Sugababes Star Flies Solo

Published: Sunday 22nd Jan 2012 by Sam

With the return of the original Sugababes confirmed, the group’s current stand-ins are left in quite the precarious position.

Indeed, a slew of commercial disasters (the latest of which saw their last single axed and given away for free) has left the once revered Pop outfit in tatters. A situation rendered worse by their adamance on not throwing in the towel.

And yet, ironically, that’s what they appear to be doing – covertly. First, there were the unaddressed rumours of a label drop, then member Heidi‘s revelation that no new music is on the horizon, and now it has been confirmed that Amelle is going solo.

Details after the jump…

News of an Amelle solo deal began pervading the media scape following the tanking of the trio’s last single ‘Freedom’ last November; news which now appears substantiated.

Taking to Twitter recently, the 27 year old wrote:

“Right got everything I need and about 2 leave 4 studio! Can’t wait 2 get these ideas out of my head and hear what they sound like! (sic)”

Later retweeting a fan’s message to her:

pop_addict : @Amelle_berrabah .. somebody to look out for in 2012. First solo single will be out some time soon.. I feel FIRE! she rocks


A confirmed producer on the as yet untitled project is Pete Kirtley, who ironically contributed to the ‘Babes ‘Taller In More Ways’ album. The very project Amelle joined the group during. Tangled web, much?

In any case, we hear murmuring that the word ‘Rebel’ is of significance to the project (single or album title perhaps?). Beyond any such title, though, one has to wonder anyone is even checking for Amelle like that? I mean after committing the cardinal sin that was “Keisha-Gate”, many washed their hands and ears of anything ‘Babes related.

That said, I can’t fault the tone and texture of Amelle’s voice; a fact which makes the prospect of solo material – if done right – somewhat appetising.

Are you eager to see Amelle go solo?

Your thoughts?


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  1. Lax January 22, 2012

    She’s Beautiful and reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s
    Ex Wife, Nicki

  2. Lax January 22, 2012

    Her Boobs are Perfection dang who
    want them busting out around the
    edges and all that’s over a mouth
    full is a waste anyway.

  3. Davide Laffe(Nyc nominated Best nightlife photographer) January 22, 2012

    this is crazy

  4. lewis January 22, 2012

    ugh just give up b****, no-one wants you or the babes in the limelight. you’re done, get used to it.

  5. WayTooFly! January 22, 2012

    What boobs?

    She’s garbage

  6. NIkNak January 22, 2012

    I never liked her, she thought she was the ishhhh but the truth is she ruined sugababes…..

    UR DONE GIRL, i wud save every last penny i have…..I do feel sorry for heidi though, I liked her.

    Im glad the original sugababes are back.

  7. SUGARUSH January 22, 2012

    YESSSS!!!!! Amelle is my favorite Sugababe! I hope she comes out and SLAYS!

    The UK public are very naive! If the original Sugababes couldn’t get along back for one album, then why are they so eager to get back together now? Because they are BROKE.

    Both Siobhan and Mutya QUIT the group! Shows how much dedication they had then, and Keisha was such a b**** they had to kick her out!

    Amelle, Heidi and Jade deserve success! And it’s unfair people are not giving them a chance!

  8. sam January 22, 2012

    she has the best voice out of sugababes. cannot wait for her solo stuff!!

  9. James January 22, 2012

    I don’t mind if she goes solo, but much more excited about originals reuniting.

  10. Steph January 22, 2012

    I want to see the originals re-unite!

  11. Kings January 22, 2012

    Hmm I dunno… Sugababes at their best was amellle, heidi & keisha. Record sales confirm that but yeah ammelle has a really nice voice. She’s already had a solo hit with tinchy

  12. kweli69j January 22, 2012

    nobody is checking for her like…seriously she needs to give it up, as soon as she joined the band it was the end…thank god the orginal Sugababes are getting back together

  13. Sugababes aren’t back together January 22, 2012

    The tweets that were about sugababes recording werent quite true. Professior green denied working with originals and they both working on own thing.

  14. ThatBoyLuke January 22, 2012

    I’m not sure everybody hates the current line up, if they’d just changed the name once Keisha left things might have been different for them but mainly it’s the fact that the music they put out is so generic compared to what the first and second line-up were doing and it’s like the whole message in the music goes against everything they stood for and made themunique.
    Amelle did have that No1 with Tinchy (who is awful) and she is hot so she’ll probably do ok solo, I think Jade has a great voice but i doubt she’ll make it was a singer, maybe a presenter and Heidi should do something like folk maybe…

    @SUGARUSH, the first line up will probably be fine now they are all adults, When Siobhan left they were teenagers going to country to country and since Keisha was bullying her she probably felt isolated, since then they’ve all grown up and Mutya left because she was pregnant and wanted to spend time with her child, who is old enough to be in school etc now and i doubt they’re broke… They are the biggest selling UK girlband of the 21st century.

    @KINGS, do your research the best era (musically and sales wise) was Mutya, Keisha and Heidi, the only album that did ok for Keisha, Heidi and Jade was “CHANGE” and that only went Platinum and wasn’t certified in any other countries unlike all the albums 2.0 put out, after that “Catfights and spotlights” only went Silver and “Sweet 7” wasn’t even certified.

  15. ThatBoyLuke January 22, 2012

    @SUGABABESARNTBACKTOGETHER They are back together, they’re denying it until the music is done and they’re making the big announcent. It’s funny how both Mutya and Siobhan get on twitter at the same time, following each other and keep making references about “three” this and that and they’ve been seen at tv studios etc PLUSS if they wern’t back together Keisha’s solo stuff would have been out by now.

  16. Carl Neufville January 22, 2012


  17. glass January 22, 2012

    I just don’t like her cause she was meant to replace Mutya.

  18. James January 22, 2012

    I think Amelle is OK. She bought a lot of fun to the group. 3.0 were my favorite Sugababes lineup personality wise. They gelled well together.

  19. nick January 23, 2012

    Don’t like Amellie. She is a b**** and has too many criminal convictions. She destroyed Sugababes.

  20. Dev January 23, 2012

    She needs to fly into oncoming traffic.
    I personally think that she was the weakest link in all the sugababes line ups vocally and personality wise, she was the closest they could find to Mutya’s voice at the time she decided to leave, but hers is nowhere as powerful or soulful.
    I can’t see her doing well. I can see any of the stand in’s doing well, and Jade killed her chances of solo success by joining the car crash.
    Even if the re-formed group fails they’ll do well singing the old songs how they were suppose to sound

  21. Matty January 24, 2012

    omg, i could go on and on on this subject!! i wont amelle solo will probably work a lttle more than another babes record, unless its the origs, im not that partial to the sugababes name anymore, when i play them on the radio, i always just say the first names of whoevers in the song i paying. ie. Keisha Mutya, Siobhan! haha.

  22. tweetypiebabe1 January 25, 2012

    I feel bad for Jade. I really hope she manages to find her niche because her vocal abilities are amazing and she would be an incredible waste!

  23. glum March 18, 2012

    Jade and Heidi must feel kinda dumb right about now…SHAME.

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