Christina Aguilera Addresses Weight Drama

Published: Saturday 7th Jan 2012 by Sam

The last year has seen Pop diva Christina Aguilera become as renown for her weight as she is for her voice.

Indeed, many a media headline has taken aim at the singer’s “new figure”, with some sects concerned about how it’ll affect her career in today’s image-focal industry.

Never one to shy away from direct questions, the 31 year old broke her silence on the topic on everyone’s lips while promoting season 2 of The Voice yesterday.

Find out what she had to say after the jump…

Speaking on the media scrutiny of her weight at TCA’s press call in Pasadena last night, Aguilera offered:

“I’ve been in this for a long time. I came out on the scene when I was 17 years old. ‘You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too prefect, too thin, too curvy, too voluptuous,’ this, that. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum.. [Every] female in this business at one time or another has had criticism… and I’m always a risk taker too.

I’m very confident in my body. I think my video works over the years have spoken to that… I’ve been no stranger to being very comfortable in my own skin.

As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need, that’s all the confirmation I need. I’m happy where I am, I have a boyfriend love that loves my body, I love my body, my son is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.”


Aguilera’s aptly titled new single ‘Love Your Body’ is set to premiere within the weeks ahead.

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  1. Miss frappe January 7, 2012

    Right On!
    its all about confidence.. 🙂
    <3 xtina

  2. MRDIVABITCH January 7, 2012

    I got no problems with her weight gain
    But she should DEFINETELY learn to dress for her current body type
    She isn’t a size 0 anymore, she is more likely an 8 AT THE VERY LEAST
    That means stop wearing outfits that you would need to be 100 lbs and 5’10” to pull off.
    It also means knowing what looks good and what doesn’t
    And sorry daaaahling but you are 30+ and your face cannot take the same amount of make up and such strong colors as it could when you were 18.
    So…learn to dress more sophisticated and for your current size instead of still dressing as if you were size 0 being size 8, and darken the shade of blonde and start wearing more earth tones in the make up instead of electric blue/ hot pink / bright red / purple which makes her look like a transexual clown.

  3. .KenUDIGME January 7, 2012

    Lying to herself.

  4. supabass January 7, 2012

    She looks like shes eaten all the contestants!!!
    Poor dear…. Hit the gym!!
    coz no1s gonna wanna love your body any time soon.

  5. NICK January 7, 2012

    well said girl, all right nah-

  6. MISHKA January 7, 2012

    She’s not so overweight, she refuses to dress her actual size, that’s it.

    Okay people, look at the ‘Bionic’ (released in 2010) avatar on the right and look at her on this post. When you put some much weight in less than a year, there’s nothing to be comfortable with.

    This has got to be some case of severe depression she’s going / went through, notably due to the failure of ‘Bionic’ and her divorce.

  7. Royalkev January 7, 2012

    I’m not worried about Xtina. After ‘Bionic’ lost steam it was her official off season and there’s nothing wrong with gaining a few extra pounds then. Trust me, Chrissy will be back in shape when the album drops. She has done this before, she started getting thick ever since she was touring with Justin. Fast forward to the start of the Bionic project she was super thin. She’ll do it again!

  8. Imgunnacheckuboo January 7, 2012

    I like that comment. Though still, I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t drop a few lbs right before or after her record comes out.

  9. SLAYFANISTANN January 7, 2012

    Ehhhhh,I could care less about Xtina’s weight tbh


    She could pull a Janet Jackson on us and shed all those lbs off,you may never know…

    Also,she shouldn’t wear clothes that make her feel as if she’s bursting at the seams.There are clothing lines for the Thick ‘n’ fabulous out there.

  10. Lol January 7, 2012

    Slayfanistann maybe shell pull a j HUD to get some weight loss endorsements !!! 1 800 Jenny 20 holla!!!

  11. Xadax January 7, 2012

    She’s smarter & richer than any of you.

  12. COMMON January 7, 2012

    She needs to call Jenny

  13. Jaa January 7, 2012

    She should so what makes her comfortable. Looking at these comments, I feel like y’all are bring cruel rather than constructive.
    Celebs are human, and let’s not forget that. Her talent will still shine, and I think the weight makes her more relatable if anything.

  14. twosilk January 7, 2012

    If people behind computer screens dealt with their own insecurities, they would care much less about something as trivial as Christina Aguilera’s size.

    But instead, people are uncomfortable with a woman who embraces, what society sees as, her flaw.

    Learn to embrace your own too.

  15. Xadax January 7, 2012

    She can wear whatever she wants, just like how she wore those assless chaps & slapped it to all of yo faces.

