Must See: Pop’s Highest Earning Women

Published: Thursday 15th Dec 2011 by David


Whether you love them or hate them, there is no escaping Pop’s latest gang of female contenders. From Lady GaGa to Alicia Keys, Beyonce to Rihanna, the last year has seen a number of the world’s most celebrated femme fatales rake in the millions from album sales, touring revenue and in some cases lucrative endorsement deals.


Now peep Forbes official list for for the music industry’s top-earning female artists in 2011, below…


Pre- Tax.

1. Lady Gaga – $90 million

2. Taylor Swift – $45 million

3. Katy Perry – $44 million

4. Beyonce – $35 million

5. Rihanna – $29 million

6. Pink – $22 million

7. Carrie Underwood – $20 million

8. Celine Dion – $19 million

9. Adele  – $18 million

10. Alicia Keys/Britney Spears – $10 million


For those wondering why Adele isn’t higher up in this list (with the sales of ’21‘ and all), that is because this list only took account earnings made between May 2010 to May 2011 and as the performer did not receive her royalties from the LP within this period, they were not counted.

It is also important to note that while all 11 ladies will be sure to enjoy a bulk of what they made, the size of that bulk will vary according to who that lady is.

For, Rihanna‘s arrangement with her management and label sees a portion of her finances used to fund her music videos, albums and the like thus which is why she at times struggled to make Forbes’ annual list in the past.

On the other hand, the likes of Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift , Celine Dion and Beyonce will always earn big as their names can be found on the credits for the majority if not all of their releases, thus providing a guaranteed source of income regardless of how much or how little those projects go onto sell.

Well done to all.


Your thoughts?



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  1. Federico December 15, 2011

    Wheres JLO at on the list?!

  2. STAND_UP December 15, 2011




  3. kimberly December 15, 2011

    What did Beyonce, AND CELINE DEON do so much as compared to the others? BOSSES!!!!!!!!
    whereas the artist who has been touring? katyk, rihnana, everywhere?

    That list just shows if some artist are not able to put an album out in a year they will be broke as hell. RIHANNA, KATY PERRY, TAYLOR SWIFT.


  4. pop royalty ( Year of 4 ) December 15, 2011

    congrats LADIES !


    how beyonce is still GETTING paid while doing nothing and more than RIHANNA who were on TOUR ?!

    Mmmm ..

  5. QueenOfTheNavy December 15, 2011

    You might as well deduct 3 million dollars from Beyonce because shes about to get sued by that videos company, did not write the songs she earns publishing from and probably made another million from a shady performance (see Gadaffi).

    Happy to see Gaga and Taylor come out on top, they actually WRITE theirown material, not go into the studio barking orders, come in when the song is done and put their name on it.

  6. Sol Angel December 15, 2011

    QueenOfTheNavy, before we deduct 3 million from Beyonce- how about we deduct a couple mill from Rihanna- seeing as her 360 deal means shes poorer than most of the girls on the list.

  7. Tc23 December 15, 2011

    Wait beyonce hadn’t even released an album yet between may 2010 and may 2011 DAMN!! she really is laughin at u haters all the way to the bank LOL

  8. oh baby(b****** WILL deal) December 15, 2011

    @QUEENOFNAVY while you’re at that,start deducting about 5 mill from Rihanna’s income from that S&M LAWSUIT she received last year for blatantly stealing that poor man’s art ideas and pitting them in a video SMH 🙁 just be happy she even made it onto the list! LOL,Beyonce made that money during the period she was on break! imagine her income for next year 😉

  9. MISHKA December 15, 2011

    This must be some year-end list, nothing we didn’t know already.

  10. Monster Smash December 15, 2011

    Excuse me.
    Beyonce earns money all the time because she negotiates her name to be put on songs she didn’t write.
    If there’s any doubt that Beyonce does that, just google Beyonce and Rob Fusari and sees what comes up.
    Then google Beyonce and Desiree and see how Beyonce (who i believe is one of the worlds nicest narcissists) took Desiree’s song without her permission, put her name on the credits and put it on the deluxe edition of Bday

    Im sure the hive will ignore this comment but as a Monster I stan for REAL lyricists not people who use their influence and power to bully songwriters into giving them credit for things they did not create

  11. kimberly December 15, 2011

    if you are not a bey fan you would never know her input in her craft. stfu. 35 million no cd, no singles, no touring, nothing and still making money. \isn’t that great? \why can’t you congratulate your favorite instead jumping on taylor and gaga. these two has been touring just like your fav. I guess you are too ashamed. you cannot even say she produce or write or direct something. basic b****. stay pressed at the Queen on her throne remaining unbothered.

