Nicki Minaj Releases Barbie Doll

Published: Friday 2nd Dec 2011 by David


It’s going down down Barbie- pushing a Pink Ferrari

Say what you will about  Nicki Minaj‘s animated vocal style and ‘unorthodox’ fashions, but when it comes to  branding, there is simply no way you can deny her skill.

For, as a way of capitalizing on her already lucrative ‘Barbie’ persona, she has teamed up with Mattel to release a limited edition Nicki Minaj Doll in a bid to raise money for Project Angel Food, which provides meals for men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.


More below,courtesy of NecoleBitchie





On the partnership, Mattel explained:

Barbie is obviously a pop culture icon. She’s been in the spotlight for over 50 years, and strikes that chord with girls of all ages in terms of being representative of the times. And Nicki is a big part of pop culture and also huge within the fashion industry, as well as a big Barbie fan.

It’s really exciting for us that she’s been so generous to allow us to create this one-of-a-kind doll to support such an important cause.



We wonder if these dolls come  with a killer flow and  interchangeable ‘assets’.

Your thoughts?


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  1. TYLER December 2, 2011

    I know what to get my friend for Christmas

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN December 2, 2011

    Go nicki,at least she has her s*** together.Nicki is about her brand and career.

    she is not 2nd to anybody or being managed by retarded sons of b******.

    Go nicki,cute dolls sis

  3. millhouse954 December 2, 2011


  4. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    Even tho Lil’ Kim pioneered this image in female rap.. she gets no homage no nothing right. Nicki studied what kim did.. stole the concept.. and now she gets a barbie doll made after her ??
    it goes to show.. F*** being original.. be a copycat and a swagger jacker and you will PROSPER …

  5. BarbieWorld December 2, 2011

    no malibu
    the message here is this- even if you arent completely original- going hard, staying focused and being strategic will always help you beat your enemies

    How are you mad at Nicki for being smart enough to do what Lil Kim was too stupid to do herself.

  6. Dev December 2, 2011

    Good on Nikki. I’m not a fan and i think she is overrated but she gets props for the cause this is done for.
    As fr the Lil’ Kim comments. Kim was too busy focusing on carving up her face and bleaching to be focused on being relevant so as they say “you snooze, you loose” and Kim did. She needs to sit her Madame Tussauds face down one and for all.

  7. jamir21 December 2, 2011


  8. BarbieWorld December 2, 2011

    Pay Pals- can i ask you a question:

    If you say Nicki Minaj is fake and that she stole her entire persona from Kim- aren’t you then admitting that Lil Kim is fake too- since you say she ‘birthed’ Nicki.

    Just a question.

  9. BarbieWorld December 2, 2011

    That is the line that sums up Kims career.

    ‘She was snoozing- so she stays loosing’

  10. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011


    i always thought that if you create your OWN art you will be successful and be ahead of the pack. but it seems that when you STEAL another persons ideas and concepts you become really succesful QUICK.. nicki has truly taught me a lesson.. im not even going to bother being original anymore.. ima just copy people now.. she’s a testament to the fact that stealing and copying gurantees you success.. in nicki’s case GROUND BREAKING SUCCESS…
    “its better to fail in originality than to succeed in IMITATION” – Michael Jackson

  11. I’ma have to send her back to her maker December 2, 2011

    Yeah lil kim made the barbie first but don’t get mad at nicki for doing it better and making it popular. Do you get mad at kim for being a sexual pioneer in hiphop when other ladies such as hwa did that before her? I mean ppl are always gonna reinvent ideas and make it better. That’s life. To be honest nicki looks more like a barbie than kim ever did. I applaud kim for paving way for nicki but damn just let this beef go and be happy for nicki. She is doing this for a GOOD CAUSE which is charity. Remember that.

  12. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    im not mad at all.. i believe in charity 100 % and i encourage that.. im HAPPY shes doing that..
    see where im coming from for a min..
    Lil’ Kim is basically blackballed.. everyone hates her and dont wna work with her basically.
    Nicki .. studied Kim from day 1..used her as a platform to get to where she is now..
    nicki pays Beyonce,Taylor Switf and many others HOMAGE but not KIM.
    Call it what u want but nicki is a theif. How can u steal another persons concepts/ideas .. THRIVE but not pay homage or even shout her out.. its sad..nicki is loved for what others did NOT HER.

  13. BarbieWorld December 2, 2011

    malibu, i love how you didnt answer my question.

    If Nicki COPIED Lil Kim and Nicki is FAKE, doesnt that make LIL KIM fake by default.

  14. jamir21 December 2, 2011

    Lil Kim made a barbie line ?????

    *blank stare*

  15. NickiLuv December 2, 2011

    Lil Kim did NOT rock the Barbie image like Nicki did/ Kim mentioned being the ‘Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari’ in one of her songs but that”s it. She did not carry or market herself as a Barbie! So yea she snoozed and stay losing!

  16. Justathought December 2, 2011

    It’s only 1 doll not a line and it’s for charity so kudos to that!