  16. aishaaguilerakeys January 7, 2012

    In other words, “mind ur asses”. She’s right, I completely agree w/ her – all that matters is the music, nothing but the music.

  17. Trollface112 January 7, 2012

    We don’t all look like prepubescent boys with breast implants.

  18. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 7, 2012

    i’m completely agree with her .

    and she can dress however she like and eat whatever she like and do what she please.
    AN ADELE-inspired artist. CLEARLY ! and in a good way 😉

    adele just re-shaped the way ppl think about fat ppl ! they are still humans who need to be treated humanely.

    adele being on the cover of UK vogue >>>>>>

    TOTALLY love the way this b**** ” xtina” think. i love her confidence ! she is always confident and that’s one of the reasons i like her. ” minus her bitchy attitude of course 😡 ”

    she gained a new STAN.


  19. Unitedasone January 7, 2012

    Weight is not that important. What’s important is whether or not she is able to come out with a decent album. I don’t think she is at a dangerous weight. Some people are dangerously overweight. It does not look like she has reached that point. However I do think its important to eat healthy. If you can eat organic then by all means do so.

  20. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 7, 2012


  21. Roman January 7, 2012

    Sextina needs to stop making w**** sounding music —> 1. She’s too old 2. If she tries to dance, she’s gunna wobble too much! How she gunna promote F*** You Body when she can’t even mover her own?.. Aint nobody gunna love those saggy titties baby…

  22. @antertain January 7, 2012

    GOOD GIRL!!!!

  23. Amy January 7, 2012

    And this is why I love her…she exudes confidence and doesn’t give a crap what any of you think, she’s all about her music! I can’t wait for her new CD/the voice to start.

  24. KAT DELUNA FAN January 7, 2012

    that’s my girl,sheer talent

    cant wait for the song OMG

  25. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 7, 2012

    @ROMAN :

    F*** your body is not necessarily about S**.


    F*** your BRAIN ! 😉

    maybe she is going to make ppl proud about their body image and that is the real meaning of the song 🙂 ! who knows ?! 😉

  26. commanderofthedancefloor January 7, 2012

    i think it is good that she is comfortable with whatever size she is that is something alot of women should take note from to just be comfortable with yourself!!!

    on another note when the hell is F***/Love your body suppose to drop i cant wait to her what it sounds like

  27. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) January 7, 2012

    Tell em girl!!It’s ridiculous how much shade she got for gaining some lbs.For God’s sake, people have forgotten the definition of “fat”.Size 0 women are not the only type of females that aren’t fat!

    Anyway, Christina always gains some weight before the beginning of an album campaign, but when she starts rehearsing about performances, she starts shedding them.The song is rumoured to be upbeat, so she’s going to lose some weight anyway before the performances.And also, in the behind the scenes footage of ‘The Vocie’ that she’s wearing loose black clothes, she looks like she did back in 2002, if not cuter 😉

    GO CHRISTINA!!Bring on ‘Love Your Body’

  28. ChristinasCOMING January 7, 2012

    This is why I love Christina!

    She doesn’t give a f*** what people have to say or feel about her! Because of that, it’s came with a whole new territory of getting labeled a stuck up cocky b**** with a nasty attitude and she’s wearing that label proudly. That’s why I love my Christina!

  29. NIkNak January 7, 2012

    she needs to put a bra on.

  30. gangster love January 7, 2012

    well said Christina! If youre happy&healthy
    that is all thats matter. Looking good baby.

  31. xoxo January 7, 2012

    cant wait for her album! atleast she isnt like “be yourself” but then constantly getting plastic surgery like the rest of the “singers”

  32. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 7, 2012

    braless is the way to go.

  33. LAX January 7, 2012

    i’m sorry she is fat and she need to loose it quic…no one is gonna buy her album because she is FAT!!!!

    Look at her she look lie rosie o donald W.T.F

    We want the Old Xtina…Ewww

  34. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 7, 2012


  35. #1QueenGaga January 7, 2012

    Damn!!!! She’s looking more like her mom and that’s not a good thing. So that means if she decides to lose weight then she’s a hypocritical b****!! This fat p** is full of herself

  36. LAX January 7, 2012


    She is Lying!!!!!! She know she fat and not happy……..I bet you she gonna lose that weigh and end up like Jen Hudson and do a whole bunch of weight watchers commercial

  37. ChristinasCOMING January 7, 2012

    Since when did one’s weight determine how they’re albums perform?

    To say her album is going to flop because of her weight is STUPID as s***!

    Y’all are just scared that Christina’s comeback is going to knock all your favs back off the charts and she WILL!

    Like Christina said in Keeps Gettin Better “Yes I know what I am and no I don’t give a damn and you’ll be loving it!”

