sounds of Motown will we be hearing?

  21. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 11, 2011

    @SAM :

    so when YOUR KELLY release a FLOPping album every year , it is OK !

    BUT when rihanna is the ONE involved u shade HER !! ?

    REALLY @SAM ?! are u that dumb ?!

    that’s prove you ARE mad ” as a kelly stan” that RIHANNA is doing great when she’s doing it BUT your kelly :

    you are right , even if kelly is gonna release an FLOPPING album every WEEK , it doesn’t matter , you know WHY ?!

    because no one GIVE a f*** about her in the first place so releasing albums , for her, is already an INEFFECTIVE !

    she got NO fanbase , for god sake look at the ppl who commented in this post , where are her stans ” minus one or two ppl ” ?!!!

    do you think a new album will make a difference ?! and a R&FLOP one too ?!

    unless her next song is with a mega successful rapper as LIL wayne , she won’t achieve anything and will keep SHITTING albums till one finally do 1/2 what her label desire !!!

    she can get hot men in her vids , strip on covers of mags while she’s 30 Y.o with songs like ” nasty girl” and statements like ” i don’t sell s**” !

    she can do whatever , and she will still be a desperate FLOP !!

    NO MATTER what u do to try make us believe she is happening , it won’t happen unless she want to be a f*****’ serious superstar , not enjoying being in the shadow of BEYONCE and other rappers who GIVE LIFE / grab attention to her without them it will flop- TYPE of SONGS !!

    she really didn’t GO SOLO for me !!! especially when ALL her greatest HITS ” if she has any” is with OTHER ppl !!! where is her Independence ?!!

    and about releasing a R&B album :

    sorry dumbass , if beyonce can not bring it to life , no one can , no kelly , not other h*** i could care less about mentioning their names , and that’s my opinion !

    at 30 Y.O , half of her lIFE in the business ” 15 years” , SHE STILL struggling to get anything !
    she can blame her race , blame being in the most successful BLAH BLAH group and other INVALID reasons to justify her failure !

    but that won’t change any damn thing , SHE’S A FLOP ! and rihanna , the one who’s a strong fan of Dc3 ” beyonce and her tone-deaf sisters” , is DOING better ! and it’s time for KELLY to learn from rihanna after them lectures riri gave to her considering ” I LOVE LUD ALBUM ” , ” LION which is WMN part 3 ” etc…..

    do NOT ever shade rihanna while knowing those FACTS above @sam 😡 !!!!

    you are a kelly stan , i don’t know how YOU are still alive/survive with a DISEASE like that !? 😆

  22. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 11, 2011

    and this b**** NEXT Album should be in the genre of DANCE !

    R&B is DEAD !

    AND UNLESS you are beyonce or USHER , your album WILL FLOP ” EVEN THOSE 2 had FLOPPED ALBUMS which were to give credit , R&B masterpieces like ” here i stand and the POP/R&b- fused album “4” ”

    so KELLY , gurl , your LABEL will be crying if u released this album ! cuz we all know it will flop !

    if songs like ” motivation” and “commander” didn’t carry “here i FLOPPED” , then why do u think this one will ” considering the above reasons i mentioned ” ?!!!!

    think again , you are 30 Y.o ! u got NO time to FLOP again , it will be SAD to watch !

  23. arie December 11, 2011

    I was hoping she was gonna do that when she signed with this label. That sound will fit perfectly with her voice then the real Kelly will come out. The Here I am era is the faze that she had to go through like every other 30 year old except for many of us it happened in our early 20’s so she is still on the right track and this move could probably prolong her career as a peformer. I wish she could work with some of the 90’s writers and she must start writing again. I believe that she has got something to say and that something is worth listening to.

  24. Bey’knight December 11, 2011

    @pop royalty

    Smh why do u have a hard time dealing with the fact that Sam prefers Kelly over Rihanna? U can call her a flop and every other name in d book n praise Rihanna high up to the firmaments but when it comes down to it, it’s all about principle. It takes ALOT to make a mainstream artist successful infact u have no idea the kind of machine behind the big names in music. Artists arent successful solely based on their merit/talent and rihanna is a great example of that and so is Madonna. U obviously love riding coat-tails of ppl like em n dats fine but u cant expect everyone else (Sam) to stand for what u stand for. Kelly may not be commercially impressive but she’s persevering, experimenting, learning, grinding and growing as a person, she has a personality n she’s doin what she loves and of course, she’s makong bank so its not like she’s struggling financially. I respect Kelly as im sure Sam does too and i’ll take Kelly over Rihanna any day i dont care how many no1s she has, she dint come this far cus of her talent n hardwork nope, she lucked out. Def jam dropped other girls (C. Milian etc) so they cud invest in her, it coulda been any other girl n u’d get same results as Rih brings nothing special/unique to d table.

