Hot Shots: Mariah Carey Tribute Leads BET Honors 2012 (Show Shots)

Published: Sunday 15th Jan 2012 by Sam

Diva Mariah Carey led the list of recipients at the 2012 BET Honors last night.

Set to air on February 13th, the show saw the singer give an impassioned speech about her storied career, as husband Nick Cannon and son Moroccan watched on.

Prior to taking to the stage, the 41 year old was honored by both Kelly Rowland and Patti Labelle, who performed ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Hero’.

Peep more pics from the show, which honored the likes of Gabrielle Union, among others, below…

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  1. rinavy January 15, 2012

    Not gonna lie Kelly looks exceptional.
    I heard she did great!

  2. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) January 15, 2012


    Go! Go!! Go!!! DIVAAA

  3. ashgino January 15, 2012

    okay, we got sum chocolate barbies in the house from Kelly Rowland, to the once Gabrielle Union (Kelly replaced her as the “it” girl), to Michelle Obama, and yes, I will include J. Hud, but plz my chocolate sistas, help J.Hud out with her wigs!!!

  4. ashgino January 15, 2012

    looks like it was an emotional night for Mariah, she so deserved it, she has come full circle and i think she is trully happy. But will she ever address what happend to her voice that using to be so amazing? I knw she aint go the crack route like Whitney.

  5. riri January 15, 2012

    my girl aretha is there!!!!! the queen of soul!

    congrats to Mariah!!

  6. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 15, 2012

    with all due respect to their accomplishments :

    FAT B****** ! COVER UP !!!!!

    Kelly look So f*****’ s***. i’m all for that hair style she’s sporting. the main hot b**** in those pics.

    if only that dress was red.

    but all in all : 5/5 !

    Aretha : Plz cover UP those b****** and those arms. cLASS mama , Get some of it.
    she just looks ugly and unaware of her real age and what style women in her age should adopt. 😡
    your s** appeal got expired centuries ago and it’s time to get real and wear clothes suit your real age. nothing wrong with being fat to me. but dress your age. 😡
    and that dress and it’s Color is just Ugly -1/5 😡 😡 😡 😡
    Jennifer Hudson : Yup , your style is just fine : 3/5
    mariah carey : Plz cover your arms , you Ain’t J.LO to rock that dress with those arms and stop with those fake facial expressions , no one find them nice ! and it’s f*****’ EBT cards ! not the grammy’s B****. 🙄

    she is clearly , again, one of those divas who aren’t aware of her real age and her marital status 😡

    OH god. 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

    patti : Looks classy and dressed her age. 4.5/5 from me ! ” -.5 for the wig” 😡

    Queen Latifah ” latifah = nice in arabic ” 😉 : COOL dress. 3.5/5 !

    MO : FASHION ICON. i just love women in red 🙂 5/5 !

    others look just fine. 🙂 but my eyes were 75% on kelly and her sexiness in those pics 🙂 !

  7. TruthTeller January 15, 2012

    Kelly’s music & acting careers are flops. But her body is a smash… ain’t no denying that. She’s one smoking hot flop girl.

    I feel bad for Beyonce. Mimi was the last celeb to introduce her babies.
    Roc&Roe are such STUNNERS.

    How can JayZ’s daughter ever follow that?
    I just hope the nose & the lips ain’t too developed yet. She needs to get those pictures taken ASAP before those features grow to much.

  8. YOOSONDALOOSE January 15, 2012

    LOVE IT! Go Mimi, she deserved so much! Her songs are amazing! She looks stunning! SO happy, glad everyone looked amazing, Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah were looking fierce!

  9. Yo MAMA January 15, 2012


  10. beyfan32 January 15, 2012

    of all the people that could of done a tribute to mariah they pic kelly rowland and that god awful patti labelle?!?!?!?? Ughhhh come on bet, get it together over there

  11. Steph January 15, 2012

    Go Go Go Kelly!!

  12. NikkiIsChillin January 15, 2012

    Looks like it was a wonderful ceremony. I loves me some Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey and Ms. Pattie. I must say also that First Lady Michelle Obama looks stunning!

  13. ThankMeLater January 15, 2012

    Yeah m********* we rollin, with some light skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands <3

  14. Courtney January 15, 2012

    @Pop Royalty stop telling Mariah what to do she’s better looking than J Lo will ever be and more talented to. if you can’t say anything nice about her don’t say anything at all I love that dress on her and don’t tell her how to wear her hair either try getting ready for an event with 8.5 month olds grabbing at you it ain’t easy and women older tha her wear their hair in ponytails or ballerina buns at award shows all the time do the names Meryl Streep & Vanessa Redgrave escape you. she looks amazing considering the jolt she got when Nick was in the hospital recently in situations like that your life flashes before you. besides the fact tha he brought their 8 1/2 month old son out made it even sweeter

  15. williNalli January 15, 2012


  16. Tru Voice January 15, 2012

    Lmao… The lambs are funny. Don’t hate on Whitney because she got the award first. Just be glad they Mariah. Mariah.

  17. ashgino January 15, 2012

    @truthtellers Kelly Rowland’s career is not a flop, she is famous and the “it” girl worldwide (every where but the U.S.). She was picked by Mariah Carey to tribute, …I am so confused why Americans are such haters? Kelly Rowland and even MIchelle Williams are doing great for basically being Backup singers! ANd I think it’s that idea is the reason Americans cant get past them being 2nd to Beyonce.

