Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Rises 94 Places On UK Album Chart


As one of the highest selling Pop acts of the year, ‘Super Bass‘ Rapper Nicki Minaj recently celebrated the news that her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ had exceeded global sales of 2 million copies, since the project’s November 2010 release.

Now, in what will be sure to give both she and her team even more good news to smile about, the upbeat LP has enjoyed an unexpected sales boost in the UK this week.

To be exact, it has risen by a mind blowing 94 places on the UK album chart in the space of seven days.

Explanation below…

Coming in at #122 last week, the album charted at #28 this week, making the album one of the fastest selling releases of the year even without the aid of a supporting single, or a promotional campaign in the country since March 2011.

Certified Gold in the country by April 2011, ‘Friday‘s success in the UK comes after the entertainer confirmed she would be returning to the country in March 2012 in support of its follow up ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘ and after the project was praised for selling more copies than Rihanna‘s ‘Loud‘ and Chris Brown‘s ‘FAME‘ in the United States.

Elsewhere on the chart, Beyonce‘s ‘4′ rises by 14 spots this week, placing it at 12 while Rihanna‘s ‘Loud’ rose by 20 spots to #19 after holding court at #39 last week.

Drake‘s ‘Take Care‘ is this week’s #24 after 7 weeks on the chart and is now 7 chart positions above Katy Perry‘s ‘Teenage Dream‘ which is this week’s #31.

Meanwhile, P!nk‘s ‘Greatest Hits- So Far‘ climbed 71 spots since last week to nab the #34 position and resides 64 places above Destiny’s Child‘s ‘No.1′s which reentered the chart at #98.

Adele‘s’s ‘21‘ holds its #6 spot for a second week while Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Lioness:Hidden Treasures’ suffered a sales dip, forcing it straight to #5 after enjoying the #2 spot last week, two places above Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk‘ and 5 places above Jessie J’s ‘Who You Are’.

Well done to all!

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  1. Those That Cannot Do, Stan January 1, 2012

    I think the only thing to say is: damn! Damn good way to start a new year.

  2. D.Scott January 1, 2012

    Young Money is puttin up big numbers…

  3. stbaby January 1, 2012

    Go Nicki,do your thing and God will always reward all your efforts.

  4. Kane January 1, 2012

    Nicki Wins…

  5. Perry Power January 1, 2012

    Good for Teenage Dream. Released in 2010 and still charting in the top 40. Incredible!! And great for Beyonce!! I dont see how Nicki was one of the highest selling pop acts or how outselling Chris Brown and Rihanna in the U.S is relevant, but congrats to here as well

  6. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 1, 2012

    nicki is comming for Rihanna head

  7. Dollar$ign$kills January 1, 2012

    Is it really necessary to put down other artist to make Nicki look good? Anyways, great for Rihanna for having 2 albums in the top 20

  8. Kissme January 1, 2012

    ive said it once and ill say it again.
    Artists who take the time to love and embrace their fan bases will ALWAYS win.
    Nicki hasn’t stepped foot in the UK since last year and hasnt performed on ONE UK show, done ANY majoruk press rounds and shes climbing 94 spots after being released two years ago?

    Well done babe!

  9. BlancoMafia January 1, 2012

    who gives a f***. Kims hardcore sold 2 million copies in one year.

  10. QueenOfTheNavy January 1, 2012

    blanco sweety, kims hardcore hasnt even shipped 2 million copies since it came out, let alone sold 2 million copies.

    well done to all the girls here! Including Beyonce and Rihanna.

  11. Dollar$ign$kills January 1, 2012

    How is Nicki coming for Rihanna????

  12. KAT DELUNA FAN January 1, 2012

    how many times we said Nicki is coming for rihanna audience??? 😕 😆

    Anyway,good for Bey but no words on Buno Mars? his album is #2 this week despite being released last january and his latest single is Lazy Song #SHITTING #KINGOFUK

  13. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 1, 2012

    Isnt Gold in the UK only 150,000? LOL!! I guess thats great news for Nicki because shes such a local artist.

    I see Teenage Dream is still slaying on the charts over seas, well done Ms Perry. No news on Slay this Way?

  14. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 1, 2012

    LOL @ people saying Nicki is coming for Goat’s head. Please, Nicki cant even top A Girl Like Me. Thats never happening

  15. JOSE January 1, 2012

    Lmao. U need to worry about Beyonce & how Talk That Talk has sold1.7 m in a month and Beyonce has only sold 2 mill in 5 months

  16. BEUD January 1, 2012

    Where is “HERE I’M” at…?
    I’m a BIG Kelly’s FAN,, feel so bad having to admit the album is a big FLOP in Sales,, Damn….

