Hot Shot: Mariah Carey Attends Spike Lee Fundraiser

Peep this snap of ‘Prison Of Love’ Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon at a Spike Lee fundraiser nights ago.

Joined by the likes of President Obama, Mr Lee and his wife Tonya, the couple’s sighting at the event comes weeks after Cannon was hospitalized after suffering from mild kidney failure.

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  1. Josh January 20, 2012

    U guys have got to stop using “Prisoner of Love’ when talking about her. It irks me so!

    1. Its just called Prisoner
    2. U always just put Prison*
    3. ‘….of Love’…is not in the title and sounds shady when u use it
    4. yes its a terrific song but she has so many, reference other ones.

    DAMN lol, fix that typo too!

  2. ME January 20, 2012

    “Prison of Love”…REally????

  3. JohnVidal January 20, 2012

    Yes Mariah has such an inmense and great catalogue 🙂 And yeah “Prison of love”? What the hell? haha

    Mariah you need to hurry up with that new music (I know she is really fast with making music but you know). I need my Mariah fix

  4. riri January 20, 2012

    love it! where are those people that said her and nick wont last long ! 🙂

  5. MRB January 20, 2012

    Whoever it is that writes these topics has no respect for ICONS and LEGENDS! I guess this site will fall like the people you talk about!!

  6. B4REAL02 January 20, 2012

    Is that Chef Roble??

  7. YOOSONDALOOSE January 20, 2012

    Mariah is owning!

  8. Bey Fan… January 20, 2012

    Chef Roble making his rounds I see…. good for him

    The one and only Mariah looks great. But shouldn’t it be “Vision Of Love” ??? LOL.

    And I gots mad respect for Spike Lee….even tho he could be more tactful

  9. Hassan January 20, 2012

    Dear Author,

    Why are u tripping?

    Yours Truly


  10. MOAIAgel January 20, 2012

    Standard writing conventions say that when referring to an artist, you use his/her most recent work to identify him/her (Staying within the appropriate season). Therefore it would be the “Angel’s Cry” songstress (or whatever you want to call her). However, for goodness sake, don’t botch her song titles! But I guess this goes to show that the author is a fan, because most people wouldn’t even know “Prisoner,” let alone “Vision of Love.”

  11. rob January 20, 2012

    S/O to chef Roble’ in the pic!!!

  12. Stephanie January 20, 2012

    Chef Roble’…loves his show!!! 🙂

  13. Theman January 20, 2012

    She looks absolutely beautiful…

  14. just sayin’ January 20, 2012

    Ok first off as everyone else is sayin “Prison of Love” what????? lol “Vision of Love” or “Prisoner” are the songs you are looking for. Where are the people who said Mariah was still FAT!? because she looks AMAZING here. I am sure those stones around her neck are hers as well, not borrowed lol I AM GETTING MY GAY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Mariah YOU LOOK SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD! I love you

  15. b**** please January 20, 2012

    is it jus tme ro Nick is looking too stress????

  16. Playonyall January 21, 2012

    There is no such medical term as mild kidney failure… …

  17. Courtney January 21, 2012

    @Playonyall it’s called having undiagnosed kidney disease and in his case it was acute failure triggered inicially by caring for Mariah & The twins while they were sick over christmas and not sleeping eatting right. yes the Jewels Mariah is wearing around her neck are hers she hardly ever wears loaned out jewelry and the butterfly ring on her right ring finger is also real diamonds from Van Cleef & Arpels. she doesn’t have to rush out new music if she doesn’t want to and right now she’s spending as much time as she can with her recently ill husband and children

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