The Best You Never Heard: Brandy & Monica’s Missed Moments

Published: Tuesday 7th Feb 2012 by Rashad

The music world was definitely turned upside down yesterday with the introduction of ‘It All Belongs To Me’ – the R&B reunion of belters Brandy and Monica.  Already hitting a homerun with fans and critics alike, the ‘Boy Is Mine’ successor’s success is already being ensured by promotional appearances being confirmed almost daily.

Following last week’s announcement that the two will hit the ‘Leno’ stage in support of the single, news has now surfaced the diva duo will perform together at the Clive Davis-hosted Pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills this weekend!

While fans get familiar with the new tune, That Grape Juice would like to take a trip down memory lane to present to some (and introduce to others) some of the singers’ individual, yet oft-overlooked offerings.  In this special edition of The Best You Never Heard’, get into some of our favorite missed moments from Monica and Brandy below:


‘Fall’ – Brandy

Though giving the songstress her worst sales to date, the criminally overlooked ‘Human’ arguably boasted some of Brandy’s best vocal performances. From vocal arrangements and lyrics alike, the collection (and assortment) of tunes that comprised the set showcase some of the R&B veteran’s best body of work to date. If sought, ‘Fall’ would certainly substantiate such claim. Included in the 2008 set, ‘Fall’ was one of two song’s gifted by famed songwriter/producer Brian Kennedy that was feature production from the album’s lead craftsman Rodney Jerkins.

Fall in love with ‘Fall’ below:

‘A Capella’  (Something’s Missing) – Brandy

Despite her claims to the contrary, Brandy’s ‘Human’ did include some of her best work. This is exemplified by the spine-tingling vocal performance of ‘A Capella (Something’s Missing)’. Produced by Soundz, the track features the full extent of Brandy’s astounding contralto range as she descends to unbelievable lows, even outperforming the capabilities of the added bass guitar. There is no question that Brandy can execute some of the most fluid and well-timed vocal runs in the game but it is with this song that her abilities can be classed in a league all their own.

‘Down For Whatever’ – Monica

If ever the element was personified, the fluidity of Monica’s voice flowed like water (and the water-inspired instrumentation) on the diva’s ‘Down For Whatever’. The cut, featured as a bonus track for her 3rd US (4th worldwide) ‘After the Storm’, was just one of many well-received offerings from the vocalist during the era. While renowned for fiery vocal stylings, Monica’s demure delivery escorted the song’s soft stringed accompaniment to perfection.

‘One In A Lifetime’ – Monica

The followup to 2006’s ill-made ‘Makings Of Me’, 2010’s ‘Still Standing’, was Monica’s triumphant return to chart prominence. Filled with a number of soaring slow jams and mid tempos (that could’ve easily been granted single status), the ‘Everything To Me’-led ensemble of songs showcased Mo’s undeniably honed talent and saw the songstress lend some of her best performances to date. Driven by the production of an all star team (B. Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Missy Elliott, etc), one song that truly shows off the most of Mo is ‘One In a Lifetime’. This Los Da Mystro-crafted, piano laced tune was one of many leaks that landed on the net before the album’s official release. Even in such, the track quickly became a fan favorite for its outstanding vocal delivery, touching lyrics, and radio friendly accompaniment. Get into it below:



Monica ft. 112 – ‘Right Here Waiting’

Always a challenge when one chooses to tackle one of the greatest love songs of all time. Unless, of course, you’re Monica. Joined by R&B foursome 112, this Richard Marx remake was included on Mo’s hotly selling, 1998 mix ‘The Boy is Mine’. Needless to say, Mo not only met but also exceeded the challenge and truly made the song her own. Get into it below:

‘Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out’ – Brandy

If ever you thought to discount the vocal ability of oft-praised performer Brandy Norwood, ‘Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out‘ would be your confirmation (and invitation) to have a stadium of seats. With a haunting backing reminiscent of a full orchestra, this ‘Full Moon’ masterpiece quickly became a fan favorite upon its 2002 introduction. Unquestionably one of Bran’s most dramatic deliveries, get into this gem below:


Sound off below! Tell us some of your favorite unreleased Brandy and Monica tracks we missed!

Your thoughts?

