The Business…On Madonna's Lady GaGa Shade

Published: Saturday 21st Jan 2012 by TGJ

For many, Lady GaGa is Pop’s most palatable dish. Indeed, the 25 year old  presents something fresh, new, and different, while giving a nod to the Pop eccentrics of the past.

Yet, the cake she’s serving up is widely agreed to have been baked by Madonna – meaning trouble was always around the corner.

Noted for her Hip-Hop-esque “beefs”, the 53 old has sunk her claws into her one-time friend during a number of stinging interviews recently; leaving wondering what her motiv is.

Hit ‘PLAY’ to watch us weigh up Madonna’s antics!

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  1. My2Centz January 21, 2012

    My “comment” (since you want it so bad) is:
    Why is it necessary for someone new to come along and give the latest generation what Madonna already did? You said in your report that Gaga basically gives kids who didn’t grow up during the era of Madonna some of what she did. If you didn’t grow up in the era of Madonna, then sorry but you missed it…but if you’re interested in seeing it anyway, then those old Madonna music videos and footage is available. Madonna, herself, is still around and visible. I don’t see any value in some of-the-moment pop star coming along and rebooting it.

    As someone who WAS around during the time of Madonna and is still an observer of contemporary music/pop culture, I don’t appreciate the retread. It’s the reason why I hate film remakes. I expect pop stars of today to do their own thing and to carve out their own image, not try and recreate what was done 20 years ago so that this latest generation of 12 year olds can have their own version of it – while ignorantly thinking that it’s some kind of new concept created by that pop star when it isn’t. That’s bogus and is the reason I have such a problem with Gaga. If she can’t be your own star and personality, then she needs to go home.

  2. HeelYes January 21, 2012

    The interview was edited to make it sound more catty than it actually was. The different edit aired on the next day showed Madonna praising Lady Gaga but when asked about “Born this way” she said the song was reductive not Lady Gaga. I guess Madonna wouldn’t have said that if Gaga admitted it. Instead she did manage control going back and forth by admitting it first when the song was released and it caused such an uproar because almost everybody said that it reminded them of “express yourself”. So she went on Leno and was asked about it and invented an email Madonna said she backed it up adding “If the queen says it’s ok then be it” but Madonna’s management when asked about the email said that they did not send Gaga any email. So Gaga went bersek because she was pestered with questions regarding the similarities between the two songs, it did not come from Madonna’s camp but from people who felt like they were being tricked because they knew both songs and saw the similarities by themself. In fact by suddenly changing her tune and saying the song was not inspired by Madonna was in a way telling people that they were stupid and she went on like this to the point where she went crazy in an interview in the NME using f-words (very Madonna again) to say that it was not inspired by Madonna when in other interviews she made at the same time to promote the album she said that the album was in part inspired by Madonna. She even had the nerve to say that the song was inspired by Whitney Houston at the Grammy’s while sporting Madonna’s blond ambition look. Yes Madonna did use other people’s work in the past but she aknowledged them, she asked Abba first before sampling them. She said that the “Material Girl” video was a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s “Gentlemen prefer blondes” number, she never denied it. On the other hand Gaga defends herself from doing it and it does not only show a lack of respect for Madonna but a lack of respect for people in their large majority who saw the similarities in both songs. When “Express Yourself” was released Madonna said that it was inspired by Sly and the family stone. It did not help that at the time Laurieann Gibson, Lady Gaga’s now former (wonder why) artistic director said that she molded Gaga on Madonna and that yes she should worry about it because they were not apologetic about it.

  3. HeelYes January 21, 2012

    In fact Lady Gaga is a great artist but she takes so much from other artists that it’s difficult to tell what she brings to the table in terms of novelty and i think that it’s reductive indeed but reductive to her own talent and what she seems to be able to create. Saying now that her next album will be inspired by Def Leppard is not the right thing to do. Gaga needs to show her creativity and be her own artist and i can’t wait to see that because behind all the make up and rippings from other artists anyone can see there’s a great artist.

  4. HeelYes January 21, 2012

    In fact Lady Gaga is a great artist but she takes so much from other artists that it’s difficult to tell what she brings to the table in terms of novelty and i think that it’s reductive indeed but reductive to her own talent and what she seems to be able to create. Saying now that her next album will be inspired by Def Leppard is not the right thing to do. Gaga needs to show her creativity and be her own artist and i can’t wait to see that because behind all the make up and rippings from other artists anyone can see there’s a great artist. She should have more confidence now to show who she really is.