  12. Monster Smash December 15, 2011

    I know the Beehive are not coming for Rihanna’s lawsuits. I know they are not!

    Because if you want to get nasty, we really can. Ill just name names.

    1. Desiree
    2. Gate Five
    3.Jennifer Armour
    Shall I go on…

  13. kimberly December 15, 2011

    The navy always brings up beys name. Always, get it right people, your favorite can never be as great as the queen. NEVER! you can try all you can to discredit her, you even try to take herr talent away but guess what she will enterr the hall of legends with no problem. she is making the money biitches and when she hits her world tour imma eat my nose getting a ticket and lots of people out ther and she will still make the list.\haven’t yall notice beyonce has been on every list music and hollywood ever produced from since when herr name was familiar to the world?


  14. Beehive December 15, 2011

    So what if Beyonce doesnt write her own songs, she still slays your fave with reckless abandon.

  15. oh baby(b****** WILL deal) December 15, 2011

    @MONSTER Beyonce wouldn’t have won that ASCAAP award(something GAGA is still yet to win,not saying she won’t,but she just hasn’t yet) for writer of the year if she didn’t WRITE her own lyrics! but yes,she’s been having people write/co-write for/with her for a while now but if that’s a crime,then where do we put Rihanna who doesn’t even know how to hold a pen?

  16. Beehive December 15, 2011

    Kimberly, you are deluded.
    Beyonce is succesful, but she is not ethical.
    Shes kind of Coke, everyone loves her even though they know her business dealings are shady.
    Look what she and mathew did to jennifer armour and rob fusari, i didnt even know about that until monster smash brought it up.
    Now I know why Keri hates her.

  17. kimberly December 15, 2011

    @ monster \i know you not getting into this with the exculsion of your gaga and her FAMILIAR relations to madonna, marylyn monroe and others. LOL ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    you may have lost your mind or have no idea. the entire point is the comparisons between artist who has been touring and busting their asses last year trying to make money and those who just had nothing much to do and still ranting impressively. \
    that says alot.
    basic b****** have to struggle.lmao

  18. Monster Smash December 15, 2011

    kim, dont even try that s*** with me.
    There’s nothing illegal about paying homage as GaGa does and whats so original about Madonna when she herself swagger jacked cyndi lauper.

    Beyonce got shut out by the Oscars for the shady s*** she tried withListen- you remember that?
    Beyonce won that ASAACP award because at the time nobody knew that she and mathew were buying publishing rights, has she won ANY songwriter awards since this was exposed.

    GAGA is a real artiste.
    Beyonce is a legendary performer who WANTS to be an artiste. And yes Rihanna cant write, but at least she accepts it as opposed to STEALING other peoples ideas

  19. Sleazy December 15, 2011

    @TheNavy And what does rihanna do? She does not dance Write produce Sing etc so don’t come for beyonce acting Like ur Fav is the greatest artist alive Don’t be mad that bey made More money than your fav sitting on her ass

  20. Monster Smash December 15, 2011

    lets not forget how Beyonce fabricated an entire story as to how SHE wrote Bootylicious during her Diane Sawyer interview only for Fusari to reveal ten years later that HE wrote it and Beyonce just chipped in.

    Dont even try. Fusari sued my fave too BUT it was for money she owed him, not for stealing songs.

  21. Drunk On Love December 15, 2011

    LOOL Monster Smash, their ignoring you because your spilling the tea in a way few know hot to. Spilling the tea with FACTs that can be proven.

    FakeOnce is a fraud! As this baby of hers.
    Why did Mathew ask his mistress to give their baby to Beyonce to raise as her own, CLEARLY because he knows Beyonce and Jay Z cant have kids naturally, which is why this whole sham of a pregnancy is going to costthem in the future.

