New Video: Willow Smith (ft. Nicki Minaj) – ‘Fireball’

Published: Wednesday 7th Dec 2011 by Rashad

Pint sized pop starlet Willow Smith has already brought the heat to the X Factor stage with a live rendition of her Nicki Minaj-assisted single ‘Fireball‘.  Now, the youngest of the Smith clan is set blaze your screen in her latest accompanying visual for the song.  Directed by Roman Lee, Miss Smith took to 106 & Park to unveil the visual of the song, the third to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album ‘Knees and Elbows’ (April 3).

Without further adieu, get into the scorching clip below:

HQ Coming soon:

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  1. BeyoncePolice December 7, 2011

    Why would you guys post this low quality video..SMHHHH
    Follow twitter @BeyoncePolice

  2. Jerome December 7, 2011

    Goodness!!! She looks and moves like 17-18 years old gerrrl!!!!
    But its cool, like her music, although she´s a kid, much better than other older artists…

  3. Justathought December 7, 2011

    TGJ…dont ever post a low quality video like that again lol. Willow got some moves go head girl!

  4. S*** (U MAD?) December 7, 2011

    Srry but shes so LAST YEAR, she shouldve took a pg out of Rihannas book & stricked while the iron was Hot! NOW everyone is OVER this one-hit wonder util she can nab another Hit cuz this aint it. 😕

  5. Whatever December 7, 2011

    For an established blog I am ashamed for you…if you cant post an high quality video than don’t post anything. GEESH

  6. RDK December 7, 2011

    i see willow got some moves she got dance skills too,i see you nicki doing your thing too,over all vid was nice….got to see the official vid asap.

  7. ChristinasCOMING December 7, 2011

    The both look a GOT damn mess.

    If that’s what is hot and what Nicki is wearing is considered cute then I am worried about the influence it’s going to have on our future generation.

    And Willow needs to remember that she’s only what 11 or 12?

    And Nicki needs to realize that she’s 29 years old and needs to start acting more grown and mature.

  8. WHUT December 7, 2011

    I cant at this quality at all! Imma have to wait for better Samantha!

  9. RDK December 7, 2011

    christinasCOMING you are a fu-cking r***** it,s a god da-mn music video it,s not that serious what you never seen a dance video before…what is so mess about this man go back in to your da-mn hole in the ground because you are definitely in the wrong time and age..go back to whatever time in history you spawned from,you people is so full of hater yall don’t know fun when yall see it….nicki age have nothing to do with this,she don’t need to be acting like what you want her to,than her self…some of you people want to act grown whatever that is to yall,so the funs in life pass all off you by.

  10. d December 7, 2011

    this kid is getting it. the energy the aggression and and style. this kid is everything her music is cool too and hot

  11. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 7, 2011


  12. dreamlover December 7, 2011

    A mess. A boring mess, that is. She and Nicki (and Gaga) are so predictable with their videos these days…. And for once I actually agree with what that Christina fan just wrote

  13. Nahjee December 7, 2011

    I didn’t like tha way she was danceing in tha video she kept opening up her legs kinda a little toooooo s*** for her age.. I can’t believe her parents let her dance like that kinda uncalled for

  14. RDK December 7, 2011

    Nahjee she is a 11 year old child what is se-xy about that, i just saw a 11 year old kid enjoying her self in a fun video,you need to get your mind out of the gutters with your freaky talk you little perv.

  15. DOPE OR NOPE December 7, 2011

    This video was ok BUT! I have to agree with @nahjee she was danceing like she was in a strip club or something.. She almost did to lil Kim hardcore poster pose like really.. Her legs spread wide open for tha world to see I was like WTF damn!!! I thought I was watching a ciara video for a minute. I’m giving this a BIG NOPE! clam down with that sexyness willow your only 11 leave that to Ciara, beyonce, Rihanna, and for Nicki well Nicki was just being Nicki what more can I say

  16. Kingphoenix December 7, 2011

    That was cute for her and her audience…Coming after a pre-teen. smh

  17. kimberly December 7, 2011

    Nice to see Her moving so much in her videos. Some artist never ever dance in their videos, same thing for ballads, midtempo/dance. They just rely on their makeup artist. SHAME.
    Go Willow, I don’t want to imagine the energy when you’re a teen

  18. Nahjee December 7, 2011

    @rdk I’m just giving my opining she should have kept it simple & sweet. Like I know she wants to have fun but damn.. This girl should just go on girls gone Wilde ( kids version) the way she was danceing s***.

    And I’m not a pev either you f****** c** sucking n**** go some f****** where. Before I have my homeboy come pick you up to pimp your b**** made ass out bring him back his money b**** and don’t be scared of a little c** you will get use to it just ask her mom how it is n****

  19. Bey Fan… December 7, 2011

    I loved it….low quality video and all….

