Rihanna Loses Footing Atop UK Album Chart

Published: Sunday 4th Dec 2011 by David

A fortnight ago, Rihanna‘s UK fan base took her latest project ‘Talk That Talk‘  to top of the album chart and helped her to score her third #1 LP in the country.

However, as of this chart week, the album- in unison with it’s lead single ‘We Found Love‘, is no longer the nation’s highest selling release.


Full chart analysis below…

Slipping by two places, ‘Talk’ and ‘Love’ are now this weeks #3 album and single respectively.

Meanwhile, Beyonce‘s ‘4‘ rose by 13 spots to #49 after 23 weeks on the chart while its single ‘Love On Top‘ rises to #29 after spending last week at #54, most likely aided by the anticipation her upcoming  ‘A Night With Beyonce‘ television special has garnered in the country.

Elsewhere, Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Here I Am‘ debuts at #56 while her single ‘Down For Whatever‘ holds court at #9 while Drake‘s ‘Take Care’ resides two places below at #11.

Congratulations to all.

Your thoughts?

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  1. NATALIE December 4, 2011

    Yes and the album has sold another 100K+ So sales should be around 260K – 280K in two weeks. TTT is already an success here.

    And what a pathetic position for Kelly. It seems X Factor has not raised her profile here which is a shame.

  2. lostonez December 4, 2011

    damn what happen to kelly sales i thought she would’ve scored a top 10 since she is a judge in the UK maybe next week her sales will go up since she performing 2nite on the show..but how come they dont show the sales only the positions

  3. mark ginnis December 4, 2011

    Kelly’scd was good . I feel for her too. . I guess she didnt have a second single

  4. Kelly stay flopping December 4, 2011

    Kelly sold a miserable 3000 copies and Sam isn’t reporting it. How the hell does she flop in the UK when she was a judge on Xfactor. Can we all agree now that no continent is checking for kelly. I think people felt after motivation she was the “IT” chick failing to realize it just did well on RnB charts. Hell she even started doing almost nude videos and singing about s** and still kelly’s s** selling aint working. I see columbia dropping her soon.

  5. JoJo December 4, 2011

    sm h

  6. NANA YAW December 4, 2011

    @ICON how are u? Rhiri is really doing well in UK

  7. JJFan1814 December 4, 2011




  8. WHUT December 4, 2011

    DEATH @ Kelly’s MONUMENTAL FAILURE being the last paragraph when Samantha been trying to hype her FOR WEEKS!!! I cant!!

  9. Girrrl December 4, 2011

    Lmfao at kellys sales. Isn’t she a host on uk x factor? Those sales are pathetic. I expect to see a post entitled”when will Kelly top ANY album chart as a solo artist?”

    *cries from laughing*

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 4, 2011

    Kelly’s sales are beyond embarassing.Just those 2 high profile shows that she visited should have guaranteed top at least 40.She had some promo and a top 10 single, so being out of the top 40 is just shocking!People really aren’t feeling her then 🙁

    On her defense, her team is as embarassingly bad as her UK sales 😳 The album that was released in the UK includes no new tracks and it’s actually even worse, because, instead of at least keeping the tracklist as it was with the tracks that were released in July Stateside, they replaced them with ‘Commander’, ‘Forever And A Day’, ‘RCG’ which were released more than a year ago ( 😮 ) and ‘When Love Takes Over’ which is even older ( 😯 ).The definition of a bad decision!

    Good luck to her next time…She deserves it…

  11. kimberly December 4, 2011

    WHO is at #1 album chart sin the UK?

  12. AYNON December 4, 2011

    @KIMBERLY … Olly murs

  13. Lax December 4, 2011

    I Feel for kelly but after having to dig through all of the s*** that gets thrown at Rih People saying all kinds of Silly Ass Things Like Rihanna can’t sing for S***, Rihanna can’t Dah, Dah, Dah, Wellllllll Since Kelly is Older, Well known from one of the Hottest Girl Groups Ever, What is Kelly’s Problem Since she can do everthing Better than Rihanna can. I guess you can tell where the Hate is now can’t we. Its sad and i want say no more because there’s no need in trying to Trash any of the artist to up another. We or well bread on the trash talk and bull s*** that get spread on Rih day in and day out and have grown Thick enough skin to handle the s*** talkers. Now how will Rihanna’s haters try to Defend Kelly who’s clearly trying to raise up to that platium status. Just goes to show that laughting and making fun of People is not nice not nice at all. And all of the people who was just last week laughting their asses off at Rihanna’s Album getting leaked and how much fun they was having Illegal
    Downloading her Music. None of us know what Tomorrow is going to bring our way i don’t care how smart and how much Clout and Money you have got We all Bleed when we or cut.


