New Video: Cher Lloyd- ‘Want You Back (Ft X Factor USA’s Astro)’

Published: Friday 6th Jan 2012 by David

X Factor fans worldwide are about to get very excited!

For, moments ago saw the surfacing of ‘Want You Back’, the latest video by X Factor UK Princess Cher Lloyd featuring X Factor USA Royal Astro, in support of her hit album ‘Sticks & Stones‘.

Peep the colorful visual below…


Why this wasn’t released as the first single really is anybody’s guess.

A far cry from the polarizing ‘experiment’ that was ‘Swagger Jagger’, we challenge anyone to deny how enjoyable this clip  was.

Fun, playful and effortless in presenting Cher as this generation’s ‘girl next door’, we can only hope future releases are just as well executed and are just as successful in showcasing the personality we are sure LA Reid is hoping will charm US audiences when the US promotional tour for her LP finally kicks off.

Your thoughts?

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  1. roni January 6, 2012

    This s*** is not available in my country.. NEXT

  2. Liramaus January 6, 2012

    i loved the video but i hate de Astro’s part

  3. TB January 6, 2012

    Astro ruined it, but the video is great, I think if your gonna download this song, download the solo version.

  4. The Truth January 6, 2012

    Nice song and I like Astro in the song!

  5. D.Scott January 6, 2012

    This song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now lol

  6. JohnVidal January 6, 2012

    TGJ said the same thing about her second single and the album still flopped. If she can´t have succes with her first album after x factor and in her country… how the hell is she going to do anything in music industry?

  7. jill January 6, 2012

    This isn’t Astro best rap but he going to huge. I hope next time he is featured it’s with a more talent artist or a bigger name artist. Cher kind of sounds like Kesha and probably won’t make it here in the US.

  8. Dev January 6, 2012

    That did absolutely nothing for me what so ever. I really though she was over pulling those faces.

  9. antertain January 6, 2012

    nice video and song suits her once again.
    Liking the single choices recently so thats good for her futures projects, if the right single is picked

  10. EAlvi January 6, 2012

    I didn’t like the song at first but watching the video just made me a fan. I don’t think Astro adds anything enjoyable to the song; I’ll just fast forward over his rap. Can’t wait for her US promo of “Sticks+Stones” – It’s gonna be massive!

  11. Yo MAMA January 6, 2012


  12. G.dee January 6, 2012

    This girl is going to be another rihanna basically a singles girl and not albums. She she have released that song where she sings about being on top of the world in the USA . Anyway am in the uk so I can’t really say what the americans should have. Good luck

  13. Vincent Ko January 7, 2012

    Astro ruined the song. The album version is a lot better.

  14. antonio aniello March 1, 2012

    rubbish ever since Chers debut audition on x-factor and hence the 14 weeks she spent doing karaoke and continued to pass it off as rap I alwaays knew she would never come out anything original. This song is just pure cheesae just like the rest of her album being only nothing more than generic lyrical slop. she was never fresh, original just someone liike JEDWARD being given an opportunity to bastardise rap/ hiphop on a glorified karaoke show and once again this song is just bubblegum pop with cute girl doing mediocre singing whilst hiding behind catchy electro – just like her debut single and subsequent 2nd single and her album this single will too flop hard. I’ve never seen nor heard of anyone being jumped up so much especially since contributing nothing sensational or groundbreaking to the real world of music – she is the most over rated singer to ever hit the real world music scene – she is incapable of hip hop dance, rap poetry or developing her own image and I firnly stand behind the wider community when I speak this! Sticks and Stones sounds like something JEDWARD could’ve done since this is the same sort of music they’ve been doing too!

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