  18. jay January 15, 2012

    Yess Kelly!!!!!!!!!

  19. JohnVidal January 15, 2012

    WOW I didn´t know Patti was going to tribute her. We´ll see the results but the tribute looks like it was great: one uptempo song that usually nobody performs for Kelly, and a ballad for Patti! Probably it was great. I want to see it (Hero again though… 🙂 )
    Also, why is people so obsessed with the looks? Many people on here know I don´t talk good things about a few artists cos they are untalented or whatever, but NEVER attack them personally or for their body. Just the profesional side. Doing otherwise is being mean and superficial

    My friend. In the free world, women can act the same married or not married And even if that were the case, how the hell did Mariah do anything in this tribute for not being considered a good wife??? Please. Then you want people to not talk bad about beyonce and you are here talking about age, looks and weight… That´s not being a good “believer” 🙂

  20. lyric commander lee January 15, 2012

    ms kelly better work – looking all delicious – i see what she is doing and i love it – snagging higher profile gigs where she is introducing who she is..Kelly Rowland….the solo artist outside of DC. HERE I AM….work!

  21. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 15, 2012

    @JOHN :

    first of all , don’t bring “Beyonce” into this. and i’m sorry if i was so “hard” on your marrrrrrrrriah.but i am not regretting saying my words to her.

    and what free world ?! . i was stating that she is an OLD married woman. she need to stop acting as if she’s 20 Y.O !

    and i said i don’t think being fat is wrong. i said just dress your weight and your age. if she’s Over-weight/fat/thick/notorious/ whatever the f*** u will like to call it , she need to realize that and dress considering that !!!

    anyway , not a big deal. i know MC can get fake anytime. i been a fan and i know her 😡
    and thanks for calling me superficial ( since i am THE ONLY ONE who talked about LOOKS )
    those women get dressed like that for what ?! ?! 😡

    for ppl to say ” oh , that dress is beautiful/ugly” ! and U , and i’m pointing at U , know that it is not only about the music.
    if it was only about the music. we will be having 100 adele by now. but looks count too.

    it is not only about the music. if it was , why MC is not acting classy and get cover up like “adele” and SING !!!?

    that’s why ppl support adele , cuz she make songs for “ears” not”eyes” ! and adding that those divas are +35 ” MC , aretha” , they need to stop acting as if they were younger. they need to dress their age. nothing wrong with that. but it is just pathetic for me to see someone like “aretha” lookin like that 😡
    and i don’t care about who she is. i just don’t like that s*** she’d doing to herself and it is supposed to be only about the music as u say. so why someone like “aretha’ humiliate herself like that ” leave MC now cuz i don’t wanna shade her , she had her fair daily share already 😛 ” !!!!!!

    like do u remember when MC first started her career ?! how she looked like ?! she was classy and not overly-sexualized like that , and she was keeping it about the music , only the music. !

    i want that MC again ” prior to rainbow MC ” !! 😡

  22. JohnVidal January 15, 2012

    You mean prior to Butterfly I suppose. The problem is that that girl wasn´t totally her in a way. And now she is herself. You are mean when you shade people for their looks or choices when they do it cos they are that way. Mariah is like that, never been more herself than nowadys, and happier than ever
    Adele… I love her, why are we talking about her? haha, I named Bey cos you know u can´t stand people saying anything about her but were here talking about people´s personal choices

  23. Small_Angel January 15, 2012

    Beyonce is the Female version of Justin Bieber…

  24. Matty January 16, 2012

    Can’t wait to see this on TV!!!!!! Everyone made it out and looked unbelievable great!!

    (ps. shut the hell up about Mariah being fat, either you have a body-image issue yourself, or you’re a cow/your mother’s a cow; because Mariah is what a healthy 40-something women looks like. Get a grip, maybe you could help our social issues regarding women and body image, rather then reinforce them.)

  25. dave January 16, 2012

    okay let me tell ur broke ugly ass something! okay ur broke ass sittin on a computer with beyonce pic as ur back ground and bashing otheer hot celebs like mariah! well new flash u fagget beyonce dnt know or give one living s*** who ur broke ugly ass is! and i know ur a fagget not a chick cuz chicks dnt worry to much about dressing,and acting like that! well beyonce DONNOT know ur fagget broke ass! and i hope u know mariah and beyonce are friends right? nick cannon said mariah and bey text eachother all the time,and mariah and bey double date with nick and jayz! so obviously bey cares for mariah,but she dnt give a living s*** about ur broke ass with ur cheap ass grape jusice default! get a f****** lfe and stpp stanning on beyonce p**** hole! she DONNOT GIVE A S*** ABOUT UR BROKE WANNA BE ASS! she dnt even know u exsist! and u sittin here judgin all the celebs,lmfao like ur poor ass really count! faggtets i sware! get a life and a real job! mariah will always be rich,s***.and famous,and so will bey?? and u wasting ur time bashing on the internet on beys p****? where will that get u? think about it u broke ass fagget! bey dnt know ur poor broke ass! get it through ur head!

  26. EIGHTYYARDS January 16, 2012

    Wow, some hater in here. Mariah, babydoll, you look amazing.

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