Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland Looks Fur Fierce In LA

Published: Tuesday 14th Feb 2012 by Sam

R&B belle Kelly Rowland is really embracing her inner-diva these days.

Rowland, who has relocated to LA to record her 4th studio album, was snapped looking rather regal last night as she stepped out for dinner at BESO with friends LaLa Anthony and actress Tika Sumpter.

The trio were spotted in the studio with rapper Ludaris earlier that night. And while there’s no word on whether a  Ms. Kelly / Luda collaboration was recorded, we certainly wouldn’t object.

Peep more pics below…

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  1. lenor February 14, 2012

    go kelly! looking great!

  2. Alex Thomas February 14, 2012

    Can’t wait for the 4th album this year!

  3. mhud February 14, 2012

    wow.i cant wait for queen kelly rowland’s 4th album.

  4. BAA February 14, 2012

    I luv this woman so much! She has so much potenial! And speaking of Diva…Watch and see, she is fixing to become The Next Great Diva! Watch and see! Anyway, whenever they put togather a tribute for The Voice Miss Whitney Houston, i really think Kelly should b one of the performers. Kelly voice reminds me so much of the early Whitney. I already know NOBODY can emulate the heyday Whitney but if Kelly’s voice was a lot stronger and clearer, she could b a mini Whitney and thats Real Talk! Ms.Kelly, ITS YOUR TIME!

  5. X,Y,”and Z” February 14, 2012

    @Sam —

    re: “R&B belle.” “..really embracing her inner-diva.” “..looking rather regal.”

    Oh Samuel, no matter how hard you try – no matter how much you’d like to believe – you’ll never turn that “HEE-HAW mule” into a Thoroughbred!

    Poor Sam! ..Poor, poor Sam…

    “Relocated to LA to record her 4th studio album,” has she?

    ..No Samuel!! ..More like: They kicked her dreary, “less-than-350K-WW-after-having-weekly-access-to-12Million-willing-able-“MOTIVATED”-discretionary-spending-U.K.consumers” BUM-ASS O-F-F X-Factor and outta the U.K.!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..(growl, Rowdogs, growl)..!!

  6. cray February 14, 2012

    Kelly girl keep doing your thang baby girl 🙂

  7. aishaaguilerakeys February 14, 2012

    As much as I love Kels, no to fur!

  8. cammy February 14, 2012

    surprised I didnt see you XY&Z TRYING TO HATE ON HER TRIBUTE TO MS MARIAH maybe because you couldnt think of anything bad to say?.

    is anyone aware of when she’ll be doing her tribute to Ali?

  9. X,Y,”and Z” February 14, 2012

    @BAA Feb 14, 2012 at 10:41 am —


    “She has so much potenial!”

    Well she’s ONLY a thirty-something-year-old and she’s “ONLY” been in the game for now – OVER 20-years.. I think if we wait “another 20” ‘Kelendria Trene’ should be “just right”, yes?

    “And speaking of Diva…Watch and see, she is fixing to become The Next Great Diva! Watch and see!”

    *Meh..* ..”Watch and see”..?! Blame my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but ‘your fave’ holding my attention for ANOTHER 20-years would be asking me to not only “birth the cow, but to ‘titty-milk’ her too”, no?

    “Anyway, whenever they put togather a tribute for The Voice Miss Whitney Houston, i really think Kelly should b one of the performers.” didn’t, by chance, see/hear her when she last took to the stage, had you?! Well, if you hadn’t had the misfortune, here:

    *Meh..* “Pay Tribute?!” ..If, at ANY said occasion for Miss Houston, the 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland decides to open her mouth/nose, but for respiration purposes, Miss Houston will rise from the her casket and request for her to be promptly removed from the premises.

    (I saved the best for last..) “Kelly voice reminds me so much of the early Whitney.” <– B****, is you KRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY…?!
    "I already know NOBODY can emulate the heyday Whitney but if Kelly’s voice was a lot stronger and clearer, she could b a mini Whitney and thats Real Talk!" <–O~o

    ..Bwahahahahahahahah…. Bwahahahahahahaha… *falls off stability ball* Baahahahahahahhaha… *face cramp* Bwahahahahahaha… *stomach cramp/stitches*.. Bwhahahahahah.. * hyperventilating*… *coughs up morning coffee on keyboard* ..will now have to clean-up — gone!

