Grammy Awards 2012: Performances – *Updated*

Published: Sunday 12th Feb 2012 by Rashad

The Grammy Awards 2012 are currently underway at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As ever, That Grape Juice will be providing you with performances as they occur!

Check out performances from Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Adele, Nicki Minaj and more below. Keep refreshing, as we’ll be updating minute-by-minute…

{Videos removed as requested}


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  1. robin February 12, 2012

    Bruno Mars did better then I expected. I actually enjoyed his performance. CB is probably one of my favorite artist however his performance kind of left me wanting more. I hope he performs again. One thing for sure his new song is growing on me and glad he also performed beautiful people.

  2. S*** (YU MAD THO?) February 12, 2012

    IDK why artist like Chris Brown & C-error abandon their R&B/Hip-Hop Roots. Smh, Chris was so much better B4 hopping on these Euro pop trends. His performance was Decent nontheless. Too bad Bey isnt there.

  3. M Kigz February 12, 2012


  4. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Still torn up about Whitney but


  5. ILIVE4B3Y! February 12, 2012


  6. WHUT February 12, 2012

    I wasnt even gonna watch but I’m glad I witnessed that. Rihanna did very VERY well.

  7. miss jude February 12, 2012

    Waiting on a good performance
    Chris was lipping same dance moves..just boring
    Watching Rihanna now is painful
    But the stans will swear they did something smh
    Kelly was ok her duet partner mike cut off at the end which was good lol

  8. kody3x February 12, 2012

    chris brown once again had the best performance imo #breezydoesitagain

  9. Wonder February 12, 2012


  10. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Best performance of the night HANDS DOWN. SINGING AND DANCING HA ASS OFF!!!!


  11. robin February 12, 2012

    Rihanna did good, her little solo dance was cute, bless her heart. So far the grammys are doing pretty well. Done for now, just waiting for Adele and tribute to Whitney

  12. trina February 12, 2012

    Okay, spent my day listenning to Whitney, a TRUE GIFTED VOCALIST !! And when I watch the Grammys and see a performance like RIHANNA’S, I just have NO WORD !!

  13. WHUT February 12, 2012




  14. intolove92 February 12, 2012

    Haters still say “C-error”??
    I think Chris did pretty well . He is a performer. You see it from the endless energy he gives off, like he can literally perform all day.

    Now who lacks skill is Rihanna. She tried SO hard but is still stale.

    Bruno Mars was fun!

  15. H-Town Chic February 12, 2012

    I dont think there will be too many great performances . Bey, Jay, Ye and more either not performing or not there.

  16. xedos February 12, 2012

    chris brown has the best lip sync of the night .

  17. WaitUrTurn88 February 12, 2012


  18. BAA February 12, 2012

    Everybody has done good so far but the two best are Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Bruno did very good and his performance is my favorite so far.

  19. @CBDani February 12, 2012

    chris killed it !!! kinda wanted more tho

  20. whyohwhy February 12, 2012

    Bruno did great as usual for live singing.
    Chris Brown did good but I was looking for more.
    Rihanna forgot she was lip syncing and stop singing while she was still signing and the little bit with CP was all she could do. Her moves (drug motivated) we all know she cant do at the same time when singing.. She did cover up them marks.
    When did Jennifer Hudson throw down?
    Kelly Clarkson is a Natural cause she has talent!

  21. xedos February 12, 2012

    versatile rihanna did a dance song the switch to a acoustic version of a rock song.

  22. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Yup @ WAITURTURN the fact that she slayed so hard really lifted my spirits after the news yesterday. Everyone on twitter is praising her as the best of the night.

  23. TruthTeller February 12, 2012

    Does Chirs Borwn even qualify as a singer anymore?
    He hasn’t sung life ib YEARRRRS

    Anyway, Rihanna killed it. I’m gad she took a vacation. She really needed it. And now she’s clearly in great condition to dominate this year too.

    Singing 100% LIVE & dancing her ASS OFF…. QUEEN RIHANNNNAAAA

  24. BAA February 12, 2012

    Where are the Singing Divas! Beyonce, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson! WHITNEY HOUSTON

  25. TruthTeller February 12, 2012

    Dance song, then acoustic rock song… I wish she would have followed up with her a rap duet with Drake…

    Showing the world what it means to be truly versatile

  26. Girrrl February 12, 2012

    RIhanna was amazing! She sung and danced like a BOSS unlike the lip sync king.

    Bruno was great as well!

    Let’s see how this Whitney tribute goes.

  27. TruthTeller February 12, 2012

    Now that Rihanna has performed, I turned off my TV and i’m heading to bed.
    I’ve already seen the best this night had to offer, so why bother checkin out the rest?


  28. Teacher February 12, 2012

    The Queen had me hype as f***!!!! Ready for Adele and JHud!!!!


  29. NAYAH82 February 12, 2012

    Kanye won 4 grammys and haters will deal!!

  30. Hera February 12, 2012

    These comments are my rock hard evidence
    That this new generation has no clue what real talent is.
    Chris brown did ok with the dancing but in between the lip singing he sounded horrible.

    Rihanna is a terrible singer period.
    Versatile my ass
    Plus she wasn’t all the way live.
    During we found love she showed that

    Damn I always complained about kanye and Beyonce
    But they are sorely missed.
    The navy and the brown fans are super delusional they sucked big floppy donkey balls tonight

  31. Blue Kid February 12, 2012

    Chris Brown did what he was told and let Rihanna do her best which wasn’t nothing. The industry sucks!!!

  32. TruthTeller February 12, 2012

    1 thing about Breezy tho is that he is a phyne piece of ass….
    I am glad he keeps on shakin what his mama gave him


  33. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Kiiiiii@ Truth she ATE. This is why I use this b****, she was in PURE BEAST MODE tonight. She wasn’t playing AT ALL!

