Kelly Rowland Weighs In On Gay Fans

Published: Wednesday 28th Dec 2011 by David

Behind every Pop diva trying  make her mark on the ever changing world that is music are a troupe of loyal supporters ready to fight tooth and nail in defense both she and her craft.

Now, ‘Motivation‘ beauty Kelly Rowland has shared her thoughts on her fan base, more specifically- her gay supporters and how she truly feels about the impact they have had on her lengthy career.

Find out what she said below…

According to Female First, she explained:

There is so much unconditional love, and I appreciate that it has been so amazing. When I went to G-A-Y I was so overwhelmed with the love that I almost teared up.


My gay fans are the reason I’m here, you know what I mean. For me, the gay community provides so much strength and I really say this with from the heart.


Your thoughts?

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  1. bobbik December 28, 2011

    i love Kelly Rowland! =] she is a real artist and true performer. her nd Bey had the same teachers! the gays. lol i love anyone of the three DC girls.

  2. ME MYSELF AND I December 28, 2011

    I see no lies here. <3 you kels

  3. MissImpartial December 28, 2011

    These artists never acknowledged gay fans before but now when it is manly gay fans buying music they all falling over themselves to say how much they love and value them. They know the gay fanbase now is one of the most important ones. They are using the gay people. Not hating just stating a fact.

  4. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 28, 2011

    I may not be a big fan of Kelly, but no one can deny, she is such a sweet person.

  5. I.D. December 28, 2011

    Dead news day, obviously.

  6. pop royalty ( I Do The Wiggle Wiggle ) December 28, 2011

    if your career can’t get into the next level , USE THE GAYS . #FACT

    ask madonna , lady Xerox , etc …..

    they will eat your s*** UP . and u will get into the next level 🙄

    and kelly , you are speaking about loving your gay fans , LOVE is ACTIONS , not words mama , talk is cheap.

    what’s the proof she loves her gay fans 🙄 ?!

    and she said ” they are the reason i’m here” ?! 🙄

    u forgot about god as well ..

    the chick is 10000000% lOsT !! 🙄

    P.s : i am Not GAY.

  7. ChristinasCOMING December 28, 2011


    My sentiments exactly. I love Kelly. She’s my fav one from DC. It’s like the same thing as Beyonce saying that she was referring to the “gays” when she said “Who run the world, girls!”

    Using my community to capitalize on your success. For some it works (Lady Gaga) but for others it just makes them look desperate.

    I’m not saying that Kelly doesn’t love gay people but why is everybody JUST NOW coming out with their sentiments on us?

  8. MissImpartial December 28, 2011

    Exactly!!! Never heard any artist talk about their gay fans before but now they can’t stop doing so and the female singers go as far as call themselves as bisexual. Even the rappers are softening about the gay fans and talk about it. They know that you need the gay fans to be a big seller!!!

  9. X,Y,”and Z” December 28, 2011

    @TGJ staff —

    Er.. ’bout that “unconditional love”; just WHERE is it? If you can drop a hint, throw us a sign; maybe, send up a flair/ a smoke signal?!

    I mean ANYTHING: <–NO "love" – let alone "UNconditional love" thereabouts!

    *scans horizon for more 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland "unconditional-gay love"*
    ..Nothing yet: theofficialcharts(dotcom)/albums-chart/ <–T-H-E "OFFICIAL" U.K. Chart. After now, some 7-weeks since debuting at #56, then a "slight show of life" upwards to #63, "Here I am" now free-falls to #65.. With a gruesome, grizzly, sure-to-draw-rubberneckers-faceplant-into-sidewalk "end"; soon, sure to follow!

    Peculiar thing 'bout.."gravity": it has the 'sobering' property of "relieving" dreamers their delusions, while simultaneously giving the all-too-brief illusion of…'flight'..

    "Roadkill"..!! "Is that a human body? I couldn't tell!"

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!!

  10. jezzz December 28, 2011

    she has been to gay prides in the last 2 years , so she’s not talking out of her ass.. She has worked with the gay community n she had done showcases in gay clubs as well… Kelly Rowland she’s awesome !! N true artist…

  11. ChristinasCOMING December 28, 2011

    @ JEZZZ-

    Going to gay pride 2 years in a row doesn’t make you a supporter more than me showing my support to Lady Gaga (sarcasm) . Doing showcases in the gay club doesn’t make you stand out any more than standing in a garage makes you cadillac.

    If you really love your gay fans and are all HOLY JESUS about them then get your ass out in the community and help fight for their rights!