    Bey has been getting flack for 4 era, poor mgmt n all n maybe dats true but ive more respect for her now more than ever. I can honestly say she’s a credible artist. She had a perfectly oiled machine, a working formula that guarantees hits n great era. To take over the reins, record an album of depth, shun radio fare…this is someone who had d most top 10 in d last decade, she has lot of balls and she is right; there are many ways to define success. If Bey never releases an album again, she’ll be proud 4 saw the light of day.

    My point is real artists have goals besides chart success n sales. Mariah Carey saud she’ll always make music, even if it was just for herself, she loves what she does. If Adele was fickle she would be preppin a follow-up album now, Sade took 10 yrs btw albums, Prince released a free album etc there’s something to be said for INTEGRITY.

  25. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 11, 2011

    I agree with Arie. I think she has something to say, too. She’s hidden behind everything, split from Mathew Knowles, becoming independent etc and not said anything about it. How then can her fans relate to her story…Adele is selling like crazy!

    MOTOWN!!!!! That’s the way to go! That would be far more similar to her first album which showcased her voice and music the best. See, “Haven’t Told You”, “Simply Deep”, “Heaven”, “Obsession”, “Every Time You Walk Out That Door”, “Beyond Imagination”. Shame none of THOSE singles were released!!!

    This era has been marred by overtly sexual desperation and nonsense RnB tracks that she is FAR beyond!!! See, “Lay It On Me”, great art direction in the video…tacky s** scenes and song!!!

    That said, we musn’t forget how PIONEERING Kelly has been. SHE was the first to work with Rich Harrisson and SHE was the first to work with David Guetta. Her dance tracks are legendary and she is Donna Summer !!! I just wish she’d return to some original music with real heart. “What A Feeling” and “WhenLove Takes Over”touch me like no other songs she’s done alongside the SImply Deep tracks. Throw in “Love”, “This Is Love”, “No Man, No Cry” and “Gotsta Go” from the second album too.

    Sam, you need to be fair, though. What’s Rihanna doing that Kelly isn’t? We all know who’s the better artist and has more talent but I’ll throw this out there:

    Aside Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson the best singer, vocalist and performer/dancer out there is Kelly Triene Rowland!!!

    Peace Out!

  26. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 11, 2011

    Actually, lemme add. She has received Grammy, Soul Train and American Music Award nominations from this era so it’s increased her exposure in America but she doesn’t seem to be capitalising on it!!! She didn’t even rally support for her to win the AMA!!! Didn’t she wanna compete with her “Sister” Bey!!! C’mon GIrl!!!

  27. Teyah December 11, 2011

    Hmmmm looks like another flop album is going to be added to Ms Kelly’s résumé. Motown? really? She needs to make more s*** slow jams like Motivation! That is her true sound! This ‘Here I Am’ era would’ve done great if she just focused her music career in the US only! Instead she wants to have worldwide success (the only reason she became a judge on X Factor UK). But she failed at that. Here I Am debuted #56 on the UK Albums Chart lol. What a joke!

  28. Teyah December 11, 2011


    ‘4’ has sold 956k since it was released in June (close to selling a million), while ‘Here I Am’ still hasn’t passed 200k lol. Beyonce is still winning!

  29. jill December 11, 2011

    IDK, dance music is dying out slowly, so maybe this a good thing.

  30. muse December 11, 2011

    anything is better than that hot mess album ‘Here I Am’. She needs to make a concept album where the record is important bc song writing process goes outside the box to make a statement. Not just the same old crap they keep making her sing. Here I am relied on every overdone urban cliché just for a hit. It worked but none of the material is timeless. It is better to make a grammy nominated album that no one knows about; than to make a radio friendly record that no one can stand.

  31. muni December 11, 2011

    OMG Im so ready for this new ALBUM already!!


  32. YOOSONDALOOSE December 11, 2011

    I think we need this, this sounds like a good idea, she could do well with this.

  33. Ashley December 11, 2011

    I agree Lyric

  34. Boopi December 11, 2011

    Kelly, if you do this, then this may be the very first album of yours that I actually might buy. Please do this. Music NEEEEEEDS this. I’m so glad that you put it out there like that because no one is doing this right now and we know you had the idea first. Maybe others will copy, or follow, and we can get back to the essence of what MUSIC is.

    I feel so bad for this generation and what they call music because when they get older and look back on the music of there youth (today’s music) they are going to be left with no classics. Just a bunch of “I can’t believe I used to like that” songs.

  35. ashgino December 11, 2011

    as long as Bee dont drop one again when Kelly decided to put her own out

  36. Sleazy December 14, 2011

    Wow @Bey Knight I take my hat off to you!! @Pop where u at? Riri fans are so Bout sales but really if you think bout it She only has her songs going for her Not album sales

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