  34. robin February 12, 2012

    CB performance was much more challenging then it appeared. Performing on the vertical stage was pretty nice. I give Rhianna props also, she showed growth in her performance which is what I look for when supporting artist. Steve Wonder, now there is a legend, all around artist. LOVE HIM, wish he would perform and show exactly how its done to perfection.

  35. Yessssssssssss February 12, 2012

    Rihanna sounds soooooooooooooo Off key like she is being STRANGLED!!!! LOL

  36. robin February 12, 2012


  37. Lax February 12, 2012

    Chris won a Grammy, good for Him!

  38. Teacher February 12, 2012

    Aww Chris Brown won….Congrats!!!!

  39. BLAH February 12, 2012

    LMAO they all were ok, chris was wack, rihanna was horrible at singing her own song live rofl twitter is clowning that flop badly smh can we say more vocal lessons, that was horrid in every single way as possible lol

  40. gaaglooo! February 12, 2012

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my freaking goooooosh ssssso happy for Breezy winning a grammy after allllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!

  41. Lax February 12, 2012

    Rihanna showed up and showed out, and she is
    on to her next hustle good for her. Rihanna is
    unstoppable no amount of b.s will ever stop her from
    her hustle.

  42. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Just watched the Link Samantha posted.




  43. Yessssssssssss February 12, 2012

    Loved Chris’s Performance!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. kody3x February 12, 2012

    yes chris brown finally won that first grammy god is good!

  45. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Oh Christina Brown won an award? I stopped watching the show grats on your first one hun.

  46. Wonder February 12, 2012


  47. ILIVE4B3Y! February 12, 2012

    Im so happy for Chris winning his 1st grammy, im waiting on adele she better sing set fire to the rain that song slays my soul omg!

  48. Lax February 12, 2012

    Those private dance lessons are paying off for Rihanna big time.
    And Rihanna being on stage with one of the Hottest Band in the
    World speaks Volumes as to what type of a Talented Mega Star she is, Period!
    Rihanna worked that ASS for a while tonight, would some one tell CHRIS THAT

  49. grammy dammy sammy February 12, 2012

    the only performance im really feeling thus far is Bruno Mars, i want Alicia to be great not good.

    now waiting on Adele and the Whitney tribute, shouldnt they have kicked the show off with? smh. Adele had better set fire to the rain tonight (pun intended) 😀

  50. BABY LOVE February 12, 2012

    Congrate to chris for his win but did he really lip synch at the Grammys… Really? Who does that. . . it’s the Grammys. I’m only hear for live vocals. Chris Brown Fans/Stans should not be critiquing anybody’s performance tonight since he was the ONLY one who lip synched smh.

  51. kody3x February 12, 2012

    @bany he did not lip synch the whole performance dumb b**** besides who dances as much as chris

  52. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 12, 2012


  53. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 12, 2012


  54. Wow! February 12, 2012

    Christopher is unbelievable. I was holding my breath the whole time!

  55. iSTANFORNOONE February 12, 2012

    Rihanna did better than i expected

    Chris Brown made a fool of herself


  56. Teacher February 12, 2012

    Queen Adele up next!

  57. commanderofthedancefloor February 12, 2012

    haha yes rihanna did her thing and the little dance breakdown was good she is showing alot of growth and i love it! this was the best performance of we found love! and for the haters rihanna sang live 100%, girls think because she sounded good it was prerecorded but no hunny! she had a backing track but you can clearly hear her voice!

  58. Tc23 February 12, 2012

    i just cant with rihannas live vocals its always so grating on my ears HOWEVER that was deff the most energy ive ever seen her hav!! i guess i need to xcept she’ll never be a great live singer but she deff has the potential to be a decent performer .. btw am i the only one thats noticed shes only performed one song from TTT since its release almost 3 months ago uhhhh ….

  59. Slewis February 12, 2012

    Not watching the Grammy’s. Wasn’t interested. I don’t need to pay homage to Whitney by watching the Grammy’s. They are a bunch of phony people. They should have said all the good things about Whitney when she was alive, like I always did. RIP WHITNEY. GONNA MISS YOU!!! 

  60. robin February 12, 2012

    Adele makes it seem so effortless. I love her music, Can’t believe she recently had surgery. She showed them what the grammys are about. Awesome, best of the night so far.

  61. Teacher February 12, 2012

    I’m so f****** happy for Adele!

  62. HLOVE February 12, 2012

    Adele……WOW, WOW, WOW

  63. Lax February 12, 2012

    @Teacher, I agree with you!

  64. Blue Kid February 12, 2012

    @ LAX

    Chris Brown is not trying to compete with Rihanna, so let it go honey. The battle is over.

  65. Tr February 12, 2012

    ..Chris winning Best R&B album was laughable!! and are we even going to talk about that 100% lyp-synched performance..just No!! Though I am glad he won A ward, he deserved it, juts not THAT one, especially when compared with GREAT R&B like Kelly Price. Hopefully the press doesn’t give him flack, AS USUAL!!

    Rihanna..didn’t see, not really too intrested, suprisingly!! I’m sure it was pretty good though..but she needs a Loooong break!!

    Alicia, nobody cares about, STOP!!

    Katy was entertaining, not a good singer, but has decent, ‘listenable’ vocals, and a unique sound like Rihanna

    Adele sounded off, maybe a little too soon? Nonetheless she made up for it with a more entertaining performance than she usually delivers..looked great too!!-)

    Awards for most part….#snnozefest, still waiting on J-hud to kill it, that’s all!!

  66. ILIVE4B3Y! February 12, 2012

    yasssssss adele b**** u better werk, im a little disappointed she didnt do set fire to the rain but she still slayed! i loved the way that b**** just stood there after her performance to a standing ovation yassss adele! is gaga going to perform tonight?

  67. robin February 12, 2012

    I must be getting tired, I am singing along with like a rhinestone cowboy. I need the Whitney Tribute so I can end this night. LEGGOOO

  68. LTM February 12, 2012

    Rihanna pulled through. Now Im waiting for Katy’s performance to be posted

  69. bam bam February 12, 2012

    Where is the damn whitney tribute

  70. ChristinasCOMING February 12, 2012

    We all know Rihanna was lip synching. She never sounds that put together live.

