Hot Shot: Shakira Hits Studio With RedOne, Akon & …LMFAO

Published: Wednesday 29th Feb 2012 by Sam

Though an ever-present force on a global front, Shakira has not fared well in US  in recent years.

Indeed, 2009’s ‘She Wolf’ spawned a moderate hit with its title track, yet the album itself tanked, along with its subsequent single releases.

Hoping to reverse those fortunes, Roc Nation‘s newest signee has tapped hitmakers RedOne and Akon to craft hits for her first English-speaking effort in 3 years. Yet, in a somewhat bizarre move, the 35 year old has also enlisted LMFAO – the outlandish outfit behind ‘Party Rock Anthem’. Peep the collective recording in the studio above. {Source}

Anything for that Pop hit, ay?

Your thoughts?


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  1. KylieciousRevolution February 29, 2012

    Please Shakira, don’t tell me even you are making just another dancetrack. Shakira was one of the artists who was still herself, I hope she won’t be turning into some kind of Europopdance..

  2. remmy February 29, 2012

    Why is there a pair of headphones floating in mid air…

  3. remmy February 29, 2012

    Why are there a pair of headphones floating in mid air???

  4. XOXO February 29, 2012

    no! lmfao are poisoning music

  5. Sleazy February 29, 2012

    Shakira Don’t be a rihanna (bandwagon artist) We live your weird music LoL

  6. aishaaguilerakeys February 29, 2012

    Oh, Shaq, u, too? Akon, where’ve u been?!

  7. Bey Fan February 29, 2012

    February 29, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Why is there a pair of headphones floating in mid air…


  8. Perryperryperry February 29, 2012

    Omg love everything about her!!!!! She is a legend! Can’t wait 4 her comeback!!!

  9. 123456 February 29, 2012

    2 years and not 3

    same with toni


  10. Chelle February 29, 2012

    I Just heard this funny lil wayne song at its crazy ….y’all should hear it

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE February 29, 2012


  12. Onyx February 29, 2012

    I just hope she doesn’t make an album just to be on the charts (LMFAO, AKON) really one thing is dancing with them, the other thing is make an album with those people, she needs to leave the Latin stuff out of the new album we are in 2012 not in 1999 or 2001, the other thing is she need to move from Spain, leave all that in the past i mean she is not a Football player, Shakira please focus on your career, Men come and go, find something better than this White Monkey Pique, she could have every Man she wants but i’m nobody to say this, forgive me.

  13. therealest February 29, 2012

    Oral fixation was brilliant because it was DIFFERENT. The more she follows these trends (altho I loved her track with lil wayne) the harder it is for people to buy into her…..

  14. Jesse February 29, 2012

    I just hope something generic doesn’t manifest itself like some of the same ol same ol songs we’ve been hearing. Shakira has always been someone you can count on to bring something different to the table and i hope she can do it again with this new album…LMFAO/Akon = Generic

  15. Jesse February 29, 2012

    …and I hope Roc nation doesnt drop the ball as well. Here hoping to a NEW Spanish album +)

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