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  1. truciebedford February 7, 2012

    All great songs. U guys left off Keys by Brandy and Ain’t gone Cry No more by Monica. Luvs both ladies and proud to have experience their Music.

  2. Beysus Norwood Monae February 7, 2012

    YASSSSSSSSSSS Bran. that run at 1:22 of ‘fall’ >>>>>>>>>>>>. she STAY showing off her vocal versatility. never doing ‘TYPICAL’ r&b but pushing the envelope with her voice as well as writing. while i understand her reasons for not enjoying the ‘human’ ERA, the MUSIC itself was sooooo exquisite, yet underrated & overlooked by far TOO many.

  3. 4everAKEEM February 7, 2012

    Brandy is SO Versatile!!! Monica’s voice is Beautiful!

  4. Chris February 7, 2012

    Brandy drum life , home, feel so good, follow me ……..Monica taxi, gotta move on, doing me right , superman ( should’ve been a single)

  5. B Rockah Stan 4eva February 7, 2012


  6. mr.m February 7, 2012

    Brandy’s “Human” is one of the underrated albums EVER!
    the song ‘True’ is one of my all time favorite <3
    it should be included in the post #JustSayin'

  7. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 7, 2012

    These are great songs!!!!!

    I think one of my top 5 Monica songs EVER is “Down For Whatever.” & “One In A Lifetime” is still my cut!

    & don’t get me started on “Torn Down” from Brandy’s “Human.”

    Love both of these ladies and will be buying BOTH of their albums this year!

  8. Julien February 7, 2012

    Deborah C**’s “One Day You Will” & “Giving It Up” and Tamia’s “Never Gonna Let You Go” and “Rain On Me” should be the next recipients of Missed Moments.

  9. LouLou February 8, 2012

    I love Feel So Good and Drum Life by Brandy. Actually, I love everything this woman has ever sang. Her voice is just..beyond incredible. Words can not explain. God was having a great day when he made that voice. That’s all I can say. 🙂

  10. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 8, 2012

    I’m waiting for that brandy hater/monica stan to come on this post with his/her no life ass! *Sips hot T*

  11. PURPLE UNICORN February 8, 2012

    Ok so am I to understand that after 14 years of the man going back and forth from Brandy and Monica they both finally decide to unite and kick him out?

    The video will clear it up but thats what I got on first listen….14 years it took them to say I had enough though? And also what kind of bum are they with that both of them had to buy everything for him and support him for 14 years. I aint never heard of a d*** that good.

    On a side note it would be cool if they used Mekhi Phifer in the All Belongs To Me video.

  12. @4evermelvin February 8, 2012

    freedom, one thing, too little too late (solo), believer all unreleased faves by Brandy

  13. @4evermelvin February 8, 2012

    and believer with timbaland

  14. NICK February 8, 2012


  15. dee February 8, 2012


  16. Diane February 8, 2012

    Feel so good by Brandy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    that song f****** slays!!

  17. @antertain February 8, 2012

    1st of all TGJ GREAT CHOICES!

    Now I’m Gone
    I Keep It To Myself
    Hurts The Most
    Mirror (Label should of took a gamble for this as a single for pop charts)

    Believing In Me (Lyrics & Delivery dont these things count anymore?)
    Stop (different type of Monica song nice and laid back)

  18. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 8, 2012

    The music world was definitely turned upside down yesterday with the introduction of ‘It All Belongs To Me’ – the R&B reunion of belters Brandy and Monica. Already hitting a homerun with fans and critics alike…
    Effortless giggle. Thanks, TGJ.

    Anyway, my all time favorite Brandy track is ‘Happy’ from her ‘Never Say Never’ album and I also LOVE ‘Angel In Disguise’ from that same album. There were some brilliant tracks on ‘Full Moon’ too, like ‘Apart’ and ‘It’s Not Worth It’.

    When it comes to Monica, most of her good tracks have been released as singles and I always found her album tracks average. I thought she was going to take it to the next level with ‘New Life’, but if the singles so far are anything to go by, I’ll probably have to wait for a couple of years for a song as fantastic as ‘Everything To Me’.

  19. Sweetnothings78 February 8, 2012

    Sam show some love, good write up.
    You truly know REAL talent that Brandy.