  71. blv February 12, 2012

    o hell naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!whack ass bon iver!!!!!!!!!that was nickis grammy!!!!!!!

  72. Commander of the RihannaNavy February 12, 2012

    Yes!!! Rihanna killed it, like she always does at the Grammys!! I want her to win her 5th tonight!! And congrats to Chris Brown for wining his first award. Hopefully Katy Perry will win her first tonight too.

    That was live, stop being bitter.

  73. KatyCat February 12, 2012

    Im only here for the Queen Katy Perry. Im praying she finally wins one of these awards. And I want to see her perform. I heard she’s singing Part of Me

  74. JER February 12, 2012

    WTF. These performances are an A1 Certified

  75. Commander of the RihannaNavy February 12, 2012

    If Nicki wins one……

  76. WHUT February 12, 2012

    NOPE @ Christina’s come and gone

    She was ALL LIVE both SANGING and DANCING like the BAWSE b**** she is. You KNOW the Queen slayed for the GODS when the Bey Stans in particular ain’t got S*** to say.


  77. WHUT February 12, 2012

    @Commander she already won 5 she won one earlier tonight in the preshow.

  78. Angie February 12, 2012

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer Hudson AT ALL, but her tribute was classy. Rihanna sounded horrible, Katy Perry sucked, Chris Brown was underwhelming (hate to say it). Waiting for Nicki…

  79. Ron February 12, 2012

    Why comment on a post thats clearly about the grammys to say how u not interested in the grammys nor do u plan to watch it smh but everyone did their thing Rih killed Adele killed Breezy killed time to just show love RIP whit we love u

  80. robin February 12, 2012

    JHUD. Amazing. Worth the wait

  81. Lax February 12, 2012

    To all of you who have got something negtive to say about Rihanna
    Just go right ahead and eat your fukkkkkin Hearts outs because Rihanna is you
    Bytches Worst Nigh mare. She not only looked great and sounded great she performed with one of the biggest bands in the fukkkkkkin World Bytches, now
    Suck on Them hot coals. Rihanna has FIVE GRAMMY’S AT 23 AND BEFORE SHE REACHES HER 24 Birthday now how many do chris have???????

  82. robin February 12, 2012

    Does anyone know who this band is with the micky ears. The crowd seems to be into them but I am not feeling them. Yeah saw CB again, you can tell he is happy about his win. Don’t get why he waste so much air time on an entrance. Weird I enjoyed that performance by him which was much shorter better then the solo. Oh well it is what it is.

  83. Nieka February 12, 2012

    To my surprise lil miss ri ri got down girl did her thing she is going back to her roots Chris was good but not great and we know he can but great he has to get back to his roots and leave this pop stuff alone Adele great no words Bruno Mars luv it I really domt think j HUD did Whitney justice

  84. loumorgan February 12, 2012

    Wowwwwwwww Nicki all that efforts and No grammy?????
    great job JHUD

    thanks to the “Country” awards… Off to bed

    mouahhh eer’one

  85. WHUT February 12, 2012

    What is Nicki doing? Wow

  86. Bam Bam February 12, 2012

    TOO FAR…….

  87. robin February 12, 2012

    O.K. its official I am done. Sorry can’t watch the Nikki performance, she is doing a bit much for my taste. CIAO

  88. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 12, 2012


  89. Teacher February 12, 2012


  90. Josh Lewis February 12, 2012

    WOW JHud blew me away! simply stunning! <3 RIP Whitney

  91. Wonder February 12, 2012

    ummmm okay what in the world…what is Nicki doing lol

  92. richnblack11(just like bey) February 12, 2012

    Rihanna sounded horrible nothing new, but I must say she has somewhat hmmm on her dancing

  93. Teacher February 12, 2012

    Congrats Adele! #QueenofGrammys2012

  94. Tr February 12, 2012

    OH MY GOD, NOT OMG, OH MY GOD!! Just when I though things couldn’t possibly get worse : Nicki performs!!

    I just can’t at Drake introducing her as if she is a ‘Whitney herself, only to deliver what could amount to one of the most comedic performance the Grammy’s has ever known!! WTF..I swear, I LITERALLY LOL”D multiple times. does this beat the Britney ‘comeback’ performance? Even poor LL was embarrassed 4 her after that set!! Smh

    And what of the Whitney was classy, and understated, but it was frankly boring, and underwhelming from Jennifer, who held back WAAAAYYYY too much!! They couldn’t at least have another performer to proceed, or duet? So disappointed in that, and the little fanfare they gave to ‘the Boss’, Diana Ross…C’mon Grammy’s. The phony Don cCrnelius ‘tribute’, could have been kept out for more time for either of these ‘Supreme'(pun intended) ladies. Cold day in Hell when Rihanna, Y-E-S Rihanna has the absolute bet performance of the night!!

  95. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Clean Sweep. Congrats Adele. They coulda done more for Whitney but the show wasn’t bad.

  96. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Get used to it @ TR. This is what the Queen gives when she is RESTED. Lemme go get my life to the Queen SLAYING once more in that linkage Samantha posted.

  97. ChristinasCOMING February 12, 2012

    All you Goat stans are full of pure delusion if you believe that Goat Girl sang live.

  98. ChristinasCOMING February 12, 2012

    By the way all you Goat stans…

    in case you missed it….

    Adele swept the stage with Rihanna’s wig tonight and currently still snatching wigs on the charts!

    Your fav could never. What Adele has accomplished with 21 alone took your fav 6 CD’s later and still hasn’t matched her success.

  99. richnblack11(just like bey) February 12, 2012

    @christinasoming …….LET THEM GET THEIR LIFE LOL…ROLL EYES LOL…I MUST SAY IT WAS CUTE FOR RIHANNA BUT NOTHING ……………………………………………………………………..

