Hot Shots: Whitney Houston ‘Sparkles’ On Set

Published: Thursday 19th Jan 2012 by David

On August 10th, Whitney Houston‘s latest movie ‘Sparkle’ will finally hit US theaters, marking her first time on the big screen since 1996’s ‘The Preacher Wife’.

Starring Jordin Sparks, Mike Epps and Cee Lo Green, the long awaited movie received a  promotional boost this week when snaps from its set emerged in People Magazine.

In one of their exclusive shots, Houston and Sparks can be seen in the middle of an indoor scene and in another, the Pop veteran can be seen dressed to the nines as her character ‘Emma‘.

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  1. PersianAliCruz January 19, 2012

    Diva to the muthafuckin end!

    Gotta luv Whitney!!

  2. Sam January 19, 2012

    Whitney looks great! By the way the name of Whitney’s character was changed from Effie to Emma.

  3. pat January 19, 2012

    i luv Auntie Whit

  4. Lax January 19, 2012

    Wishing her nothing but the Best, She has been through a lot
    but life goes on and all of us has to Cross the many different
    Bridges on the way to where we are headed in life. Many will
    go through the Storms of life and its not how you go through
    the Storms of Life it’s how you come out on the Right Side of
    Life. Keep your head up Whitney and keep right on Withering
    The Storms of Life Because Whitney You Are Truly Loved.

  5. THE REAL TYLER January 19, 2012

    Not a huge Whitney fan
    but she looks great!
    I hope this is her comeback!
    if Mariah can do she can too!

  6. Theman January 19, 2012

    She looks great.

  7. Leo January 19, 2012


  8. MISHKA January 19, 2012

    Whitney & Jordin look gorgeous !

  9. Tru Voice January 19, 2012

    Yes!!!! She looks divine. Skin looks flawless.

  10. Ya MAMA January 19, 2012

    First off this movie was No where BAsed on the Supreme’s !!! THe Original was based on 3 sisters growing up in the ghetto of Harlem ..Sparkle (Which the movie is called) is the youngest Sister out of the 3 ….

  11. earl January 19, 2012

    Whitney ‘The Voice’ Houston looks freakin fantastic! U better werk Ms. Houston!

    Can’t wait to see this movie and she looks gaw-jus! just divine! I think she will slay in this movie from what is being said

  12. Billy January 19, 2012

    Whitney Houston is a Beautiful soul in and out, I hope that this movie is going to be a big hit for her!

  13. truthfacts January 19, 2012

    @Billy u and I both dude. She looks great . Hope this movie is a real come back for her. I know I’ll be first in line at the theatre to support her. Can’t wait to hear bout the soundtrack.

  14. RealrastaBwoi January 20, 2012

    OMG,,, i am so HAPPY that my AUnt Whitney is back to acting and all,, cant wait to see this MOVIE… “I love u whitney” in my boby brwns voice

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  15. chocolatebox January 20, 2012

    Ver yvery proud of her. i guess after this she will make the sequel to “Waiting to Exhale”……

  16. Slewis January 20, 2012

    Love you, Whitney. You look BEAUTIFUL!!

  17. khrish January 22, 2012

    I thought she was shaping up to the WAITING TO EXHALE part 2. Rats.

  18. delredd February 21, 2012

    all a sudden i became a big fan of whitney, i can’t stop thinkin’ about her, whitney’s death was so fast the other famous people just have seen her shortly wham now she’s gone 4-ever. believe me i trully knows mrs. cissy pain of losing a child my only baby passed away 7 yrs ago. whitney voice which i always had adore is so beautiful like her looks. when they play “i will always love you 4 her funeral it seems like whitney was there the whole time it was unbeliveveable. may GOD bless and keep u whitney please say hello 2 my baby. my heart goes out 2 mrs. cissy/krissy hold pn be strong!!

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