New Video: – ‘T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)’ (ft. Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger)

Published: Monday 12th Dec 2011 by Sam

Solo dreams must have been long on the agenda of For, the Black Eyed Peas frontman has wasted little to no time re-launching his bid for singular stardom – merely weeks after the group disbanded.

His first effort ‘T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)’ was today brought to visual life when its accompanying video premiered. Check out the Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger assisted clip after the jump…

Not far removed from his efforts with the Peas, both the song and video are respectable efforts. Although whether they pack enough of a punch to realise the hitmaker’s solo ambitions remains to be seen.



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  1. Beyoncefan December 12, 2011




  2. dee December 12, 2011


  3. julian December 12, 2011


  4. MusicVisible December 12, 2011

    Video is nothing special, but J.Lo is soo s*** and Mick Jagger rocks!

  5. YOOSONDALOOSE December 12, 2011

    Jlo and Jagger look goooood!
    But the song is a let down IMO.

  6. Nika December 12, 2011

    Jagger and JLo made this joint – the beat was SICK tho.

  7. angel d December 12, 2011

    Um…. @julian what illumani things did u see? “anyways” the video was pretty cool, loves the effects, the differnt images nice, jlo looked fab as always 🙂 hi haters!

  8. Onyx December 12, 2011

    I never like Will but this is good, J.Lo is Hot, her body makes me sick, LA BOMBA LATINA, and Mick well his name speaks for itself, his a Relic, who must be loved even if you are not related with his Music, i’m sure some people here don’t know about The Rolling Stones you know some only listen to R&B or something else, anyway the video is good, very good.

  9. xtinacoming2012 December 12, 2011

    um why am I getting this knock off of p.diddy and christina aguilera feel from this video…I mean he should of used xtinas vocals then j.lo who can’t carry a dam note to save her life…

  10. pop royalty ( year OF 4 ) December 12, 2011

    J.LO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    the beat is DOPE

    J.lo’s part is my ringtone NOW ” you can go hard , or u can go home ” !!

    sick BEAT !!

    Go J.LO !!

  11. the truth December 12, 2011

    Not everything with a triangle in it, means Illuminati. Get out the ghetto and read some books ignorant people.

  12. lola December 12, 2011

    JNO looks old and washed up. Her face is so harsh looking. Only fat, old, and or ugly people think she looks hot. Her body is nothing special. C’mon now, haven’t y’all seen her stank, pale ass in a bikini. She’s not toned and has cellulite and dents on her thighs and ass. LOL at Mick Jagger’s part! He was the best, but the rest of this song sucks!

  13. Onyx December 12, 2011

    I’m Beautiful, young and skinny and i love J.Lo and her pale ass…hahahahaha.

  14. i2011 December 12, 2011

    Here’s the thing with his solo music….he will always make music reminiscent of BEP this track for example you can throw fergie in jlo place and them other 2 unknowns and bam its a BEP song…give it up will

  15. Jordan December 12, 2011

    This is so good!! I love every single thing about this. Good job Will.I.Am!!

    Been listening to the Peas since 97.

  16. JohnVidal December 12, 2011

    More fast good singles artists??? No thanks! So wack

  17. N**** Please December 12, 2011

    J.LO be killing it !!

  18. momo December 12, 2011

    JLO rocks !!! sooo hot !

  19. @DarealrastaBwoi December 12, 2011

    J.Lo ya Body is #Hot…. lookin good for age
    its a Ok song

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastabwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  20. OZ December 12, 2011

    Mick Jagger sound a f***** mess…his voice doesnt blend well with the song since he is a rocker and this is what we call generic pop trash. Jlo looks like the cheap s*** she is…Will needs to hang it up !

  21. modjo December 13, 2011

    i do love the song becoz of JLO she is amazin

  22. savt1st December 13, 2011

    if you didn’t like this video, you are wack!, the concept is dope, and Will I Am took it to the next level literally knocked it out of space into the universe, and when you watch the video and listen to the song you cant help but think of J. Lo’s hustle when she sings you can go hard or go home, and then when Jagger comes on it like climatic/religious/rock n roll experience, and then Will’s whole journey on the path concept too was dope! That was Extra Terrestrial. E.T. niggahs!!!

  23. Jesse lopez December 13, 2011

    UH no will! I am not trying to be dizzy and nauseous for hours watching a music vid with all these clors shapes and spazzed out bodies. speaking of bodies…isn’t JLO’s amazing?!

    honay nobody wants to be your therapist and you sure ain’t ours, with your wack ass reverse psychology. gurl we know you look an ewok mess!

    b**** watch your mouth and your face, cause they aren’t hiding your insecurities…#boop

    all in all the video is not great, but jlo and mick went hard! will have to watch again to be sure…but i’m pretty sure it will still be a mess.

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