  38. Vegas Girl January 7, 2012

    Well what else is she going to say? ” I’m fat and I hate my body?”. Absolutely not .

    She’s always spoken about being comfortable in her skin but her boob job( done years ago) has ALWAYS suggested otherwise. ( and please don’t say she didn’t get one because it is obvious, just look at pictured before and after bionic)

    It’s got to be hard to be a female public figure
    and have people commenting on your looks, so you would have to build up a thick skin. I think she will lose some weight, it’s also a great way to get positive media attention.

    People use Adele as an example of size in the industry but if you compare 19 Adele to 21 Adele, she has lost a significant amount
    Of weight too. J HUD used to say she loved her curves but as soon as she lost weight, suddenly she was LOVING her new body ( and those paychecks$)! So basically they all say that they are confident because what else is there to say!

  39. Voicelera, the voice of reason sh*ts on the haters January 7, 2012

    Christina can be 0,0000000000000001 pound or 9999999999999,999999999 pounds.

    I don’t give a flying gigantic f*ck about other people’s f*cking weight or hair color or whatever the f*ck. LMAO.

    Christina Aguilera remains my favorite pop singer of all times. Her discography and her voice are THE BEST.

    Christina takes a sh*t on all her brainless haters.

    I can’t wait for the new album!!!!! 2012!!!!!!!!!

  40. Theman January 7, 2012

    She’s amazing… She isn’t really that huge, she just carries a small frame. She’s beautiful though.

  41. Teflon Boy January 7, 2012

    It’s all about the Confidence #Gok Wan

    Christina can do her…, her answer is just what girls need to be hearing, right now she is healthy and relateable…, and she’s right, she got scrutinized at the beginning of her career for looking anorexic and now for being over-weight. Both times she maintained her stance and didn’t hide herself away or buck to the pressure…, in all honesty, with Adele ruling the charts globally the idea that u have to be a size zero or a gym bunny in order to deliver a quality album is outdated…, if she releases great music at her current weight and it does well, just watch the popstar body ideal switch from ‘unachievable’ to ‘normal’ and more curvy popstars flood onto the market. Also, I quite like the idea of a plus size era from her…, as if nothing else it gives the next project an added dimension.

  42. LaLa January 8, 2012

    She’s right! & we all should be happy with our own skin 🙂

    so many insecure people in here, bitching like they are know the best, while only commenting negative things behind their computer. In here, she proved to me that she didn’t care about negative crap thrown to her this past years/decade. She true to herself 🙂

    She is Beautiful no matter what they say <3

  43. Saetana January 8, 2012

    Its not her size that is the problem – its her awful dress sense, she dresses as if she was still as thin as her pre-baby days. Get a decent stylist and she would look much better. The dress she is wearing in that picture is giving her boobs no support at all and its far from flattering, within reason size really doesn’t matter (she is hardly obese by any stretch of the imagination) but all the time she is wearing those awful clothes she has been seen in of late she will continue to attract criticism. I still shudder over how she looked at the MJ Tribute concert, its an image problem not a weight problem ;o)

  44. irene46 January 8, 2012

    @ saetana…

    i agree wholeheartedly. she is in desperate need of a stylist who knows how to dress her for her body type. whether she has a small or a slightly fuller figure, her fans want her to look her very best. she is able to look as good as she sounds. christina needs to show she ‘loves her body’ by dressing it well.

    it seems silly to suggest that extra pounds are going to keep anyone from buying her music unless the media constantly detracts from her record by making a big ugly thing of it.

  45. linker nippel January 8, 2012

    she is amazing
    she is a real artist with a mind and with amazing lyrics
    she is special and i love her
    i dont understand why the lessers hating but its just jealousy
    she will rock 2012
    keep on singing your song xtina

  46. jancee February 20, 2012

    I love to exercise to her genie in a bottle 2000 Christmas video! she has a fantastic voice! when I was 31, granted-I fussed over my weight and did stay around 100 lbs. 5’3″. but now i am 113 lbs. and older. It cannot be easy for her and other stars being so famous and have all your personals broadcast to the world. My heart goes out to her! she is a special lady!

  47. me April 14, 2012

    Marilyn Monroe wannabe is not happy with the weight because she’s losing it now on the voice so being a hypocrite is soo wrong.Christina is not confortable being Christina one bit if she was she wouldn’t be having all that plastic surgery to become Marilyn , in her Genie in the bottle days she was thin flat b***,flat boobs ,cute face and now she’s too changed .Celebs focus too much on changing their originality to become perfect and ruin their looks with all that plastic.I feel sorry for her.

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