    For the rest of that childs life, people will wonder if her parents are really Beyonce or Jay Z or the result of Jay Z and a surrogate, or just a surrogate by herself.

    Too bad.
    At least Rihanna will be able to have kids natrualy.

  22. YOOSONDALOOSE December 15, 2011

    Well done all!
    Surprised at Pink and Carrie but still congratulations.
    Next year Adele is going to be owning.
    Glad Bey is high showing that she has still got it!

  23. whyohwhy December 15, 2011

    Beyonce dont care cause that was for that year she already has millions, her bottom line is all that listed and more. Rihanna with all that touring, endorsements, so called sale out venues, how many #1s? and Beyonce sitting at home did what? and so on and that’s it. Gaga’s position should be Rihanna’s position for what y’all say she’s doing.

  24. kitkitkitty December 15, 2011

    people hate beyonce bcos she stays winning, she’s been around for over ten years and still high up even though she was on a break.
    to the monsters , your fave stans for beyonce
    to the navy your fave stans for beyonce
    so stop hating and give respect where it is due

  25. Courtney December 15, 2011

    this article is wrong an Artist starts earning royalties the first week an album is released and there are 100 points on the album and depending on the contract stipulates how much each point is worth so after taxes in the US Adele made 14.2 million dollars from albums about 8,000,000 off of singles. Taylor Swift didn’t need an albumthis year she had her Speak Now Tour Endorsements and the release of her debut Fragrance Wonderstruck which in it’s first few months has made about 15,000,000 dollars

  26. KAT DELUNA FAN December 15, 2011

    congrats to alicia,celine dion they werent there this year.

    B numbers at dissapointing cause she is her own boss now.good for her

    go gaga;charty…

    yhis list is old tho

  27. Lax December 15, 2011

    It is great seeing all of them who got paid, and Rihanna isn’t going to
    loose any sleet over not being #1 she’s happy just being up in the mix.
    Love her or hate her she’s still here to stay and if you’d listen to many
    and read thrie comments you’d think that she only got paid 100 Dollars.
    No matter how you slice it shes all up in the mix.

    Rihanna just has to keep right on working as hard as she can and she
    will climb higher and higher on the ladder. She is lining up her ducks in
    a row she is getting them Endorsements and its looking great for her.
    Or the other artist who can Out sing, Out scream, Out Pop their Pu**y,
    Out do every PUKKKKKKKKKK Thing that is always implied to be better than that “Caribbean QUEEN, WHO’S ONE OF THE TOP DARLINGS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY??????????
    WHERE OR THE OTHER TOP BLACK BYTCHES THATS SO BAD IN THE INDUSTRY, THERE’S A KEYS UNDER RIHANNA AND BEYONCE ABOVE HER THEN WHERE IS ANY OF THE OTHER GREAT ARTIST WHO CAN DO IT ALL AND TO LET THE LOOSERS TELL IT RIHANNA DON’T RANK AT ALL. What is good is that this list have got rihanna’s name right along with all the others. And while many is still trying to say that beyonce and the others who ahead of rihanns made more well so pukkkk what???????
    RIHANNA is #5 meaning theres others who’s under her, you bytches or pressed, bitter and aint from s*** with your nit picking b/s
    Brtiney made over 60Million a year ago and she earned it sitting on her morals and if rihanna keeps lining up them endorsements and get her Movie career off the ground and her Clothing line shes doing with Armani and then her Royalty checks will get fatter, just keep the dial set and tuned to her latest breaking power moves, bytches!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lax December 15, 2011

    Rihanna is making enough to pay her bill and things or looking really
    sweet for her. When you question what they earn you have to also consider that many have got endorsement deals that has been into play for years. Many have got 3 or more Movies under their belt and drawing Royalties
    you can bet your sweet ass that Rihanna is getting there, bytches.

  29. smh December 15, 2011

    This list has nothing to do with royalties or credits, it has to do with tours, endorsments, album sales or just other businesses. Get your facts right TGJ. Congrats to all the ladies.

