Jason Derulo Drops Tour Dates After Neck Injury

As reported yesterday, Miami dance machine Jason Derulo unveiled news of a neck injury recently sustained during rehearsals for a recent world tour.  Despite assuring fans just last night of his well-being and intent to soon resume rehearsals for the tour (set to begin mid-February), today saw the crooner singing a different song.

Originally set to tour the U.K. from February through March and follow-up with an April Australian tour, the 22-year-old confirmed via statement today that all plans of touring have been cancelled.  The announcement follows word that while no longer hospitalized from the accident (that could have left him paralyzed), the ‘Don’t Want To Go Home’ hitmaker will be confined to a neck brace for an undisclosed number of months.

Derulo offered these words (source):

“To all my fans who planned to come to the Future History World tour, the pain of letting you down cuts me way deeper than this injury I’ve sustained. My fans mean everything to me, so I’m praying for a speedy recovery in order to perform for you in the near future.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. DeeDee January 5, 2012

    He almost broke his damn neck trying so hard to dance like Michael Jackson.

  2. Licious January 5, 2012

    @ DeeDee uncalled for.

    Get well soon Jason.

  3. Oceanmate January 5, 2012

    @DeeDee , no he was tryna dance like Chris Brown or Usher! Anyway, Get well soon wishes to Jason.

  4. cray January 5, 2012

    Get well soon…but i am not here for you anyways let me keep it cute 🙂

  5. fake January 5, 2012

    im calling b*******.
    I think his team realized the tour was going to flop as bad as his album and decided to cut their losses.

    Who in Gods name is really paying to see this dude in concert when next to NOONE bought his album,

  6. MT January 5, 2012

    If less than 20,000 people bought his album worldwide at 9$ per disc, how did he plan on selling seats at venues???

    I will say tho “Future History” is one hell of pop album! I still listen to it…

  7. Yea i said it January 5, 2012

    nobody care

  8. sushil January 6, 2012

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  9. me3 January 6, 2012

    hahahah 😀

  10. MRB January 6, 2012

    Hope he makes a healthy recovery! BUT STILL GIVE UP THE SINGING CAREER!

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