    I’m sorry but those sales are embarrassing,IDK whose to blame for these underwhelming sales in the UK….

    In the US,she had promo problems-that was understandable but in the UK (so I hear) , Kelly was a talent show judge.What happened???? (tbh,I don’t even think J.Lo sold that low while judging AI.Then again the UK has a smaller music market)

    as for Rihanna,her #s are still pretty good.

  15. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 4, 2011

    I can’t believe Kelly debuted so low. Am I in a parallel Universe where nearly no one knows who she is? And she’s not on the X Factor? I think her own lack of promo killed this project. She didn’t promote her AMA nod or even Soul Train award! The day she dropped the album she didn’t even announce properly that she was in HMV Oxford Street. With her voice her beauty I have been sad to see her remove all of her clothes, sell s** and start her “Beyonce is my best friend etc” again!

    Also to see songs like When Love Takes Over on her album it’s almost as if she’s abandoning the project. Sam needs to take stock as he can’t cuss Rihanna about her low 1st week sales in the US when she’s sold in 1 week more than Kelly’s sold in a whole year!

    I’m a Kelly fan btw but I think her projects have got worse. She needs to spend time with the greats not contemporaries and peers like Bey. She has a Whitney type voice and no outlet for it. Oh well, my excitement for Kelly has nearly dwindled to nought. Releasing singles and videos 6 months apart and TWO live performances!

  16. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 4, 2011

    4=FLOP 😀

  17. Roman December 4, 2011

    LMAO I couldn’t be more dead at KR’s 3k…

    Babe resign from xfactor and go into hiding 😐

  18. brian b December 4, 2011

    I don’t know why anyone would feel sorry for Kelly Rowland, I hate on RIhanna all the time but the girl has a solid album, even tho I hate half of it and I think it sounds rushed it is still a nice album to listen to and the tracks that I don’t hate I actually love..

    I can’t say the same for Kelly Rowland, the album doesn’t sound like it took 3 years to record, she had some of the best producers in the world so I don’t understand how she can give us such a terrible album. Simply Deep was so dope, I got it the day it came out, same with Ms Kelly.. but this album does nothing for me.
    I can’t be the only one who feels this way… i am so disappointed, I keep wanting to buy it just to support her but I don’t know what i’ll do with the bloody thing cause I don’t wanna hear 90% of it ever again in my life

  19. brian b December 4, 2011

    And where the hell is the promo?? she shoulda been doing a proper promo run for at least 2 to 3 weeks before the album came.. this is a disastah!!!

    Congrats to Rihanna, heard she sold close to 150k this week in the UK!! #throwsup

  20. Lax December 4, 2011

    Only i didn’t throw up, smiling you or human after all

  21. JohnVidal December 4, 2011

    @matthew charlery-smith
    Really? Kelly Rowland has a Whitney Houston type of voice????????? LOLOL Unlike Rihanna, she can sing, yes, but pretty average compared to the greats

  22. Timago December 4, 2011


  23. bey’knight December 4, 2011

    im not counting kelly out, xfactor could not have happened a t a worse time,they released the album at the wrong time in US too jsu cus of motivation’s success and @ASAP is right there was no single brand new track its actually insulting, its the dtandard package plus bonus material. even if it rises due to tonite’s per4mance, im afraid it’ll drop back right after unless she starts promoting like its not even out yet. look out the way Gaga promoted MTN like it was her 1st single

  24. XXOO December 4, 2011

    DEATH at yall reporting Rihanna’s minor slip up but lightly passing over the fact that Kelly missed the top 50 completely after being on the biggest show in the UK for a few months.

  25. ARYO December 5, 2011

    can someone explain this to me?
    about talk that talk’s first week sales in uk, how did it get certified platinum ( which means it passed 300k) when it sold 150k in the first week?

  26. CherZ December 5, 2011


    Rihanna was certified platimun for 300k shipped.

    To date Rihanna has sold 263k of TTT two weeks since release so the UK platinum sales status will likely be achieved next week and double platinum sales -600k by early next year.

    I am not going to clown Kelly for just selling 3k of her album despite being on the most watched show in the UK. Yeah she can sing and dance but at the end of the day none of that matters if you can’t move units. People on here love to clown Riri but at least she has enough Charisma to sell music to the masses.

  27. ARYO December 5, 2011

    thanks for letting me know, i was getting confused with it, lol

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