  30. matty December 15, 2011

    So Gaga got 90 million between may 2010-2011 so that isn’t counting most sales off born this way, slaying those who probably released an album and were already in the midst of bringing out another album, lol lol lol that is all.. congrats to bey Taylor and Adele slaying effortlessly as well (where is Britney oops)

  31. MISHKA December 15, 2011


    We are NOT ignoring your comment, we just don’t give a damn. I don’t want to google those randoms folks, no thank you.

    Songwriting and Producing credits is where the retirement money is. Why do you think Paul McCartney is the richest artist on the planet?

    Maybe Daddy Knowles was not the nicest man to deal with but as a manager, Kris Jenner, Benny Medina and him are the bestest I know in their lane. If Chris Brown career was handled by one those three, nobody would be talking about his antics, mishaps or whatever.

    Beyonce has shown her ability to carry and to sell a song. She turned “If I were a boy” into a smash hit. The girl who wrote it got a recording deal but she’s still nowhere to be seen today.

    If you can’t step into the spotlight, don’t get mad at those who can get it. This is why I commend Keri Hilson, she decided she was done writing songs for the other b!tches, she hit the gym, changed her hairdo and she went for it. She’s not at Beyonce’s level but at least she’s not complaining anymore.

  32. Get Ur Fact Str8 December 15, 2011

    This list has nothing to do with royalties or credits. It has to do with the business, meaning tours, endorsments or album sales or the impact one had. Get your facts right tgj. If it was about credits someone like missy elliot would be high up on the list.

  33. Cockiness December 15, 2011

    So i was so waiting on sam to post this…….Let me tell you why

    If you head over to they said that Rihanna’s Tour Gross $1million for each of the 38 shows……

    Problem is rihanna performed over a 100 show this year……But even lets say she only performed 38 shows……that should be $38million right?

    So how come rihanna didn’t make the list for billboard’s top grossing tours????

    Becuase we all know that number should be 38million plus…

    Why is there always these discrepancy’s between these list and chart…And for crying out loud (no pun intended) How many of these forbe list are there we had live five in one year

  34. TinaMinaj December 15, 2011

    DEAD at a Rih stan coming at Bey for song writing! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  35. TinaMinaj December 15, 2011

    @cockiness its because your fave is nothing but a label puppet who has no talent going with her, so ALOT is spent building the brand Rihanna and a huge portion goes to the label. Hence, miss Fenty is left with the change….Sad but True

  36. HALF AMAZIN December 15, 2011


    Since you are so sharp to point out how broke Rihanna might be, how much did YOUR tour gross? How much are your pre-tax millions??? Oh………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ok.
    You are SO ovah with your trolling!

    Instead of you fools going back and forth about Bey and Rih, how about you figure out how to get both of THEM to #1 and #2 on the list instead of the others??? Crabs in a barrel I tell you!

    Congrats to them all but especially Alicia, Rihanna and Beyonce! Nice for black girls to see someone like them on such a list!

  37. Lax December 15, 2011

    @TINAMINJA,,,,They all or Label puppets, bytch. and that is why
    Rihanna is steady building her Bran and snagging them endorsements
    and designing clothes and adding Movies into the mix, you Bitter brainless bytch.

  38. Lax December 15, 2011

    When you see that list and see the three top earners on that list or
    all young, and doing it up big time, those top three salaries should
    have been springled with other black artist but since the first three
    or Beautiful & Talented White Artist, Think on this theres only 3 Black Artist on the entire List and while you or on here going off about
    Rihanna’s Success your “Mean Mugging” Asses need to be asking
    your “Own Dumb Asses” why isn’t there more black Artists on that

  39. Lax December 15, 2011

    @Sleazy,,,,and what do all the others do??????? Since there’s
    only three Black artist on that list & Rihanna made that list and she is supposed to be the less Talented than any one on that list if you let your ass tell it. Just where in the hell or the other artist since we all know that there or more then 10 Ten artists in the Game, Right?????????????????
    Many was looking for the other Artist who can Out Sing Rih, Out Pop and break it down on stage, where or they, nay-sayer, Doybters and Getto Fablous Trolls??????????

