Nicki Minaj Announces Release Date For ‘Turn Me On’ Video

Published: Wednesday 25th Jan 2012 by David

As the highest selling digital track of the week, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Turn Me On’ is well on its way to topping the US singles chart.

So, in a bid to raise even more awareness for the jam, the Rapper has confirmed the release date for the its supporting video.

Details below…

The Sanji directed clip will debut on:

Tuesday January 31st

Following the Rapper’s ‘Stupid Hoe’ visual, ‘On’s video precedes the release of Minaj’s new album ‘Roman Reloaded‘, out in stores April 3rd.

Your thoughts?

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  1. N I C K I * I N * M O S C O W January 25, 2012

    When does “Roman In Moscow” video come out? Or did she change or mind?

  2. Marvin January 25, 2012

    Can’t wait to be slayed nicki!!!

  3. HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging January 25, 2012

    So Excited

  4. Queen Of Dragging [Hottie] January 25, 2012

    Love Nicki.

  5. Kerry Johnson January 25, 2012

    Goooo Nicki
    Rihanna is the Goddess of pop music 🙂

  6. RDK January 25, 2012

    waiting on it.

  7. JuanR January 25, 2012

    When does “Roman In Moscow” video come out?


  8. Chile Please!!! January 25, 2012


  9. DaHotNig January 25, 2012

    @chileplease Apparently you care because you clicked on the link you loose throat b****! kim is dead in case you didn’t know. She can no longer afford to pay ghostwriters so no album no time soon! LMAO

  10. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) January 25, 2012

    waiting …

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE January 25, 2012

    very excited! Going to be good I think!

  12. Brian Young January 25, 2012

    I wish Nicki Minaj would collaborate with Mike Posner on a song in the future. I really like his new video “Looks Like S**.” The director did a good job of creating a s*** music video for “Looks Like S**.”

    You can watch the video now on Vevo:**/USRV81100317

  13. Imgunnacheckuboo January 25, 2012

    I will hold me breath 😐

  14. Lala January 25, 2012

    Wack bytch.I wish her 15 minutes will just end.

  15. nic January 25, 2012

    @ThatGrapeJuice “Turn Me On” is David Guetta’s song not NIcki’s. So stop giving her all of the credit. She is featured on the track. I wont be surprised if this is her official single instead of Va Va Voom bc “Turn me On” is a good pop song like “superbass” so she should reap good benefits from that

  16. ismokeuchoke January 25, 2012

    Why do people that say they dont care for Nicki or say they dont like her be the main ones to comment? And you say the same thing in every post what is the purpose? Is your life that pitiful?

  17. MYBITCH January 25, 2012

    this is nicki and david guetta song– it is featured on both the artists albums– so it will count as both, plus nicki is the only one that has her vocals on it. Lil kim fans are mad lmaoooo.

  18. SLAYFANISTANN. January 25, 2012

    Nicki & David need to bring it this time around.

    Right now, Nicki can’t afford to have another video in the same caliber as “Stupid H**”.(She shot herself in the foot with that one)

    The public is in that judging phase for Nicki’s second album,and if she doesn’t give people what they want,they’re gonna jump ship.

    That being said,I’m indifferent on the song…..

  19. NATALIE January 25, 2012

    I don’t like this song. It’s doesn’t feel like Nicki’s music. Anyway, I am hoping the video will make me like the song.

  20. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. January 25, 2012

    This H** is DONE!!! She is a GIMMICK, HENCE the reason her first two singles RIM & Stupid H** have BOMBED & been trashed by critics and music fans !!!

    Not too long ago, the GREAT LACEFRONCE told you that this next SHITE album would flop. And when it DOES, I want you all to BOW to the GREAT LACEFRONCE.

    T***** Caca, Nicki Garbaj, FLOPonce , Titty Perry, FIST brown = all flop GIMMICKS 😀

  21. Morgan January 25, 2012

    Stfu the great lace front. It seems like ur girl rih aint doin to well on the charts. Her olny hit off of ttt is we found love. Girl gtfoh!!!!! 🙂

  22. kayla January 25, 2012

    This is a good song…these haterz is on fire and nicki minaj still winnin’..i think this gone premiere on 106&park…but i think roman in moscow will premiere on friday then the video to Va Va Voom

  23. leah January 25, 2012

    N***** Monkey, nappy headed h**…….

    Since she wants to be called that, for now on I will address her that way.

    I hope black people isn’t supporting this trash, she’s disrespecting you and you’re bumping her music?

  24. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 26, 2012


  25. iSlay January 26, 2012

    Turn Me On ain’t her song.
    Give DJ Guetta his respect.

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