  17. Minajesty January 1, 2012

    its so funny how RIHTARDS and BEYTARDS keep coming at eachothers heads. beyonce is more talented, if you disagree with that then you are delusional. why do people care SO MUCH about a person you never have and never will meets albums sales? Talk that Talk had 2 good songs on it, and 4 was the worst promoted album of the year.

  18. KAT DELUNA FAN January 1, 2012

    lol at the goat stans

    iTunes US
    Beyonce 4 -14
    Goat -19

    iTunes UK
    Beyonce 4-5
    Goat -TBA

  19. HaterzStayPressed January 1, 2012

    Congrats Nicki for a job well done in 2011! 2012 will be another fantastic year for her. As long as she keeps cultivating her fan base and putting out quality work, she will continually have success. I feel sorry for Nicki’s detractors …. it must feel bad to be on the losing team or a team that just ain’t cutting it anymore. Oh well. 😆

  20. WHUT January 1, 2012

    Oh @Wtichoncrack hun, imma have to politely ask you kindly to STAY in lane number “4” ‘local-b**** drive”!!!

    You have foolishly trespassed in the lane of International sensation’s bae and that warrants a warning ONCE and ONE time only!!!

    Lets not make the same mistakes again dear.

  21. WHUT January 1, 2012

    Hun where’s Kat’s Delusiona on Itunes? Be a dear and fetch me that chart position.

  22. RomanNavyBeyonce January 1, 2012


  23. KAT DELUNA FAN January 1, 2012

    Lmao at this imbecile with a Kat avi talking to me? Take your nonsense comments somewhere else moron and comeback to me when your username will have a f***** sense

  24. Lax January 1, 2012

    IMMA Have to write so many tickets for
    public Drunks whos talking out their Ears, Duuuuuh!
    We or off to a good start and the Drunks or clowning and
    the Music hasn’t even started. “sos just a different day whos
    bigger, whos badder When Nicki Rakes in the dough that
    rihanna did for 2011 then i will take these comments serious
    but until then hummmmm i will give credit where credit is due
    to any one Young or Old Who can Match Rihanna’s 2011 Recipts.
    Huuuuuh the Navy is just happy that Rihanna is selling Albums
    because we have been lead to believe that Rihanna does not sale
    nothing but Singles and its Funny because i see a name that is
    Selling Albums and this Artist Spells their Name just like Rihanna
    Spells Her Name. That Other Rihanna Chick is selling Albums i feel
    it would be great if she and Our Rihanna met perhaps she could teach
    Our Rihanna the Trick to selling Albums as good as she’s Doing.

  25. Oh baby(PUTTING B****** IN THEIR PLACE) January 1, 2012


  26. WHUT January 1, 2012

    The shade is the cat has more s*** and DEFINED facial structures than that overly bloated faced flop failure you support. B**** be looking like she permanently stowing away 2 big ass bowling balls in her flop failure cheeks. LMFAO tho!! What’s the matter hun? Someone having a little trouble finding me that chart position? KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  27. Lax January 1, 2012

    Rihanna Was on a International Tour and when the Us Let her down
    The International Community Kicked it into High and brought her all
    the way Safely back to her Caribbean Roots and shes Chilling and
    Refelecting and she’s Cooking with Gas. Before long the wear and
    tear from the Tour and it will be good time as ever to Kick that Promo
    Cruseliner into High Gear. Ummmmm i can just see her Promoting
    And Double Tasking for her “TTT” and other Challenges. Life is good
    and the greatest gift of them all for Haters is L-O-V-E!

  28. WHUT January 1, 2012

    Oh after six months blah blah blah? Someone wanna get into time spans and sales now? Did your basic b**** ass forget that after the same 6 months your fossil fave is at 2m while the Queen is at 1,7m in ONE MONTH?! LOL!! Gurl dont be a dunce…

    more of…my bad.

  29. Lax January 1, 2012

    @Lurkers,,,,,,Eat your Hearts Out!

  30. WHUT January 1, 2012

    @Lax why cant they ever keep it cute huh? Why must the navy blow them to smithereens everytime? Sighs, new year same dragging.

  31. Lax January 1, 2012

    @Whut,,,,Preach Ofc. And you Tapped that Ass good
    with that Left Hook to the Jaw Speaking about 6-Months!