  40. Sleazy December 15, 2011

    @LAXatives Home girl Ima need you to take a seat Cus your ass is always up in my businees That ho came for bey ans saying be Don’t write song and s*** So I just put her delsuional as in its place! Where does your comment fit in? Honey having money doesn’t make you Talented! Paris hilton has money Doesn’t make her Talented . Kim k Has money doesn’t make her talented good for riri Makn money but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that she can’t sing And perform And she is the Less talented 1. Got anything to say like who does that? Lmao

  41. Girrrl December 15, 2011

    Are the bey stans really defending her stealing songwriting credits by saying she turns the songs into hits?? I knew y’all had no integrity.

    Congrats to my bish Rihanna!

    In other news where is Kelly Rowland? After 15 years in the game, she was Chris Browns opening act Lmao how many coins did she get from that? Wasn’t she a bet performing alongside trey songz? Isn’t she on x factor with 2 other judges? ?? Why can’t Kelly stand alone and make some real coins?! I want answers.

  42. Beyoncefann December 15, 2011

    Ahahah you what is so funny? Rihanna stupid fans said beyonce it’s flop album well she still earn more than rihanna ahahah lmfao

  43. JohnVidal December 15, 2011

    hahaha Celine DION released her last album 4-5 years ago and she still is among the top10 females in music with the biggest earnings per year.
    Except for Madonna I can´t think about any other female that has earned what Celine has this last decade. I remember in the early 00´s (already out of her peak) she was like the only female earning the money U2 or Beatles were earning at the moment (always top5 or top10 overall, not only females.
    See? That´s a bad b****. And then we have to suffer retarded people disrespecting true artists and legends while they stan for Rihanna or Katy perry…

  44. JohnVidal December 15, 2011

    And most important of all, Celine is not a songwriter and never said she was, same case as Beyonce, but the later puts her name on the credits anyway. And despite all this, CELINE is still there among the biggest earners!!! LOL

  45. Karolis December 15, 2011

    Beyonce is not pop like Lady GaGa on the other hand

  46. Libra December 15, 2011

    Dang, Alicia Keys didn’t even have anything new out this year and she doesn’t even do endorsements, so she basically made $10 million while on maternity leave. Must be nice.

    Anyway knowing how much money an artist makes doesn’t change the way I feel about their art. If I like them, I like them and if I don’t, I don’t, whether they have $1 million or $1 billion.

  47. Yellow Gorillah December 15, 2011

    Congrat’s to EVERYONE < — Something some people find hard to say

    + I LOVE the fact rihanna does not LIE about who makes her album *Side Eye*

    + For your information Rihanna CO-WROTE and CO-PRODUCED some tracks on TTT.

    I will never understand why people STAN for FORBES! Like really we are here in the JUNGLE and your stanning for somebody ELSE'S money. Get YOUR Money up.

    + I don't care what my favs earning as long as she got money to buy MOnkey Juice and gives me some the Great songs it's COOL

    And dame Lady Gaga getting PAYEEEED!

  48. Yellow Gorillah December 15, 2011


    Like your comment but GURRRL your on TGJ..Only one black girl can be on TOP “Apparently” SAD but True and this is how most black people think too

  49. JohnVidal December 15, 2011

    In fact it´s weird Madonna not being there. Celine is the only one of the biggest 4 EVER in the list this year 🙂

    I agree with you what matters is talent and music, not the money or sales. people act as if they were earning it

  50. fatu sankoh December 15, 2011

    god bless our bey continue the success we your fans are biess to have you

  51. Lax December 15, 2011

    @Sleazy, look bytch i do not give a dam how you slice it
    RIHANNA iS #5 & There is 4 Artists ahead of her and 5
    under her S*** Booty, sooooooooo what was you trying
    to Prove????????????? Rihanna has great cushions and
    them great Artist ahead of her and behind her and to be

  52. Lax December 15, 2011

    Hummmmmmm Since many have got some iron clad
    endorsements it says a lot to how the Stars or going
    to line up great for Rih since she have lined up some
    great Endorsements this oass yesr. And when you get
    them big company’s to sponsor your Tours like “Nivea”
    who’s riding with her on her “Loud” Tour you can’t cut
    that with a knife.
    Where is the other Million of artist that is supposed to
    be on the money list that is so talked about especially
    when the “Looney’s” keep trying to talk Rihanna’s Success
    and Achievements down??????????