  17. Layla December 2, 2011

    @BARBIEWORLD No it doesn’t cause Kim started it.Nicki copied Kim so how would Kim be fake.Kim is original and Nicki is a carbon copy.Y’all Nicki fans are so illiterate it’s pathetic.

  18. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 2, 2011

    Well alright Nicki!

  19. HaterzStayPressed December 2, 2011

    We need to clear a few things up. Nicki called Kim & Foxy along with Salt-N-Pepa ICONS of the game. That wasn’t enough for Kim. This goes deeper than the whole homage thing. This is Kim messing her chances up with Cash Money/Young Money and them choosing Nicki over her. This is about Kim messing up every chance she gets, surrounding herself with the wrong crews time and time again and not getting good industry advice. This is about Kim popping off on every single female rapper (from Foxy to Eve, to Remy – singers like Faith and now Nicki) that comes into the game. She has given herself too much importance and self-worth thinking that every single rapper should bow down and kiss her feet. How did Remy Ma copy Kim? How did Eve copy Kim?? How is Kim original when she blatantly copied Jackie O’s stage names Blanco & Cocaine Cowgirl?

    Kimberly Jones needs to HUMBLE herself and rebuild her career. Stop focusing on Nicki because she WON. It’s over – done and dusted! Walk away because the battle and the war is OVER.

    Congrats to Nicki again for a job well done. I hope the doll sells a lot for charity!

  20. Ms. J December 2, 2011

    Why do Nicki fans keep bringing up Kim? Stay off her c***. This is about Nicki, not Kim. Y’all hate her but yet you keep her name on your tongue.

    Congrats to Nicki

  21. Nahjee December 2, 2011

    Atten: if that kreayshawn Stan come on this site don’t pay her any mind cus I think she is paid by somebody to make kreayshawn look bad to people so you won’t support her. That’s how I see it cus it’s clear that kreayshawn is NOT! Tha queen of hip hop tha way that Stan be talkin You can tell she is only here to bring her down and make her look bad.

    Anyway this looks really pretty nice job to whoever did this.

  22. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    im struggling to see where i said kim or nicki were fake. ???
    he fact is Kim is the PRODUCT of nicki getting this doll created after her.. are you too mentally BLOCKED to see that ????
    in RAP it was KIM who did all this s*** FIRST. nicki came in 2009 with the same s*** kim did and now shes getting all the rewards KIM shudda BEEN got.
    all these non talented,copycats and carbon copies who dont hold a CANDLE to most artists in this industry are getting SO MUCH S*** they dont deserve and im not even hating.. how does nicki sleep at night knowing shes a winning copycat.. its like a thief buying a house and 5 cars.. its luxury but u had to STEAL to get it. it never came from your hardwork

  23. Maylashia December 2, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE I feel you on everything.The game is so fake.How can people be so quick to throw shade at Kim when Nicki basically stole everything from her,ripped her whole identity,and got everybody to turn against her.I’am a big Kim fan.At least Kim will go down as a legend,that brought creativity, originality,and brought something different to the rap game.Nicki will never be respected in hip hop and forever will be known as knock off.I gave her up to 3 years and that’s it for her career.

  24. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    that is what i feel.. 100%
    but all these legends e.t.c are dickriding/respecting nicki.. i always thought to myself i guess its because nicki’s NEW ..she’s the GIRL OF THE MOMENT so let her enjoy this but.. it seems like PEOPLE really see her as this originator,barrier breaking,lyrically talented ,female mogul , innocent darling of music.. seriously.. i dont think its dickriding anymore..
    the minority KNOW it was Kim who did all this FIRST. but the MAJORITY see nicki as the one STARTING IT and is DESERVING of it. my generation is set to be a fail.. i can see it now.. its only 1 YEAR into 2010s n its just fuckery

  25. @antertain December 2, 2011

    Gwannn Nicki
    Get that promo and deals going!!

    Having sense and a business attitude can do wonders for a career!

    Keep it up

  26. BarbieWorld December 2, 2011

    malibu- in this world NOBODY IS OWED anything.

    Lil Kim is not owed respect, she is not owed acclaim. Why is it so easy for people to overlook her impact- which i agree is amazing.

    Its because she is LAZY.
    Its because the only time she is willing to get back in the game is when she feels threatened, don’t believe me- just ask Remy Ma.

    Instead of working consistently to UPHOLD her crown, she got complacent because she always felt that NOBODY could steal her crown- that is wrong, there is always someone hot on your heels.

    I have Kim songs that she recorded back in 2005 where she has lyrics like “Im back”
    Why the f*** did you go in the first place?

    Nicki is winning because she saw how lazy Kim was and it worries that her that if she gets as lazy as Kim, somebody else will come for her crown.

    You don’t think there are singers better than Beyonce- of course- but its her WORK ETHIC that keeps her on top, thats one thing Kim has never had.