  20. Tina December 7, 2011

    If anyone found Willow’s dancing inappropriate, you’re probably secretly a p******** and/or jaded by our over-sexualized society. There is nothing s*** about Willow Smith. She’s a young lady with an amazing voice, swag and a great dancer. That is all… She spread her legs open, so f**king what…..? a kid spreads their legs and you immediately think S**. You’re gross. There was nothing s*** about that dance. It was fitting for the feel of the song.

  21. Tina December 7, 2011

    And i hate willow’s slickback hair-do. I really hate it. It’s not a good look for her at all…

  22. Michael December 7, 2011

    I most I like the video. It’s not as good as her last to videos but better then other artists out there. Give her a little more time….I’m thinking the next Beyonce.

  23. Justathought December 7, 2011

    @RDK you are one of many i see jumping from blog to blog acting immaturely at times by cursing people out when they don’t “exaggerate” on how good a video or a song is to your liking. You can deliver your opinion to someone else without sounding like an uneducated teenager which I’m sure you are not. You sometimes make valid points in an argument but that is overlooked by all the profanity. Relax and keep it cute, comments are never that serious to throw a fit over.

  24. TrucieBedford December 7, 2011

    why is her vid hot? lol it’s so cute!

  25. RDK December 7, 2011

    Justathought the thing is chronic haters Irritate me,it,s not that i have a problem with peoples different opinions from mine i do agree to disagree,it,s the season haters that run on blogs hating on a particular person everyday,even if the person is doing something positive they still have something negative to say about it…thats the type of people i can’t stand,not everyone is going to like my fav the same thing with other artist even a baby can understand that…just the chronic haters just annoys me sometimes….well if i am saying what i am saying makes me look immature so be it…not every comment is going to come off as intelligent are as your liking,and for your info i only go on 3 blogs and you know them…and i saw you on NB were them bucket of crabby hating a-ss b!tches dwell,doing something to my fav but i didn’t say anything to you,like i said agree to disagree sometimes.

  26. RDK December 7, 2011

    Nahjee wt-f was that…in your last paragraph,you fu-cking poser get a grip you just gave me a good lough with that sh-it you just pulled…it was like too different person in the first and last paragraph…go take your meds now,anyways my first comment to you still stand you are making it seems like she was naked in a g string are some perverted sh-it like that…kids gone wild you say i new you was a dirty perv why would some sick sh-it like that tap in to your head when you saw this video…you know what…i have seen what you are about from the get go i am done with you….this is the internet anyways it,s not surprising seeing you predators hovering.

  27. Diane December 7, 2011

    Get down Willow and eff these jealous h***. The world just can’t take a black person getting it on but they root for Sophia 8-year old singing Super Bass talking about cocaine. These hates didn’t have a problem with: Dakota Fanning, Drew Barrymore, Shirley Temple, etc. Black Excellence always being young: Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, etc. etc. etc.


    Get down Baby. Your brother was doing it younger than you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Black Excellence Starts Young. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  28. Teacher December 7, 2011

    She needs a sandwich…….or two!

  29. I’ma have to send her back to her maker December 7, 2011

    @Dreamlover that video with MC and justin was boring as hell. And she so stupid for letting his straining non developed voice ass wreck her song like that. Lol. A mess it is.

    And Sammy, I’ma need to wait for a better quality video. This is straight up horrible quality.

  30. Nahjee December 7, 2011

    @rdk would you just shut up and go to bed. I see your b**** made ass on almost every f****** post s*** go find a f****** job s***.

    I hate f****** b**** made n***** always in my f****** face man if you not gonna suck c** out my d*** then keep it moving n****.

    RDK what tha f*** that stand for??? You just a f****** broke ass blog stalker b**** made n**** get tha f*** off my d*** b****

  31. I’ma have to send her back to her maker December 7, 2011

    @rdk just calm down. Nobody on here has said anything that bad to curse them out. Look on the brightside, malibu barbie could be on this post talking a lot more s*** so be grateful.

  32. RDK December 7, 2011

    I’ma have to send her back to her maker what….real all my comments and you will see were this all started from,what you talking about calm down should i turn the other cheek..i know that b**** Nahjee,do you think it is nice a regular blogger just leaving an opinion,it,s bin talking sh-it on all 3 blogs i bin on for weeks…so ask were sh-it started from before you tell me to calm down…it,s just bin getting annoying so i just step to it just now.