  20. JP February 8, 2012

    TGJ is really on top of it. I have a biased opinion, but great post.

    <3 B-Rocka

  21. Chocolate Chip February 8, 2012

    That Brandy song “A Capella ” is really nice. I wish she would release that song that she and those song writers were working on during the show….about walking and not falling in love. That concept was awesome!

  22. brandy fan from uk February 8, 2012

    I think Brandy should feature Labrinth and Tinietempah on her new single and I’m sure this will be her biggest comeback yet. Really rooting for Bran’s return bit I’m hoping she doesnt feature Nicki on her new single as head. #Noshades

  23. KNUCK February 8, 2012

    Love Monica’s Down 4 whatever… that’s actually the one song of hers that sounds like a Brandy song.

    Love all of Brandy’s selections. Almost all of her unreleased songs are amazing!

  24. KWAME February 8, 2012


  25. Songscribe February 8, 2012

    First, i ma say congrats to the girls, they did a wonderful job. The song hs developed roots in me. It bn on replay since yesterday. That pause by Brandy before Mo takes it on gives me life. The way Brandy wraps her part is supreme. And how Mo ends it is just incredible. I hope some girls take notes. I know even Divas will be nodding to the vocal performance of these classy ladies. My fav Brandy songs is Piano man, Who’s the looser now, Believer feat Timbo, Casualties, HotShot, home,i dont careLong Distance,True,Fall,Comouflage,First and Love. Think human was the most solid album released in 2008 together with J Hudson’s. I think Human-the song should have earned her a grammy for best vocal perfomance. I cant think of any Other artist tht could sing tht song without sounding offtune. Again i think piano man, who’s the looser now, believer, home,Casualties,How High, and silent night deserves another chance.

  26. JP February 8, 2012

    i’m turning up this song for freedom, giving something to believe in, cuz the whole world is freezing! need to Warm It Up With Love (warm it up!)

  27. LMAOOOOO February 8, 2012

    Brandy has some great songs. even her unreleased tracks are amazing! i haven’t heard a lot of Monica songs though. i’ll have to check those you have up there later. i have to go to work now. LOL

  28. LMAOOOOO February 8, 2012

    Brandy has some great songs. even her unreleased tracks are amazing! i haven’t heard a lot of Monica songs though other than her singles. i’ll have to check those you have up there later. i have to go to work now. LOL

  29. Songscribe February 8, 2012

    Ohh! I forgot to mention Surprise Ending feat Lony breux. Its dope. Also ‘Take me back and Escape r jus wonderful. Surprisingle most of her unreleased songs r demos for others and she competitively with the final product sounds wonderfull.

  30. BrandyNMonicaStar February 8, 2012

    I love all of Bran and Mo’s unreleased stuff. My most favorite unreleased track from Bran is from the Full Moon album and it is called “Nothing”…OMG that’s all!! One of Mo’s best unreleased joints is from the After The Storm album and it is called “Hurts The Most”, she straight killed that entire song.

  31. TomUK February 8, 2012

    Monica – ‘Sideline Ho’.

    That is all I have to say.

  32. B4REAL02 February 8, 2012



  33. Frachella February 8, 2012

    There are sooo many gems!!

    Brandy- “I Thought” off of the Full Moon! The lyrics, and she blows, it’s like a big eff you to the loser dude. Check it out! I co-sign on “One Voice” and I also love “LikeThis:” from Full Moon, and “Say You Will” from Afrodisiac.

    As for Mo, “Forever Always” from Miss Thang is a S-M-A-S-H!!! “Inside” from The Boy is Mine, sooo many tracks from After the Storm, including “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More,” “Hurts the Most (MY FAVORITE)” and “Breaks My Heart.” Off of Still Standing, “Stay or Go.” I blast that song all day!

    And because I love Aaliyah-
    “Street Thing” off of the Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number album, “Heartbroken” “Neve Comin Back,” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” from One In A Million.
    Off of the Aaliyah album “It’s Whatever” and “I Refuse.” Also unreleased track, “Giving Up.”

  34. TheMan4u February 8, 2012

    great selections especially for Brandy, Acapella was an awesome performance and i love love wouldnt count me out

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