  27. Maria December 2, 2011

    HATERZSTAYPRESSED Bytch you really dumb as f*ck.How can you say something like that when Kim is the only female rapper to do a song with a whole bunch of female rappers,”Lady’s Night.”Nicki don’t even have any female rappers on her album.Remy Ma dissed Kim first when she went to jail,but there not beefing anymore,Foxy Brown dissed Kim first with,”Bang Bang.” They used to be friends,then Foxy started acting crazy.Eve dissed Kim first on “Let me blow your mind.”But there are friends now and Eve have nothing but nice things to say about Kim.Nicki been dissing Kim since 2003 and even after that Kim wanted to forgive Nicki and do a song with her,then the whole Cash Money situation happen,then Nicki dissed Kim again on “Hello Good-Morning” and several other features.Nicki got her fans fooled.

  28. heavyrotation December 2, 2011


  29. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    why does everyone else get their homage and respect but when it comes to LIL’ KIM she cant have hers WHY IS THAT ??? do you hate her THAT MUCH. that no matter what shes done for female rap you just will not respect her for it….

  30. jennifer December 2, 2011

    @BARBIEWORLD Nicki is winning cause she marked herself to gays and little kids who probably never heard of Kim.She had to change her whole persona just to get ahead,I don’t think that’s winning.Kim is far from lazy.She had a gaug order from her record company that kept her from making an album.No to mention Diddy’s curse trying to grab her.She does alot of things behind the scenes that nobody knows about.The real rappers never get as much sign as the fake rappers.Look at all the rappers who are undergroung that can’t get a deal,but are better than most rappers you here on the radio.In order for you to get shine you have to sell out which is what Nicki did.So you want to downplay Kim cause she refused to sell her soul and got blackballed because of it,then so be it.But I applaud Kim for staying true to herself.

  31. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    @Jennifer its not about any of that. we’re in a new DIGITAL / INTERNET generation everything is x20 now. back when kim was in her PRIME she didnt have all the support nicki has now. thats the main CRUX of why most of what kim did was GREAT but limited

  32. Jessica December 2, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE I agree.I don’t see how anybody can be a Nicki fan but not like Kim.How can you like a copy of something but not like the original. Especially when Kim is a far better rapper and way more talented.I think most of Nicki fans are just Kim haters.I tried to give Nicki a chance but she just doesn’t do it for me.At least Kim album coming out next year.Something to look forward to cause I know she always bring the heat when it comes to her albums.

  33. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    i gave nicki a chance i turned her when i caught WIND of her direspecting kim let alone stealing from her that was just a fat NO-NO for me and when she disrespected CHER and cosigned her hype man also.. he was throwing plenty curse words at CHER the living legend.. and ppl still have a hard time believing Nicki started the issues with kim. Nicki threw the shots FIRST.

  34. HaterzStayPressed December 2, 2011

    I truly feel sorry for Kim fans like Maria. Kim has fed the majority of you guys a sob story and you bought her victim status hook, line, and sinker. Some of you have your hip hop history wrong when it comes to Lil’ Kim and all her beef with other female rappers. You always take into account Kim’s side of things which is fine… but true hip hop heads, who were not born in 1998, knows the real hip hop.

    Stay in your fantasy world with Lil’ Kim – where she is victim to the big bad industry and where she did nothing and nobody wrong. And where she’s hell, number 10 on the alternate universe Billboard Charts. While you’re in your fantasy parallel universe, we’re here on earth shaking our collective heads at the lessors. Do you, bew… do you.

  35. Malibu Barbie December 2, 2011

    stay mad and stay pressed.

  36. kimberly December 2, 2011

    How can a 28 year old be interested in having a barbie collection? Can’t that money be invested in something better? Just my opinion. NIki is 28 and should focus on keeping her career alive by moving forward with her fans her age group? Lord when will they learn. But anyways love the look of the dolls and I hope she enjoys her early career cause if she doesn’t learn from the downfall of some artist, she will not learn now after that barbie collection.

  37. Lisa December 2, 2011

    @HATERZSTAYPRESSED No bytch.Nicki got y’all fans brain-washed.Nicki true colors are starting to show.Cussing out facilst,hitting maids,going out legends on twitter,lying about domestic disputes and her age.Nicki has proven to be a habitual liar and a narccist.All you Nicki fans are really stupid to fall for her.

  38. Jordan December 2, 2011

    -______- deleted my correction i see lol

  39. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 2, 2011


  40. HaterzStayPressed December 2, 2011

    Here’s a clue to Kim stanz… Buy Kim’s album and make her a relevant artist again. Then we can have this conversation because bottom line Kim is no longer relevant and is a novelty act only to her small fan base. It’s over.

  41. Yesss December 2, 2011

    Little Girls are going to Eat this up for Xmas!!!!

    Especially those 2 girls on Ellen, Sophie Gracie and her cuz Rosie!!!

  42. Very Funny December 2, 2011

    Go Nicki

  43. starry December 22, 2011

    Nicki is not only more talented but obviously smarter. Who’s little kim? Love nicki. Way to go mattel. Good choice.

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