  33. lifee December 7, 2011

    hmmm Nicki didn’t over do it this time.
    And Willow is a one-hit wonder. Sorry, but it’s the truth :/

    Your such a stan smh. NOBODY said anything really negative about your Goddess Minaj. Calm down and get your head out her ass. She’s a gimmick (she chooses to be, it’s no shade) so you can’t get mad if everyone doesn’t feel her like you do.
    You the only hype one. ugh

  34. RDK December 7, 2011

    lifee let me tell you sad and true fact Lauren hills isn’t coming back,[someone i have mad respect for might i say] no shade,on another note not because you have her ava don’t mean you automatically know all…again no shade,you are a stanley far Lauren i am a stan for nicki i have my head up her a-ss as you claim you have your head up Lauren a-ss you doing you again no i told the other person there this have nothing to do with this post…anyways only person i worship is god the son and the holy ghost..don’t get it twisted because you see me supporting nicki.

  35. KING#15 December 8, 2011




  36. Jaa December 8, 2011

    Like it.

    In other news, Sam, Janet answers you question:

    Janet Jackson (@JanetJackson):
    12/7/11 9:52 PM
    Monday we wrapped US leg of “Number Ones” in Miami. Thank u guys so much! Taking a break for nu projects. U’ll hear soon. I Lov u.

    @Misfit,put it up on another post.

  37. lifee December 8, 2011

    Just because I love that picture of Lauryn does NOT mean I stan for her nor is my head up her ass because I rarely talk about her! Only person I stan for is MYSELF. And do NOT bring God and the holy ghost in this when you IDOLIZE Nick MINAJ, defending her up and down numerous blogs, CURSING out people with a different opinion. If you really did “stan for God” you wouldn’t go so hard for Nicki because what she represent is FAR from anything godly. Contradicting much?

    “Kiss my ass and my a***..” -Nicki 😉 lmaoo smh!!
    Poor thang.. getting so worked up over someone who doesn’t even know you exists 🙁

  38. Jeff December 8, 2011

    Willow Smith is bringing something fresh to the game. Make sure to check out the new blogsite it’s really cool!!!

  39. Kingphoenix December 8, 2011

    Lord, know ppl trying to start stan wars between the babies…bring up China in a willow video…i can’t with the trolls

  40. @daRealrastaBwoi December 8, 2011

    i am so loving this Video ,esp Willow doing her thing,, cant wait for the album
    follw me on twitter @daRealRastaBwoi and Check my channel and videos out

  41. WHUT December 8, 2011

    Wtf still this bootleg ass quality Samantha gurl?! You aint s***!

  42. kayla December 8, 2011

    look at willow dance her bones off…lol…and nicki lookin cute,i love those boots *snap*

  43. JoJo December 8, 2011

    omg nicki i was just getting used to your pink friday era wigs . not loving theese pink ones with the curly s***

  44. YOOSONDALOOSE December 8, 2011

    Willow looks good as does Nicki but this video fails IMO. Boring.

  45. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 8, 2011

    Hot ass mess.This video is HILARIOUS, though…A 10-year old girl dressed in THAT outfit, dancing like she’s 20 and then here comes the rapper with the pink wig and the pink dress…No cohesion, no vision, no point at all…And that “fire” (special effects copied and pasted over a damn green screen!)….a mess.And why does a 10-year old have to pretend standing next to a fire or better yet why does a 10-year old have to sing about being a fireball?

    Willow, honey, you aren’t a fireball, you’re an elementary school student…

  46. d December 8, 2011

    got a lil ciara swag. get it willow

  47. dreamlover December 8, 2011

    Lol I see where you’re going……….. But yes, I must admit that the All I Want For Christmas video was boring as hell (though Mariah looked amazing!)

    You know, I have nothing against Lady Gaga (not Nicki or Willow either), but I feel that these “shock gimmicks” are getting too old, at least the way they’re doing it. Gaga was definitely first with these crazy fashion outfits and I thought it was cool, but it’s becoming a little to predictable for my taste
    Here’s hoping her next era tops her “FAME” era(s).

  48. HAHA! BEY GOT SUED AGAIN! December 8, 2011

    This song is going to sound SO dated by the time her album comes out! She shouda released it LAST year!

  49. AuntieJackie December 8, 2011

    I like the song and the video. People have to understand that she isn’t exactly coming for adults who are HYPER-CRITICAL. She’s coming for her age group, and she’s coming at them strong.

  50. @Captainbrownie December 8, 2011

    is this a joke?

  51. socialstudy1 December 8, 2011

    The video was boring. Especially for a Hype Williams production. 🙁

  52. rozay December 9, 2011

    i agree with @AuntieJackie shes a young artist for young kids for for adults so if ppl dont like her so wat her music is not for older ppl

  53. tatianna February 27, 2012

    wow luv the outfit nicki

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