From The Vault: Pink – ‘Most Girls’

Before Pink the lit up the Pop-Rock arena, Ms. Alicia Moore served as one of R&B’s most promising talents.

From The Vault this week journey’s back to the star’s second ever single, ‘Most Girls’.

Penned by the one and only Babyface, ”Girls’ was the most successful single to be lifted from Pink’s 2000 stellar debut, ‘Can’t Take Me Home’, peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, #5 on the UK Official Singles Chart and reaching the top of the Australian ARIA Charts.

The cut’s accompanying visual was an MTV-favorite, cementing her “no-nonsense” character and showcasing her oft-underrated ability as a choreographed performer. Edgy, gutsy, and unapologetic, the video embodies all that we’ve come to love of this (still) soulful songstress.

And, although chances are slim to none, how exciting would it be to see Pink dabble in R&B again – even if for one song only? The raspy nature of her voice lends itself so well to such style; making it such a shame she abandoned it altogether. Still, whatever the genre, the unique package she presents both vocally and image-wise, make her one of popular music’s most compelling artists.

Bring on album #6!

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  1. credits January 15, 2012

    I always wondered why she abandon it…..looking at her now and listening to her now, it’s hard to believe she ever sang a sentence where she says, “shorty got a job, shorty gotta pay her own rent” but it was good.

  2. mr.m January 15, 2012

    This is actually my fav song from her!

    she just ignored that album just because it’s not her style

    B****, you would be NOTHIN’ without that debut album ..

  3. bey’knight January 15, 2012

    @MR M

    actually she would be nothing without a 2nd album, check them credentials sir

    anywho i love this but my fav from that album is still , there you go. i knew every word to that song. even though her debut is a solid album, its not Pink’s favoured style so im glad she’s in her genre of passion. her pop-rock records are more creative than Kelly Clarkson’s imo.

    why doesnt she have more moonmen than any other MTV star? most of her videos slay smh… still the underdog i see

  4. Kia January 15, 2012

    Christina Aguerllia stole Pink ‘s style when did “Stripped”

  5. QueenSize January 15, 2012

    This song was the reason I fell in love with P!nk. I was pissed when she abandoned her roots for rock. I felt like she was fake for some time but when she dropped stupid girls I just couldn’t help but fall for her again. But I got pissed again when her greatest hits so far album did not include Most Girls. She’s a talented chicks and seems to get better and better.

  6. kwame January 15, 2012


  7. bey’knight January 15, 2012

    the ads on the site are so annoyin, its a nightmare just to scroll down the homepage

  8. zed January 15, 2012

    id love to see her do some rnb again, but lets be honest, how many artists actualy do rnb these days? even the likes of chris brown, rihanna, flo rida, wynter gordon, usher, taio cruz, jennifer lopez are going into dance/pop craze…fed up of it all!

  9. mr.m January 15, 2012


    B****, without a lil success of a first album, no one will care about a second one!

    FOR EXAMPLE, without the success of Destiny’s Child no one will even care about

    the start of beyonce as a solo artist


  10. Vandrea January 15, 2012

    This is the only song by her I ever liked.

  11. irene46 January 15, 2012

    i think this is pink’s best song ever. of course, she’s not a fool and knew the big lasting dollars are in pop music.

    pink is one of the most talented and underrated and underexposed artists in the business. it might be the media resents her uncontrollable outspokenness. she not going to give some ass kissy response when asked about a media fave with minimal talent.

    kia claims christina stole pink’s style. idk about that but i do hear some similarities to christina’s voice in this song. too bad they don’t get along. a collab with those two would be a major show of talent.

  12. number1k9 January 15, 2012

    I SO dearly love and miss P!nk, the R&B singer.

    I think she is very versatile and can do Pop Rock, but she is TOOOO soulful IMO to not take advantage of her voice for R&B. It seriously fit her voice SO well. Like similar to Kelly Clarkson, but Kelly Clarkson still gives the soulful ballads and R&B feel to even some of her Pop Rock tunes. [Not comparing the two BTW!]

    I have wanted P!nk to make another R&B album eversince 2000’s ‘Can’t Take Me Home.’ “There You Go,” and “Most Girls,” remain my favorite singles by her.

    Supposedly a big reaso nas to why she began singing Pop Rock, was because she didn’t wanna be grouped with the Britney/Christina/Jessica Simpson’s who all debuted around 2000 too. But I always thought of her as her own artist, very unique and extremely different for becoming the times ONLY prominent, current white girl singing R&B, and who sang it effortlessly.

    : ( . . . . . .
    Tear for P!nk’s R&B career.

    : )
    I hope it returns, please P!nk, C’mon L.A. Reid, persuade her into another R&B album!

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