Hot Shots: Willow Smith Shares Snaps Of Shaved Head

Published: Thursday 2nd Feb 2012 by Rashad

‘Fireball’ beauty Willow Smith may have whipped herself into a blazing Billboard debut with the 2010 scorcher ‘Whip My Hair’, but it looks like the youngest of the Smith clan now has other plans for her locks…completely removing them!

With her outrageous fashions already making her the talk of her generation, Smith is sure to have tongues wagging with this one.  The 11-year-old, who is readying her Roc Nation debut ‘Knees and Elbows‘ this spring, is finding much favor with her Nicki Minaj-assisted tune ‘Fireball’, but this new look is sure to court a firestorm of something else!

Get into more snaps of the former wigged wonder below (thanks to Rap-Up):

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  1. NAYAH82 February 2, 2012

    Humm…I’m not going to attack a child, but this look is a nono for her.

  2. Tami February 2, 2012

    I remember Jada gave an interview it was way before Whip My Hair came out and she said Willow wanted to shave her whole head like Jada did back in the day and Jada’s mom hair is right now and she said no .. So they only shaved the sides . I guess they finally let her . It’s just hair it grows back and half y’all faves are bald headed and just wear wigs and weaves anyway . LMAo. She can always wear. A wig if she wants

  3. Pooh February 2, 2012

    WTF!!!!!…where r her parents!!?!?!!…she’s gonna have issues growing up… #FF @Wayneiam90

  4. Mr Bradshaw February 2, 2012

    This little girl is too grown for me and Don’t even know her multiplication tables.

  5. SHESDUMB ♥ PRINCE, JANET & GAGA February 2, 2012


  6. RDK February 2, 2012

    what tongues wagging sam..she is just 11 years old,only creeps and predators tongues are going to wag for a 11 year old child…and people talking about she is too grown she is not i only see a kid being a kid….you people takes things too d-mn serious..she is out outspoken that,s it i don’t see her acting disrespectful are a certain way towards anyone so why is all this bashing..pff ill drop it simple and plain you all are just jealous bias haters.

  7. DEDE February 2, 2012

    Jesus christ of Nazareth,because she isa child all i have to say is well errm what are you guys doing this weekend?

  8. Nahjee February 2, 2012

    S***! I guess kinda look like beyonce lol

  9. The King February 2, 2012

    S***!?…NAJHEE she’s only 11…LMAO!!!!!

  10. MaZ February 2, 2012

    I guess she won’t whip her hair now! lol

  11. ThatBoyLuke February 2, 2012

    She needs to just give it up and go back to school, everything after “WMH” has flopped hard and she’s wasting her Dads money on videos…

    “With her outrageous fashions already making her the talk of her generation”
    This is just too laughable, my cousin who lives with me is 11 and even she knows Willow is irrellevant.

  12. chulo February 2, 2012

    Its Just hair people damn


    what is up with will and Jada letting an 11 yr girl shade her head?

    shes just a child……I dont care if shes in the entertainment business, you still have to act like damn parent to your kids..

    what happens to letting kids be kids…

    I wil not be shocked if in a couple of yrs willow becomes another lindsey lohan…

    lindsey’s mom was just like willows parents..they allowed her to do whatever she look…

  14. Nonsense February 2, 2012

    I am for child stars, i really am. But i am not here for stupidity and aimless fame whoring from a pubescent brat.

    The Smith’s are a beautiful and ‘inspirational’ family, HOWEVER, the way they handle their children is nothing short of disgusting.

    These kids need to be in school so that they can mingle with other kids their age (and not just kids their parents have pre-approved) and to build their OWN future instead of depending on daddys fame to guarantee their own.

    Because, Tori Spelling can tell you what happens to people who think their family names will keep them hot forever but soon find that as quick as success is given it can be taken away.

  15. mr.m February 2, 2012

    ONE WORD: Monkey

  16. Nonsense February 2, 2012

    mind you. I wonder how Will’s parents feel about all this seeing as they come from a traditional working class upbringing.