  32. KAT DELUNA FAN January 1, 2012

    B**** her album is where herpesanna vocals cords !!!

    She is trying to find them in Jay’a a*** while licking his assfor relevancy in the industry.Hopefully she find them cause with this h** pregnant forehead ldk

  33. WHUT January 1, 2012

    The relevancy she’s getting?

    The shade is your fave could go that extra mile and fix her self a sandwitch of Jay’s FECES STILL wouldn’t blow up in a cave in Afghanistan much less do jackshit in US. LOL!!! Sighs STILL no chart position gurl? Gurl just give it the f*** up, do what you do best and latch your weak trifling ass onto someone who bares a shred of relevancy UNLIKE your tragic disaster of a fave!! LOL!!

    B**** in here stanning for Kat’s Delusiona trying to come for people’s #WINNING faves. This cant be life.

  34. KAT DELUNA FAN January 1, 2012

    B**** lol still no vocal cords neither?

    So that was the recipe ? eating Jay feces to get save for a foodstamps life in barbados 😯

  35. WHUT January 1, 2012

    Well just know the recipe involves feces i.e something akin to Every one of your fave’s efforts in the game so far. LOL!!! I see you bringing up food stamps in reference to your fave’s current struggle. We know the b**** on em!! She HAS to be you see her how career stands right now?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  36. Lax January 1, 2012

    @WHUT,,,,They love getting that Ass Tapped!

  37. WHUT January 1, 2012

    Indeed @Lax

    The shade is I didn’t even know what the f*** a Kat Deluna was until having to read this b**** in here. It was struggle even after googling that h**.

  38. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 1, 2012


  39. YOOSONDALOOSE January 1, 2012

    WOW funny chart week, glad good people rose though! Go everyone!

  40. RomanAZolanski January 1, 2012


    you a lying b****, Hardcore did not sell 2 mill in a yr , 2 yrs or even 3 lol #TeamPrimateLying lol #TeamMinajAllDay everyday lol

  41. >am so am so proud of you_ January 1, 2012

    Katy+GaGa=Queens please go sit in that dark corner in your room…and i see you posers always posing as a Riri fan and be going ofter nicki fans to start sh-t nicki and Riri is cool the fans do too, so you posing retards can keep trying to put a wedge between the navy and the barbz in vain…anyways gratz nicki see you,and gall gratz to all the other ladies up there doing there thing.

  42. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 1, 2012

    Perry Power STFU Jealous h**. Outselling rihanna IS an accomplishment. She is one of the BIGGEST popstars out. Katy Perry will always be a flop. Shut up.

  43. >am so am so proud of you_ January 1, 2012

    RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) like i said before undercover nicki haters like you always be posing as a Riri fan and be talking sh-t about nicki to start a conflict between the barbz and the navy because you all know that nicki and Riri is cool,and you all don’t like that so people like you is trying everything to destroy that,divide and and conquer as they say..but you all is trying in vain because everything is all good.

  44. shell517nj January 1, 2012

    smart of nicky to tour with Britney, she picked up a lot of fans and crossed over.

  45. Yellow Gorillah January 1, 2012

    The Kiii is The FACT Rihanna has TWO Albums in the TOP 20 Looooooool and they think a women who could not make it as a pop star and pretends to be a rapper is coming for her loool and it comes from fake nicki minaj fans loool how many times are yall going to say somebody is coming for rihanna. It has been 6 years 26million album sales later and we are still waiting??

    *Sips M***** Juice*

    Are you ready for where have you been to be the next smash single??

  46. Army Of Queen Aaliyah January 1, 2012

    Wow Stupid Stans, Everyone Knows You Can Sell A Few Thousand And Rise DRASTICALLY In The UK ! Anyways Pink Friday Is ONLY Certified GOLD In The UK !? Lmfaooo I Guess The UK Barbz And Kenz Just Started Checking For Her. I Pity Those On A Team Full Of SMOKE And MIRRORS, Their Fave Had 7 Singles And Only Has A Platinum Plaque In The U.S. And Gold In The U.K. 😉 Poor Babies !

    As Usual Someone Brought Up Kim And Yes She Has SOLD 2 MILLION COPIES Of Her Debut ‘Hardcore’ With THREE Singles ! You MAD ?!