  100. WHUT February 12, 2012

    LOLOLOL!!!!! @Christina’s come and gone being INCANDESCENT WITH RAGE!!!!

    Whats the matter hun? The vocals slayed so much they couldn’t be live? AND not only that she was moving SICKENING too. Not to mention NOT A DROP of blood anywhere on the stage either. Poor thang so pained that the Queen DELIVERED and not only that, was one of the VERY BEST of the night! DEAL!!

  101. Commander of the RihannaNavy February 12, 2012

    B**** please, you dont stan for Adele so stop using her like you do. Adele did more in 9months than your fave has in 13 years. Get your bitter ass outta here

  102. JER February 12, 2012

    BeYAWNce stans trying to compare Rihanna and Adele. B**** compare YOUR 4lop fave with Adele and your nigglet ass will come up short too. Go see a movie and have all the seats b****.

  103. leb February 12, 2012

    Nicki Minaj, please, just die. Please?

    This biitch is worse than cancer.

    Oh and to her stans, yes, I’m so jealous because she’s getting paid. so don’t bother replying saying, “WELL NICKI GITTIN PAID, SHE GITTIN $$$”.

  104. Tr February 12, 2012

    Christina’s coming, ur an idiot!! Rihanna sang live as ur SUPPOSE to do on the Grammy’s…why didn’t Chris?!! Anyways she actually sounded great too..loved the rawness of her voice..she should veer more toward that sound!!

  105. WHUT February 12, 2012

    Thats ok hunty. Adele deserved everyone of those grammys.

    You see the Navy doesnt do bitter, we leave that to lessor fanbases. We will take the Queen’s 1 grammy tonight racking up in total 5. #WINNING.

  106. Grammys Were Awful February 12, 2012

    The Grammy’s were downright awful. The best performance was JHud…the audience was boring as hell…barely clapped for anyone, same people got awards, and NickiM had to have given the worse performance of all….SMH. I should have just caught reruns on LifeTime. And doe Chris Brown want to be a dancer or a singer??????

  107. KatyCat February 12, 2012

    Chris Brown’s performance was Does he ever sing live? I’d rather him sing live than do those recylced moves that every other male artist does.

    And I cant with Nicki Minaj. Did people really think she was going to win something. She cant sing, dance, rap, and she has no flow. The girl has no talent in her music is nonesense, and thats the truth. That performance was beyond horrible. Like what the f***, who booked her?

  108. KatyCat February 12, 2012

    And the song Nicki performed was wack as f***. I hope her new album flops and someone new takes her spot. Hell, even Kreayshawn shits on her.

  109. JER February 12, 2012





    I CAN’T


  110. Commander of the RihannaNavy February 12, 2012

    What did she win for?

  111. Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse February 12, 2012

    And I thought Nickis Billboard Award performance was horrible. SMH. You know they only booked her for ratings

  112. Theman February 12, 2012

    Adele & JHud were amazing Katy & Rihanna were really good also along with Chris.

  113. Itsme2002 February 12, 2012

    Nicki that performance and song was HORRIBLE! #nogrammy

  114. ChristinasCOMING February 12, 2012

    I love my Adele. She looks great and sounds amazing. The best I’ve heard her yet.

    I love how all she has to do is stand there looking glamorous and everybody just goes crazy for her.

    Now that’s what you call talent and a reign over the industry b******!!!

    BTW WTF was Gaga wearing? She obviously has this unorthodox delusion that she’s some f****** monarch.

  115. Teacher February 12, 2012

    Wow at these HATERZ….I get it.. u just don’t wanna admit that her performance was THE S***!…..When in fact u know that if it was truly s*****..this post would be FULL of comments on how her performance sucked…..and @christina #B**** BYE…Queen Adele slayed EVERYONE on the charts…but Queen Rih did the damn thing 2nite…and YES she sang LIVE…AND @PoorNBlack(UnlikeBey) u need to take yo bitter hatin ass on smwhr…Queen Rih wasn’t the only one who performed but u seem to be soley focused on her….WHY?…..Cuz u a #BitterBitch who knows THE QUEEN slayed…..that’s why U mad LOL….Stay That way cuz thats how we like it…… 😀 LOLOOL

  116. WHUT February 12, 2012

    All of the lights. She Kanye and em won.

  117. Teacher February 13, 2012

    Im so glad that ppl weren’t focused on GaGa and her usual antics….guess they’re getting tired of it..

  118. Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse February 13, 2012

    The only reason Im here is to see Adele’s performance and to see how many times Lady Gaga will loose to her. The Scammys are worthless awards. Nicki Minaj, who doesnt have a talented bone in her blood body got multiple nominations. Britney, who is also untalented has 1 award. Rihanna, who is untalented, has 5. While Ke$ha, who can write songs, play multiple instruments, a semi decent singer and dancer, gets 0 noms. The Scammys shows no love to Ke$ha and Amy is in heaven, so Adele is the only one worth watching.

  119. Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse February 13, 2012

    If the Scammys will nominate Nicki’s horrendous music, I better see noms for Ke$ha’s sophmore album next year.

  120. Teacher February 13, 2012

    Commander of the RihannaNavy
    February 12, 2012 at 11:42 pm
    B**** please, you dont stan for Adele so stop using her like you do. Adele did more in 9months than your fave has in 13 years. Get your bitter ass outta here

    THIS!!!!! 100% LOLOLLOOLLOLO 😀

  121. G-Money February 13, 2012

    All I gonna say is: Re-Post with Daily Motion videos of the show. Cause some of thew ones posted are ratchett.

  122. RDK February 13, 2012

    the f-cking haters are so happy nicki minaj didn’t win,so because she didn’t win she is cr-p so the other people in the category who didn’t win is crap too them,f-ck what you haters say,she just have to try again next time,i love the performance and the song,vid and all she did her thing.

