Nicole Scherzinger Readies New US Single For This Week

Published: Tuesday 13th Dec 2011 by Sam

As the saying goes: “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”.

Needless to say, with Nicole Scherzinger, it’s been a case of “if at first, second, or third”. For, which ever way it’s spun, her Stateside solo success has been a non-starter. Chart disaster after chart disaster has seen the former Pussycat Doll in quite the precarious position on home turf.

However, like a Duracell battery, the 32 year old’s drive (and label backing) seems infallible. A fact evidenced by confirmation of yet another single from the US version of her ‘Killer Love’ LP – which, as at writing – still sits unreleased.

Details after the jump…

The singer’s label revealed that the the X Factor USA judge will step out from behind the table to debut the song, titled ‘Pretty’, live on the Fox show this Thursday.

For her sake, the track needs to be all flavours of epic, because between her past flops, the public’s general disinterest in her, and the recent X Factor drama, it’s not looking good.

That said, as time shown over again, success is but one hit away. Good luck Nicole, you’ll need it.

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  1. mr.m December 13, 2011

    good luck, Nicole! I think this is her last chance to make it big in the US ..

    Leona Lewis is also performing in US X Factor this week


  2. Sleazy December 13, 2011

    Why ppl came at nicole for rachel crowe whatever being off is beyond me She Did have the least votes Saying she crushed a Girls dreams But what bout Marcus dreams? Dumb peeps Lol Vote for your ho if you want her 2 stay! Anyway I’ll be supporting HomeGirl Pretty has to be a Banger If you want a HIT cus taking scraps aint cutting it

  3. ARYO December 13, 2011

    she da best, hope she brings it this time, but i wish she was perfoming Dont hold your breath cuz im pretty sure everyone would love it, it was a fan favorite
    but anyways, lets wish it’ll hit top 10 in US, she totally deserves a hit this time, she is much more talented than all those b****** topping hot 100 every week easily with their stupid ass music

  4. #IJS December 13, 2011

    My thing with this whole X Factor drama is the judges are not consistent. They DID NOT go to lock when Marcus and Drew were in the bottom two. Paula SENT Drew home. So why go to lock with Marcus and Rachel the next week? Why didn’t the judges (Nicole & Paula) take it in their own hands, like they did with Drew, and send Marcus home too? After all, he was in the bottom two for 3 STRAIGHT WEEKS!!
    For arguement sake, what if Rachel got 100 votes, and Marcus 101 or 110 votes? That is basically a TIE! It would be safe to say America was split between the two contestants. So the judges had the opportunity to save a contestant that consistently performs at a high level, versus one who CONSISTENTLY is in the bottom two. Marcus should have been sent home!

  5. #IJS December 13, 2011

    Sorry, I just realized I posted something unrelated to this article lol! Um Nicole….I don’t think this X Factor gig has done ANYTHING for her career, again! I agree Sam. This single can’t be anything less than EPIC. Unfortunately, Nicole is not in an EPIC environment right now. The “Court of Public Opinion” is against her.

  6. ARYO December 13, 2011

    so true, i hate it that ppl r blaming nicole while they didnt vote for their fave act

  7. mark ginnis December 13, 2011

    THis is epic! Here you have a talented beautiful woman and nothing works. I cant say why either . Well the material is bad but why? Why cant she buy a hit on the open market ?She cant find a good song in the demo pile? I keep saying she needs to work with drake and take some PDA pics with him and get some buzz.

  8. skintightjeans December 13, 2011

    Love her!

  9. Poisonous December 13, 2011

    Lol. This whole X Factor saga seems kinda scripted IMO and that Rachel brat deserves an Emmy for that tantrum. Anyway, I hope Nicole brings out all the heavy artillery for this performance.. Her US career depends on it.. Get ‘Em Scherzy 🙂

  10. MISHKA December 13, 2011

    Good for her. There’s not such thing as bad publicity, right?

    By sending Rachel Crow into deadlock, Nicole helped to expose two things

    1. Americans didn’t vote enough for her like they did with J-Hud and Daughtry on A.I

    2. X-Factor producers should raise the age limit next year, 13 year olds are not prepared enough for this.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE December 13, 2011

    Sorry Nicole but I don’t think many people care now.
    SHe has lost it.

  12. JER December 13, 2011

    omg just quit it. Stop going to the school of BeYAWNce and keep releasing singles when they all flop. I miss the day that if you had 2 flops you DIDN’T GET another single. The label saw to that.

  13. number1k9 December 13, 2011

    I so agree. what happened to labels giving only a few chances at jump starting an album. Especially for a group singer tried to turn solo act like Nicole! It failed in 2007, and I hope it continues to fail in 2011/2012.

    Her performing on X Factor this week, the week after peopel booed her, will be really interesting to see.

    NOT to mention X Factor doesn’t even have the audience American Idol has, in order to sell a single into the Top 10 of iTunes OR Billboard Hot 100. So good luck Nicole, you ARE going to need it.

  14. brian b December 13, 2011

    NO sweety, 101 vs 100 means 101 wins, I don’t know what world you live in where 2 different numbers are a tie…. Like someone here said people are busy complaining that Rachel Crowe’s dreams were crushed when Marcus also has dreams and let’s not forget he didn’t even have the lowest votes, Rachel did so Nicole did nothing wrong, she was well within her mandate as a judge

    and are we also gonna ignore the fact that the first time Marcus was in the bottom 3 Simon sent the vote to deadlock which led to that old man being eliminated??? Really now people, someone has to leave and i’d rather it be the guy with the lowest votes like on idols than have it be someone who was just in the bottom 2

    Case in point is Haley Reinhardt, do u know how many weeks she spent in the bottom 3 on Idols??? Going with this Xfactor nonsense and this sudden Hooha people ar suggesting she shoulda left long time ago but in the grander scheme of things the little votes she got each week got her to the top 3 while other people fell left right and centre…

    Good luck to Nicole, the song better be hot cause TRY WITH ME was a hotmess. really

  15. Nicole… you’re kidding December 15, 2011

    Nicole Scherzinger just about single handedly ruined the entire season of X Factor. Whatever she puts out is not something I would buy in a bazillion years. I am surprised she had the strength to take a stand and pick a song to record!

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