    Congrats To The Talented Artists Mentioned In The Post Like Beyonce, Drake (The Only Talented Member Of Young Money ), Slay Adele And Jessie J

  47. RDK January 1, 2012

    Yellow Gorillah you fu-king c**** you want a banana,it,s a new year same old sh-t with you all,it,s a New Year get a f-cking Resolution you and that bandwagonist/follower Army Of Queen go get a f-cking life,what a sad set.

  48. Army Of Queen Aaliyah (Queen Of URBAN POP) January 1, 2012


    January 1, 2012 at 10:20 pm
    that bandwagonist/follower Army Of Queen go get a f-cking life,what a sad set.

    Once Again RDK Facts =\= Hate ! Try Again HUNNY ! 🙂 And Lmfaooo Follower ?! If I Was A “Bandwagonist” (Which Isn’t A WORD Just Thought You Should KNOW !)/FollowerI Would Be #TeamMinaj M’ Kay Toodles 😉

  49. X,Y,”and Z” January 2, 2012

    ..And, mind you, that’s WITHOUT a U.K./European tour to support “Pink Friday” sales.
    But, let’s be honest, shall we? Once Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown begins to tour U.K/Europe, those sales will make a dramatic upwards spike.

    ..So far, Rihanna has had the luxury of being the singular act upon the U.K/European scene (well, so was/is 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, but we won’t even bother with her. She’s just one of those “born-to-lose” sad-faced painted-on clown characters you see at the circus. I mean, life is “sad enough” without someone making a career out of…”laying” guilt trips on you, and who is then NEVER without an excuse).

    What Camp-Fentyites REFUSES to acknowledge, as they hold true to their ‘modui operandi’ of deception, deflection and slight-of-hand gimmickry is that a large part of Rihanna’s “sales” are due to 2-for-1/$0.99 just-short-of-the-discount-bin, going-out-of-business gimmickry. The same can be said for/bout her concert/tour tickets. Does anyone remember her 2010 NYC MSQ “sold out” concert? Come to find out, after a few “clicks of the mouse”, MANY tickets were yet-STILL available.

    And the latest ‘Camp-Fenty’ “BIG LIE”?? ..Well, we NOW hear that Rihanna made over $90-Million from touring – HA! Don’t make me laugh into unconsciousness..!! That’s just MORE ‘Camp-Fenty’ subterfuge. And where did she ‘place’ upon that recently released ‘FORBES’ list again..??!! ..EXACTLY..!!

    (Sigh..)Rihanna and 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland: “Sisters Of The Slight-Of-Hand”, and “High-Order Gimmickry”!

    X,Y,”and Z” – OUT..!!

  50. Bey’knight January 2, 2012

    Congrats to all. I hope 4 makes it to top 10 next week. Nobody really releases new albums in January so this is a time for old gems to shine

  51. TakeAbOW (Madonna And Rihanna Will Slay In 2012) January 2, 2012

    The reason this is great because its one thing to climb up 10 or 20 places is big, but 94 spots in a week is amazing.

    Its funny how kim fans are so deluded about her sales, in WHICH planet could kim ever sell 2 million in two years.
    She hasnt even shipped 2 million copies of hardcore in 15 years you stupid h**!

  52. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 2, 2012

    Katy+Gaga=queens?? I’m still tryna figure out how in the world Katy is a queen. She’s too bland and will never be as relevant as gaga and rihanna. She is a queen of failed relationships. Gaga snatched her wig a long time ago. The end. Gaga= queen. Katy=queen of s***.

  53. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 2, 2012

    and I have no respect for the kesha and katy fans on here cuz they always throwing shade at nicki. Gtfo. Why are you even welcome here in the first place? It’s a privledge. Kesha and katy arn’t even urban music. Gaga is rightfully mentioned here cuz she IS that b**** so stay in your place lame h***.

  54. c-tee January 2, 2012




  55. Keepwinning January 5, 2012

    Nicki jumping so many spots n a week clearly shows her power 2 captive an audience without even moving a finger. In other words 2012 belongs 2 Queen of hip hop #clue it ain’t that h** that screwed biggie 2 get ahead. Where’s that holiday ep?

  56. Keepwinning January 5, 2012

    # Ctee I agree its just personally speaking I can’t stand haters. People bashing nicki 4 doing her job which is 2make &sale records. If u ain’t nicki fan don’t comment on her story. Haters should focus on their dry up queen & y she can’t read a calendar properly cuz holidays over no ep r single? # bitchlosing it & it ain’t even February yet.