  123. LTM February 13, 2012

    I loved Rihanna’s perfomance and congrats to her on Grammy #5. Im disappointed that Firework didnt win any Grammy tonight because out of all her singles, it deserved it the most. but Adele had the night in her bag. Katy did slay the stage though. the beginning of ET was alittle odd and dry, but the vocals were on point the whole night plus her outfit was fierce. this one was better than her perfomance last year or her 2009 one of Waking Up in Vegas

  124. LTM February 13, 2012

    to the people complaining about Nicki’s performance: why did you even bother watching it? has she every put on a good show? even when she lip syncs them (which is most of the time) they suck.

  125. JessBee209 February 13, 2012

    Chris Brown had the best performance of the night his dance moves were sick and very challenging. Bruno Mars did well also. N no shade to Rihanna but the girl can’t sing to save her life, she was off key and kinda pitchy.

  126. Dollar$ign$kills February 13, 2012

    Congrats to Adele, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Breezy on their wins. To bad Katy didnt win her 1st, but hey, it took Breezy until now to win his. She’ll gert one eventually. Disappointed GaGa got none for BTW, but it just proves my point that BTW was a step down from TF and TFM even though most fans disagree. And I cant with Nicki’s performance. I know my fav has put on some s*** performances, but never on a stage that important like the Grammys. She should have picked a more Grammy-worthly song to performed and lip synced it like she usually does.

    I dont mind Breezy not singing a note because his choreo was epic.

  127. Dollar$ign$kills February 13, 2012

    Damn everyone is going in on Nicki right now.

  128. Dollar$ign$kills February 13, 2012

    Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse
    February 13, 2012 at 12:06 am
    If the Scammys will nominate Nicki’s horrendous music, I better see noms for Ke$ha’s sophmore album next year.
    Co-Sign 100% Lmao b**** where have you been? And shouldnt be in bed. Isnt it morning over there?

  129. Ty February 13, 2012

    What the hell was Nicki Minaj doing? Her performance was STRANGE and demonic. I like her and all but sometimes she does some of the most off the wall s(*t! I was staring at the screen like, waah?!?!

  130. Ty February 13, 2012

    For the very first time, Chris Brown actually bore me to death. I think that he was nervous about being in the same building as Rihanna.

  131. Slaydele Slay$ha & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse February 13, 2012

    Where have I been? B**** where were you? I have an iPad, so lets Skype 🙂 we need to catch up.

  132. Giggles February 13, 2012

    1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Jennifer had me in tears , true talent right there which some on this post seemed to have forgot was(loved the Whitney hair due)
    2. What exactly did Rihanna kill? That Goldie hawn look yea shes got it down pack. I wonder why they didn’t ask her to do a tribute to Whitney (#shade, heffa, shade)
    3. Loved seeing legends such as Diana & Stevie there ( give them flowers while they’re alive)
    4. Glad to see Chris back & doing what he knows best : Dancing. But go back to your R& B roots for a while hun. Still love ya
    5. Rest of the show was a snooze fest.( oh yea Akeys was beautiful sang wonderfully)

  133. Legendtina February 13, 2012

    Jennifer Hudson gave me life with her performance. She blew my mind, hands down the best performance of the night. Mark my words, that voice will become legendary

    Goat put on a suprisingly good show even though most of it was play back. I was suprised with her dancing though, she’s usually stiff on stage. She was pitchy during the WFL but she cleaned it up and did good.

    Chris Brown was boring. His dance moves are nothing we havent seen before from Usher, MJ, Justin Timberlake, or Ne-Yo.

    Alicia Key’s performance had me wishing it was longer. I could have listen to her all night.

    Taylor Swift was basic as usual

    Katy Perry finally gave me the pop star Ive been wanting from her since day one. When she first came out she was edgy, but then she watered it down with the Teenage Dream era. Glad to see her back to her edgy rock-popstar style. Her performance was incredible she gave me the vocals, dancing, style, and props that I wanted from her. She made the best of her basic talents so I give her 2nd best performanc of the night.

    Bruno Mars put on the same recylced perfomance as he has every other show he has been on. I get that that is his style and gimmick, but its tired and over used. He needs to switch it up.

    Coldplay never disappoints and today was no different. They nailed their performance of Paradise which is my new favorite song of theirs.

    Adele performed to her usual standards. She brought the vocals and thats about it.

    As for Nicki, everyone has already pointed out how her performance was the worse of the night, so I wont bother

  134. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 13, 2012

    i’m here for adele , bruno and CB. they did amazing : 5/5 each !! highlights of the night

    alicia keys : 4.5/5
    kelly clarc : 4.5/5
    J. HUD : 4/5

    Rihanna : 4/5 , and she now doing what i asked her to do ages ago . slow much ?!
    Katy perry : 2/5 😐
    Nicki minaj : -1/5 😡 😡 😡

    and ,LADY GAGA was BLACK-LISTED clearly. she even was dressed in black 🙄 , GOOD FOR HER she was nominated i guess !! 🙄

    adele DRILLED those assholes IN THE DEEP 😆

  135. :l February 13, 2012

    DOLLAR$IGN$KILLS you talking about grammy worthy in your eyes you meant a safe song,if she is going to perform that song RA some were else are other songs down that line some were else,and pic a safe song like marilyn monroe are something of that nature,then it would seems like she is being fake and scared,she is doing her thing and she did it any were,she did nicki minaj and i give her her props for that,it is what it is you either like her style are not.

  136. Jaiyah February 13, 2012

    Even though some of y’all navy stans go after Brandy, I’m being the mature one and say that Rihanna did her thing at the Grammys. I didn’t know she had that much energy in her like that, she needs to keep it up!

  137. irene46 February 13, 2012

    jhud, adele, chris brown, katy perry, bruno mars, rhianna and paul mc’s 1st performance. out of 31/2 hours these were the only decent performers. the rest of the show sucked a big one.

    even the good performances (except for jhud) were diluted and soulless. the pop and country collabs reeked.

    bruce springsteen opened the show, why?! the old rock bands should have been left in the closet with the mothballs. diana ross and stevie wonder?! i was wondering what the hell they were doing there. diana couldn’t have looked less ‘supreme’.

