Mariah Carey Plays On ‘Diva’ Persona In New Jenny Craig Ad

Published: Tuesday 27th Dec 2011 by David


As the new face of weight loss initiative Jenny Craig, Pop whistler Mariah Carey seems to have succeeded in her efforts to maintain her new and improved figure in support of her deal with the company.

Now, the maestra has unveiled a new commercial with the brand which sees her unleash the full force of oft admired diva persona to the sounds of her classic jam ‘Make it Happen’.


Tuck in below…

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  1. JohnVidal December 27, 2011

    haha Mimi is hilarious! I want new music so bad

  2. Shaquannamenesha December 27, 2011


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  3. Yo MAMA December 27, 2011



  4. Gus December 27, 2011

    The diva is coming….

  5. B Lamont December 27, 2011

    Well I guess every good endorsement has to have it’s sexually charged opposite. I mean, could they have at least let her speak and talk about how it works??? She looks great, but so what? The commercial is awful, which I really don’t blame on Mariah. I fault Jenny completely!

  6. Theman December 27, 2011


  7. bobby d December 27, 2011

    thats what im talkin bout!

    work in on out Mimi!

    I like this new commercial

  8. YOOSONDALOOSE December 27, 2011

    She looked amazing, she is working it, and I love that song! Woo!

  9. LAX December 27, 2011

    WE WANT NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! She better hurry up and take over 2012

  10. hannah December 27, 2011

    somehow the commercial looks awkwarad and mariah still doesn’t look trim, still a bit pudgy no connection to weight loss

  11. Rihannastan December 27, 2011

    Janet’s commercial for NutriSystem is leaps and bounds better; besides, they digitally photoshop Mariah to death. She really needs to stop with all the photoshopping and fake studio vocals.

    Just come to a truce that ur voice is no longer that great, and ur body has aged

  12. Matty December 27, 2011

    Love that ‘Make it Happen’ Remix!

  13. Malay December 27, 2011

    Haterz haterz haterz…she’s hot and she is hotter than beyonce dispite being 10 years older and 100% more talented in every way…..she is HOT…..And will show these HOEZ how itz done

  14. Ridi December 28, 2011

    She’s like a parody of herself now. WHat the hell was that?????? Does she realize she looks ridiculous??/

  15. Alicia P December 28, 2011

    Fake, wack and trash!!!!

  16. morgat December 28, 2011

    mariah love u so much and waiting for new music!!!!!!!

  17. morgat December 28, 2011

    don’t compare mariah and beyonce!!!
    mariah is a diva!! and the best vocalist off all time!!!!

    beyonce screaming like a cat!

  18. just sayin December 28, 2011

    I am the biggest and original Mariah fan. period. i keep it real and dont stan. I find it so funny that you all compare Mariah, in a negative way, to people like Beyonce, RiRi, and Janet. NONE of them should be compared in this list. The other thing is ALL this hate you throw around to each other, saying your fav is this, and a legend aint that, making it seem they are competing, when the truth is,THESE GIRLS ARE FRIENDS and text each other on the holidays. they repsect Mariah. If you ask Rihanna, she would say she loves Mariah. If you ask Beyonce, she would say she Idolizes her. Yes Mariah does look foolish, but thats Mariah, no rythm, but writes and sings great music. YOu all should really stop with nasty comments, its so childish, and honestly you all sound a little dumb.

  19. just sayin December 28, 2011

    one more thing, no matter how much you all say mariah needs to sit dowm, she is a has been. her career is fine. its like whitney houston, she is WHITNEY HOUSTON. This is MARIAH CAREY. She has done some great things in the music industry. She HAS REAL NUMBER ONES (you know the number ones that stay on the charts for weeks into months) When she is introduced, dont they say ONE OF THE NUMBER ONE SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. Doesn’t she have 2 diamond albums BACK2BACK (Music Box and Day Dream). Doesnt she have timeless music ie HERO, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, VISION OF LOVE. Isnt she PRAISED by the music industry and countless Legends who, I am sorry, put shame on your favs, ie Patti labelle, Oprah, etc RESPECT MARIAH AND ENJOY UR FAVS. FOR THEY ALL “BORROW” FROM MARIAH. Rihanna has an album out every year now, who that sound like, Mariah. Only thing is, Mariah SOLD AND SOLD WELL. If you listen to Beyonce sing, ie 4. same formula of Mariah Carey and the emancipation of MiMi….I DONE

  20. Dunk December 28, 2011

    I Love it cos it’s Mariah! lol, However Janets ad for Nutrisystem is out of this world!

  21. NYC-Superstar December 28, 2011

    This commercial is comical and horrible. She looks ok but she is far from slammin. Janet’s Nutrisystem commercial and Jennifer’s Weight Watchers commercial slay Mariah’s commecial without effort. Sorry Lambs!

  22. Michael December 28, 2011

    Some of you should really be comedians with the comments you post. Saying Jennifer Hudson’s commercial is better then Mariah’s??? Puhleeeeeease, once Mariah steps into a room, Jennifer Hudson has NO CHANCE! Janet is ok but she is definetely still chubby and the way she goes from really fat to trim and skinny so quick, I dont doubt she has other tricks up her sleeve. Mariah is a true inspiration! After just having twins and her body is close to being how it was in the 90’S, woman should feel inspired 🙂 She’s THE DIVA! How many times can we hear that STUPID jennifer hudson weight watchers theme song? Gimmie a break!

  23. @4evermelvin December 28, 2011

    my favorite unreleased Brandy songs are Freedom, List, one thing, porcelain doll, believer, too little too late (solo), stand back, maximum risk, bet u didnt know, and feels so good oh and today

  24. unknownlol December 28, 2011

    she simply needs to sit her old ass down… and she still looks meaty to me!!

  25. I.M.O. January 2, 2012

    I give Mariah credit for losing the baby weight. Yes she is a diva and will always been known as one but she is getting old. In fact a bit to old to be wearing that outfit. She isn’t in her 20’s anymore and I’m sorry her figure is nowhere near her figure from the 90’s. I know alot of you out there are huge Mariah fans and thats fine but stop the denial…she’s still beefy (too beefy for that skimpy outfit). Her belly button looks weird as well. She lost over 70 pounds and her stomach is super tight with no stretch marks? I live in the real world, what about you?? No way was the weight loss all Jenny….I say maybe a tummy tuck along with Jenny. I say congrats on the baby weight loss but lets wear something more age appropriate and classy!

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