  57. Keepwinning January 5, 2012

    Kim queen but y nicki on my tv screen, y she on tour with icons, y everybody asking her 4 features, y besty johnson using her as her muse, y is nicki doing everything a queen of hip hop doing? If kim the queen wat r her duties? It ain’t selling album, ain’t doing features , no fashion movement, no tv award appearances, not even sign 2 a label. Sound underground 2 me!

  58. commanderofthedancefloor January 6, 2012

    i just want to know how is nicki coming for rihanna? my inner b**** is coming out so here i go

    first pink friday only sold a million more than rihannas lowest selling album and a million less than her secound lowest selling album!

    second nicki will never see an album sell over 5 million rihanna did it twice and with ttt it will be a third!

    third look at pink friday now at 2 million released 2 years ago now look at ttt in a little over a month it sits at 1.8 million next month it will of already passed it in ww sales

    and finally pink friday certified gold? umm riri already went double platinum and thats ttt loud is like around 6x platinum you can add nickis next album to pink friday and it still wont even come close to loud ww and she will never and i repeat never see an album sell even close to gggb that is the KIIIIIIII

    oh yeah this is for the uk in case some idiot misinterprets what im saying

  59. commanderofthedancefloor January 6, 2012

    It really annoying when people can’t understand that selling albums nowadays is extremely difficult. Even harder when ur a female rapper y u think nicki 1st 1 2 go platinum n 8years? That’s y its a big deal 2 music industry she sold more n U.S than a popular pop star. How & she gunning 4 rihrih n Uk when she ain’t been there 4 a year almost? #thinkbe4uspeak

  60. Keepwinning January 6, 2012

    It really annoying when people can’t understand that selling albums nowadays is extremely difficult. Even harder when ur a female rapper y u think nicki 1st 1 2 go platinum n 8years? That’s y its a big deal 2 music industry she sold more n U.S than a popular pop star. How & she gunning 4 rihrih n Uk when she ain’t been there 4 a year almost? #thinkbe4uspeak

  61. commanderofthedancefloor January 6, 2012

    first missy was the last female to go platinum and that was only 6 years ago

    second no one is saying that her selling is not good it is since she is the only female rapper doing it but trying to say she is coming for rihanna when clearly she isnt is too much its like saying missy was coming for britney

    third it maybe a big deal for local artist but what every single one of them hope to do is become an international artist like riri.

    finally i cant stress this enough! nicki will never see half of rihannas numbers! she wont even touch katy perrys numbers!

  62. Keepwinning January 6, 2012

    Of course NM can’t touch rih #s cuz she pop artist when last time a female rapper outsold a pop star n album sells not singles. Answer lauryn hill n 1998. Like I said so its big accomplishment that pkf outsold loud & fame n US. Last time I check when u jump 94 spots on a foreign chart without even looking their way ur international star. In order 2 be a local artist u wouldn’t be able 2 sell nothing n a foreign country cuz they wouldn’t knw who u are. #thinkb4uspeak

  63. Keepwinning January 6, 2012

    & missy had an hit let it go I think n 06 that went platinum but that’s not an album. Nicki the 1st female emcee 2 have an platinum ALBUM n 8 years almost an decade. When sophomore drop she’ll have 1st female emcee sophomore 2 go platinum n 10 r 12 years.#keepwinning

  64. commanderofthedancefloor January 6, 2012

    rising 94 spots on a foreign chart is good but it doesnt make you international atleast when she manages to sell a million over seas then i will consider her an international artist! and she will actually be the only female rapper to be an international artist. i dont doubt she can do it but i wouldnt call her that before it happens.

    my mistake missy was the last femald rapper to have a 2x platinum album in 2003 so good for nicki also. i dont hate nicki i actually like her she brought female rapping back! but also i wish people would stop singling out riri pkf sold more than 4, teenage dream, and several other albums, which is even better for nicki

  65. Keepwinning January 6, 2012

    Like I said jumping 94 spots n country u ain’t step a foot n a year & jumping 94 spots just cuz u twitter ur cuming bck makes u a star n their eyes. Its not me that saying she international its her #s & the fact she ain’t been over there n so long & she jumping like that. Its surprising that an american artist leaped so high n Uk chart without even touring r going 4 a visit. What more can u do 2 prove international stardom?

  66. commanderofthedancefloor January 6, 2012

    it is a great feat but it doesnt make you international. she sells good in the us and uk but those are only two of several countries international means selling good in atleast a dozen other countries than your own!

    for example lady gaga getting half her sales from other countries. atleast 1 million collectively from other countries

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