    X,Y,"and Z" — "Gotta clean-off Laptop keyboard"

  10. DC3 February 14, 2012

    Stunning as always!

  11. Lisa February 14, 2012

    the performance when I thought Kelly sounded most like Whitney was during
    this destinys child medley the part when Kelly was sang “for the bible”
    I sware I had chills!!!

  12. X,Y,”and Z” February 14, 2012

    @CAMMY Feb 14, 2012 at 11:21 am —

    If your, Sam, and TGJ’s fave – the 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowalnd – “sings” *cough*gargles*cough* at ANY Whitney Houston tribute and/or memorial, we should then expect our dearly beloved departed, Whitney, to rise from the dead, and in her usual “Diva-like” zeal, storm from the proceedings, with casket and pallbearers ‘in-tow’…then demanding a “proper” send-off..!!

    Kelly Rowland: “Grave Dancer supreme” and “underachiever extraordinaire”!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  13. BAA February 14, 2012

    Lol….I see Kelly’s most loyal fan has showed up, then again i understand @X Y Z u dont have a life, so the only thing u can do is talk about about The Lovely Diva Ms. Kelly. And didnt i say nobody can sang like the Heyday Whitney but if Kellys voice was more powerful and clearer, she could b a mini Whitney. Out of every singer out there, Kellys voice is the only one thats more closer but shes not on Whitney level. Oh, and i forgot, u must b here for a Valentine since ur f***** ass never had some pu***. And u arent not GOD, so u dont know what he has plan for Kelly. She is the Next Great Diva! Plus many stars were n the game for many years and didnt blow up until later, like Tina Turner. She didnt reach solo success till her early 40s. So know ur facts f***** LMAO. Now go jack off to a Kelly poster, since ur f***** ass dont have a Valentine.

  14. To-x,y, and z February 14, 2012

    Dear X, Y, and Z

    Go kill yourself!

    The difference between you and Kelly is that you are a NOBODY, and live on a blog.

    Your negativity and hate will be your own demise

  15. diva February 14, 2012

    Kelly looks amazing..i can’t wait for the Muhammad Ali tribute to air also, she has come into her own and she did it through, hard work , class and elegance

  16. BAA February 14, 2012

    @ To X Y Z….Lol I was about to tell that No Life F***** the same thing. Kelly is sitting on millions and have a successful career under her belt, while his ass is on a library computer. He’ s not gonna kill his self though, because he loves Ms Kelly to much, to depart from her. I bet he wishes Kelly was his Valentine. Wish on F***** lmao

  17. YOOSONDALOOSE February 14, 2012

    Love the hair.
    The top is so bad, she looks bad!

  18. ChittyChitty February 14, 2012

    These girls are so classy and so pretty; I would die to be in that entourage. I. Am. Gagging.

  19. X,Y,”and Z” February 14, 2012

    @BAA Feb 14, 2012 at 12:23 pm —

    re: “F***** Ass”..?! “..don’t get p****”..?! “..go jack-off..?!”

    I’m crushed and scarred – whatever now will I do..??!!

    ..And such language..!! *Meh..* I can safely say: “Our, ‘Lady Kelly’, Of The Substance” would NOT be pleased..!!

    @12:27 Feb 14th – re: “Kill yourself”..?!

    I’ll now have to pen and forward a letter to “Our Lady Kelly” – here’s an excerpt/rough draft:

    “Dearest Kelendria”,

    I can’t find any use your “Rowdogs” – they suck!! ..They’re the absolute worst: they growl when they should bite and howl when they should bark! Kelly, my dearest, less-than 350K WW after having weekly-access to 12-Million: your Rowdogs ‘en masse’ abandoned you!

    (Oh, and while we’re channeling images of “canine and fur”..) Kelly, those “furry” forearms of yours – YIKES! Simply atrocious and unbecoming, my love!
    ..The very NEXT time we’re to call the paparazzi, please have ourselves neatly-packaged and thoughtfully presentable. Between those “diet-resistant” skinny-girl cottage-cheese cellulite thighs, your MIA hairline, the waxed-on layered bronzer, and those in-need-of-cultivation forearms – you’re just NOT the proper representation/image of one who was side-kick, along with the other human-sized card board cut out, Michelle Williams, to “King B”.

