New Song: Rick Ross & Kelly Rowland – ‘Mine Games’

Published: Friday 6th Jan 2012 by Sam

Hip-Hop titan Rick Ross unleashed his hotly anticipated mixtape ‘Rich Forever’ moments ago.

The “bawse” enlisted the likes of Diddy, Birdman, and a certain Kelly Rowland for the free set.

Check out he and Rowland, as they trade verses on mid-tempo ‘Mine Games’ below…

[ti_audio media=”59113″]



Granted it’s mixtape material, as opposed to premium, Kelly gets somewhat of a pass. Still, on the merit of what it is, the track simply isn’t the hotness. It seems as though the 30 year old was enlisted to recreate a ‘Dilemma’-esque cut; yet the any such plan is foiled when considering a) that sound is sailed away years ago and b) anyone could have sung this.

That said, kudos to team Kelly for keeping her name out there. Presence on a product as anticipated as this in the Urban circle, is a good look. From any vantage point.

In any case, check out the rest of ‘Rich Forever’ below…

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  1. lenor January 6, 2012

    cute track! kelly sounds great! #richforever

  2. navy b**** January 6, 2012

    kelly =one hit wonder! 77,000 albums sold flop with no solo grammys ,even keri hilson sells more albums. kellys album was nor r&b it was some techno b******* trying to sound like rihanna

  3. navy b**** January 6, 2012

    kellys album was not r&b it was trash dump music.

  4. Slutbucket January 6, 2012

    Haters!!!!! Luv her!

  5. MYKE January 6, 2012

    Love the song and love her! And the song is called ‘Mine Games’ FYI!

  6. karma January 6, 2012

    she only sold 178,000 to date damn shame

  7. Ghassane January 6, 2012

    if you wanna a hit , just put kelly’s voice

  8. THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE. January 6, 2012

    Here I FLOP is STRUGGLING to sell LMAO.

  9. ThankMeLater January 6, 2012

    Why are people bringing up Sales? this is about the f****** song not sales so listen or leave.

  10. JJFAN1814 January 6, 2012

    If I was an artist, I know I wouldn’t flop. TRUST! I just wouldn’t put s*** out there!! I make sure I have the best producers and writers to help mold me and produce while controlling my direction and still having input.

    Oh well..

  11. GLYNNJE January 6, 2012

    i like it. its nice. love anything that has Kelly rowland’s voice on it.


  12. karma January 6, 2012

    kelly sold 178,000 albums thats a fail………….

  13. Real Talk January 6, 2012

    Yall are too funny on here. Lets keep it real, Kelly has more Talent than Rihanna.

    But about this SOLO GRAMMY COMMENT. I guess winning a grammy for BEST DANCE RECORDING, makes you the QUEEN of TALENT. LMFAO. All the other grammys she won are ALL collaborations.

    I actually like both artists cause each showcases a “different ” talent. But keep clowning Kelly, while she continues to MOTIVATE her haters.

  14. pat January 6, 2012

    sounds much better than what you had me expecting….go TEAM KELLY

  15. THEO HUXTABLE January 6, 2012


  16. Licious January 6, 2012

    IDK what u smokin Sam but this s*** was dope!!! I remember a certain someone *cough* Sam *cough* saying something similar about a certain platinum single. *puts on Roman wig* Remember that b****???!!

  17. socialstudy1 January 6, 2012

    Love Kelly but have never been a Rick Ross fan, ….at all. This would hav been a cool Tupac/ Kelly Rowland track. I dig the chorus.

  18. TrucieB January 6, 2012

    um where’s the vid for Keep it between Us?

  19. Humberto January 6, 2012

    The instrumental is hot and “dreamy”, but the chorus is sooo weak. ;~~

  20. Take It There January 6, 2012

    Just because its not the sound nearly EVERYONE is using these days (yawn) doesn’t mean it can’t be a hit…open your mind anyway personally I love it!!!

  21. fatu sankoh January 6, 2012

    i love kelly you go kelly you are the best

  22. Get Real January 6, 2012

    Why is it mine games instead of mind games. I hate Rick Ross. 😐

  23. mhud January 6, 2012

    wow.queen kelly rowland is the best.i love this song

  24. JD January 6, 2012

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. K ANDB4EVER January 6, 2012


  26. K ANDB4EVER January 6, 2012


  27. Nick January 6, 2012

    This is a nice lil R&B song tho! I dont even kno y i bother wit Sam

  28. Dunk January 6, 2012

    you can B**** about Kelly all you want! Homegirl is making more money than artist who have sold a million copies cos she is on that Simon Cowell money, and if you know the business nowdays you will know that she is in a much better position than many, thats why she sacrificed promoting her record to do X Factor cos financially and globally in terms of PR she has joined a very lucrative camp!
    the one song she was able to put some PR behind ‘Motivation’ is now nominated for a Grammy so f*** all ya’ll cos this is what happens when Love Takes Over! 😉