  138. Perry Power February 13, 2012

    YES!!! Katy killed it!! I loved her performance!!

  139. Perry Power February 13, 2012

    Nicki Minaj tried to hard and it back fired. I kinda feel bad for her, everyone is bashing the performance.

  140. Teacher February 13, 2012

    ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic )
    February 13, 2012 at 1:22 am
    i’m here for adele , bruno and CB. they did amazing : 5/5 each !! highlights of the night

    alicia keys : 4.5/5
    kelly clarc : 4.5/5
    J. HUD : 4/5

    Rihanna : 4/5 , and she now doing what i asked her to do ages ago . slow much ?!
    Katy perry : 2/5
    Nicki minaj : -1/5

    and ,LADY GAGA was BLACK-LISTED clearly. she even was dressed in black , GOOD FOR HER she was nominated i guess !!

    adele DRILLED those assholes IN THE DEEP

    So now ur here for the one u useda call the ‘street dancer’…smh….AND I doubt The Queen listened to you….Fake Much?! Witya FLOP ASS!!

  141. LeviLovesCiara February 13, 2012

    Wow. Nicki’s career is taking a sharp turn for the worse. Stupid H** flopped and has become the “Friday” of 2012. Roman in Moscow didnt even chart. And now her performance is being called a Lady GaGa copy and the worse of the night. I dont think her album is going to sell either.

  142. truth hurts February 13, 2012

    Rihanna can’t sing
    You say this performance is great?
    Yet you all come for Beyonce when bey could’ve did that weak dance and vocals in her sleep. I like Rihanna its never had anything to with her talent(cough…cough”NONE”)
    Its her hits she looked flawless though…no shade

    CB: Congrat on your first Grammy.
    Iam however going to need you to also step those vocals up…..and give us some new moves…i grew up during the 90’s and early 2000’s its been done to death

    Adele: yes!!!! Again vocals fix em….get some rest . You tied with Beyonce.

    Jennifer: I love the emotion….but again vocals

    Overall the Grammy’s were a bore.There were no real great vocal moments or moments period

    Dear Nicki… would never and you shouldn’t ever again in your life do some s*** like that again

    Diana Ross got played too.
    But they made sure those old ass beach whale boys got their due.
    Im sure it smelled of urine and bengay after they left the stage lol…

  143. Jordan February 13, 2012

    Nicki Minaj. So disrespectful.

  144. aishaaguilerakeys February 13, 2012

    Alicia Keys was great but it was short; Riri’s getting better, I haven’t seen her that energetic in a while(but after all, it’s the Grammies and she’s been resting, if she had done worse, I don’t think she’d have been forgiven), Adele reminded everyone why she’s slaying, she deserved that standing ovation! Bruno Mars delivered an excellent, energetic performance, CB was good, I liked Nicki’s song and performance. Overall, this yr’s Grammies was entertaining.

  145. Saetana February 13, 2012

    Whilst it was great to see Rihanna dancing, I would rather she sang live if she can’t do both at once, the bits she did sing live (like the beginning) were, frankly, pretty awful. Still, its a great song and the dancing did take my mind off the horrible beginning vocals.

    Katy Perry was singing live, somewhat better than Rihanna but not great. I wish she had done more of ET as its the only song of hers I really like.

    I have no idea what to think about Nicki Minaj’s performance – she gets brownie points for being live (so far as I could tell) all the way through but I’m not sure about the performance itself, some of it worked and some of it didn’t. Its like she is trying to be the urban Lady Gaga and not quite managing it.

    I watched Adele on another site earlier, unusual to see her with backing singers and I thought her voice sounded a little less forceful than usual, maybe she is trying not to strain her voice too much yet? Definitely her year, winning all 6 of her nominations, not a surprise.

    I didn’t bother watching the others, I can’t stand Bruno Mars or Chris Brown. All the performances were a little boring after Gaga’s vessel last year, other than Nicki’s, she might not have quite pulled it off but it was interesting to watch at least ;o)

  146. kimberly February 13, 2012

    It amazes me how some people on here will choose a lipsyncing, backtrack or poor an dpitchy vocals over the artist who had flawless vocals and brought it on like bruno, adele, j hudson, stc, these are the taelents and they did amazing. best perfromancesof the night.
    Chris brown is a dancer
    Rihanna was not singing everything live ummmm, look closely and open the ears.
    Katty is just lackluster
    Niki omG no words.
    these manufactured artist have no talent, none, none, none…..I amnot giving credit to these performances when there were flawless talent artist up there. sorry!!! You can just tell who is behind these computers.

  147. kimberly February 13, 2012

    BTW if kanye or jay ever had a performance like niki, ohhhhhhh illuminti would be all over the place…… the double standards.

  148. kimberly February 13, 2012

    monsters lady gaga was suppose to perform twice on the grammys. What happen? i definitely missed on some news

  149. COOKIE – DIVAS – TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA February 13, 2012


  150. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 13, 2012

    First off, this was the wackest grammys ever, such a snooze-fest. They didn’t give whitney or etta the right recognition I felt and the performances were so bland..apart from adele who killed it.
    Speaking of adele, congrats mama, the most deserving of all the winners tonight along with my boo kanye I still haven’t listened to the full 21 album, but the singles are all damn good! I’m just glad she didn’t beat Beyonslay’s grammy record of 6 trophies in one night
    gaga should have won atleast one, just like Bey, but atleast we got 16 baby, til the next album
    Why does the grammys do this to poor rihanna? nominate her so many times only to leave with collaboration awards and only credited as a feature on somebody’s song.LMAO,poor little tink tink, does the girl even have her own non-collaboration based grammy? Dont think so, the TARDS should humble themselves! They were talking mad s***, now they’re the laughing stalk LOL,I simply CAN’T.LOVIN IT THOUGH
    oh and congrats Chris Brown,although i don’t think it was the best r’n’b album of 2012,it’s good seeing him winning awards again! 🙂