  53. Lee December 15, 2011

    beyonce should b #1!!! anyways she makes so much money by not even realluy doing anything! the queen!

  54. riri December 15, 2011

    LMAO@ Rihanna co-writing and co-producing.

    it lik saying beyonce also co-writes!!! (and we know she hardly doesnt).

    for example you are da one, THREE (including rihanna) people co-wrote that song and if you look at the lyrics, i think WTF, how can it take three people to write that song?

    It about time, artist like rihanna and beyonce to get sued BIG for taking credit from REAL songwriters. By doing so, the songwriters earn less then they deserve and get recognised less.


    Songwriter Heather Bright has claimed that artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Kanye West appear in songwriting credits on tracks they haven’t contributed to.

    Bright, who has written songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Akon and Michael Jackson, has revealed that more and more artists are claiming publishing rights, despite having had no input.

    When asked whether songwriters earn more money than the artist, she told Free Wired: “It depends on who you are. Rihanna takes publishing, Justin Bieber takes publishing, Kanye West takes publishing. On all the stuff that they don’t write, they take publishing.”

    Bright wrote Justin Bieber’s track ‘Somebody To Love’, which was originally intended for Usher.

    When questioned on how the teen star managed to get a writing credit for the song she replied: “Umm… How did he get a writing credit on it? That’s an interesting question. I don’t know. (laughs)”

    The composer did have praise for artists like Lady GaGa who do write their own material, stating that “it’s amazing” they manage to find the time to do it.

    “They have to write on tour, all of those artists who actually write!” she added.

  55. Bey Fan… December 15, 2011

    so we listening to people who rant on blog sites???? Really? And with the desiree situation, she wasn’t suppose to shoot a video. But yes her name should have been on the credit since she actually change some the lyrics.

    The crazy thing is that producers and writers ALWAYS wanna work with Bey. So the idiots who know nothing about the music industry sit on blogs and type non-sense just look stupid.

    Her 35 mill comes from being smart business wise. Not letting the music industry take advantage of her like it does soooooo many artist. And her endorsement.

  56. Heavy Metal Lover December 15, 2011

    Oh lord, here go the Rihanna stans… TGJ was not trying to discredit her at all. There has always been controversy over why Rihanna was never one of the highest earning women in music and TGJ broke it down. Because Rihanna does NOT write and produce her material and does not serve as tour directors on her tours, she really doesn’t make a lot of money, the $29 million she earned will be split among her writers, producers, tour directors, video directors, etc. Rihanna will probably see only a fourth of that $29 because her writers and producers will collect well over 50%, and don’t forget her managers, publicists, agents and fees her label collects.

  57. fatu sankoh December 15, 2011

    you go bey we your fans loves you and happy for you may god continue to bless protect you the baby jay and your family for life long happy live ever lasting long happy married more success in all your business long live the queen

  58. Bey Fan… December 15, 2011

    December 15, 2011 at 10:44 am

    LMAO@ Rihanna co-writing and co-producing.

    it lik saying beyonce also co-writes!!! (and we know she hardly doesnt).

    for example you are da one, THREE (including rihanna) people co-wrote that song and if you look at the lyrics, i think WTF, how can it take three people to write that song?

    this is also true with most artist. If ppl actually LOOK at the credits and stop listening to people on blogs, you will see this true for most artist.

    And in some cases it’s a collaborative effort. I mean ANYONE can co-produce a song.

  59. James227 December 15, 2011

    WOW!! Beyonce did 35 mil this year even with time off. Congrats to King B glad she is not in that 360 contract or that $35 mil will be hlistory.

  60. jr December 15, 2011

    I like this website, but I never undertand why ya have so much hate for Rihanna.

  61. Anne December 15, 2011


  62. mf December 15, 2011


    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee STFU next you be saying you want to eat Rihanna p****. Go back to Rihanna Daily and buy TTT instead of talking that s***.

  63. sara December 15, 2011

    beyonce is a filty beast with no talent she has 35 million but soon she will be bankrupt and her stans will be so sad.

  64. LAX December 15, 2011


    STFU Your Embarrassing my name Please STOP Beyonce Earned more money than rihanna while her Time Off imagine when she not off…she would be on top of the chart im sorry why are the rihanna navy brining beyonce name into this once again..They always Try to drag somebody name to prove a point they can’t prove!!!!