  5. belladonna January 21, 2012

    This Way, Towards Bravery
    Where Youth Are Empowered.
    This Way, Towards Acceptance
    Where Humanity is Embraced.
    This Way, Towards Love
    Where Individuality is Encouraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thos are the words from a woman who wants to make the world a better place and all people try to do is s*** on LOVE with all there HATE witch makes them Hateful people. Everyones always has some thing to say about Gaga but she neverrrrrrrrrrrr says anything bad back everrrrrrr about any one all she does is try every f****** day to make the next day better then the last. Madonna has never been Avant Garde only like once in her hole life and that was in a video and dont even bring up Grace Jones because Avant Garde fashion is for anyone who wants to wear it its a style not a person.To say she looks like madonna is to say madonna was in a meat dress or came out an egg but she did not did she NOOOOO because that would be AVANT GARDE!!!! born this way is the only song that sounds like madonna only one song not Bad Romance, Poker Face or Just Dance. After this I will never speak of this HATE again . p.s Being someone important like madonna and talking badly about the new generation of young artist like JustinBieber,Nicki,JLS,Adele or Gaga makes you a HATEFULL B****!!!!!!!!!!!! #teamTruth

  6. JDGAF January 21, 2012

    This way toward the toilet…
    Go somewhere else with that ‘Kumbaya’ b*******. All just a ploy in Gag’s marketing strategy and you emotionally needy dorks bought into it. LOL

  7. brendan January 21, 2012

    Lady Gaga has always admitted to being inspired by Madonna. But just because she admits to it and everybody seem to get that doesn’t mean that it’s okay.
    i’d say Madonna fought teeth and nails to create what essentially Lady Gaga is giving to the public now… the difference is the road was already well paved and as much as she’s praising Madonna in every interview i don’t feel she’s genuine.
    Why would she go mental when asked about the songs similarities or even thank Whitney Houston for inspiration???!! She knows what she’s doing.. she wants completely independence but she ll never get it because even to this day her whole stage persona is derivative of Madonna. Like it or not.
    Besides, Lady Gaga claims to love her little monsters so much so how come she isn’t aware of the racist, ageist and over all degrading comments her fans are lately making about Madonna. Shouldn’t she be doing or saying something about it? Course not. She’s an hypocrite and she’s letting her fan base say exactly what she wants to say herself but she aint got the guts to do it.
    So fairplay to Madonna for speaking her mind and be honest about the whole Gaga thing.

  8. Stupid H** January 21, 2012

    >Belladonna > Gaga does not look like Madonna. She wishes she did. She even said in an interview that it was not her fault she looked like her because her mother is the spitting image of Madonna (after checking…she’s not).
    Madonna never dissed the other artists you mentionned not even Gaga. In fact she supported her in the beginning by giving her tips after she first saw her perform in a club. Lately she praised Adele and is a constant supporter of Britney. Minaj is featuring on her next single and she invited her to join the stage during next Superbowl.
    But what strikes me the most about what you say is that in your eyes Gaga is nothing more than her choice of clothes and costumes and that’s very reductive.
    FYI : Grace Jones did not invent her look, it was a total creation of her then husband Jean-Paul Goude . See, that’s the problem with youth today, they completly ignore the story of Pop culture.

  9. OctoberNite January 22, 2012

    Yeah every artists have idols and inspirations and they all “steal” to a certain degree. But when the good ones steal they are able to present those old ideas in a way that’s 100% “them” so much that it doesn’t seem like something that they jacked. Gaga don’t do that. Everything about her seems swagger jacked from one of her idols, namely Madonna.

  10. Geechie January 22, 2012

    This f** reporter is very irritating eww

  11. Jay January 22, 2012

    Madonna has been very complemtary towards GaGa thus far and props to her for speaking her mind regarding Express Yourself. Madonna could have retired in 1999 and she’d still be the most influential and significant female pop star in history but thankfully she’s continued to make bad ass music. If you still don’t believe how much Born this Way ripped off Express Yourself google (it’s not a youtube) Dj Tripp “Express This Way”….the songs go together PERFECTLY. Madonna just won a Golden Globe, she’s about to perform at the Super Bowl followed by what is sure to be a Number 1 Album and hopefully a smash single and tour. She’s about to OWN 2012 and people will be saying GaGa who for a least the first half of this year. Madonna is the Queen.

  12. eric January 23, 2012

    Madonna is the lady gaga of old people

  13. Jenjerale1975 January 24, 2012

    One of the greatest quotes ever written reads: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We imitate those who have inspired us. Those same people we aspire to be like. Look at all of the children that Michael Jackson inspired. Chris Brown, Justin. Neyo, Timberlake, Missy Elliott, The other Jackson siblings, Usher, Justin Bieber, The PrisonERS in the Philippines that performs his videos on youtube., and about a million other people form different heritages, cultures, backgrounds, countries, etc, etc, etc. Michael never threw shade on them but encouraged them. And Michael’s mentor was James Brown, and he encouraged it. SO QUIT IT MADONNA!!!!! D-A-M-M-I-T!!!! Stop the madness and congratulate Ms Gaga on her ability to re-work what you did, and bring it to a newer generation. STOP HATING!

  14. She’s not her January 26, 2012

    And Gaga called people who saw similarities between the two songs “retarded”.
    Maybe people who saw similarities between “Merry the night” and J-lo’s “Waiting for tonight”>

    Madonna is the Lady Gaga for people who pay their own bills and not their parents.

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