  29. Jessica January 6, 2012

    It’s so funny that all the Rhianna wackass stans get intimidated by every female artist out there because they know they will murder her in vocals, LMAO!!! 1. Kelly is classy not talentless. 2. Kelly is not a h**. 3. Kelly doesn’t have to insult her fans to get ratings and get noticed on Twitter to keep herself relevant. 4. Kelly work with real artists, where’s Rihanna?? LMAO!!! @navy b****: Are you mad that Rick Ross have Kelly in a track than talentless Rhianna? Face the facts, RHIANNA MUSICALLY IS FINISHED. KELLY BEEN OUT FOR 15 YEARS SO TAKE SEVERAL SEATS DOWN, LMAO!!! Until Rhianna works with real artists, be on a big tv show, and be in the most biggest female group from 1997-2005- Destiny’s Child,then talk. Until she wins a Grammy and have a #1 album- RHIANNA IS A BIG ASS FLOP!!!

    @THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE: Ummm, who are you talking to?? 1. You look like a damn ass drag queen with that picture, with that same old ass tired blond wack so called weave in your picture, LMAO!!! You need to shave those sideburns and get your hair fixed, then talk after. LMAO!!! NEXT

    Anyways back to the subject, the song is good, Rick Ross is growing on me, I’m into his R&B vibe music with the real artists, so this song is going on my ipod.

  30. cray January 6, 2012

    Yes Dunk you better tell em!!! Actually Sam i love it…Watchu been smoking lately?

  31. cray January 6, 2012

    On another note…i wish this was Tupac tho 🙁

  32. muni January 6, 2012

    Kelly you are da BEST Haters go die somewhere!!

  33. VivaLaOnyx January 6, 2012

    The haters are to be paid DUST!! Love this song and LOVE Kelly!!!

  34. Joan January 6, 2012

    Good Evening:
    I would love to know why do so many hate on Kelly Rowland what has she done to any of you. That song Mine Game sound good. They both did a great job on this song. Kelly is working hard for her money. My thing is if you don’t like her why kept getting on here and talking about her. I believe that you do like her. Kelly can sing. Kelly is doing her thing.

    Are you made that it not you that getting what she is getting. you can just work for it. can you sing if so let us hear you.
    everyone have a great weekend.

    I just want to say I love this song Mine Game! number 1 in my book.

  35. Ashley January 6, 2012

    Kelly has solo grammys so stfu. People stay hating on her. If you don’t like her stop listening to her music & get the hell off of this page. Damn…Leave her alone. She’s doing what she loves. Don’t be mad at her because your live at home in your mothers basement and she traveling the world making millions…. You’ll NEVER faze her. #TeamKelly all the way..

  36. angela wesley January 7, 2012

    If Kelly was not on this track i don’t think i would be listing to it. I have heard
    of Rick Ross but I thought he was a hip hop Manager nor a rapper. Sam
    gofey self talking aboaut anyone could have done that song but i
    don’t it have sounded the same.Kelly has a soft melody to her
    which complementst the rough sound of Rick Ross voice.

  37. Diva January 7, 2012

    Love the song

  38. Joan January 7, 2012

    Good Morning:
    I went on ITunes this morning looking for Rick Ross album and couln’t find it. I want to buy this single. were can I go to get it. Can someone help me.

    Everyone here have a wonderful weekend.

  39. Jamie January 7, 2012

    @ Dunk

    Well said!!!!

    As for you haters, are you mad because even though she’s doesn’t have a platinum album, she’s still financially stable? If it wasn’t for you being able to use somebody else’s wi-fi, you wouldn’t even be on here so stay bothered. Good day supporters.

  40. Jamie January 7, 2012

    One more thing, if you uneducated drop-outs would listen to the lyrics, you’d understand why the song is called “Mine Games”

  41. Collegegirl January 7, 2012

    I Love the song… I just can’t understand why Keep It Between Us video isn’t released yet. Gooshh…. Kelly!

  42. Musiqluvr January 7, 2012

    Here I Am isnt platinum but watch it get there like her others. It happens. Taylor Swift. Keyshia Cole. Even Shania Twain have all has dismal sales like that from album that ended up goin multiplatinum. This about a feature on a single tho so movin on. This song is nice & could easily be a radio single. Kelly soars on almost every feature tho which no one can deny. & not only does she have solo Grammys she even has one for production (Best Remix Recording). P.S. Keep It Between Us is suppose to be comin out as a Valentines Day cut. So it’ll be out soon.

  43. williNalli January 8, 2012

    This song is the BUSINESS…Every track Kelly touches these days just turns into gold.

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