Hot Shot: Christina & Co. Cover Rolling Stone (LQ)

Published: Tuesday 31st Jan 2012 by Rashad

‘Dirrty’ diva Christina Aguilera is front and center of the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine with ‘The Voice’ co-hosts Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.  The musical foursome is set to take over the tube following this Sunday’s Superbowl on NBC.

Steering a second season of the beloved talent show, Aguilera is taking time from putting the finishing touches of her ‘F*ck Your Body’ led 5th LP to join the boys in what will assuredly be one of many promo spots before the show’s season premiere.

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for the full spread when it’s available. (source)

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  1. ChristinasCOMING January 31, 2012

    Adam and Christina would make such a cute couple!

    I don’t know what would be better. They’re brother/sister type relationship or being boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Anyway, Christina is ready to slay the s*** out of all these manufactured, POP gimmicks!

  2. LaLa January 31, 2012

    DAMN!!! I cannot wait for the VOICE season 2!!!
    but I wonder why TGJ not make a post of the Blind Audition Preview.
    there’s Javier 2.0 (kinda), Katy Perry twin indie sister & some Opera singer.

    anyway this cover is cool! the 4 coaches are awesome!

  3. RAPHAEL January 31, 2012

    i thik adam and christina are so cute together!…..christina is on fireeeeeee

  4. jill January 31, 2012

    dripping c****** lol

  5. REALRasta January 31, 2012

    The voice has had my attn since last season and i am so ready for the new season,, The diva wit 3 divos…lol
    follw me twitter @DarealrastaBwoi
    chk me out

  6. AalexisR January 31, 2012

    Christina is looking pretty fine on this cover.

  7. Small_Angel January 31, 2012

    Wat a cute family like picture. Adam and Xtina on each others arms. hehe

    Follow me on twitter @Ber_enriquez


  8. Jen February 1, 2012

    F*** the voice, this n**** on youtube is about to shut it down this year, he used to do vid under a diff name but now he’s all mysterious and s***. Worth checking him out!

  9. Jen February 1, 2012

    Can’t WAIT! The Phantom is back!

  10. Jen February 1, 2012

  11. Jen February 1, 2012

    HOL’ UP!

  12. mr.m February 1, 2012



  13. mr.m February 1, 2012


    F**** U TOO! .. b****!!!

  14. jesse lopez February 1, 2012

    it’s cute and all but i know i ain’t the only one spotting the terrible overused photoshopping? i mean are really to believe that adam can wrap his arms around xtina so tightly…and her belly ain’t that skinny and niether is her damn arm….but da b****** face is sickening!

  15. MRDIVABITCH February 1, 2012

    Whatever happened to the winner of season 1?
    Completely forgotten.

    So much for a hit show *files nails*

  16. KD February 1, 2012

    Is her first single titled F*** YOUR BODY???? Does she not remember the disaster that was that whorrific first single Not Myself Tonight. Christina, babes, you have the voice stop wasting it on SMUT and trying to shock people into buying your music. IT WILL NOT WORK.

  17. Tmm90 February 1, 2012

    Oh dear, the gods of photoshop gave their blessings I see.

  18. aishaaguilerakeys February 1, 2012

    Aguilera looks good here.

  19. MISHKA February 1, 2012

    Why does it look like Cee-Lo wasn’t on the picture in the first place?

  20. jill February 1, 2012

    The picture is photo shopped. They added everyone together, the pic is fake. You can tell.

  21. LaLa February 1, 2012

    ^but poor Cee Lo, he’s so outta place!

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