  12. Chelle December 28, 2011

    @ X Y AND Z shut the f*** up ….. that album was released several months in the US before it was released in the UK and the UK tracklisting was the same so everyone in the uk had heard or downloaded the album before it was officially reeleased PROOF –

  13. Bey’knight December 28, 2011

    2 ppl are being petty. Shes not calling herself a gay icon for Petes sakez. Ever since DC she’s had gay fans, performed at gay clubs. She doesnt have music exclusively LGBT like Gaga does but every mainstream female would be dumb if they dint kno they had gay following. And for the one that mentioned Bey, Bey did an interview with that same LGBT publication in 2008 for IASF era so get ur facts together. Kelly prolly went there cus she was asked Watchu want her to say, i dont care for gays?

    She’s was in G-A-Y several times this year durin xfactor’s run. This is no different than Gaga acknowledgin urban community when she went on BET. its just a paragraph, yall bein extra and that includes u @Pop, stop bein a cyber bully 😉

    • Jessica Truth be Told June 5, 2012

      So true @ Bey’Knight: She took a moment to acknowledge her fan base. Appreciated and move on. Its not that serious. I am a heterosexual and even I can appreciate her response to a question that was asked of her about her gay fan base.

  14. @4evermelvin December 28, 2011

    my favorite unreleased Brandy songs are Freedom, List, one thing, porcelain doll, believer, too little too late (solo), stand back, maximum risk, bet u didnt know, and feels so good oh and today

  15. Girrrl December 28, 2011

    The words Kelly and fans should never be put in the same sentence. Not with those p*** poor sales of Here I Flopped.

  16. X,Y,”and Z” December 28, 2011

    @Chelle re: 2:52 pm —

    “everyone in the uk had heard or downloaded the album before it was officially reeleased”

    And “Here I am” was ALSO released in the U.K. via Amazon U.K. weeks before. But it then: FAILED to make the charts.

    So now, the “reason” she so spectacularly failed is due to the fact that she had released the CD in the U.S. first?! Given that tortured, convoluted, poorly constructed rational, several of 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland’s contemporaries, who’d released CDs in the U.S. THEN U.K., should’ve then ALSO have failed in said dramatic, and pungent manner: ‘Loud’, “No Boys Allowed”, “4”. So, you see, they’ve been several recent releases from the contemporaries of 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland that were also “skewed” in their release dates, and they hadn’t performed as poorly as your fave!

    But, of all the aforementioned, more successful than “Here I am”, releases (artists), it’s ONLY YOUR FAVE who’s had the advantage of being a ‘sitting judge’ on a WILDLY popular, weekly-seen U.K. TV-Talent show.

    NOT ONLY was she given the “ALL mighty” podium of said U.K. X-Factor, as a “weekly-seen sitting judge/mentor”, but she was then blessed to be placed on one of 2011’s most talked-about tours: Chris Brown’s ‘FAME Tour’.

    ..True to form, the 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, FAILED to utilize said platform/opportunity!

    How many times does your fave get to “fail upwards”..??

    ..Why does SHE get so many “bites at the apple”?? How long till Universal/Motown fires her, as Colombia/Music World Entertainment did? Maybe now, after they’ve witnessed her being “handed the keys to the kingdom”, and for her to now “consort with the dregs” they’ll also too come to a “motivated” decision and “terminate all affiliations” with her?

    As it stands, it seems “hope, indeed, springs eternal” and, so too, does “skin tone guilt”.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  17. Maurice Williams Sr December 28, 2011

    You never know where your support group come from in the music industry come from. WORLD WIDE ENTERTAIMENT!!

  18. june December 28, 2011

    This is nothing new, for DECADES gay people have loved their Divas from Diana Ross/Pati Labelle to Janet Jackson/Madonna and now the new generation. I don’t think Kelly is exploiting the gay community. She’s always been supportive. When you are in the industry, you kinda have to be. Choreographers/Dancers, makeup artists, stylists, photographers, etc etc. There are so many openly gay people working behind the scenes to make your favorite DIVA relevant.

  19. june December 28, 2011

    @4evermelvin. I love Brandy’s Freedom and The List. She has so many good unreleased tracks.

  20. common December 28, 2011


    • Jessica Truth be Told June 5, 2012

      True Christians do not pass judgment. They leave that task to GOD. Kelly is not a homosexual! But she is not judging individuals who are. When the time comes God Will judge All. How do you stack up? Do you think you are worthy of entering the pearly gates of heaven? Are you with out flaws and do you really think God is well pleased with you?

