Report: The Jacksons Drop Conrad Murray Claim

Published: Saturday 21st Jan 2012 by David

On November 7th 2011, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his partMichael Jackson’s death.

Sentenced to serve four years at the Los Angeles County Jail after having his medical license revoked, Murray also faced a $100 million restitution  lawsuit by the Jackson estate, which would see him fork out the money Jackson would have made had his ‘This Is It‘ tour kicked off.

Now, two months after Murray’s sentencing ,the lawsuit has been dropped.

Find out why below…

Today, a representative from the LA’s District Attorney’s office revealed to TMZ that the family are no longer seeking restitution, days before the restitution hearing was to take place.

They report:

A rep for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office says prosecutors were informed that the Jackson family is giving up on restitution … so the D.A. withdrew the request.  As a result, the restitution hearing scheduled for Monday has been called off.

Seeing as Murray’s revoked license means he cannot practice as a doctor once he leaves jail, the likelihood of him being able to even pay half of what they were asking for was slim to begin with, so this decision does make sense.

However, we’re not too sure how this will set with sects of MJ’s fan base who already feel Conrad got off too lightly with the icon’s death, especially now that he is set to serve half of his sentence due to overcrowding in his prison.

Do you agree with their decision?

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  1. Beeyonced January 21, 2012

    The fam is trying to get money out of AEG. They had to decide and Murray seriously makes no sense. Thou it’ll make the fam look greedy, but hell there’s been enough injustice on MJ’s murder.

  2. QueenSize January 21, 2012

    Hahahaha rotfl. I am 100 percent sure that when Conrad Murray got out of jail he would release his tell all book and all the Jackson secrets would be spilled. Smart move on their part to drop the lawsuit. Cause I was gonna buy the book. Might of bought two.

  3. WIG SNATCHER January 21, 2012

    They they when he gets out he is gonna need some money and is gonna spill ALL THEIR TEA!!!! T

  4. 123456 January 21, 2012

    obviously the illuminati

  5. 123456 January 21, 2012

    they put his ass to kill him and hes save now

  6. PYTFROMAL January 21, 2012

    Hmm. Wonder why. His ass would get LIFE if I were the judge.

    And lol @ the morons commenting. If the Jacksons were worried about Murray spilling any ‘tea’, both Joseph and Mama Katherine would have dropped their respective individual cases against Murray/AEG. Which they haven’t.

  7. africandoll January 21, 2012

    OK the whole point is so this b****** doesn’t profit from mj’s murder. Especially since he is the killer. I find it crazy you can go to jail for 5 years for uploading mj music but 4 years for killing him. I papa Joe goes through with him lawsuit.

  8. UGh January 21, 2012

    According to Randy Jackson’s tweet he nor his siblings know nothing about this so they didn’t agree to anything.


    My siblings & I were never informed the restitution bid against Murray was being dropped. We DO NOT support that action. NOT our decision.

  9. jeremydante January 21, 2012

    i have one very important question, how did TMZ become an authority in news reporting?!

  10. Yo MAMA January 21, 2012


    Put it this way… MJ’s brothers have ZIP power and dont make any decisions. Chances are it was katherine and the estate lawyers. Hell, MJ didnt like his mooching brothers and left them out of the will. Randy’s twittering doesnt mean s***. Next.

  11. Bey Fan… January 21, 2012

    Thats very sweet of the Jackson family…..class act. Love the Jackson

  12. Nivea January 22, 2012

    mj isnt dead..all of this was just a cover up, to cover his fake death!!!!

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