    Mark my words, if Will and Jada don’t encourage these kids to get a REAL education, they’ll turn into Gary Coleman and Lindsay Lohan very soon.


    people are saying its just grows back…but u guys are not getting the point..willows parents are letting this child to make her own 11 yrs old?

    it shows bad parenting on their part….

    this is not their first bad parenting…they allowed an 11yr girl do a song with a grown ass woman who sings about sucking d**** and people eating her ass..

    now what kind of parenting is this? they are allowing her to grow up before her time..

  18. nAVYqueen February 2, 2012

    To the person who said willow is outspoken. Didn’t we say the same about that rachel girl on X Factor. Kids can be cute and serious want they want to be, but just wait until and see what happens when they don’t get their own way.

    Willow is a child who thinks she is an adult and her parents are more concerned with pretending to be perfectly married to realize something is going wrong.


    her mom already stated, they allow their children to make their own decisions…

    and i was like what? youre going to let a 10 yr old make her own decisions?

    hell at 16, I couldnt even buy my own bras and panties..i couldnt even choose the outfits i really wanted….hell i couldnt even wear heels….

    my mom was very stricked and it paid well a

    thats one of the reasons i will never have any children because, i will be as strick or stricker than my mom…

    i will beat a kid..f*** time out b*******…..



    I agree 100% with your comment…

    willow’s parents are allowin this child to act like an adult…and willow is not a regular kid..her parents are in the entertainment it will be extra hard for her not to become another lindsey lohan….

    now in days you cant even discipline ur own kids…its call child abuse…

  21. Shady1 February 2, 2012

    This little girl is like the word “Fetch”–it ain’t gonna happen! And wtf with the “fish lips” she needs to stop posing like that she looks like Nemo.

  22. Jamie February 2, 2012

    Will and Jada are taking these kids through so much. It’s really sad. I bet that family has more problems than the Jackson’s.smh

  23. Jamie February 2, 2012

    She looks like Chris Bosh in the pic with that girl and then she looks like an Asian boy.

  24. James February 2, 2012

    Oh now they’re bad patents if they let her wear her hair how she wants? What about different tribes and women in Africa who let their little girls wear their hair shaved or black women who have little girls big chopped and going natural . You peole are overeacting so damn much its just mother f****** hair. If a little girl wants to get a perm and their mom agrees no one cares… Putting caustic chemicals on a child’s scalp… But if willow wants to wear her hair low it’s a big f****** deal? Get the f*** over, it’s HAIR.. DEAD F****** PROTEIN.. acting like their letting her get a tattoo or do drugs or some s***. Let her have some creativity it’s not hurting anyone. And rated x it doesn’t make them bad parents for letting her work with nicki. Do you honestly think nicki was acting her persona around willow and her parents or conducting herself in a negative way to influence willow. At the end of the day what nicki does is a persona for SHOW, a persona that some of you take too seriously… Anyways some of you need F****** LIVES.. do your thing willow. And to will and jada, continue to raise willow into a beautiful and bright young woman and don’t mind these haters who have nothing to spew but hate, misinformation, and nonsense.

  25. Girrrl February 2, 2012

    So much I could say but I’m trying to be a better person.

    God Bless the child.

  26. #oops February 2, 2012

    chald naw

  27. CURLY SUE February 3, 2012


  28. LMAO. February 3, 2012

    “stricked”? I can’t …

  29. Neo February 3, 2012

    Okay I am a fan of Will Smith but i could say that i hate jayden n willow, f****** jayden some rude piece of s*** who thinks hes sick with justin bieber, and now this little b**** who wears outrageous clothing claiming to be unique, i swear to god i will go to hell for this but i actually want to punch this girl round the face, can she go away please

  30. ThatBoyLuke February 3, 2012

    @NEO i’m with you! Will seems like the only down to earth one in that family, it’s obvious that Jada is encouraging this foolishness and it’s gonna mess their kids up in the long run. Every time you see Jaden he looks like a stuck up arrogant asshole and Willow is making a fool out of herself for NO reason, it’s not even like any of her stunts are getting her singles to chart…
    Will needs to put his foot down or suffer the consequences in later life.

  31. Richard Jakarasi April 25, 2012

    Oops lol she cant whip her hair back and fourth

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