  65. LAX December 15, 2011

    @Sara H** HUSH and Stop Hating

  66. xedos December 15, 2011

    You dumb idiot . every artist record company pays for the video. Why you think Rihanna contract is any different. sam you don’t no s*** about rihanna contract either
    because had you knew you would not post a question about rihanna leaving her label roc nation when everyone else knew she is sign to Def Jam. Every artist have a budget to promote their album. when the if they want to do something extra they can pay for it them selves. Beyonce did it when Sony didn’t wan to pay for her video anthology for Bday. you idiot would also know that rihanna contract is up with def jam it was a six album deal

  67. xedos December 15, 2011

    You idiots need to stop talking about rihanna HAVING 360 DEAL. Which record label was giving out 360 deal when rihanna sign to Def Jam. Only Live nation was giving 360 deal and they stop. Rihanna just have a record contract like any other artist. Roc nation is her mgmt they cannot give her a 360 deal when she’s sign to def jam. not even beyonce have a 360 deal. madonna , U2 and jay z and a few more big name artist are the only artist i know have a 360 deal

  68. xedos December 15, 2011

    Sam stop talking about pre tax . we all know the rich don’t pay taxes. by the time their accountant and lawyers finish doing their taxes rihanna assistant may end up paying more tax than rihanna.

  69. rozel December 15, 2011

    Beyonce did work in 2010 and the beginning of 2011. So stop trying to say she didn’t work all that much. She did headline the glastonbury festival and did numerous engagements, before the announcement of her pregnancy on the awards show. So bey was indeed working. Also all you trying to deflect from Rihanna’s success talking about some deal she’s in. How the hell you all know what deal rihanna was in? were you there when she was signing that deal, and how come out of all the artists in the industry, Rihanna is the only one being accused of being in some deal where the label takes her money. Please you guys just don’t want to give props to rihanna for succeeding all the time when you guys said she wouldn’t. Notice everytime rihanna makes some type of milestone or achieves something, you guys come up with a reason why its not a success. Sam need to stop lying about rihanna haven’t been on Forbes in the past. Rihanna was on forbes list since the 2007-2008 list, and have had captures under the musicians under 30 list as well. Stop trying to downplay rihanna’s success. She deserves it just as well as anyone. Rihanna has writing credits on her albums, just that she don’t steal anyone elses song and try to pass it off as her own. Goes to show that constantly hating on someone day after day still does not stop their progress. What is for them will be for them and haters can’t stop it. Go ri ri. Continue to succeed and prosper and let the haters marinate in hate stew.

  70. joe December 15, 2011

    Not a bey stan but let’s be fair…she doesn’t do anything that ALL other artist do…she just get the hate for it…google it…its all normal business practice that she has earned the right to do…after so many years in the game, you do what all veteran do daily (patti, bono, mariah ect)

  71. rozel December 15, 2011

    haters just can’t stand to see rihanna making it when they keep wishing and hoping for her to fail. That’s my ri. When they keep kicking her down, she keeps bouncing back time and time again.

  72. riri December 15, 2011

    @bey fan

    I quoted a song writer (Heather Bright) like many who have complained about Rihanna and Beyonce taking credit for songs they had no contribution tooo. Writers will always work with artist because that is how the make a living!!!

    notice how neyo no longer work for beyonce. the writers who have complained have stopped writing for artists!

    unlike coping someone else video or idea (photographs) like rihanna and beyonce have, taking false credit for writing is HARD to prove! There is no hard evidence to say look ive written all of those lyrics and rihanna or beyonce contributed to NONE.

    Now that more and more artists are taking false credit (it isnt just rihanna or beyonce), song writers are getting less and less money!

    One day, you see a big artist being sued hardcore then you will remember what I have written.


  73. riri December 15, 2011

    @Rozel Rihanna has writing credits on her albums, just that she don’t steal anyone elses song and try to pass it off as her own. Goes to show that constantly hating on someone day after day still does not stop their progress. What is for them will be for them and haters can’t stop it. Go ri ri. Continue to succeed and prosper and let the haters marinate in hate stew.



    rEAD THIS!!!