  151. Tami February 13, 2012

    Rip Nicki ‘s career!!! It’s so over after this. She lost a lot of fans. It’s one thing to be crazy and ish. But to freakin mock the Catholic church? Are you serious right now and singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful her remix? Wtf you don’t play with God like that. The Catholic Church and everyone will be dragging her ass. And I will be laughing! Don’t mess with the white folks .. SMH she’s not even that big to get away with it. They will drag that fake ass of hers. Her album is seriously going to flop. But of course YMCMB will buy albums to cover up her sales. Typical

  152. Tami February 13, 2012

    Adele slayed everyone!! I love her . Bye bye Gaga ..:) And Rihanna improved. But her vocals are always like she is struggling . Meeh… Nickis album comes out on the 3rd. So does Willow Smith. At this rate .. I rather buy lil Willow than Nicki trash .. FLOP

  153. YOOSONDALOOSE February 13, 2012

    Alicia, Adele and Nicki were very good.
    Loved Alicia’s version

  154. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 13, 2012

    THE WOOOOORST Grammy’s ceremony OF ALL DAMN TIME!! Boring, uninspired, predictable, tacky…I’m speechless!! The only thing I liked about the entire night was Jennifer Hudson and that barely lasted 2 f****** minutes!!! That was all they got to tribute Whitney?? 2 minutes?

    Thank God I didn’t stay up to watch this hot mess! I can’t believe they failed so hard…All the award shows have gone terribly wrong lately…and I didn’t even bother watching a full stream, just the performances. I pity those who actually watched the entire 3-hour show…

  155. Fhanthom February 13, 2012

    Nicki’s performance was disgraceful, never though some one could out-do Rihanna

  156. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 13, 2012

    oh and i really am trying to find the positives with Nicki,but damn girl,i was left with a very bad taste in my mouth and a VERY blank stare after that perfomance she gave,My God,what the f*** was that s***?? damn Nicki,u done fell the f*** off mama,and in such a short time-span! oh well,goodluck with everything though…

  157. Britneyspears#1 February 13, 2012

    NickiS performance was rather interesting… But I like it she has came a long way….. Rihanna did a excellent job.. Chris brown BOOOOO NEXT…. Adele was my big moment of the night though

  158. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    Wow Bruno was great! His legs… I love him
    Adele was great. But nothing new really. Rolling in trhe Deep again… oh well
    The rest I don´t care at all. Worse than last year grammys
    Specially cos Queen WHITNEY HOUSTON will now live forever. Nobody talking about the grammys here in Spain, all the news and tv programs tributing Whitney with her fabulous performances. They are using a lot when she sang the National Anthem in 1991. F****** incredible. You can´t get any higher than her

  159. riri February 13, 2012

    Rihanna wasn’t singin live throughout. watching these performances make me realise how s*** our generation is….

  160. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 13, 2012

    Taylor swift sang live and sounded great! Loved her:)

  161. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 13, 2012

    bruno had the best perfomance of the night! that s*** had me pumped! yoss boy! get it

  162. Traci February 13, 2012

    Nicki is trash. Completely. She tries to be so artistic but always ends up looking stupid. Maybe if she wasn’t such a c*** behind the scenes then things would have worked more in her favor tonight. No Grammy’s. You reap what you sew.

  163. laos February 13, 2012

    rihanna did great!!! and she sang live(for the most part) chris brown ruined with the auto tune and lip synching, horrible! this is not abdc, im not here for just dancing! speaking of dancing though, rihanna killed it!! she danced, she sang and performed with coldplay!!! i give her props for trying, it wasnt perfect, but the goods were really good and you can hear that she has it in her, and now rihanna now has 6 grammys!!!! she just gets better and better. rihanna, adele, and gaga are the new madonna, whitney and michael, but really rihanna is the best.<3

  164. Angie February 13, 2012

    Nicki went off! That sh*t was hot.

  165. x February 13, 2012

    at least we were spared from a nikki rihanna performance. imagine the horror

  166. Girrrl February 13, 2012

    Nicki had the worst performance of all time.

  167. LoLo February 13, 2012

    Nicki was horrendous. Katy Perry was awful. Chris Brown thinks he’s the next MJ but will never be. Bruno Mars and Adele were great. No opinions on anyone else!

  168. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    We all can agree then that Bruno Mars and Adele were the best performances by far. Really nobody else was interesting. And Katy perry and Rihanna are definitely a disgrace, can´t sing and can´t entertain
    Queen Whitney will live forever!!! No time for basic b******

  169. WHUT February 13, 2012


    So the singing was so SOLID, she had to have lipped huh?! The KI is you bums don’t even recognize in your attempts to shade you’re complimenting the QUEEN!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    NOT A THING was lipped!! Did the QUEEN have a backing track for the SICKENING dance display she had to put on? OF COURSE !! You saw the dancing she had to do. But being the pro she IS she SANG LIVE ALL THE WAY THROUGH while destroying the stage in dance hall genius!!! U MAD?! OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!


  170. WHUT February 13, 2012

    Nice try @Oh Cry Baby. The Navy were ecstatic for the NOMINATIONS for a so called “generic” “trash” “album”. No one EVER boasted about sweeping anything in Adele’s year.