    ..Any further egregious, reprehensible faux pas will force me to pluck-out my eyes and hide them for safe-keeping..

    So Kelly, we kool, right? (sure we are!) I mean – I KNOW YOU READ THIS BLOG – that said, how are you going to now spin the fact that Universal/Motown is now looking for a “gentle” way to release you?
    I mean, they did give you a “360 contract-or-else” ultimatum, right? Sure they did! But, unlike Rihanna, you have no other “viable” income-streams for them to tap into.

    ..So, that said, what’s next, Kelly? Are you to now, as you suggested to Sam during a recent interview, “self finance” your now badly-damaged brand/career? But “exactly how”, is what I’d like to know. I mean, that “interracial (wm/bw) angle” is sorta played out now. Don’t believe me? Just you call ‘Chilli’ (from TLC) she’ll tell you all ’bout it.
    And the fact that you’ve already made your preferences well-known: “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are T-H-E most beautiful and attractive.” You can’t ‘untie’ that knot, now can you? NOPE! You see, with the power of these blogs — I WON’T LET YOU..!!

    Kelendria, yours and Rihanna’s, downfall are ALL that now preoccupy and concern me. I now approach them both with the vim and concentration that I’d took with my duties as the one-time ‘voice’ of “Team Chris”. You see Kelendria, there’s NO WAY under the sun that one can be “Team Chris” AND a “Rowdog”. The two are Matter and Anti-Matter; Good Vs. Evil. I’m sorry to say that Chris doesn’t see it that way. And I’m even more regretful that, with him inviting you on the “F.A.M.E Tour” – as he already knew how I felt ’bout you – he essentially kicked me off “Team Chris”. But, all was NOT in vain: as I now look from the sidelines, I felt pride when I saw him handed that Grammy. After 3-LONG years of fighting in these cyber trenches Chris NOW has his career back, and the likes of Oprah Winfrey and her racist, (black male) emasculating mainstream lackeys are in an uproar. I LOVE IT!

    So it’s ‘bye for now’, Kelendria; rest assured: you’ll be seeing FAR-more of me on these blogs. And, as in the case of “Rihanna getting back with Matt Kemp, and the Dodger Blogs”, I’ll use different names, IP addresses and writing styles. You, and Rihanna, have now defined and given me reason, Kelendria Trene!!

    X,Y”and Z” — OUT..!!

  20. Shocked February 14, 2012

    O_O !! When fandom goes oh so wrong. Kelly, get 24hr security.

  21. KELLY!!! February 14, 2012

    This is what will get her positive attention right now (not the fur). Its sad but she needs to be seen being beautiful, trendy and creative to build some interest and stop craving the wrong kind of attention.
    – Stop interviewing about Whitney its starting to look like your life line,
    – stop being a poor vocalist and become an artist (there is a difference),
    – stop talking about (begging for) the X Factor job because you blew that chance.
    – Start to make smart decisions because showing up to Clives party in a diva dress and smiling on the carpet whilst Whitney lay 3 floors up? Your manager showed, once again why even is a >>> manager than him. Even Bran & Monica skipped the carpet and refused to sing.
    – Make your opportunities the right way
    – stop shopping for clothes and get you a gig that will help you pay your taxes this year cause 2011 was your a money year this is 2012 honey you gotta have it or make it to pay it.

  22. X,Y,”and Z” February 14, 2012

    @SHOCKED – Feb14, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    R.I.F, and re: “Kelly, get 24hr security.”

    *Meh..* “Security?!” ..Before they come, tell ’em to stop off and get ’em a couple copies of “Here I am”, in that way, if there’s any drama, they can then say that “they sacrificed” for “a reason” – not a loser..!!

    But the thing is, where do WE, the (again, wait for it…) ..”MOTIVATED” willing and able music-buying discretionary-spending consumer go for protection against your fave who is without end, forced down our collective throats..??

    X,Y,”and Z”

  23. edwardponton February 14, 2012

    Lol X,Y,Z Crazy AF man

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