    Songwriter Heather Bright has claimed that artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Kanye West appear in songwriting credits on tracks they haven’t contributed to.

    Bright, who has written songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Akon and Michael Jackson, has revealed that more and more artists are claiming publishing rights, despite having had no input.

    When asked whether songwriters earn more money than the artist, she told Free Wired: “It depends on who you are. Rihanna takes publishing, Justin Bieber takes publishing, Kanye West takes publishing. On all the stuff that they don’t write, they take publishing.”

    Bright wrote Justin Bieber’s track ‘Somebody To Love’, which was originally intended for Usher.

    When questioned on how the teen star managed to get a writing credit for the song she replied: “Umm… How did he get a writing credit on it? That’s an interesting question. I don’t know. (laughs)”

    The composer did have praise for artists like Lady GaGa who do write their own material, stating that “it’s amazing” they manage to find the time to do it.

    “They have to write on tour, all of those artists who actually write!” she added.

  74. riri December 15, 2011

    I honestly thought Rihanna would have earned a lot more…. hit after hit and a huge tour + multiple private gigs and endorsements!

    maybe next year, but someone in her team is ripping her off.

  75. rozel December 15, 2011

    ri ri. Where is the proof? This is this person saying that. Why don’t she name the song that rihanna was taking credit for. With Beyonce, we had people actually come out and accused her of thievery. She said she wrote songs and people actually corrected her. Neyo and That BC jean person. Who came out and actually said rihanna took credit for anything. This person is throwing out names, but their accusation is general.

  76. rozel December 15, 2011

    wait until next year and see what rihanna does on that list. Since her tour isn’t over yet, it wasn’t counted towards this particular list, but wait and see the numbers for next year. Rihanna will be making bank. And i’m surprised haters wanna say they thought rihanna would make more. Yeah right. You all try to say she don’t make no money now you all wanna try to say you thought it would be more. I see rihanna success got haters going run and round like a dog chasing its tail. They don’t know what to think. Just when they count her out. Wha-la, she goes and do it again.

  77. rozel December 15, 2011

    Rihanna not bad being in the top 5 of pop earners. Not bad at all. Considering they say you’re so untalented. Rihanna’s fans know better though and none of her successes ever surprise us. We know what she can do.

  78. Dtg December 15, 2011

    Ironic That Beyonce’ Is #4 lol

  79. tyra December 15, 2011

    @ rozel riri won’t be on the list her tour for loud didn’t even make it on the top 25 highest grossing tours for 2011 and that’s embarassing just saying

  80. RihannaBeyonceLadyGaGaMadonna&Company December 15, 2011

    OMG RIRI, stop giving ur label all ur money. Join another label if u have 2!

  81. JohnVidal December 15, 2011

    we already knew Rihanna and Justin Beiber are jokes, but thanks. And of course Gaga is great, we knew, and so is Mariah. Two true songwriters. And decent people who doesn´t take credit cos they are not songwriters and don´t lie about it exist, for example Celine Dion. And she still manages to be among the biggest earners every year

  82. Nikki December 15, 2011

    Stop saying that Beyonce was on break.She was selling clothes,perfumes,albums,dvds,etc,etc come off that lie Beehive.Just stop.

  83. WHUT December 15, 2011


  84. Small_Angel December 15, 2011

    Where is Madonna? Where is Mariah?
    Where is Christina? <- I think she earned a lot on THE VOICE, Burleque Movie, Soundtrack of Burlesque.
    Is this list credible?
    Congrats to Gaga, Taylor, Katy and to all other girls on the list.
    Share us some money..

  85. riri December 16, 2011

    Actually her accusation was NOT general! It is stated people are already taking credit for writing! Rihanna has done plenty of times. Beyonce mistake was that she said it public that it was her who wrote the song alone where hasnt. trust me, this will blow up in your face. one day, songwriters will have enough and gather evidence against people like your gurl rihanna and beyonce to sue the hell of out them. some might even end up in prison. LOOK what happened to the newspaper industry in UK, where editors and owners are facing fines and jail time. Just saying

  86. NT December 17, 2011

    Good job Britney get that money.

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