    What your basic mind is neglecting too is the fact that “Whats My name” was ALSO in that rap sung category so if All of the Lights fell short WMN was there to snatch the award for sure. I mean a certain flops “Party” song stood NO CHANCE so it had to be Whats my Name after AOTL. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  171. B4REAL02 February 13, 2012

    Like Tamar Braxton said on twitter “Rihanna got her like!! Yassssss!!!”
    Nicki, Nicki, Nick……I’m not sure what that was O_o

  172. iSTANFORNOONE February 13, 2012






  173. kayla February 13, 2012

    Damn….nicki, adele, katy perry, chris, and rihanna were the only good performances…the rest is a big thunbs down..and nicki kinaj den mad all yall angry…because she did more than waht yall was sayin..yall thought she would skip around the stage huh..yall aint knw she would do allvthat…haha, “you could suck a d***, you could suck a ballsack “…teamminaj is sooo sorry she gave a show, that like the lady said, would have everybidy talin the next day…rihanna can still dance?? Lol..adele = beautiful voice, and jaty had me fooled…

  174. xoxo February 13, 2012

    Adele and alicia keys were the best. I dont care for dancing, dancing is a plus, but if your an average singer and a good dancer that doesnt cancel anything out. so chris brown wasnt all that, also he is NOT R&B!! Rihanna? just because someone sings live doesnt stop them from sounding like s***. she looked great even though i wasnt feeling the blonde look. Kanye deserved his grammys, MBDTF is a classic! Adele made everyone else look like an idiot tbh.

  175. SHYKEYZ February 13, 2012

    I love myself some Christopher Maurice Brown, I didnt think his performance was GREAT, but I’ll say it was good. I did like his second performances more than the first.

    Rihanna…. CHILD. Those vocals…. Girl…..

    But, all I can say is that she DID tried.

    Adele. She has sooooo much hype now. I really want to see will she still be hot in the next 5 years. I do love her though, she has a beautiful voice, but I do not like the bandwagon fans. Do NOT try to be all over her just because she is recieveing Grammys and her album is the most sold in 2011. You could of been on her BEFORE.

    Nicki….. Shaking. My. Head. GIRL.

    As for the others….. No comment.

    This Grammy Award show 1 out of 10 stars.

  176. JER February 13, 2012

    this was by far the worst Grammys in recent memory

  177. mobwife February 13, 2012

    I enjoyed Bruno Mars but I was hoping he would sung IT WILL RAN!

    I loved my boo Breezy but I was expecting something else. The boy has #TeamBeezy spoiled if he’s not sailing through the air I’m mad….LOL! Just kidding! I love both TURN UP THE MUSIC & BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

    I didn’t care for the Rihanna &Coldplay or Kelly Clarkston (who is a singing a chick) & somebody duets. Rihanna was the Best Dressed chick and we all know how I feel about her so she must have stepped up her game..LOL! I wonder if she and Chris partied at his new place…..opps NEVER MIND! 🙂

    WTF…FTW NICKI MINAJ? She looks bad, her performance was garbage. Really Grammys just ask Lady Gaga to perform. Naked Perry call your ex-husband and go back home!

  178. grammy dammy sammy February 13, 2012

    the only performances i cared for b4 going to sleep was Adele’s and Whitney’s tribute and i wasnt disappointed. they did it. i especially applaud Jhud for summoing enough courage to go up there in such short space of time.

    overall the entire show was so damn lakluster and im not blaming it on Whitney’s death. the production was just weak. i heard there were changes in management so that was probably it. they need to inject the fire back into the grammys, get the queens, Gaga and Beyonce to duet next year in the closing slot. get Kanye to attend/ perform as well. it doesnt matter what haters say, they’l be glued to their seat. afterall they always need new material to hate on since they never take vacation

  179. mobwife February 13, 2012


    While Christina Agularia was at home on the couch EATING turkey legs, sides of beef, cookies, cakes and pies spreading like a p**! The only thing legend about that chick are her thighs!

    Also, don’t leave out the horrible performances of Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Forest/Foster the People (whatever), Sir Paul McCartney, The damn Beach Boys, and that God awful country western hour long segment!

  180. Chris Brown February 13, 2012

    Chris Brown’s performance was lame.

    It was in such bad taste to actually just dance through the whole performance, and do the same old dance moves that we have already seen 100 times already….

    The boy needs to sing more…. I swear it’s like we never actually hear him sing. And thta is what the Grammy’s are about… But saying that.. how many RnB males are actually worse than CB at singing? not many… and that explains why he prb choses not to sing as he is a weak singer.

  181. commanderofthedancefloor February 13, 2012

    hmmmm critics, celebrities, other artist, and other sites say that rihanna did good

    so their insight >>>>>> known haters of rihanna

    and she sang live like she does 99% of the time i cant even remember when or if she ever lip sang! you can obviously tell the difference also riri had a backing track only during the hook and you can still hear her voice with it and she killed the dance with her leg work!

  182. WHUT February 13, 2012

    Not only that @Commander the CRITICS are also saying along with the fact that she SMASHED her performance of PURE #WIN had a TINA TURNER VIBE! Near all of them rated it one of the top 3 of the night.

  183. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    Grammys were the most watched ones since 1984 thanks to the legendary (truly legendary, not like some lessoers) WHITNEY HOUSTON. Maybe they will surpass the oscars this year
    My angel is gone but she is a true legend. Spain is crazy for her right now

  184. Ririthefashionlegend February 14, 2012

    Rihanna killed it !!!!!that was for you haters who says rihanna is stiff and cant dance

  185. Teacher February 14, 2012

    Most watched Grammys since 1984….guess they ddnt need any weave slingn this time to bring in viewers

  186. Teacher February 14, 2012

    February 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    While Christina Agularia was at home on the couch EATING turkey legs, sides of beef, cookies, cakes and pies spreading like a p**! The only thing legend about that chick are her thighs!



  187. Yessssssssssss February 15, 2012

    Grammys had that many viewers because people wanted to see the Whitney Tributes which were VERY FEW. They could have played some of her songs during the show as well!!!

    Just goes to show Nobody cares about you, whether you are Famous or Not! True friends dont Forget u that easily!

  188. TheMaverickOpinion February 18, 2012

    Decent show. Rihanna finally proves why she deserves the fame. Her singing has improved, and i liked this performance. Chris Brown is another case- i hate lip-syncing lazies, and even though he danced awesome, its no excuse to just mime his way through the Grammys!! Jhud did the best with the tribute in the time frame. Adele, you are the saving grace of the industry leaden with autotuned b*******. Her performance was great, and definitely the highlight of the evening. Wish she’d hurry up with another album in 2012 end or 2013…..

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