  21. arie December 28, 2011

    The only reason her cd didn’t do so well is becoz she does not want to fully embrace her dance music. She stayed loyal to the audience that is not loyal to her. She should release a dance album and let the urban community miss her, the US market is not for her so let Beyonce handlÉ that side. She need to realise that she is an international star and stop seeking approval

  22. Chile Please!!! December 28, 2011


  23. X,Y,”and Z” December 28, 2011

    Kelly Rowland, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, is T-H-E preeminent loser who quickly tenders her “woe-is-thy-dark-skin” lamentation; but only to further her brand! She’s neither “singer”, “dancer”; nor possesses any discernible talents; not in any meaningful or “working” sense of the word.

    30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, is nothing short of a GRIFTER! She’s a highly skilled “confidence artist”. She’s an expert at “worming” her way into the better graces of others with her ‘down home’ “awe shucks” demeanor.

    ..She’s a user! She’s a LOSER! She’s a no-account “duplicitous old school skin-game” pimp!!

    So again I’ll ask: Just how many times; how many chances do we give the 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland?

    Let’s take a brief look at her “chart work” since our knowing of her as a “solo artist”:
    2002 – ‘Simply Deep’ – 77K (therebouts) first week. some 2x WW Platinum.
    2007 – ‘Ms. Kelly’ – 86K first week, but, to date, only some 200K U.S. less-than Platinum WW.
    2010 – ‘Here I am’ – 77K first week now, almost some 20 Weeks, just past 200k Units U.S. moved!

    The tread here is declining CD sales, both WW AND U.S. domestic. With each, then, successive CD released, we’ve seen only declining sales. And now she’s a sitting judge on one of T-H-E most watched, weekly talent TV U.K. shows. And what does she do with this most coveted/prized of assignments/monikers? NOTHING! That’s what!

    Time to send this..this..huckster – ‘snake oil Kelly’ – packing!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  24. Phittedphilly December 28, 2011

    Yessss Kelly!! We love you back! Muah!

  25. HALF AMAZIN December 29, 2011

    Kelly has no swag. Not hating just stating. The “it” factor just isn’t there.

  26. truth teller December 29, 2011

    XY and Z, Shut the f*** up you twat! Kelly is amazing!

  27. X,Y,”and Z” December 29, 2011

    @Truth Teller re: 12:32 pm —

    I’ll “shut the f*** up,” when you buy your copy of “Here I am”.

    ..Do we have a deal?

    And now, months-on-end, since being released,ONLY ‘just-over 200K’ WORLD WIDE..?!!

    ..I already know you’re NOT a..(wait for it…)..”MOTIVATED” ‘Rowdog. And while you’re here, running your mouth/barking at the shadows, your fave sobs in silence – her fans/supporters leaving her in total abandonment and ruin..

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  28. Laurie December 29, 2011

    something that I don’t get why is there a need to ackweledge your gay fan base ? a music lover is just a person period who gives a damn your sexual orientation?, what has a sexual orientation has to do with music N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Music is for everybody so I don’t now why having all this special treatment for one category of people. When an artist refer to her or his fans, gay people should feel included and stop that with that acknowledgment crap

  29. truth teller December 29, 2011

    X,Y “and Z” you are evil and the biggest dickhead in the world. I bought Here l am and let me tell you something you idiot THE ALBUM IS VERY GOOD. She is still building her fan-base. Just shut up if you don’t like her why waste your time following her? You use your a*** to think don’t you d***-head? Now go to hell with your smelly a*** you evil twat! Dedicating your life on hatred! You are pathetic! Grow up!

  30. truth teller December 29, 2011

    Xy and z you need to grow up love. You can’t spend your life hating on someone who has not done anything wrong to you. If you hate her why follow her stories? You are just evil and full of s***! Grow up!

  31. NickinVein December 31, 2011

    I’m less interested in the article then the pathetic haters’ comments. Seriously, WTF X W “and Z” ? Sad… sad… sad. When was the last time you shifted 200,000 units of ANYTHING… well besides calories I’m guessing? The only person I can imagine hating a beautiful, talented, successful young woman like Kelly Rowland is a fat, lazy, unattractive troll of a person.

  32. Musiqluvr January 1, 2012

    Beautifully put, Kelly. I feel every word. Idk why ppl wish to take it out of context. & ppl have the nerve to down her sales & confidence yet theyre online lurkin for stories on her just to hate…. my bad I mean state “facts”… lol no I meant hate. If u dont care for something or someone wat relevance does your comment hold? Why would u even WANT to waste your time speakin on it? & I get wat she meant. She can relate. & she was respondin to questions u asses. It wasn’t somethin she just brought up.

  33. Jessica Truth be Told June 5, 2012

    Do your thing Kelly. Haters come in all shapes, sizes, genders and creed. Keep doing you girl. And keep recognizing your fan base whether they are black, white, Asian or other; Male, Female, Teenager, Adult, homosexual or hetosexual.

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