Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland And More Rock the Black Carpet At ‘Essence’ Luncheon

Published: Thursday 23rd Feb 2012 by Rashad

‘Keep It Between Us’ belter Kelly Rowland certainly kept all eyes on her as she made her entrance to the 2012 5th annual ‘ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood’.

The annual soiree, which this year saluted the achievements of African American actresses Octavia Spencer, Kerry Washington, Pam Grier, and Paula Patton, was a star studded affair that guest-listed names like Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tasha Smith, Jill Scott, Nicole Ari Parker, and more.

American Idol alum Jordin Sparks was also on hand to sing tribute to her late ‘Sparkle’ co-star Whitney Houston.  See all the glitz and glam in pictures below (all photos courtesy of Essence magazine):

Footage courtesy of HipHollywood:

See why black girls continue to show the industry why they rock in the event’s full picture album here.

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  1. Ass February 23, 2012

    Wow! Gorgeous one and all!

  2. Steph February 23, 2012

    Kelly looking HOT! Love the dress!

  3. lyric commander lee February 23, 2012

    fierce as usual!

  4. K ANDB4EVER February 24, 2012

    Kelly look PREGO in all these pics….

  5. muni February 24, 2012

    my fave looks amazing, I love you Kelly so very much

  6. blahblah February 24, 2012

    am i the only one that thinks kelly looks a little……………… different?? hmmm. she is still beautiful thoo.

  7. Lax February 24, 2012

    Looking good Kelly i know this Beautiful picture of
    you smiling is going to send you #1 Fan XYZ
    Off into outter space!

  8. To X, Y, and Z February 24, 2012

    because I know youre no life having ass always leaves long essays about how you hate on Kelly Rowland,,…

    Arent you getting tired of chasing her posts????

    Obviously, you will NEVER slow her grind. Especially nowadays and all this exposure, your stupid essays on every Kelly post has become a full time gig.

    Hate is pathetic, honey!

    Kelly is fab- more and more people are liking her now- you are a stupid h** for hating- get a fukkin life

  9. TRUTH February 24, 2012

    DEATH to X,Y,and Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Especially after Whitney, you nobodys have no right to post negative s*** at every opportunity. They are blessed. Get yours, and dont pick at others and their blessings/gifts.

  10. Andre Leroy MF Davis February 24, 2012




    black barbie



    …… All trending comments about Kelly


    big fat, f** hag, no job having hater- X, Y, and Z and all “its” other aliases join in.

    My b**** got dough u aint got, got grammyS, you aint got, got fashions- you aint got, the Billboard titled “biggest rnb song of 2011” (yas, from a semi-flop album-so what)- which you aint got. SO why keep talking about album sales and irrelevant s***. My girl has come a loooooong way from being Beyonce’s doo wop background.
    SO who are you. Post some real s*** about who you are, and what you offer to the world! But you cant… and you wont…. so kick rocks.

  11. said so February 24, 2012

    @ Andre Leroy MF Davis, Truth, Lax and @ To XY nad Z, i love you all. You all said exactly what was on my mind. I love Kelly Rowland, and she is doing well.

  12. X,Y,”and Z” February 24, 2012

    Well… I see all the Rowdogs have congregated and are at “full howl”..children of the night, what sweet music they make:

    “Death to XYZ”.. Long live B****-Queen Diva Kelendria Trene.
    “Death to XYZ”.. Fly HER flag we give our most.
    “Death to XYZ”.. Clapping hands – calling for thunder – exposing carotid throat.
    “Death to XYZ”.. Rowdog Bloodhound ‘hot sun – cool moon’ run-strong give chase. “Death to XYZ”.. Rowdog Pitbull plow deep in neck vein.
    “Death to XYZ”.. Rowdog steel + Rowdog venom + Rowdog magic = Rowdog thunder!

    *XYZ watches horizon; studies the terrain; consults “bush doctor”*

    *XYZ then runs to highest hill far above the “darkness that is the valley of the shadow of death”, then pounds chest and proclaims..* “For I am blessed. For I am chaste and without shame! For I now am guardian of the only flame.”

    X,Y,”and Z” — “Ghost in the machine”

  13. @antertain February 25, 2012

    Cool look for Kelly & Jill Scott very nice also

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